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The 2020 All-Under-25 Team
The 2020 All-Under-25 Team29 дней назад
Madden Bowl 20: Quarterfinals
Madden Bowl 20: QuarterfinalsМесяц назад
Madden Bowl 20: Wild Card Round
Madden Bowl 20: Wild Card RoundМесяц назад


  • Shanahan: no sacks we're in field goal range "A couple years late for that isn't it?"

  • We got him now! #PatsNation

  • Why are most of his best plays when he's under pressure?

    • Of course that doesn't mean he's not the best qb in the NFL.

  • all that in under 15 mins...

  • He looks like he has the best arm league!

  • I’m happy I went to that game :)

  • good video, weird ending

  • SKOL

  • If 2 people tied for 5th... then all the 6th place ties were actually all tied for 7th.... cmon man

  • Note to self: don't ask SCANDRICK to cover FITZGERALD.

  • Who caught the ball on the fourth one

  • Crazy that the last two QBs standing in the NFC were Aaron Rodgers.....and Caleb Hanie.

  • Why are you showing receiving yards

  • You’ve got to be kidding me. The absolute last person on the field you would want to anger is Jack Lambert.

  • Can’t believe these highlights are from a rookie. This kid is going to be scary.

  • We else kept a straight face in this video

  • Should be the most views video ever

  • Joe Mixon should have been higher up.

  • The 2.7 thousand dislikes must be crying since that day

  • Can't wait for AEW on TNT tonite... great brawls n' cussing, no mike tyson but there will be bikini models.

  • We lost 4 points due to missed field goals, Matt Ryan made a lot of turnovers (which is unlikely of him), we should of gotten that early touchdown. That’s at least 11 points missed. We would of won that. Also our OL played horrible.

  • Going to be great now that he is healthy!

  • This game still hurts my heart! Im a die hard manning fan. Brees' kid helped make me feel better. It was too cute seeing him up there. I was happy for the saints that year. I was so glad to see manning win one more (i know the defensive did most of the work!...but it still counts ha) best of luck to brees, the nfl robbed us of a brees/b rady super bowl 2 years ago. That could have been epic

  • Patty the goat Mcafee

  • Going to be great with the Pats!

  • Hunnit mil for dat boiiii ✭

  • Patriots BOYCOTT the NFL

  • 4 years later and both are washed up

  • Given the choice, I'm glad the Texans won the regular season matchup... and I'm glad the Chiefs won _this_ one.

  • I remember watching this game live on TV and felt cold just watching it!

  • Ceedee face was so relaxed and satisfied coming out of the shoulder roll.

  • He better be higher this year after allowing ZERO sacks in 2019

  • I feel sorry for the people who paid money to go there to hear sweet victory but get this nonsense

  • ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️

  • Surprised that the Jones to Sheppard pass against the Bucs wasnt on here

  • MAHOMES EXTENDS TO TEN YEARS!!! After 10 years, he'll be 34!!!

  • 2020 would might have a possible cancellation this year!!! due to the pandemic!!!!

  • Fred Arbanas with the block in Super Bowl 4 to clear the way

  • Is he a steelers fan

  • He better be top 5 this year. Literally carried the whole Panthers offense.

  • Finishing the 2019 season he’s the best left tackle in the NFL

  • Its ok he gon be top 3 this year fs

  • hope

  • What was that weird tongue move 💀

  • Even as a Green Bay Packers fan you got to love the way he ran with the ball.

  • Did anybody else actually watch this game or just looked at highlights? The Raiders were in the running for the Playoffs during this game, about halfway through the 4th quarter the Titans won their game thus eliminating the Raiders from the Playoffs. The Raiders offense played better in just about every way all game long, despite injuries and missing key players, but they just had issues scoring. The refs made some pretty bad calls against the Raiders, but I'm not going to get into that. Once the Titans secured the last playoffs spot, the next couple drives by the Raiders seemed like they literally weren't trying anymore. They lined up on about the five yard line with a couple seconds left in the game, they could have kicked a field goal, went into overtime and based on previous performance, they probably would have won the game. Instead, the Raiders go for a two-point conversion and fail. The team and coaching staff seemed to not care at all, and it honestly looked like that once they had no chances at the Playoffs anymore that the Raiders decided to basically tank the rest of the game away for a better Draft position. I see a massive amount of Broncos fans praising this game like they blew the Raiders out, destroyed them all game and didn't win by literally one point. It's a bit strange honestly... they're acting like they won the Superbowl when in all reality, like it or not, the Raiders gave them that win purposely. Honestly, I'd not be surprised one bit if the Raiders sweep the Broncos this next season.

  • Steve Smith I apologize Carolina should have kept you my last name is Smith just like Cam it wasn’t business it was Racism.

  • So why is Henry 4th??Anyone know where to fine a explanation why??? Like who made this list??

  • Best ever

  • Fiesta salsa quincenera bialia

  • More like Top 50 Passing Plays. Most of these were made great by situations or great receiver effort

  • Don’t you hate it that The nfl probably told Aaron to fake an injury, come back and then they told the bears to blow it. 🤷‍♂️

  • Poor Chris Godwin had a great game but Winston screwed it up for him

  • Mixon is a top five back imo

  • am i tripping or dude pinky broken😭

  • If da safety isnt der to assist Sherman on that deep ball play dat was a touchdown of at least 80 plus yards got exposex for sure against a top 5 wr

  • oh yeah bro

  • bub-bubs

  • This List is invalid....Who the Hell is Bill George and Who the Hell cares..... No Singletary, No Lambert, No Ham, No Seau......No Credibility to this list either!!!!

  • Announver: no team in the superbowl has ever came back from more than a 7 point defeciet in the 4th quater. Patriots 19 down in superbowl LI: i'll duckin' do it again

  • 1:55:51 Commentator: He'll have his second one in two minutes. Malcolm Butler: Hold My Beer

  • and jack pardee at 26:42 with the worst hair on tv ever...

  • I will never forget this game

  • I would like to know the specific name of this control that Brian uses to move forward or backward. thanks in advance

  • I love my cowboys one of my favorite games to watch

  • He’s going to be good this year, but HE IS GOING TO MISS D. HOP!! You can tell by how confident he is in his ability to win on his routes.


  • Legend is too small of a word to describe Prince

  • Ravens always overcome and defeat the patriots in necessary games no question about it GO RAVENS!!

  • So glad cowboys won this game that was so close I thought giants were gonna beat us

  • Was nothing happening in the 90’s I don’t get it. These plays are very average.

  • If you are ever going to be sad because you are 30 or 40 years old, watch this video and move your ass :D

  • 8:30 That punt play when Edelman did not touch it, that play was crazy.

  • Big Ben Poo Poo

  • This has to be so much fun for these guys

  • 4:28 that was the gayest “lets go” ever

  • That zone read vs Buffalo I’m watching the video and he faked me out... I swore he handed it off..

  • 2:18: 😮🧐🙃😤

  • the pro bowl was kobe death

  • He’s a top 3 back but he’s never going to have top 3 stats again cuz his team is trash

  • The Los Angeles Rams v the Baltimore Grape juices

  • Scott Mitchell wasn’t as bad as people say he was. Had a few good years Lions made playoffs few times. Not saying he’s good and overall he was bad. But they r calling him one of the worst free agency signings ever come on. The Qb he’s facing is one of the worst free agents O Donnell

  • who’s here after finding out Mostert is getting traded

  • 0:19 clean. And Jerry saying that when he "switched it" to the Raiders makes it that much more clean

  • Change his name to Monstert

  • Who's here after Raheem Mostert demanded to be traded?

  • Imagine devin singletary only started 8 games and u rank him 30th

  • Can’t tell u how bad I want this match up in real life in the next super bowl, the old phenom of the nfl vs the young phenom on the biggest stage in all of sports.

  • Congrats bears you beat our backups

  • What happend to posting full games 😭

  • Now he wants a trade

  • Me but i am a kid of 9

  • NBA has more subscribers then the nfl

  • I can't believe that Butch Johnson's catch in Super Bowl XII was left out. An honorable mention could be Mike Hegman's strip of Terry Bradshaw for a TD in Super Bowl XIII. Another was Bob Lilly ripping off his helmet and throwing it 70 yards in disgust with the Super Bowl V loss. While it wasn't in the playoffs Tony Hills touchdown against the Redskins sealed the East in 1979 with his 8 yard touchdown with less than a minute remaining. That reminded me of Preston Pearson's stellar game against the Rams in the 1975 NFC Championship game with 7 yards for 123 yards and 3 touchdown receptions.

  • This was the last good game in a charger uni by Philip Rivers, we gon miss ya

  • I'm saying this as a Seahawks fan, but you gotta give Deshaun Watson a lot of credit for coming into Seattle and almost winning as a rookie