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  • I'm just waiting for the day that we go back to the old Assassin's Creed with actual assassins and a stealthy one-hit-kill combat system.

  • Definitely gonna get this when it comes out

  • David is really funny. I love this guy!

  • That’s good video game 🎮

  • Why doesn’t orochis deflects stop hyper armor or chains the trades aren’t worth it you take more damage then you put out why have a cpu tee fighter if everyone can just spam hyper armor

  • Where were the Russians

  • It's a bit misleading when they dont allow us to kneel when not in cover, but the attacking team can do it in the video. Allow us to kneel and go prone, like the NPC's can.

  • But is it a offline split screen local campaign

  • 야 C9도 내줘라

  • Nightmare is probably a full on zombie mode. Either that or vampires.

  • I heard that the release date has been leaked, it's gonna be released this year in December I think.

  • Steep but with bikes

  • Should’ve just called it Steep: Riders Republic

  • Boo!!!!

  • We what the old zero man

  • Ubi can you please try to help the booting on console i'm very tired of it and upset when I loose becuase of it. I know its not only me who wants booting to be gone.


  • Team Empire?

  • I love the fear that Finka shows. Not only does she have to put her life on the line against enemies with firearms she also has to do it in extremely hot environments where one tear in her suit can expose her to an agent that will kill her.

  • This game is a steep clone with descenders added in.

  • I was so excited when I saw this announcement, and now I literally want to curl up and die.

  • I’m down

  • Honestly all this game needs is a “Hall of meat” type of mode like skate 3 where you can see all the bones your break. To often these days games don’t have the good rag doll physics or they cut too quick after you wipe out, the best part of these games is hucking it and seeing what you break

  • Mozzie my favourite, my main defender

  • Prince looks like frog, ubisoft art designers are blind

  • Suburban kids going crazy! Meh....🙄

  • Guys it's pre-alpha. Ofc it's not going to look good. Why do you guys think that it will have perfect graphics in pre-alpha? So stupid smh.

  • Keyshswn

  • Y’all don’t get your hopes up to much we all know UBISOFT will downgrade the graphics and 50% of the map will be blocked off from “console restrictions”

  • absolutely love this trailer gives me chills everytime

  • the game should have been released under a different name

  • Everyone thinking that no one will wear these cause they will “give you away”, uh huh and you’ll still get killed by that bright orange Jager or that track suit IQ

  • This is an amazing game and the music definitely needs another generation to appreciate it.

  • Surfing would be lit

  • But does the argus camera down on headshot

  • If u look closely and not blink at Connors feather on his Tomohawk it looks like the feather is moving

  • Omg fnatic :3

  • I hope that Chaos will get their own team skin

  • When it's their turn to add skateboarding as an extreme sport, they take another game, assholes ......... for pods like these it was that I did not invest money in the DLC of steep, the game is very promising .. but why take another game Why didn't you integrate a new steep update? these ubisoft folks have little common sense

  • avgn

  • Rule 1 of fighting Sam Fisher with your bare hands: Don’t.

  • Excited for steep 2

  • His casual talking voice sounds like a mark hamill impression and I love it

  • 6 minutes into this video and you can see why this game is such a mess. You can see how inept these people are at even doing a state of the game video. that's why the game itself is in such a sorry state.

  • Finally a Vitality skin, it's been 84 years....

  • *Early 2020* Me: I’m still waiting

  • The only feedback you guys listen to are the Brown nosing you tubers that praise this hunk of garbage that you call a game.

  • Vigil has been there the entire time

  • Por dioos, a pesar de que tiene graficos qleros lo voy a jugar por nostalgia

  • I don't even know who these teams are but the skins look tuff!

  • i love the music for this, is there a link for it? please share it to me if you know it

  • Like GTA 5, this game was a banger cuz developers took time to travel and document accuracy


  • Don't buy these. Unless you like dying, all this does is make your character even more visible and easier to headshot as a result.

  • Xxxtricky is finally gonna get beat ?

  • Where is rainbow six siege quarantine

  • I thought this was going to be something to do with custom skins

  • These skins look sick but if they cost r6 credits I can’t get them

  • High budget Mobile game

  • just watched this trailer in 4k and let me tell you...the characters look like potatoes that were carved with a spoon to look like people.

  • I want to know more about Codename: Nightmare 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Man I just bought the Zofia elite and this pops up. Even unfortunate timing happens in real life.

  • This is garbage

  • Where is the game?

  • Please for the love of god make a TSM set for vigil or just something for TSM they are my fav team

  • better constitution than the us tbh

  • Imagine making a game in 2020 that looks worse than the original from the early 2000s. Absolutely embarrassing. I think they took sands of time too literally. You are supposed to turn back time this much

  • I’m getting tsm skin it look dope

  • this looks like a ps3 game 🤔

  • This game died quick.

  • And why the word skin share is in the title? I thought you would be able to share/trade skins like in CS:GO for eg...Ubisoft never fails to disappoint

  • I request ubisoft to increase the graphics, I REQUEST YOU,I BEG YOU.......PLEASE...........PLEASE...........I BEG YOU!!!!

  • Where the hell is DarkZero??? Been waiting for like 2 yearsss