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Hello Internet! I'm MatPat and welcome to FILM THEORY! Do you ever wonder what secrets could be hiding in your favorite movies and shows? So do we! From figuring out the biology of Attack on Titan's Titans to revealing the dark secrets of Disney movies, we cover it all! Want to take a deep dive into the world of nerdy theories? Join our community of Loyal Theorists today!
But hey, it's just a bunch of theories. Film Theories! And CUT!
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  • When he said rise of skywalker was a perfect movie I literally laughed out loud.😂

  • i know its 3 years later but why is neck breaking thing ON THE HECK

  • Good thing your mind tricks don't work on me, boy! You would have made me unsubscribe and de-notify!

  • Do loke and key next

  • This is stated in some of the books

  • Wait how does sponge bob live in a pine apple if a sea sponge is bigger then a pine apple

  • I hate the emoji movie 🍿 that makes me so angry 😡

  • I hate the emoji movie 🍿 that makes me so angry 😡

  • yeah sadly he told me he quit youtube, but you can still find him in my video's

  • I’m thinking another clown fish(s) will be introduced and we might see Marlin to be with another male clown fish. Nemo might find a female in that group :) but that’s just a theory...

  • 15:50 I already did............ I was already subscribed............

  • I got a theory. Mr poopybuthole is bill cypher. Look at the top hat and the colour of the skin idk seems suspicious 🤣

  • I see through the lies of the jedi. I do not fear the dark side as you do!

  • Scrooge should buy a Death Star

  • One episode Lisa wins an easy contest and gets a trip to Washington so yeah die hard Simpson fans would’ve known

  • Me: *watching this in 2020* MattPat: "in a time where the world is so full of fear and hate.." Me: "wait" *checks post date* Post date: "4 years ago" Me: oh yeah 2016 😬

  • mat: the show that makes the thoughts that keep you up at night me sitting in my bed with popcorn at 11 pm: I think you're on to something there

  • Come on man. Really?

  • I'm surprised how this video doesn't have that many dislikes. I thought the disney fanboys were gonna cause a storm in the comments

  • good job for getting it right

  • I think that cat is the dragon that they met in that same episode. His eyes are not like the ones from a regular cat and are more similar to the ones of the dragon. And that would also explain why they feel so disgusted about it as well due to the whole sexual nature/behaviour of that dragon.

  • Rey last name is Rey shadow legend

  • "Three robins" Glad I'm not the only one who doesn't see Damian as a titan and sees him as a Mary Sue and an excuse for a vigilante and or everything else DC makes him to be.

  • Give him a bad chicken nugget, nearly killed a girl in my school

  • beast titan: climbs up or throws rocks armored titan: climbs up lots of others too but im too lazy

  • I remember everyone being all like,I like red guy or I like yellow guy and no one really said anything about the duck unless they talked about him being eaten by the ate by the can but now oh now everybody talks about the duck

  • I used to be afraid of algae the when 1 day i I stepped on algae by I survived

  • Disembodied Liam Neeson just makes me think of Aslan lol

  • I wore through my work boots at the toes. It just means sonic needs a smaller size shoe because hes putting the pressure on the middle part of the shoe causing it to wear. You're overthinking it.

  • "King"? I thought it was Lung.

  • I honestly love things like this. Scary at first glance, but end up being one of the most best of stories. It honestly makes you think what goes through someone's mind when they create this. In a understanding tone.

  • Hi

  • Instructions unclear: I got froze in ice for 100 years

  • Hey you should do a theory on the alien series

  • The writers of this movie: We need help, there’s no way we’re getting out of this one!” People who actually know the Star Wars lore: You have an alibi already! The writer: ...Oh.

  • There's some pretty big holes in your theory of Force Ghosts. Exegol was filled with the Force, just the Dark side.

  • Bro imagine ACTUALLY having this in 2022

  • i can't BEE-live Barry B. Benson lied to us!

  • I said soup

  • 🅱️ee Movie

  • 3:51 I just realized that this power set thing on the bottom of the screen is the move set for the demon hunter in diablo

  • Actually isn't wall sina only for the rich in another season we see only one castle there and then tons of fields and inside that castle is a king who keeps all the food to himself and is doing fine however the rest of the population aside from the king and his servants are inside wall rosa and I dont know if that makes a difference or not but the anime may not be that incorrect if you take into account that fact. (Btw this is just my view on it I'm honestly just going off of memory so I might not be correct but in one of the episodes I do remember there being such a scene idk)

  • Oh Tony Dead

  • The reason roku found water challenging is because it's the opposite of fire. No other reason

  • What about the kids who lived in the cave for years?

  • Anyone remember the guy that literally said rey was a palpatine like 4 years ago

  • I shouldn’t have clicked on this. U ruined my childhood 😔. But it’s ok Bc I still love ur videos 😊

  • Matpat: ITS HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT How it went Thanos: how much are you offering for that soul stone Red skull: I give you 1 soul stone for 1 thing u love Thanos: I hope you like gamoras

  • He said the n-word! 3:20

  • Bro i thought slip instead of soap

  • I just realized that he has to say all the words at the beginning aloud...

  • 3:21 thaats not what a russian flag looks like

  • This kind of scared me

  • Dear Mattpat which ending do you prefer and which one would you choose is a perfect story by your own words.

  • I would like to say i looked on her twitter and she finally escaped. And Remember they become afraid when their not in control

  • She started to fake it as child?

  • Remember when Ro and Matpat we’re discussing what species yoda is. Yeah I do to 😂

  • Matpat teaches me better than my 5th grade science teacher, and my school never had science

  • Tony Stark, Bruce Wayne and Bill Gates: "We're rich" Scrooge McDuck: "You fools don't even know the meaning of the word"

  • :l ya yeet moana

  • i lost alot of respect for micky in the opening scene

  • For some reason salad finger's voice reminds me of really weird asmr

  • An ad for funnimation apeared before this and this video is sponsored by cruncyroll LOL

  • So James Holzhauer nearly beat Ken Jennings in the total amount of money won on Jeopardy in less than half the number of matches that Ken had played. Wow this man is a legend

  • Can you be anymore gayer? 🤦‍♂️

  • Watch Star Wars the Clone Wars season1 episode19 if you want to see a ship ram into another ship.

  • this video is so deep its not funny

  • Disney, give this guy an award, coz no one who is not completely and utterly devoted would work all this out

  • You forgot or didn’t know that bakugou sweats at will not naturally

  • Obi wan and Yoda are light-side force ghosts, and cannot enter the Death Star throne room, where the two most powerful Dark-side force users reside. This is also why Emperor Palpatine cannot detect Yoda where Dagobah deemed with the Light Side, where Yoda trained for practically the entire history of the republic and Vice versa in Coruscant, where an extremely powerful Sith temple once stood.

  • 1:06 MatPat you had me worried there for a second. Now you have gained ALL THE BRIWNIE POINTS AND RESPECT. (Not that you didnt have it already).

  • He ruined my childhood.... and I love it! So entertaining and nick should LOVE you!

  • 16:00 - Jedi mind tricks only work on the weak-minded...

  • How do Cars reproduce?

  • The intro be like: IT'S A BABY.... WITH A GUN.

  • I looked away

  • Matt Patt, there is a secret formula. In the movie the formula is cracked and used by the pirate. Sorry try again

  • Hate to break it to ya, but people are evolutionary. I wouldn't be surprised if they found a substitute for food, during the five years they were in space. Also about dead bodies? I'm assuming cremation.


  • 12:33 MATPAT IN MOVIE?

  • "And Carol was the one to profit, and-" "Payment relief options. Just another way USAA" Best timing of a commercial EVER.

  • VAVVVV!!!!!!!!!!

  • All I'm wondering is can you die from a night howler overdose?

  • Ima gmod lover so the opening made me happy

  • Matpat: get ready to get you childhood ruined Me: it ready ruined

  • I had a nightmare cause of this

  • OMG! this episode!!! lmfao Also Ant man doesnt necessarily have to just expand. As long as scott could get inside he could do almost anything to him from in there! He could literally torture Thanos with different things!! lol

  • I think Bucciarati licking Giorno and saying that was a bluff to see what Giorno's reaction would be tbh

  • Sorry mat but I hated the second trilogy. But you have your fun

  • Could Diana with her increased strength like row the boat or kick


  • I've seen the play but not the movie

  • Wait.....

  • *dramatic music starts* Glass mother joins the battle Ready to become negative

  • This got dark poor donkey :(

  • You two (or three?) Should colaborate more. That was awesome.

  • Luke uses the force one more time in the Emperor's throne room. He uses it to mask himself from Vader. Maybe he's tapping into fear there but it's one more use. It also could be that they can only appear because of a living force user is present. If the Emperor doesn't want Luke there, maybe he can prevent him from appearing. It would also explain why Yoda and Obi don't show up on Endor. Then again, maybe it's both. A force ghost can only appear in a powerful force concentration and while there's a living force user that allows them to appear.

  • I just always assumed there was some "rule" within the force to "keep things balanced" which meant that force ghosts could do things to nudge the world of the living to certain acts, but they couldn't do much in the way of direct intervention. The living world of the force must still be responsible for it's own destiny, and anything force wise beyond that is more limited to instruction and counsel

  • It breaks the law of being the worst movie that was made inside insanity vigilantes are going BONKERS on how bad it is Am I making sense?

  • I'm surprised he never said WALL SINA! DUH DUH DUH DUH