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Featuring Jake Baldino, Falcon, Andrew "The New Guy" Gebbia, and Tom "cameraman" Johnson.


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  • Omfg why did you remind me the horrors from Contra,

  • And then the guy finds that unjumpable place in Skyrim and gets you under Whiterun.

  • I can't resist shooting tv's! Lol! Who else does that?

  • There is nothing Sony has created that is as powerful as the XB X.


  • Mine - Trolling NPCs by getting in there way / throwing things at them / trying to shoot or melee them - Talking out loud to NPCs, usually telling them to F**K off or STFU

  • another la noire

  • I don't really care that much about weapon durability. The rain is what pisses me of most the time...

  • Btw “VAMPYR” is pronounced VAM-peer not “Vampire with a y”

  • Splitgate is really good I love it thankyou so much gameranx i recorded some game play if you wanna see some but this game is ridiculously good go play it

  • Cheating.

  • Yes I have been ban because I'm too good at baby games

  • "Single player" I do all this shit in multiplayer games. XD Especially trying to get out of the map.

  • For once i was related to this kind of video

  • I never use items and prefer magic for healing just in case I would need the items later, and end up the game with tons of not useful anymore potions

  • I mainly check my map a lot when playing Doom.

  • all of them i do without thanking

  • Who were clickbaited by the thumbnail?

  • Walking through camp fire v:

  • Goodbye Durango Wildlands i will miss you

  • Hi folks it's falcon. Like

  • It is known.

  • Since when black desert is free to play? Its only 10 days lmao

  • If I’m playing a 3rd person game/open World game and I need to stop to do something in reality, like make a coffee, I have to leave the character and camera, so it’s left in a picturesque way on the screen. Eg: backlit by the sun, looking out over the sea, etc’.

  • Floppy'disk... Ooooo memory.... On game was on several one... Cause max size was 1,44 mo.....

  • I can say for sure that Falcon has a lot of fun while making this video. Excitement in his voice.

  • Sooooooo....#5. Bunny hopping is essential if you're playing Quake (if you do it right)........

  • super jump cheat in gta v - totally addicting

  • Oh, come on. I don't jump around just in single player games. I jump around also in multiplayer 😂

  • I halve agree with no. 9 but What's better having better damage or having a scope

  • I do the bunny hop thing ALL the time

  • I'm one of those rare gamers that don't save unless I'm quitting the game or keep dying at a certain point. You don't know how many time i have cried over that i needed to start over a mission or a whole game because i didn't save, and i still don't. One thing i love to do in Halo is to see if i can take my vehicle with me everywhere. Sometimes you can with a little help others time you will die trying literally. I Bunny Hop a lot in Games to keep my mind busy. i don't really open maps that much i don't know why I just have a sense of directions. 1 thing you forgot idk if its just me but i did play a lot of CS:GO and i love to keep track of score and i click on TAP so much so if i see a video clip or a gameplay of CS:GO i will push tap to try to see the score even if i can't i don't even think about it i just do it automatick. And just after i did it, I'm like oh yeah i can't, and 10 min later i do it again i just can't help it.

  • Hi Edit: hello

  • Using exploits on your second play through cause you really don’t want to grind again.

  • The Creation engine needs to be taken out back and shot, so it can be replaced with new physics, animations, photogrammetry, modern rendering and lighting, sound effects, and more. Otherwise, this 17 year old engine will drag TESVI through the muck.

  • Oh yea I keep checking the map a lot, I get waylaid on the way to missions. Just wander off, check that thing over there. Then I have to check the map to see where I was going, checking if there is fall damage too in a new game. Or if fire will hurt you, that's always one I have to know. If I'm on a bridge can I fall off the sides, some don't allow you to.

  • Yes you missed something and thats shooting them red barells


  • This is list made for me lol😂😂😂

  • I've done a couple of these, especially jumping the impossible heights, and excessive map checking lol

  • Wait , the people where OVER 9000 ?

  • I'm guilty of all this. Also, I love Falcon's voice. ♥

  • 10 things only 2000s loosers will understand.

  • 4:18 Pirate Window

  • randomly murdering name less npc's...

  • Checking if walking into fire actually does anything

  • shooting radios and other comms to prevent enemies from communicating

  • The Witcher 3 sucks so bad

  • I save alot in skyrim lol

  • One VERY important word...."Phillipines"

  • Falcon, we are kindred spirits. I would love to hang out sometime. I jump off high places. Sometimes I will quicksave my brothers game mid fall lol

  • Jumping into fire to see if it burns

  • Tools you need to build a pc : A screwdriver.

  • Running out of ideas?

  • I will certainly get Nos.1 and 2 since I am a COD and Fallout fan.

  • Can't agree more with Top 1. Many people like to judge some by saying "just", everything could be nothing if you don't understand, don't judge people by your ignorance.

  • It would have to be explosive barrels and trying to see if I can skip a section of the map to get to a destination faster. One example is in Skyrim scaling up a mountain with or without a horse.

  • I always did bunnyhopping in Morrowind and Oblivion. My hero looked silly, but lvl 100 Acrobatics granted me to hop on the surface of water... Nuff said. Since then I do it in every game xD

  • Peeking around corners with the camera when the game is in 3rd person view. I can't get careless in any game anymore after having played the Souls games.

  • I can't resist farting on everyone in South Park.

  • Is kurtzpel PC only?

  • I love open world games. Enough said.

  • Crouching in games and making fart noises its always funny

  • its been 2017 i got ps4 pro and day after i got need for speed rivals that came in 2013

  • Yeah auto save exist but some games have the issue of A.S.S and no not ass Auto Save Sucks

  • Number 8 would have been very true for me in the case of the Wolfenstein games, if he doesn't accidentally throw the melee instead. Seriously, I don't wanna lose any more knives or hatchets than I need to

  • Donald Trump: All these are fake news, as anything that gameranx says

  • hahaha imagine the hate and fan fallout ellen page would get if she took legal action against naughty dog some times its best to leave sleeping dogs be.

  • I want R* to make a Pirate game

  • I have a bad habit of saving an item that is really rare that does a lot of damage but it’s a one time use it when I really need it I won’t use it because I’m afraid I might come up on something even harder and at the end a game.... I never use it

  • I save all the time in single player games. Enough said.

  • #0 My dad’s belt

  • Like I’m going anywhere besides my house.

  • I did a lot of repeat saving on D1 when it came out for the ps1.

  • Don't you disrespect the grunts, the hell is wrong with you

  • kinda gonna need that background music at 6:19

  • Make before you buy for overwatch switch edition

  • Obviously Bully 2 , but answer b . would be Max Payne 4

  • have you ever heard about binding the FAST SAVE key on your mouse? saving through menu - it's like you've never played any games)

  • Do a before you buy of Overwatch for Switch, please

  • Searching every inch for collectables

  • As far as VR I think it's awesome but still to early to say it's a must have piece of technology. Maybe VR 2 but not now.

  • The game clearly wants me to go straight ahead. Imma explore the place on the left first.

  • Everything you've showed, is everything i do! Help me!

  • Running around while in battle even there is no need and running through edges of maps even I know I'll die anyway😁

  • I am excited as everyone else about next gen coming out but I am going to wait till I buy the ps5. Just because I rather wait a couple years or so. When you got people camping outside stores for weeks and killing themselves, needless to say I will wait.

  • because of my parents i lost my ps2;-;

  • The big thing they are working on is the launch of GTA6 with ps5.

  • The worst was leaving your PS2 on the floor and accidentally stepping on the memory card 😐

  • 9:07 what game is this?

  • These are all SO TRUE!

  • Attempting to walk through fire. Everytime

  • Haha, right off the bat I feel called out. And there is something behind every waterfall! It is usually just a mountain or a hill though...

  • I got banned in a game because I had a virus

  • I’m new to the Witcher and I absolutely love it glad it’s been brought out on the switch as I can’t get anywhere near the PS4 to play it.

  • Small caliber bullets don't destroy padlocks...

  • Damn I laughed like anything 😂😂😂😂

  • when i was younger, i used to force myself wake up 7am in the morning to play computer, because my siblings would snatch my playing time from me at night.

  • This whole video is me lmaooo i have a problem

  • I forgot the name. But when I played the Gears of War trilogy there was this large enemy (I believed they were called Beserkers). The enemy was blind and relied on sound to hunt you out. Not fun for a first timer lol