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Hello! Welcome to our channel! We create animated music videos and short films with the blocky style of Minecraft! We animate videos with such topics as: Five Nights at Freddy's, Doki Doki Literature Club, PopularMMOS, Aphmau, DanDTM, and of course, Minecraft itself! So stick around with us for all the high quality animated fun!
(Pro Cube Movers.)
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Minecraft Animation Rewind 2019
Minecraft Animation Rewind 201911 месяцев назад
HANDS UP! (Minecraft Animation)
HANDS UP! (Minecraft Animation)3 года назад
DROWNING! (Minecraft Animation)
DROWNING! (Minecraft Animation)3 года назад
SECOND CHANNEL! (Announcement)
SECOND CHANNEL! (Announcement)4 года назад


  • aphmau i am a fan of you

  • I think this is the best song yet.Even though it's hard to pick one i love the most

  • 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Old follow me hair: exists Me: upgrade New follow me hair: exists me: go back new springtrap model: exists me: *I said go back*

  • I have to admit the animations are amazing

  • 666 Xd

  • I see Freddy and Bonnie and who I didn't see chica it's like some of like a pig

  • Idk which is darker. That he was only a second before 6:00 AM and was killed (for the umpteenth time) or the possibility that the clock just reset when the clock should've said 6:00 AM just to show how absolutely hopeless William's situation is.

  • Love u love tryjardninja too

  • The detective didn't kill springtrap, spring trap fell into the lake that he somehow did not see while trying to jump onto the detective...

  • 4:30 people don’t even care about the heat in the computer

  • A complete meme

  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Noooooooo

  • wow your good at animating, i wonder what you could do with mine-imator.

  • Seth... you sure know how to make a dark animation huh?

  • Good job guys that are going good

  • Wait, this is 1 year now!!!!! Time does fly fast.

  • yuri's evil face looks like reality but scarier

  • Spring trap is so derpy also the animatronics or in my opinion I don’t like dis

  • Ты русский или нет а

  • Are you animation sins

  • 2:12 Did I just saw springtrap eyes in the sewer?

  • When you realize an advertisement for Minecraft literally stole this (I think)

  • rosarme

  • I would have bailed upon entering the class


  • I hate ads

  • 🔥

  • Thank God I watched and other video of this one and that person got killed it was sad but this video I watch the person killed that glitch trap I think or I don't know who that murderer so I am glad he survived 🙂☺️😁

  • < : 3

  • The kids never go for the door why there are for of them use two for distracting the purple guy and the other two go unlock the door and escape

  • Nice animation

  • This game is to hash

  • 1:26 I smell past animations

  • I dint even know he was in hell

  • Zack stares at sayori Doesnt see monika with a rope smiling

  • Me: it’s just one skeleton it can’t be that bad When it starts to sing: AHHHHHHHHH SOMEONE HELP ME ITS UGLY

  • 2:11 uhh anybody else see that???

  • Alguém br

  • on rainminator u were in the struggle

  • I love natsuki

  • 🐷

  • Springtrap:shuts down in river Help wanted devs: WhY dOnT wE uSe ThEsE pArTs!

  • I love this song.🧡💛💓💚❤💙💗💘💜💖

  • .new follow me

  • I like you video

  • Zombie girl he sing along he only has one Brain Brain Brain Brain Brain I don't even like that girl I don't even like her boyfriend

  • Why didn't Sonic girls singalong

  • I wonder how the brains would taste like who't is my meal....

  • Amazing!

  • a b c d e f gun☠️☠️☠️

  • I like it

  • I rather be thot than this LOL 🙏😿🙀😮😕

  • Henry: I SAW WILLIAM VENTED 3:35 William was the imposter

  • 911 what is your emergency

  • I don't want to be a real zombie

  • Piranha so deep purple vine he's killing by the kid what's the night in in Hindi turn to the evil like a fox I don't know what the hell happened to the kit but he's at even but he's the Killer By The Purple by the police but but it's almost done this in your butt I don't know what just happened with kids so I don't like that is super cool cool cool super cool super cool super cool summer quotes

  • Really Love This :D

  • As as videos me gustan mucho👍😎

  • :O i dont think he is gonna come back from that lol also the water editing if GOD

  • Purple guy deserved it

  • 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  • purple guy is killed everyone

  • This video: FNAF, FNAF and some more FNAF. Also here's some FNAF

  • yay it seth

  • La canción ya las puesto en tus vídeos bro de follow me

  • The undertale 3D looks epic

  • Among us plisssssss

  • What the alian

  • How the hell that guy had the strength to chop off an animatronics arm with a kitchen knife is beyond me, goes to show what adrenaline can do to the body

  • Wait the onion soup hahahahahaha

  • Save the Turtles

  • Gente quem é o vilão da historia

  • привет Олеся привет Андрей Андрей добрый день