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  • Dam. Making That much you can pay your student loan in one year.

  • Proud of you!

  • 250 customers times 10 bucks iis 2500 times 5 lol alot of money

  • They also had that “find the tiki” game that I played as a kid, I won once and it instantly became one of my favorite stores and I’d ask my mom if we could shop there whenever we were headed for the Safeway that was in the same court. Also the samples 🤤

  • I too am a descendant from Egypt from the pharaohs of old as described to from readers of the spirit ,this is where my soul was born in the house of royalty of Egypt..thousands of years ago.well written in the book of life within the pillars of power.

  • When she said red was Ash Ketchum, I got frustrated

  • Totally inaccurate nobody makes 72k in this line of work. A taxi driver has to pay high cost taxi insurance every month! Not to mention a lot of gas money a week plus the inspection, dmv and tlc inspection every two years. Urine test, every four months inspection, oil changes, tires changes (which happens frequent the more you drive tires get punctured) and maintenance fees plus any taxes and car related expenses such as cleaning and parking fees and tickets and also health insurance for himself otherwise he’ll pay a $500-1000 fine for not having it. Overall he may end up with 25k to 30k at most plus he has to pay taxes on that so he’ll get less. The average driver clears about $8,000 to $20,000 a year they don’t make a lot of money like these people are saying its propaganda.

  • Who gave this guy a show..

  • 22 and have 20,000$ saved for re-investment, not just saved to have money in the bank, I don’t think that was the point of the video guys, if you’re not willing to re investment and risk your money into a Buisness you will forever be a wage slave.

  • *News to the experts: Google Stafia is effectively DEAD. Apple Arcade isn’t really a competitor to Nintendo Switch, both in the quality and type of gaming.

  • I often find myself frustrated that the Australian government seems to look to the US as a role model, when the Nordic countries present a very obvious role model to shaping a good society. The Australian government continues to strip away our public services... When providing public services are one of the keys to reducing people's stress. It's hard to be happy if you are constantly worried about money and don't have opportunities to shape your life the way you want it - but a person who is not rich, but not stressed about money and opportunities, can easily be just as happy, if not happier, than any wealthy person. Many people have the attitude of "why should I pay taxes for other people on welfare?" but eliminating poverty helps everybody - rich and poor - by creating a better society overall with less crime and violence. The nordic countries truly represent many ideals of a better society and the world really should be learning more from them.

  • 🤣

  • Wells Fargo won't let me take screenshots :/

  • Her saving rate is probably lower than her student debt interest rate, pay big chunk of it

  • So you pick 3 rich people that eat at McDonalds and somehow they are bad. How many poor people eat at McDonalds? And why do they eat there? Because THEY LIKE IT. Is that a crime? Is there now a law that says in you have a certain amount of money, you have to eat at expensive restaurants? Get a life!!!

  • man I never believed smashing the like would really help the algorithm, until O'Leary opened my mind

  • Hit it yesterday at 24

  • Nurses loves it

  • Where the actual duck are these other 145k jobs???? Like what?

  • 200K by 32. Ok not too bad.

  • It takes time to earn those points and lots of money being spend as well so don’t get your hopes up unless you have money to spend at first to get those points.

  • Kevin O'Leary; don't ever buy a car, lease a car Suzi: don't ever lease a car, buy a car Me: I'm just gonna use my childhood bike 😅

  • Nintendo: The Disney of Consoles.

  • Zelda BOTW such good game!!

  • Nintendo games + cheap price + portability = winning formula. it's not that hard.

  • Same marketing strategy used by a ton of mainline brands

  • as someone living in south east asia i want to live in a nordic country so bad

  • BTS: 0% plastic surgery. They were even called ugly

  • What's your way around foreign transaction fees though? Unless you have an income in pounds or whatever currency that you're using, you're still going to pay a conversion fee... If it's not from the credit card it'll be cash fees from currency exchange companies.. Unless I'm missing something?

  • Nintendo is one of the world's best video game companies, and without question the Nintendo Switch was a major improvement over the Wii U. Overall in terms of fan loyalty Sony and Microsoft have gained respect in regards to their Playstation and XBOX brands for their consoles. I would hope Sega and Atari do come to develop new games in the market as well as third party developers having them been former heavyweights in the video game industry. Nintendo if they can manage to develop a console in the future better then the PS5 and XBOX series one and continue the amazing quality of games they will regain the market share. The Switch will be the console though for some more years until the lifetime of the console is past and then the Nintendo 8 would come out in the market. As a fan of gaming I hope that VR and AR technology along with online capabilities and next level graphics would be something we would see in a future Nintendo console after the Nintendo Switch. One of the reasons Sony and Microsoft managed to do better then Nintendo, is mostly because they developed exceptional consoles even though Nintendo as a first party developer is considered one of the best video game companies in the world. Maybe Sega and Atari should consider joining forces with Nintendo to develop their future console and gaming library. It would be interesting to see that if it were to happen. While the mobile market has many gamers, in general fans who appreciate games know the development of games in consoles is far superior to the quality of games you would see in a inexpensive mobile game. Nintendo's Switch isn't Nintendo's best console honestly as I would have to say consoles like the Nintendo 64, Super NES and even NES showed some of their best potential. Their handhelds also been phenomenal over the years with genius design especially the revolutionary 3DS which allowed gamers to play games without 3D Glasses.

  • The first 3 minutes is like a nostalgia trip for me. I've been following the progress of this system since the days when Wii U was Nintendo's latest console and their wasn't any announcement of a new console, an NX if you will. Back then there was 1 rumour that kick started everything. If your old enough to remember, that rumour was the Nintendo Fusion. A handheld/home console hybrid that would completely revolutionise gaming and 6 yrs on from those days I can say that Nintendo is truly back dominating the Gaming industry once more. Bring on the PS5 & Xbox SX, we got Zelda BotW 2,Metroid Prime 4,Beyonetta 3, Pikmin 4 and a plethora of other hard hitting titles on the way.


  • Switch selling really good because most mobile games are trash

  • Making that type of money, but trying to find a loop hole to not pay your loans off is ANNOYING. Custom house, dog in Gucci, I like watches, I like guitars, I like to eat out ...blah blah blah. Pay your debt.

  • He is the same guy who once laugh at Elon musk. Just lost my respect for this guy. He might be smart but he is short sighted. I cannot take him anymore as visionary guy.

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  • this guy is a clown

  • I am a bus driver - who is not a bus driver - but TRULY a Writer and Psychic/Tarot Reader - and am working on my first Book. If I had $1000/m I could write full time. I could also use discretionary income from my weekend job to invest in real estate. WE are forced into unnatural unimaginative roles to keep jobs that a robot could well do. UBI would fix that miserable condition.

  • This is why I believe in Tesla so much. Elon Musk is actually passionate about his ventures. He genuinely wants them to succeed and wants to better the world. The others listed are only driven by power (access to our data) and greed.

  • First baby born in Mars should be called X ae A XII

  • Hi

  • They didn’t even mention Ringfit

  • I think you should have more Invested then that at that age

  • I started watching videos last year on youtube as a beginner before giving stock market a trial. I was able to make $472,000 within 4 Months with a capital of $200,000, i am so thankful to her.

    • @Betty Celebrezze Okay thanks i have found her website on the web, waiting for her reply.

    • @Collins Hamza Her name is JULIANA GUNAWAN LEE , she’s the only online trader I trust. I can tell how many of my friends she’s trading for. she’s the big deal , you can look on the web with her name for her to know more , she's very popular .

    • Hey, Hi who is your financial counselor and how does he help? I need your honest guidance

  • He actually does diversify - he has Vanguard Index funds.

  • My sister and I each ate a watermelon one and went thrifting one time. Lmao! It was so funny

  • The home that sold for 22 million lost quite a bit of money.

  • Everyone who go back to work or gets a job need to remember that savings some money for the rainy days is a priority.

  • Story gets funnier all the time 😂

  • Easy.

  • why was this so inspirational

  • Motivating as heck! Congratulations to her for working towards her goals and picking herself up.

  • Really good piece

  • Lol. His girlfriend dumps him when he’s at his lowest and then he marries her after his glow-up. I don’t think that’s how glow-ups are supposed to work, buddy. Smh

  • jeff bezos lives on 1.6 million a day


  • The only reason why it's done well is because of the casuals. Casuals aren't into real gaming experiences. So it's no wonder why the Switch's gimmicks have caught on with them. If i remember correctly the same thing happened with the Wii. Just because the Switch is doing good doesn't mean that it'll continue to. When the PS5 and Xbox Series X come out the Switch's numbers will drop.

    • Only that Nintendo Switch bridges l worlds: it has games for “casuals”, “hardcore” and strictly “Nintendomaniacs”.

  • Nintendo does a better job imo on gameplay and creative innovation than PS4 & Xbox. I’m not too into graphics just getting sharper and sharper but the game not being fun.

    • @Dan Smith why?

    • Nintendo needs to be more like Sony and Microsoft.

  • I think the best thing about the Nintendo switch is that it finally embraces 3rd party support. Because now I can finally play Mario Kart 8 and Mortal Kombat 11 on the go! ❤️🙂

  • well this didn't age well

  • Learning that Mr O’Leary’s wedding was a “pizza and beer” affair increases my respect level so much lol

  • Does anyone else think uptown funk is going to start after the click.

  • 1.6 mil per year in LA is middle class

  • Stadia can only dream of having Nintendo's success.

    • @Dan Smith Nintendo has made more money from the game industry then any other company. Sorry

    • @Dan Smith it doesn't need to for your information pal. Nintendo is there own thing.

    • And the Switch can only dream of having Sony's success.

  • Shrewdness takes people far in life

  • 0:58 I second that thought, and before you look? Yes I have less than 100 subscribers. Also notice I'm not whoring myself on RU-tv. In fact, I don't even use my real name because life isn't about hyping yourself. Life is a Gift.

  • Kevin O'Leary likes young boys!!!!!

  • My main side hustle is photoshopping pets in clothes, haha.

  • Even with the WORST online interface... needs to be more like xbox live in terms of allows friend chat and more online game play.

  • Used to golf with someone who was a millionaire due to an inheritance..Play golf with him and he is the biggest cheapskate of all.. Will sit and look for his tee and spend too much time at the ponds looking for golf balls...Drives us crazy as people behind us are getting mad

  • „I spend 30$ on mushrooms because that’s important to me“

  • “Yes you do need to work 15 hours a day and spend nothing” in what world is that possible

  • he has downsized on xlothign does that mean he lost weight or is he using this as a synonym for getting rid of clothes that the colors wears out. also says whoo you need 3 baseball caps r hats thats his bloody opinion. he likes baseball. why not 4 or 5? too subjective akso why so much underwwear rip off also he wears pajamas are they superman colors? he mus be 5 years old

  • As a mom with no console gaming background, the reason I chose the Switch for my kids was being able to tell them to take it to their room when I needed some peace and quiet.

    • Make sure to get one of them another. Trust me it sucks having one sibling hogging it all the time.

  • ive been wanting to know which watch he wears for years since dragons den. If any of u know

  • this guy is not connected with the real world. no everyone is on tv making millions and selling products and live in the city and does not worry too much about money. this is an ego trip. many people need cars for groceries they have kids and must travel to work ; for them there is no city bus or trolley or subway. terrible you tube video

  • "Its essentially passive income.. All I have to do is live in the back of my pick up truck" - old millennial

  • this millennial spending 220 on a gym monthly he must have a personal trainer. this is a rip off. next his breaking down of what he eats he eats frugally thats good. he says he makes most of his income 85% online. take away this amount and no one knows this kid. he is just playing with algorithms nothing new just another you tuber.

  • Hopefully Elon is only 44 years old, which means we will still see many other things coming out of his brain. Its horizon is still quite huge.

  • Wait how did she get into software engineering?

  • With the switch outtage going on where i live, i was able to sell my switch for $400 lmao

  • The millennial looks like Kevin’s illegitimate son.

  • Gabriela, thanks so much for doing this video. I have a similar upbringing. If it wasn’t for this video, I would have never went back to school at 35 years old to pursue my career in software development. This video changed my life. Thank you again, Gabriela, from one Chicagoan to another. Proud of you and all you’re doing! Super inspiring!!!

  • Having money makes a big difference between what you can and cannot do.

  • I wish I could live in one of those houses

  • i have question ,what does it means if the nintendo switch code starts with xkw? thanks

  • Number 4 minds me about Neverland

  • get oats, mash them, add water, add a bit of salt... OATMILK. And if you're tired of shaking it all up add a binder...

  • not an example

  • Wowwe

  • Become a pipe welder and money will be flowing in.

  • I have never said buthere I feel it a bit from Mr Tyson ... "Ok, boomer" Of course Elon Musk is significant, but don't minimize the digital revolution to just simple "what new app there is". Elon Musk is able to do so much due the previous work already done. Every little thing matters to bring change~

  • Get a cheaper car. Before "investing", start getting rid of your stupid debt.

  • We are not in a recession yet. These clickbait titles...

  • 10 games a month! This man is insane. Just be happy you even have any games

  • Not anymore with coronavirus hanging around. Driving your own car is safer than using public transport.

  • I'm 29 and never had a credit card. Always paid everything I'm cash. I'm not falling in this trap

  • Costco in Australia is one of the biggest con jobs in the world There is no savings unless you have a family of 7 or more people The membership costs is ridiculous it is expensive. In adding shopping and membership with Costco Foodland. Woolworths. Coles To add total yearly expense Costco is higher by 39% than all others. I would NEVER recommend Costco to anyone in the world