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Caught Internet Stalking
Caught Internet Stalking20 дней назад
The Baby of the Friend Group
The Baby of the Friend GroupМесяц назад
Adopting a Jellicle Cat
Adopting a Jellicle CatМесяц назад
Troopers (Full Web Series)
Troopers (Full Web Series)Месяц назад
Don’t Call A Mech A Gundam
Don’t Call A Mech A GundamМесяц назад
Which CH Castmember Are You?
Which CH Castmember Are You?Месяц назад
A Day In the Life of Galatax
A Day In the Life of GalataxМесяц назад
Your Overly Complicated Holiday Plans
Your Overly Complicated Holiday Plans2 месяца назад
This Monster Is Too Wholesome
This Monster Is Too Wholesome2 месяца назад
JUUL CEO: No More Advertising to Kids
JUUL CEO: No More Advertising to Kids2 месяца назад
Am I Doing Nothing With My Life?
Am I Doing Nothing With My Life?2 месяца назад
Running Late In A Giant Robot
Running Late In A Giant Robot2 месяца назад
Networking Doesn't Work for EVERY Job
Networking Doesn't Work for EVERY Job2 месяца назад
If Dates Had Footnotes: Study Date
If Dates Had Footnotes: Study Date2 месяца назад
I'm on a Diet, But I'll Be BAD
I'm on a Diet, But I'll Be BAD2 месяца назад
Congress Won't Let Us Offend Florida
Congress Won't Let Us Offend Florida2 месяца назад
The 5 True Horrors of Halloween
The 5 True Horrors of Halloween2 месяца назад
Stuffed Animals Kill the Mood
Stuffed Animals Kill the Mood3 месяца назад
We Can't Turn Off the Tutorial
We Can't Turn Off the Tutorial3 месяца назад
Breaking Up with Snapchat
Breaking Up with Snapchat3 месяца назад
Hot Potato: The Sexiest Monster Ever
Hot Potato: The Sexiest Monster Ever3 месяца назад
My Partner Is Using Me For… Love?
My Partner Is Using Me For… Love?4 месяца назад
Mighty Morphin’ Party Ranger
Mighty Morphin’ Party Ranger3 месяца назад
Wow, This Office Needs More Flirting
Wow, This Office Needs More Flirting3 месяца назад
Um Actually LIVE! @ Comic Con (NY)
Um Actually LIVE! @ Comic Con (NY)3 месяца назад
Filming Your Pregnancy Announcement
Filming Your Pregnancy Announcement3 месяца назад
Ultramechatron Team Go! Is Back
Ultramechatron Team Go! Is Back3 месяца назад
Don’t Correct Me if You’re Wrong
Don’t Correct Me if You’re Wrong3 месяца назад
Commercials Have a Hidden Agenda
Commercials Have a Hidden Agenda3 месяца назад
When Mom Visits You At Work
When Mom Visits You At Work4 месяца назад
Don't Start a Twitch Stream
Don't Start a Twitch Stream4 месяца назад
How SWAT Teams Can Make Us Less Safe
How SWAT Teams Can Make Us Less Safe4 месяца назад
You Need To Go BIGGER
You Need To Go BIGGER4 месяца назад
An Explosive Gender Reveal Fail
An Explosive Gender Reveal Fail4 месяца назад
I Overshared So Now You Have To
I Overshared So Now You Have To4 месяца назад
Shut Up and Buy This iPhone
Shut Up and Buy This iPhone4 месяца назад
Why Musicians are Forced to Sell Out
Why Musicians are Forced to Sell Out4 месяца назад
Meet the World's Saddest Baker
Meet the World's Saddest Baker4 месяца назад
Oh No, This Restaurant Is Too Fancy
Oh No, This Restaurant Is Too Fancy4 месяца назад
Please Grade Me
Please Grade Me4 месяца назад
Science Doesn't Make Food Taste Better
Science Doesn't Make Food Taste Better5 месяцев назад
Class President Needed for One Last Job
Class President Needed for One Last Job5 месяцев назад


  • Yes! They are gone

  • My childhood wish was the ability to make everyone feel weaker so i can feel superior- me as a seven year old

  • ”the six ways you'll see your dad” I haven't seen my dad in 5 years😂

  • apple users:

  • my kind of taxi comrade

  • He looks like shaggy with only half the weed

  • My dad left me

  • Grant should use his old headshot

  • 0:48 - Completely lost my sides here

  • What does colorado talk like

  • No way..... MOVING EMOJI!!!!

  • Purge is indeed the wurge.

  • This is a Zack King video in a CollegeHumor scathing, and it great.

  • Psychologically speaking, you're used to mirrors, which are different from photos. None of the girls 100% like their selfies.

  • Yeeeehaw

  • I would actually prefer getting a ride with a quiet driver, those forced conversations are so cringy

  • Yeah in Indonesia we don't care about tipping in restaurant

  • I once got ambushed by a flat iron at summer camp.

  • Do dead people pay taxes? 😂😂

  • As someone who never had cable growing up, I literally opened up Disney+ to see if these were real lol

  • After the sneezes, now the got no sleep talk The code word for attacking someone as a tribal group is : get him/her

  • Rich friend: Hey forgot my apple mac book charger do you have one? Me: Wait for a minute I have to go to the backyard

  • Relatable

  • I work at an airports and this is 100% accurate (they even make us pass the tsa everysingleday)

  • So how tall is Keith from BuzzFeed

  • Excuse me, sorry Adam but you said the dreaded A word.. you own Canada 25 push ups for every-time you said Airborne.

  • is it just me or i actually weirdly felt bad for the phone

  • I'd totally compete in Tough Legos! That DOES sound hard core!

  • But what if I exercise it out or get out the wait

  • i use this everyday

  • Community: What inspired you to make this? Apple: *M O N E Y*

  • I finally watched this .Are u happy utube

  • uber companys need this, if they dont do it i will

  • 💧💧💧💧drip drop

  • Except they never lowered their temperatures, and neither did Burger King. I’ve worked at both, and the water temperature for their coffee is visible on the machine itself: 206° at both locations I’ve been employed at.

  • All these comments remind me of a quote: "The world is full of lonely people waiting for the first move." -Viggo Mortensen, The Green Book My advice to you: Go out there and get it because no one will get it for you. Don't give up. And don't EVER be afraid to try.

  • But now Keith isn't from Buzzfeed. He's from the try guys

  • Android is still the future this just proves it more

  • Blink 182!!!!

  • 👩 👗 👠

  • pffft americans talking about taxes in belgium we have one of the highest income tax, employee and employer tax in the world, amateurs

  • Google:Oh hi there are you ne- Me:How to hide 25 human bodies Google: YO FBI CHECK THIS GUY OUT HES 12 Y/O

  • Katie : "......even tinier little penises" Raphael : "THAT MAKES NO SENSE" Yes Raphael, we get why *you* would say that

  • I miss uni so bad

  • Never get your haircut from a woman. Get it cut from a guy. Woman can cut woman's hair.

  • Sam : cute

  • yeah i'm a zombie

  • Steve Jobs is Google!🤯🤯🤯

  • had a friend who was gay. He used to pull random people into the washroom and try and do things. One day as he tried it, some guy ran out and shut the door on his finger. It sliced the finger clean off. I was so happy when that happened

  • Think where you went wrong is making sandwiches until spring arrives I think you were supposed to eat sandwiches and one heart of a newborn pig

  • All these but church, athletic, and friend one never happened

  • damn mine is in the Suit phase

  • Katie has a gigantic nose

  • College Humor is so woke....

  • I always wondered about arson. If one rigged a fleet of fire trucks to shoot napalm instead of water, I am pretty sure a small group could burn down most of LA in a 24 hr period. Potentially causing billions in damages. Oh, and dose the water supply heavily with hallucinogens. So when people try to dowse the flames themselves they trip balls.

  • Not in india.....street truly belongs to all....

  • 12 years until my recomended

  • If your tired of breath trie rat poison affordable and easy to use

  • DUDE!!!

  • I thought this would be boring like children stuff but now its better

  • That is real love.

  • You tube makes this video age restricted but not the original one 👾 *WTF* !!!

  • Is this the last collegehumor video...ever? Because man, what a disappointing end lol.

  • We're literally watching footage of ghosts with each new upload.

  • Next If guy was a google

  • "Basic conversation is terrifying to you" people are soooo soft

  • 1:58 they're 2 different chocolates...

  • Fax

  • That lego thing sounds like a fetish I didn't know I might be into.

  • Anyone notice that Tim Cook (Steve Szlaga) is wearing a FitBit at 1:07 lol 😅

  • Me: lol that dude looks like raj Me 2 seconds later: ...oh shit it is raj...

  • You know the solution is people should just stop buying rhino horns and elephant tusks so poachers whould go out of business

  • Was that Hobo Johnson doing magic?

  • Coolest dad man

  • "Raf, do you know what happened to my laptop?" *"No, But I love you"*

  • I went to an engineering school. If I was lucky, they looked and acted like #5.

  • Wait Grants gay Ok good for him

  • Can someone please tell me why they think vaccines don't cause autism. Because so far all I've heard is "I have autism but I don't think vaccines cause it."😑If your so sure please give me some facts.

    • That would represent a waste of effort as well as be incorrect in the underlying assumption. You have already demonstrated via your previous posts here over the past days = your facile approach to facts and logic as well as a tendency as we see for disingenuous assumption. Moral of the story: the sum of global science does not support the assertion that vaccines cause autism. Meanwhile the superficial attempts at science and logic such as vaccine opponents routinely point to = pseudo-scientific gibberish which does not reflect that global science nor even correct scientific methodology to arrive at it's conclusions while the purported "logic" vaccine opponents employ is all too often dubious in it's approach to the evidence. Accordingly you are *ASSUMING* that vaccines cause autism and thus you try to coax others into disproving that fallacious assumption = wrong. It is for anti-vaxxers to attempt to debunk the totality of accepted global science which shows otherwise. Internet click-bait + assumptions and innuendo + and outlier opinions which originate from discredited doctors and researchers who often work with the anti-vaccine groups and who accordingly are viewed as pariahs in the medical field = not going to make the grade. lol! So it is not for us to give you facts as the science supporting vaccines is ubiquitous on the internet. It rather is for you to try to prove your beliefs................hopefully in an intelligent fashion. Better luck next time.

  • I even tipping when go to beauty salon

  • real talk though old collegehumor just had the ability to make something out of nothing

  • 36:03 WTF is with the added music?

  • Katie ROCKS that suit OMG “it is a dream of mine to have something that everyone wants” Believe me, YOU DO

  • I seriously thought that the mom was sarcastic for the first pageant.

  • Just saw a melorra jewellery ad before this video, there should be better ad placement 😂

  • Max Beta Comedy, Wow, not even funny

  • CollegeHumor is so, so much funnier, smarter and more imaginative than it used to be. This shit is embarrassing.

  • I'd like to note W.K.Kellogg invented corn flakes. Not all his facts are correct.

  • im sorry.. what is that video 3:52 is all about? is it just about bad acting?

  • U made a single video in 10 parts

  • What movie is the Cobblepot part based off of?

  • Booy. Bummmer

  • That ending has a new meaning now... Rip collegehumor

  • To be honest i wouldn't mind if Chris Brown hit Adam Levine.

  • Tentacle hentai Me: WTH are you saying

  • Hey that'sy car! "Our car now"

  • This is brilliant 😂

  • Does he allow bears?

  • Oh....what a time to be living in Europe!

  • Rich in memes