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Featuring Jake Baldino, Falcon, Andrew "The New Guy" Gebbia, and Tom "cameraman" Johnson.


Top 7 NEW Games of June 2020
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10 WEIRD Gaming Stories of March 2020
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10 Best Games of 2002 We NEVER FORGOT
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Half-Life: Alyx - Before You Buy
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Top 13 NEW Horror Games of 2020
Top 13 NEW Horror Games of 20202 месяца назад
DOOM Eternal - Before You Buy
DOOM Eternal - Before You Buy2 месяца назад
Nioh 2 - Before You Buy
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Call of Duty Warzone - Before You Buy
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10 BEST Games of 2001 We NEVER FORGOT
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  • What about GOD of war

  • Bruv did you ACTUALLY explore the AC Odyssey world? After the third town it’s literally copy and paste assets lol

  • tft is cross platform

  • For what it’s worth you can get black & white 2 on the Apple store on Mac

  • Damn, this video brought back the memories of my playing Spore every chance I had. I loved the game so much that I even bought a bunch of DLCs

  • So... How is 9 a story? Also number 8 is funny. Fucking calm down

  • Does exploiting trophy glitches lead to a ban?? Not the multiplayer ones, only the trophy glitches

  • I just wished it played ps1 -5

  • Strong disagreement. A modern control setup on RE4 takes away the fun. The game would be too easy. What makes the game fun for me playing it in 2020. Is how everything is suspenseful and tense. Like I’m actually aiming instead of shooting

  • That mic my dude...WHOA

  • Gameranx sold their microphone...

  • No WorldBox? It’s my favorite recent god game and it’s still being updated!

  • Better review than ign.

  • What about Sky: Children of the Light?

  • Why are they reuploading stuff?

  • #10 forza srteet -0:13 #9 be a walker -1:12 #8 Bullet Echo -2:23 #7 Vikings ll -3:32 #6 pico hero -4:19 #5 sonic at the Olympics Tokyo 2020 -5:10 #4 cart rider rush+ -6:06

  • I've wanted a black and white remake for so long. Still remember the songs

  • Planets are round Flat earthers: I’m disliking this video, that’s blasphemy.

  • Free games! #9.... partially free... on one platform. 😑

  • Bahhh, God games remind me my real life...

  • kubz scouts

  • I see no God up here BESIDES ME

  • Wow, Square Enix is giving out free face masks with orders, but Falcon's not happy? It's greedy, he says? They should do it on ANY order, he says? Here's a suggestion. Why won't Falcon sends out a free GAMERANX face mask to everyone who "likes" this video. Don't be greedy Falcon, they don't cost THAT MUCH, and your channel makes money off of our "likes" so fair is fair, give back.

  • 0:27 Reus 1:16 Pocket God 1:49 Universim 3:23 Rise to Ruins 4:33 From Dust 6:01 Universe Sandbox 7:10 Dungoen Keeper 8:27 The Sims 9:43 Spore 10:54 Black and White

  • shet

  • Fallout 76 was a great idea. Think of it an online multiplayer Fallout, we thought it was gonna be great. But alas they completely botched it. It was a complete botch job

  • POWER!!!!UNLIMITED POWER!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • I can't believe anyone would place Spore on a list of greatest god games. Being a huge fan of The Sims, I was expecting a lot more. However, Spore was oversimplified, boring, repetitive, and short. It was a game I was really looking forward to and it turned out to be a major letdown. Black & White, on the other hand, was fantastically fun. It took a while to get the hang of gestures and training your creature but once that hurdle was crossed it was a blast. Also, sacrificing villagers never got old!

  • never had a problem installing I/O shields, just clip it in and slot the board in, usually the prong for the VGA slot stack needs to be lifted between them apart from that meh.

  • What about Doshin the Giant on the N64 disc reader and GameCube?

  • If they remastered black and white I could die happy.

  • Oh my god I f*cking love spore

  • what was the game after pocket god i couldn’t understand him

  • SUPERHOT would have been goodish

  • > obviously

  • Y'all remember god finger?

  • Tf is that thumbnail

  • These games usually have some awesome AI.

  • Who misses predator and alien from the last one

  • leaning forward in sports game when the opponent is actually doing good out of nowhere

  • Insulting? Hah, not my fault if you are a snowflake, lol.

  • Ava 10 times.

  • Why did you have to reupload this?

  • From Dust was such fun. I hope the rumor of PS5 having BC for PS4, 3 and 2 is true because I'd love to play that again.

  • The second one is connected to L.A noira

  • Wow, black & white sounds cool. Shame the only options are buy a CD or piracy; cause I don't have a CD drive in my computer... so, I guess there's really only one option for me.... Gotta buy a CD drive for my computer.

  • It seems like if Spore was realistic and about human evolution. It is a really cool idea but I see what you mean by it being repetitive and grindy

  • Sylvester Stalone said "Luke Skywalker, use the force" when he stun batoned a dude in Demolition Man. They're probably referencing that

  • Going to buy this game. Thanks for the review. It will be my first valkyria chronicles game.

  • Minecraft creative mode

  • At the start of the video I was like "if this guy DOESN'T MENTION THE LABYRINTH ON SONIC THE HEDGEHOG..."

  • trying to get to a area you KNOW you are not allowed to go to

  • Black and White? Really? Number 1?

  • pfff Pocket God brings back so many memories, just when the iphone was taking over the world because of the app store Papi jump/doddle jump, OG Angry Birds, minigore, TD games like fieldrunners jelly car, fruit ninja :'0

  • I just realized that the thumbnail has 3 sanjis from one piece

  • LA Noire should have made the list

  • Plzzz suggest anime games

  • #1 Minecraft Creative Mode

  • #9 You DO realize that the game is addressing you the Colonel John Konrad not YOU the player... It is his sub conscience talking to him, not the game insulting you... Way to miss the point yet again, Falcon.

  • Forza street sucks!

  • How about not being a real character in the story despite being someone that does almost all of the things? Even Call of Duty story campaigns show the player character and give him a voice now.

  • Number 5 is also known as "Space is cool".

  • Dude it feels like I played From Dust maybe ten years ago. Edit: Oh lol he just said "almost a decade later" so damn it really was like ten years ago. shit.

  • B L A C K. L I V E S. M A T T E R.

  • My question would be which has back buttons ?

  • I have done things I should be banned for but I haven't yet.

  • B L A C K. L I V E S. M A T T E R.

  • 10:59 BIG LION 🦁

  • This is disappointing apart from plague tale none r stealth based

  • Our mom's insult to us while playing, telling us to get a life is the most insulting. 😂

  • How tf do you spell that first game? I was trying to look it up but I can’t find out how to spell it and there’s no link in the description


  • A tree is still gonna wreck your car but a bush wont

  • I played all 3 when they first came out and just bought the remastered trilogy

  • Is it just me or when he was talking about the Viking game it sounded like he was falling asleep

  • Almost 7 years of gta v

  • Exos hero's? 👀


  • Rogue Galaxy is forgotten

  • 3:56 hit the chicken hit the damn chicken hit it i said hit it 4:03 That's my boy

  • Destroy all humans is technically like playing as a god 😂

  • Who remembers "Walker" on the Spectrum? I wonder if those people who made the mech game do?

  • DeadCells is now on Android. Haven't tried it yet, but will!

  • The last few videos something’s been weird with the audio

  • I've been subscribed for years to @gameranx and I'm still waiting for two things. 1. My free pizza. 2. My free console. Since I'm never going to have any of those things, I want a 1 VS 1 against @JakeBaldino in any game of his choosing. If I win, I'm getting a Switch. If I lose I'm getting a Switch.

  • I loved to play "Idle Worship" on facebook years back then. It was fun.

  • Dungeon Keeper 3 wasn't cancelled, it was renamed and released called War for the Underworld.

  • Forza Street is decent I’ve been playing it for a bit now and can say it’s a cool little mobile game.

  • Make a video on hotest games ;p


  • Be A Walker is $4.99 on iOS

  • Loved Black &White

  • Does the Empire know someone stole one of their chicken walkers?

  • Forza street is one of the worst forza ever to be honest

  • Gotta keep making these vids they are amazing

  • Wow I dont know how sucks more today...gameranx or whatculturegaming

  • You can edit the skin files to get your own skin

  • nice bro 👌 i need to your support ♥️

  • Just don't removed anything but you can put more enemy , more chain saw , more monster creature and more weapons

  • i need to your support ♥️♥️♥️