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Machine Gun Kelly, Trippie Redd - Candy
Machine Gun Kelly, Trippie Redd - Candy11 месяцев назад
Machine Gun Kelly - LOCO
Machine Gun Kelly - LOCOГод назад
Machine Gun Kelly - 27
Machine Gun Kelly - 272 года назад
Machine Gun Kelly - Habits
Machine Gun Kelly - Habits2 года назад
Machine Gun Kelly - Golden God
Machine Gun Kelly - Golden God2 года назад
Machine Gun Kelly - Let You Go
Machine Gun Kelly - Let You Go2 года назад
Machine Gun Kelly - The Gunner
Machine Gun Kelly - The Gunner3 года назад
Machine Gun Kelly - Alpha Omega
Machine Gun Kelly - Alpha Omega4 года назад
Wild Boy (Remix)
Wild Boy (Remix)8 лет назад


  • the beat is so addictive

  • Miss the 2000’s. 2020’s suck. 😩

  • 2000s rock and Megan fox? Wtf

  • MGK is so fine

  • no way he pulled megan fox bro wtf thats my dream girlfriend

  • Once I muted this crappy noise and had only baby Megan Fox to watch, this has become a great great video!

  • This music remembers a lot "out of My Head" by fastball

  • love this song

  • Like that screaming

  • i was really like "hm he reminds me of Tommy Lee in the dirt" my fucking dumbass lmaoo 🤦🏼‍♀️ my mind

  • So Blink. Love it

  • Good Morning America....#Work

  • who’s here cause they watched Nerve?

  • Fuck this gives me Old Pink vibes and I fucking love it they need one

  • Eminem dissed him so hard he changed genres.

  • am i outta my head am i outta my mind if you only knew the bad things i like don't think, that i can explain it what can i say its complicated don't matter what you say don't matter what you do i only wanna do bad things to you.

  • Autotune be hitting kinda strong in this

  • I just want trace his abs.. with my tongue. Jesus. Being that sexy should be illegal.

  • Keep them kids 15 and under alone. We already got enought drugs from the 80s the presidents got for us. They ruined our families now they're going to ruin out keeeeedzz

  • 2:27

  • I'm shook.

  • I scream at the top of my lungs But my voice couldn't save this home You're proud of the guns you hold What's left now, where can we go? Yo, I had a dream that the world changed And for a minute there was no pain Instead of presidents and old sayings I heard lyrics from Kurt Cobain Then I wake up to see the world's ill Ocean's tainted from the oil spills How many kids have these wars killed? How many families can't afford bills? I wish I could let the world know That it's okay to let the pain show And even though times seem bad It always rains before the rainbow I scream at the top of my lungs But my voice couldn't save this home You're proud of the guns you hold What's left now? Where can we go? We all need a little more love (I think we all) We all need a little more love (We just need) Ooh a little more love (The world needs) Ooh little more love In my hood money equals power And in the world money controls everything we believe in I can see we're in our darkest hour 'Cause it feels like the government just is as crooked as the police I spent the weekend catchin' up on the news A girl committed suicide after she was bullied at school 'Cause some dudes told her she wasn't cool But you would rather gossip about a famous person breaking the rules I'm confused, tell me is my life's price worth the jewels? They told me fight night I'm supposed to lose Just 'cause in hindsight, they don't like my type White boy with some rhythm and blues I scream at the top of my lungs But my voice couldn't save this home You're proud of the guns you hold What's left now, where can we go? We all need a little more love (I think we all) We all need a little more love (We just need) Ooh a little more love (The world needs) Ooh little more love You can give up like they tell you Stop like they tell you Be scared to dream for the top like they tell you But I'm tryna tell you, fuck what they tell you And in these dark times As a part of a generation they claim can't be saved It's important to know we're not blind We see the truth through blue and dark eyes I would rather die on my feet than live my knees If I can't live free right now in the world we just need (A little more love) A little more love A little more love

  • 💯💯💯

  • You can tell Travis is feeling this song so bad 🙏🖤

  • This sucks...all you guys are just...wrong..and it's most definitely not punk..go listen to the dwarves

  • Lol

  • You know you fucked up when u can relate to mgk’s and lp’s songs

  • Was not a huge fan (altho I did love his Eminem diss lol) but I saw him in the dirt and now I’m listening to all his albums and watching all his videos. He is so innovative! Amazing performer, both musically and cinematically! He’s creative as hell and a wonderful dad too which is just the cherry on top! Keep doing it big MGK, I’ll be around for all of it now❤️

  • Fucking spectacular, but I was hoping she'd hop in vocally. Great all around either way!

  • linkin park aproved

  • go 2 this Chanel @hohua apaapa he copied mgk song (till i die)

  • izleyen Türk var mı ? 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • Y que dirá Eminen de esto?? ;)

  • Still fresh

  • Omg I love this song it Makes me feel better when I’m sad

  • I’m here for this song! 🎉👍

  • 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀💚💛💛💛💜💛💜💛💜💛💚💛💚💛💛💚 this is a awsome song right here

  • who is the girl in the beggining

  • Eminem threw this dude into depression, damn

  • Wow.

  • Dissed so bad by the King he had to leave the genre. lol. Pack it up, we got no career in the hip hop game anymore. On to rock and roll.

    • Lol no he still raps clown.

  • Im glad he dissed eminem I would never heard this amazing song if he did not.

  • almost a one year anniversary :) still bopping it every single day❤️🤟🏼

  • DAAAAAAM this song was actually pretty lit, kind of like Sid and Nancy type vibe, I see you MGK.

  • Love this

  • Mgk looks like a pimp

  • When we riot.

  • This should be played on stranger things 😁😅lol

  • Definitely one of my favorites. Keep it up bro. #killinit


  • Sempre linda, Megan minha eterna crush 😍🇧🇷

  • PLZ MAKE A CLOTHING LINE ik that u have merch but can u make a clothing line inspired by how u dress (and plz make it cheap for the broke people *ME* 🙏😢

  • I'm having 80 nostalgia right now. I'm sorry but Megan is just overly botoxed and stiff he could have found a better video vixen.

  • Trippie Redd ruined the song with that trash verse.

  • This is how deeply Eminem destroy mgk

  • This definitely is a song that would’ve appeared in a 2000s teen drama like the oc or one tree hill. And I love it

  • can u make a clothing line plz guys plz like because we need mgk to see this!!!

  • where is Machine Gun Kelly in

  • Arianna Grande punching the air rn

  • Thoroughly rotten excuse for person

    • @Olivur_ probably Megan She left her husband while he was in the hospital.

    • Which one?

  • Blackwall tunnel

  • Eminem rocked him so hard he quit rapping for good lmfao

  • YUNGBLUD is the human embodiment of crack head energy and no one can dissagree

  • I just hope people to know MGK started as a punk rock singer if anyone remember he was in SWS alone like it’s great he’s going back to it! 💘💞💘

  • He gets back to Pes 2010 days 😢😢😢

  • I hope they get together!

  • ☺he's so cute

  • The background vocals that Mgk was lip syncing at 2:19 is my favorite part

  • Full circle peeps, like bell bottoms in the 90’s. It’s the 2 decade revival… just so happens this time it’s empty and it will catch on. Just like all the others. Good job MGK. Multi-talent is what I’m most impressed with

  • Hes called out Eminem and got beat in the rap game but now hes calling out my chemical romance or busted 🤣 who'll win this battle? 😂😂😂

  • she never gets old

    • She's only 34! That's still young.

  • Mgk represent Cleveland and Conor represent Ireland and I India till I die ✌️

  • It’s Tommy Lee and Pamala Anderson all over again. I always liked punk rock I’m here for it

  • Buen sonido algo de punk y con sonido electro y el tipo de voz a secas buena combinación salió bien el tema la combinación salió perfecta 🚀🚀👏

  • romantic kells I love it 😍

  • he’s a great father! 🥺

  • Pretty sure Megan Fox completely forgot she is a mother of 3. Lol Dear God

  • So she’s single now. Imma go hard asf in the gym

  • isn't this the guy who made rap devil?

  • So fucking fire

  • Leave the title for Papa Roach

  • What did mgk even DO to you FOR you to eletricoot him

  • I love this song and the whole 2000’s rock vibe, anybody got any similar song suggestions?

  • It sounds like a blink 182 song 🤗🤗

  • Esse clipe é tudo kkk, mas eu só consigo lembrar dassa atriz com aquela banda no filme Garota Infernal.

  • Omg I love the 2000s vibe, reminds me so much of highschool! Megan fox in music videos and lady Gaga trending!!!

  • This guy is really talented. You just can’t simply call him a rapper. He is a musician; plain and simple. You have to respect that.

  • LETS GO MEGAN FOX! Hollywood sexualized and criticized you until your career was ruined. Pull through girl! Such an amazing mother and sweet woman😊💗

  • I approve of this.

  • So inspirational. Thank u 🙏 love it. I’m trying to stay sober since I was 21 but it’s so hard.

  • Good to see MGK embracing his true self. Not a dig btw, I'm not being sarcastic.

  • So this goof is into rock now..makes sense Eminem chainsawed him outta hip hop

  • I was here before Rap Devil, I've been listening to him since I was 8, I have Lace Up on CD, he is a very talented person.

  • Sooooooo underrated!!

  • He went to rapping to teen musicales it was risky but it may pay off

  • weak only good thing is megan fox mgk should stick to pop lol

  • This shit hits on it

  • When Eminem said he couldn't sing so he made a band

  • Kells man he killing it yo. Epic vibes on stage great chemestry between the two artists. Wish I could do a performance with them so lit

  • This song sounds like a +44 and it's giving me wicked high school nostalgia. Let's go smoke a pinner behind the art building before class, then I'll pass you doodles of us fighting zombies and we'll snicker when the teacher takes one expecting a note to read. Then we'll go hang in your room after school and gush about how hot Megan Fox is and how she's out of our league but we fantasize anyway because high school doesn't last forever but these memories do 💕