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Hey guys, welcome to The East Family!!
If this is your first time on our channel, WELCOME!! We are so happy to have you join us on our journey. We promise to bring you with us on all of our crazy adventures. As many of you may know, our family just grew by one! Our little baby girl, Drew Hazel East, has opened our eyes to an entirely different kind of love -- one we thought wasn't even possible. We are so thankful for the support that we've received from each of you and are excited to have her with us as we embark on this new journey.
We hope this channel puts a smile on your face and in some way, shape, or form, brightens you day :). We're so happy to have you join the fam, this is gonna be fun!!
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  • I love you guys. I know this is older video but, you are right... I've told my partner that so many times. We have to be ok an good always, we have to be each others #1 in order to be the best for our children. An by the way, we are both divorcees an he has 2 kids, older kids an I have 1 child, an hes 10 now. He was 3 when we met. Its crazy, the kids have blended well, but weve struggled with his daughter. She has always neen jealous an in the mode of, your taking my dad away. That has never been the case. An Ive included her in so many things. Anyhow, shes 19 now, was 11 when we started dating... an to this day, yes shes OUR priority, but him an I have to be good an on the same page. Sorry Im rambling... its just hard an it makes things even tougher when, as partners, your divided... make sense?

  • I have always had basements but I know in Florida they have no basements crazy.

  • I'm not crying.. 😭🥰

  • I can’t believe I have just found you guys!!!! I have loved Shawn since the olympics & followed her career etc. so Happy to see you are doing do well. I love you & Andrew, your wonderful together. ❤️🤗

  • Watching this made me tear up, and remember the times when my babies were born. They are now 24, and 21!, 😢. Congratulations East Fam! She's beautiful ❤️

  • Sarah

  • Shawn and Andrew your gonna do awesome as parents! Congratulations on your Baby Drew she’s gorgeous 🥰🥰🥰🥰🍼🍼🧴🧸🤱👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💐💐💐💐💐 a super star is born!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • So beautiful, anyone know what happened to the vlog where Nastia meets Drew?

  • I love the fact that Andrew is like a mile taller than shawn Still such a gorgeous baby girl and I love the name y’all will do absolutely amazing

  • I love that the comments are on! I've been watching Shawn for so long and I'm so glad that she has taken us on this beautiful journey. Thank you and congratulations, you deserve it. 💕

  • Andrew is an AWESOME GIRL DAD!!

  • When Andrew cries, I cry 😭

  • I’m rewatching this and sobbing 💕😫

  • Yes , we love you both, your two amazing .,

  • Such a beautiful little baby girl. Can't believe I get to share my birthday with such a precious little girl ❤️

  • yall are too funny and cute !

  • My sister went through 3 miscarriages and now she’s having a baby in 6 weeks u guys are fighters and I love u guys 😊