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  • Capcom done milking this franchise yet? This look like it developed on ps3.

  • Sacrifice = Death by Snu Snu

  • Lol

  • as we wait for the FNAF movie to come out, this movie will be awesome to watch

  • Currently trying to pass re7 before I play this, I don’t think I will be disappointed :)

  • So during co op after the dance is over it spawns one of us off map in blades and it kills us everytime. Anyone else ever have this happen??

  • Game releases may 7th for those who missed and ps5 owners can try demo starting today. All other systems “sometime in the spring “

  • Is free with the Village game

  • Looks like a f2p game

  • Can I play as zombie Brad ?

  • Will look dope on Series X!!

  • I have never seen anyone play that bad and i saw journalist play cuphead.

  • ¿Os acordais de Futurama? Aquí si que vas a morir de "muerte por kiki" Jajajajaja

  • This is silly and nothing to get mad about.

  • VR?

  • ಠ_ಠ

  • As much as I love this, I am still crying and bitching for no outbreak remake. 😭😭😭😂 This does look sick though!

  • Baby!!!!!!

  • Some shitty PVP game ? No thanks

  • This is a MOD?

  • That lady with the big hats gonna give me nightmares

  • snore....

  • Anyone knows here if resident evil 8 comes to nintendo gamecube?

  • Is it gonna be half assed and tacked on?

  • i want tall white vampire lady to step on me

  • The combo of slightly next gen graphics with last gen physics is truly awesoming.

  • This looks cool af

  • Well. No.

  • Lol romanian currency

  • Definitely excited for this one ☝️

  • What year of gta 6 coming

  • Cries in operation raccoon city

  • Where's the "gameplay"?

  • This will make gaming history!!! If residentevil 4 remake !!!! 🔥

  • On Steam VR

  • How they going to put Jill in and not Carlos ? 🤣

  • I just hope they have prioritized RE8 over another multiplayer component. I mean I still play Resistance when the mood takes me but not much anymore considering the the Masterminds getting a bit too big for their boots. Not gonna lie when I first saw this trailer icon, I thought it was gonna be a What If game like what if Claire and Leon didn't meet at the gas station and she assumes he's just a crazed survivor. But then ya start seeing Jack and Jill and Nemesis and then the realisation hits that its just a multiplayer component instilling the fear that RE8 isn't gonna be that long after RE3 included Resistance.

  • Will this be available on PS4?

  • After the remastered games and the amazing graphics of Resi 7 and the upcoming Resi 8 why have they chosen this shitty look

  • Graphics so smooth

  • I see that inventory system and this is gonna be a great for RE4 fans ,I'm in...

  • Resident Bloodborne: Hogwarts

  • I'm so happy it doesn't come to last gen consoles because they would have held the game back.

  • Can’t wait to see support for this to be dropped when it inevitably flops..like ever other attempt at a multiplayer based RE game

  • RE:tarded

  • Great. Now do sub-surface scattering, please.

  • So is it gonna be on ps4 or no?

  • Porque primera persona joder

  • Sounds like Natural role for Kawhi

  • more of the same

  • as a free inclusion to another game, this is very cool

  • Yeah because resident evil resistance was popular. They should just do a hoard mode. Like cod but every so many waves a boss monster comes.

  • Looked like storm troopers where playing.

  • No vr mode?

  • Who was the guy at the end?

  • Ethan can’t catch a break

  • They may as well have called it Silent Hill with how much it's straying from Resident Evil at this point

  • I can play as RE3 remake Nemesis ? Sold I'm all in on this.

    • I want to play as wesker :)

  • Multiplayer Resi never works.

  • Interesting

  • If it is anything like that multiplayer in Umbrella Corp or Resident Evil Resistance, I'll pass

  • not my cup of tea, but happy for those who will enjoy it. and for those complaining, look its free with the purchase of RE: Village. Capcom isnt charging $30 bucks for it.

  • This is going to he horrible..

  • it's like a 15 minute stream with an hour long counter

  • Gonna be hard playing with one hand.

  • fortnite 2

  • Can’t wait for this

  • 2:27 Tonight.... Gerhman joins anothe franchise.

  • Resident Evil Vlll - Blodborne

  • This looks bad

  • 3rd person RE >>>>>> 1st person RE

  • This actually looks really cool... Is that bad?

  • Meh, we need re code Verónica remake.

  • Oh yeah!

  • Are the witches supposed to be scary? 👀

  • RE4

  • Let me know when the DLC drops so i can play as plant 42

  • what the...

  • Love resident evil but this RE: Verse looks horrendous