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One year of FAM | Ubisoft Canada
One year of FAM | Ubisoft Canada2 месяца назад
Un an de FAM | Ubisoft Canada
Un an de FAM | Ubisoft Canada2 месяца назад


  • Mira looks mighty fine.

  • Give recruit a bystander elite skin You know you wanna do it

  • I really expect Aaron Keener to be as hard as Hunters, bcuz if i were just able to frickin mow him down with a machinegun and only reloading once, im gonna be extremely dissapointed

  • No one actually gonna talk about how good Blitz looks?

  • Well blitz turns out to be very handsome

  • WTF?!

  • 4:27 just realized in the background is a for honor reference. It has wardens helmet and kenseis helmet.

  • If anyone asking, the song / music used for the trailer is " Midnight Conspiracy & CENOB1TE - The Eye (Original Mix) "

  • Holy hell Mira is good looking

  • I’ll only touch this game if Lord Tachanka is in it.

  • F 4 Pulse

  • 2012 memories. Will never forget this game. Bought it in 2012. Glad I got the remastered version too

  • Is it going to be free for year one pass holders ?

  • What about hunters where are they? Are the show up ?!

  • why does recruit have more lore now than the actual ops 😭


  • So basically what I got from this is that pulse is the best operator

  • Just wait till next your when the fucking lord Joins he party

  • 2:45 Recruit in For Honor confirmed?

  • Yo I couldn’t stop laughing after cav got fucking domed

  • Fix the game and add guns and we might keep playing next year

  • I feel like buying this game...

  • For all of you picking at the way she looks or say the character and the voice actors are not beautiful.... post a video or picture of yourself online and let the world judge your critical asses. Cheers!

  • Everyone else talking about Mozzie saying G'day and Cav choking Thatcher Me: Okay but Mira kinda cute

  • R6 I wa

  • It’s not like almost nobody buys these but oki

  • “I’ve had enough of this shite”

  • The graphics in AC1 is much better than AC2,lol🤔

  • looks much better than lara overall an im a lara fan.

  • Name song

  • she looks better from afar up close her face/head throws it off

  • They should make his charges reset after hitting an opponent, and have her hologram stay either permanently (either recalled/cast or destroyed) or for a longer duration after she gets out of it.

  • Kick pulse didn't clutch

  • You must make the next part of prince of persia prologue...it is a very long time i have been waiting for it ..

  • You must make the next part of prince of persia prologue...it is a very long time i have been waiting for it ..

  • You must make the next part of prince of persia prologue...it is a very long time i have been waiting for it ..

  • You must make the next part of prince of persia prologue...it is a very long time i have been waiting for it ..

  • You must make the next part of prince of persia prologue...it is a very long time i have been waiting for it ..

  • Why is 2B in the game and how long do I have to wait to purchase her?!?

  • Damn pulse almost aced maybe if cav didn't go triple 000 they would have won

  • If I get a character with +10% Spider Bot damage and I use him/her for infiltrator (who doesn't have a Spider Bot) Does that mean I have a character with no perks 🤔

  • I just realized how much diversity they are trying to push into the division 2 with skin color. I’ve probably seen more black female division agents than white male division agents.

  • Spent 60$ on this game at releasal now it's 3$ and everyone gets to my gearscore without the hardwork and I have to pay 30$ just for the new york dlc


  • On God, I forgot that Pulse and Hibana were dating

  • Yo cav fucking sexy

  • Well...pulse was about to shoot his “girlfriend”..otherwise he has a chance to win. Ggs tho

  • Do we play our old characters from division 1 or these new ones we made on 2?

  • Bring back this execution please

  • "there is no next time SEU CORNO" Caveira is perfecct

  • for honor would make a great anime

  • ❤❤❤

  • I really don’t think people are giving Ubisoft enough credit for all of these animations. I mean this is taking photorealism to the next level,. And each cinematic has thousands of individual, mega realistic frames. I can only imagine how much time and effort this took. This is absolutely my new favorite set of videos on RU-tv.

  • If I don't see Tachanka winning a 1v5 next year this will be all for nothing

  • Was i the only one waiting for Tachanka to come in and LMG all the attackers

  • when it will be ready to play

  • Pulse has no chill

  • Please ubisoft bring rayman back

  • I thought this game is realistic tactical fps game ,what happen to that now ?now it feels just like overwatch

  • Compare 0:31 with 0:35 I think that's the reason defender lost

  • Ubisoft should have given up on this game when it first released...

  • Is it me or Pulse looks just like Daniel Craig?

  • For honor is one of the worst games i have ever played its total trash...

  • More like this

  • One of the best and underrated assassins creed game

  • Just got it for 8.99$

  • They should sign a deal with Netflix and make bank, these are awesome

  • Can you guys bring outbreak back i loved it

  • Cav should’ve interrogated thatcher, dudes like 80

  • Pulse should’ve pulled off that ace

  • Cav is so hot I’m so glad her elite skin is hotter

  • Mira is actually really hot without that metal fortress on her head

  • Sledge should’ve bashed himself in the face with a hammer

  • Mozzie should’ve used his epic reload animations to kill them

  • Pulse should’ve just killed hibana the moment he had her

  • Mira should’ve had a reflex sight to actually hit shots

  • Doc should’ve been using an acog

  • Cav should’ve pulled her gun out to shoot Dokk

  • Blitz you shouldn’t be celebrating you got nitro celled😂

  • This ain't Lara Croft i don't see any triangular tits

  • How the hell did pulse get all the kills and Cav got none?

  • Ubisoft "introducing the new defender koolaid man"

  • Blitz 0-0-1 Also Blitz: gg ez noob team

  • Hey Ubisoft I need a 4K version of this please and thank you

  • They are trying better

  • I’m hate this game becouse off the equipments. I never can be better than gold 1 becouse i dont have 500$ to a headseat to a mouse and almost 1000$ just for the monitor

  • ok boomers

  • the first ten minutes are all copper level plays

    • ash i play on console and i'm better than that

    • Sebastian Encalada it’s on console

  • Dude blitz looks fiiiiiine

  • Please just make a movie

  • I don’t get why they haven’t added doors yet that you can actually open

  • Oryx : Nathan Drake Iana : Alibi Remastered

  • Malaka

  • I love all of these videos. I need more R6 lore in my life!!

  • Now I want this to be actually real

  • 4:45 love this little continuity thing. Thatcher gesturing towards dokebai like a "you did good kid" sort of thing, even after the events of "hammer and scalpel" episode

  • 1v9 pulse

  • So good