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Hi everyone, welcome to TierZoo, the web show which seeks to analyze the meta to determine the best current builds. I talk about the special abilities and build strats of various prominent animal classes and show people things they may have overlooked when specing their character.

Okay but actually my goal is to get gamers interested in zoology, since there's a ton of amazing aspects of life on Earth that go underappreciated. Evolution has produced some bizarre traits, strategies, and life cycles that I feel need to be given the spotlight once in a while. I don't shy away from keeping the brutal with the beautiful, so if you're new to my content, be warned. Expect two videos per month. The good thing about my topic is that there's potentially limitless content and I'm more than willing to provide it. Hit me up with all of your suggestions! I've gotten some amazing ones so far.


How Humans Broke the Game
How Humans Broke the Game6 дней назад
Are Goats OP?
Are Goats OP?21 день назад
The Ice Age Tier List
The Ice Age Tier List2 месяца назад
Top 5 Animal Team Combos
Top 5 Animal Team Combos3 месяца назад
What's the Best Human Support Class?
What's the Best Human Support Class?4 месяца назад
Seal Vs Sea Lion: Who Would Win?
Seal Vs Sea Lion: Who Would Win?4 месяца назад
Sloths used to be Overpowered
Sloths used to be Overpowered5 месяцев назад
Earth's Next Balance Patch
Earth's Next Balance Patch5 месяцев назад
Optimizing Stealth Builds
Optimizing Stealth Builds6 месяцев назад
Are Honey Badgers OP?
Are Honey Badgers OP?6 месяцев назад
What if humans were nerfed?
What if humans were nerfed?7 месяцев назад
Are Geese OP?
Are Geese OP?8 месяцев назад
The 4 Animal Combat Styles
The 4 Animal Combat Styles9 месяцев назад
The Optimal Team Comp
The Optimal Team Comp9 месяцев назад
Abusing the Game's Physics Engine
Abusing the Game's Physics Engine10 месяцев назад
Are Humans OP?
Are Humans OP?10 месяцев назад
The Deep Sea Meta
The Deep Sea Meta11 месяцев назад
What Kind of Bear is Best?
What Kind of Bear is Best?11 месяцев назад
The Dog Tier List
The Dog Tier List11 месяцев назад
The Time Earth Glitched
The Time Earth GlitchedГод назад
The Cryptid Tier List
The Cryptid Tier ListГод назад
The Turtle Tier List
The Turtle Tier ListГод назад
Surviving the Arctic Meta
Surviving the Arctic MetaГод назад
The Raptor Tier List
The Raptor Tier ListГод назад
Is Australia OP?
Is Australia OP?Год назад
The Primate Tier List
The Primate Tier ListГод назад
Lizard Moveset Guide
Lizard Moveset GuideГод назад
The Spider Tier List
The Spider Tier ListГод назад
The Shark Tier List
The Shark Tier ListГод назад
Welcome to TierZoo
Welcome to TierZooГод назад
The Cat Tier List
The Cat Tier ListГод назад
Are Waterbears OP?
Are Waterbears OP?Год назад