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Hello Internet! I'm Matpat and welcome to FILM THEORY! Do you ever wonder what secrets could be hiding in your favorite movies and shows? So do we! From figuring out the biology of Attack on Titan's Titans to revealing the dark secrets of Disney movies, we cover it all! Want to take a deep dive into the world of nerdy theories? Join our community of Loyal Theorists today!
But hey, it's just a bunch of theories. Film Theories! And CUT!
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  • Bu dat laf doe

  • Not having seen Frozen two but have a big questioning about this Theroy, Why do you look at the Royal family of Brittan? And not looking over how the Royal family of Norway? or of the any other Scandinavian royal families? Seeing as how it works in the Norway royal family is that First it's the children who takes the throne, THEN their wife/husband. So a big point in your royal part of the theory but yes, he still needed Anna alive.

  • I always thought that goo lagoon was possible because it was partially made of goo

  • Saitama has a serious punch witch can destroy anything

  • *Shane Dawson*

  • I think just chopping his head off would probably do it. The theory is based around him having supernatural healing abilities, but I'm sure they intended for him to be a normal human and the eyes thing is just a plothole.

  • Elsa looks exactly like her mother tho

  • I am confident that FNaF will break the terrible game movie curse because Scott wants to make the correct film

  • Why is this on the film theory?

  • MatPat: So shes a gamer prince- Everyone: Oh our glorius princess! What kind of crystal you want Nether Quartz or Zelda Rubies?

  • So when's the theory about *Samantha?*

  • Look at the teacher at 12:31-12:42

  • #PrattPatt

  • Opening gave me goosebumps

  • I need you to look at the original Mary Poppins and tell me if the sea captain is cursed, is mary very much a witch? Is the laughing old man a witch?? Are there just a bunch of witches in England??? I know there is more to this, idk what, but what i dooooo know is that if anyone could find out its truckin MatPat. It's disney!! Of course its terrible.

  • Me trying how to make words bold *oh i did it*

  • I have dibs on your sorry to your wife. I swear I'm straight just fucked up in humor.

  • Who else watching this in there and the only thing behind you is the wall? Who is watching this in 2019?

  • But wouldn't deku also have all might's quirk as it would be passed on?

  • Milk promised cake!! ... Still waiting... Lol

  • maybe netflix didn't want you to see it because maybe they wanted you to feel the movie! Like if you see it you die!

  • Theories will make your teeth go grey!

  • Also at 9:36 it’s also animal abuse for the ducks

  • Hes a what

  • What about dr time?

  • I've got to say, I just noticed how much effort goes into editing this video. Please release a behind-the-scenes video for the editors and their job.

  • Have you ever thought that Kong is Grodd from flash think about it there was other test subjects like Grodd in earth to and like you said Kong could not have just come out of no where 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • wait, isnt earth c137 the earth that got cronenberged? and the smith family from the cronenberged world (earth c137) is shown in S3E1 and the rick and morty we have always followed are from earth c137 so that means that on earth c137 there is no rick and morty

  • Part 2?

  • Spider-Man: homeless Attracting to much attention so he moves off the grid and adopts a new identity, not trusting anyone because of his last ordeal

  • 10:38 i’m dying when she walks across the ice 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • WOW

  • Washington

  • There is a secret formula. What about the ep where the fbi or whatever delivers the secret fourmula

  • I have a Theory idea. Who are Maleficents parents

  • Oh my gosh those stars are in the princess and the frog... THOERY IDEA!

  • I’m eating a pickle

  • I have a theory of mha what if overhaul is shigarakis dad because they have similer quirks and maybe shigarakis mom left him because his father was a villian and ari has the same hair as shigaraki so pat can you please make a theory about this

  • Time was my favorite lol

  • 5 people

  • Yaaa

  • You forgot the part where bill said Stanley before he died In my opinion I think that he requested for it

  • :D The joke is on us and the system. And Todd Phillips did it :D Because he can't do Comedies anymore. Joker also said it himself. His life is not a tragedy, it's a comedy

  • I still wonder how cars would reproduce ... I need answers my boi...

  • Girl from the ring: ima the scariest person on the internet. Salad fingers: *hold my finger puppets*

  • Mr.poopybutthole has the same voice as blendin blandin

  • The whole movie is a MIRROR. We all see ourself in it. That's why Frank Sinatra sings at the end "That's Life". Everyone's own life. We all make the experience of someone stomping on one of our dreams. But we all can change the tune and be back on top in June :)

  • What happened to the intro🥺

  • I hear brain needle

  • Wubba lubba dub dub !!!!

  • Ariel has no dress

  • Marvel:"Captin amarica vs Cap"boom we have time travel

  • Im romenian


  • Wait keppcsaying the word you want to hear you will hear it if its brain storm when you say green needle it will be green needle

  • I can only hear yauliyr

  • I can’t tell if you made his forehead bigger or smaller.

  • Another theory: the parents & grandma of yellow squared SpongeBob are brown & roundish because they're *old* . They're used up, dirty (hence brownish) and worn out (hence no edges) from life. But they're just as much mere simple kitchen sponges as SB is. Don't believe me? Look at the family tree. The pictures of all the brown & round cooky-like family members look like they were taken when those family members were already old(er), while all the pics of the yellow squared family members look like they were taken (or drawn in the case of prehistoric SB) those members were still quite young. So MatPat, I love your vids, but this time you behaved like one of them conspiracy-paranoid lunatics and sought way too hard for a sinister secret. There are no marine-life 'real' sponges in the Squarepants family tree and all the marine-life science that you brought to the table is completely irrelevant in this matter By the way, a vid about proving that Pearl actually *is* mr Krab's non-adopted genuine biological daughter would be way more interesting anyways

  • What if it starts in the stomach or lymphatic system.

  • I could say that the axolatol said a different form a different time so what if Bill is a rick and in rick and morty

  • 1:21 ahem ahem! 'Why GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY may be the BEST...' 2 down 3 from the left

  • I don’t like Rick and Morty

  • I was in elementary school when the first episode came out. Now I’m a joyless adult. The passage of Time is wild man

  • ironman

  • How to lower your chances of your name even being put in the bowl in the first place... DON’T take extra bread

  • it6

  • If you have finished the new duck tales then you would know that Scrooge spent almost all of his money to save the triplets mother and theta his money bin is missing the other 3 4ths of his money

  • your theories are crap! Thanos broke the shield with no effort! go get a real job!

  • Adamantium, that is what will replace vibranium

  • you're the only theorist that i actually think the same as


  • Im watching the movie right now

  • So... Is this marked as kids content or not?

  • Dragon isn't lizard. It may not even be a reptile. Assuming that dragon is just a modern pterosaur(some associate dragon with dinosaur, but we already have a flying dinosaur.), then the dragon is very smart! Pterosaur was the smartest animal at that time. And the pterosaur's intelligence is at least comparable to rat, not lizard.

  • Salad Fingers or Don't Hug Me I'm Scared

  • Bill cipher was never in Stan’s memories because the kids didn’t show Stan anything about bill cypher.

  • why does he look so good

  • Ight boutta amputate my leg than

  • I disagree with the idea of the careers not having an advantage. Katniss thinks that "like it or not, the winner will be one of them" meaning that they must win a significant amount of the time. Also, those from richer districts can get more sponsors, whereas the people from the hob had to chip in to raise a small amount for Katniss. Katniss had to rely on capital donors, which there were many because of her training and her outfits. She didn't even CONTROL her costume, Cinna did. Also, Katniss was in the minority of people in district 12 who could use a weapon so the moment she got a bow she had an advantage. Most would be unable to do a lot of what she could, such as blowing the supplies, or hunting for food. We even see Peeta struggle to hunt! Having few sponsors on top of that will lead to a lack of food. The careers didn't have to worry about that at all after they captured the cornucopia.

  • I heard green storm, what the heck?

  • This was so interesting to watch. It made me think tho... if Mr Poopybutthole has a blue shirt and Rick-like powers... could he be a Rick?

  • "If there is a frozen 2" **laughs in 2019**

  • S o m a n y r e f e r e n c e s

  • Hey, MatPat. This is quite a out of place comment to leave under a Rick and Morty episode, but I don't know where else to put it. I just want to request a possible theory on the movie Away. It's quite interesting and about an hour long. Review it if you wish, I don't know if it's already available for you, but here is a trailer:

  • new RU-tv here guys show some love😊

  • Why... Why did this make me cry?

  • Clone

  • Word: Algae MattPatt: Aljee Me: ALGAY 😂

  • But... How do you know there wasn't a clone cookin down in the basement at 8:30?

  • Hi

  • The only part about this style I don't like is that obvious greenscreen is obvious... Otherwise, it's cool.

  • l can hear both yanny and laurel

  • Mat got a theory right!

  • Lalala land isn't bad

  • In one par't i heard bill saing i whel eskaip

  • Bananananannanananana

  • 4:37 - if you pause at good moment you see... Freddy Fazdonger

  • Game theory on the film theorists?

  • My b-day is july 31.

  • Mats researchers have big brains. do u agree?