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RU-tv is an American video-sharing platform headquartered in San Bruno, California. Three former PayPal employees-Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim-created the service in February 2005. Google bought the site in November 2006 for US$1.65 billion; RU-tv now operates as one of Google's subsidiaries.


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  • When you like Star Wars, Star Trek, and The Notebook in addition to wearing glasses. I don't have a speech impediment, though! speech therapy when i was 4 helped a lot with that

  • I brought makeup brushes off there once. Took five months to come in and the seller tried to charge $400 to my credit card, but at least it was what I ordered?

  • 8:58 honestly my fav part and i couldn’t stop laughing i laughed for like 5-10 min bc of his face

  • This gives off strong lonley island in 2011 vibes

  • Hey Danny, if you want to suffer something worse than Collins key and troom troom then look up "just ameerah" on RU-tv, she's WORSE than both Collins key and troom troom combined

  • You almost got slapped by legal again!

  • 0:57 *Im in this clip and I don't like it*

  • My notifications have been on for as long as Elton John has been standing

  • wasn’t collins a magician a few years ago?

  • I got a wish ad before this lol 😂😂 it was the *sMaRt WaTcH* one

  • Fun fact: oh nanana it's actually a brazilian music

  • Yes

  • One time my family and I were watching marvel movies, and when Hawkeye was with his family and being lovey with his wife my stepmom said “it’s funny how they tried to make him seem likable” LMAO

  • 8:33 social distancing, before his time

  • Baaloooon

  • I love sauerkraut

  • 10!!

  • Now I kinda want Danny to cover the princess protection program.

  • Danny: I just wanted him to take off his shirt and pants for like a second- what the fuck- Ad: ESCAPE TO THE WORLD OF ANIME I think I will, thank you Funimation :D

  • this came out one year ago today im moved to tears😭

  • 11\10 would not look at

  • just how the ladies like it :)

  • I think the ice cream has a polish accent. Do all of them have polish accents then?

  • how tf ybn cordae caught up in this shit

  • Those poor fish that they own

  • "Are you sad? Stah- gross.. don't be"

  • why is nobody talking about the picture in the ad @2:33

  • our high school rivalry got as far as a fight that lasted over lunch (about an hour) and it was talked about all morning

  • I have an ad for Scales right next to this video

  • help me i just had a stroke and fell off my chair while watching this and then bounced into my toilet and now all i see is the hacker AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH oh no im gonna die lol im such an idiot

  • 2:36 - 2:55 Naruto in a nutshell

  • Brent is 22 and the twins are 23

  • Wait, Who else is on that hit list?

  • Mr.sebastian is a bastard

  • I actually liked this crap up and u can buy his website for 1 k 😆

  • Literally can’t eat bc I’m gonna choke from laughin

  • I am truly greg!

  • His music sounds like a teacher trying to make a learning rap

  • god, drew gooden makes good music.

  • He needs to review Jessica darling’s it list

  • You wrote my favourite Christmas song as a joke

  • My new fav song 😂🥵🔥 This is straight fire tho

  • I live in a trailer he’s not in my house because I live in a trailer!!!!

  • Guys I think she’s pregono

  • The pure PANIC when the table collapsed LMAOOOOO

  • Danny was a scar

  • In Florida we have K.923 it’s called second date update it’s actually really good

  • Yee

  • Hey Danny love your vids but u dont really show that much of your family or gf can we see more of them in upcoming vids keep up the good work

  • The "pond monster" is a crocodile weirdos.

  • rhyming diaper and sniper is one of the hardest things ever

  • Hi am I invisible

  • greg...hehe

  • *hONEY*

  • ew u use facebook

  • "Dreaming of a day when you die in a fire and I get all your subscribers." "What?"

  • Yes

  • 1658 anyone?

  • Oh heheh hi there

  • Fun fact I didnt know this was a thing till my mom made me go to daycare... Why did they let us have our phones smh lol

  • I was gonna resisting subscribing to you but then I saw your second channel "Drew Gooden" and decided to subscribe

  • Yea you got that yummy Yum that yummy yum

  • I got 3 fake A honor roll certificates in the mail this week from my online school if it helps

  • Nice video, whoever you are.

  • “Just slide and come” lmayo😂🤚

  • 6:50 you can see that dolly was crying

  • Raid: Shadow Legends is so not Greg-like.

  • I know this is a bunch of jokes. But the cat blindfold is to make sure your cat won't bite you when you try to like remove a tick or something.

  • Boomers can't have had that great of a childhood, didn't even have Pokémon. How miserable.

  • Danny should watch Camp Rock

  • Ok danny when I saw the first video I frowned but some how I was laughing when frowning like what the 😕😂

  • Danny: Who Gets Someone A Gift On Fourth Of July?! Me, Who Was Born On July 4th: *Nervous Sweating*

  • hey I've been scubscribed for more than a month and I still haven't gotten thick what the heck Danny


  • that black guy at 9:56 looks a lot like cough cough "a porn actor i might have seen in a interracial video" cough cough

  • 11:20 smoothest transition of the century

  • Snail

  • Ok, when he said "why would anyone go to the bathroom" in a British accent, it really reminds me of harry potter... Which is concerning, because _IM BRITISH_

  • you should review "sleepover " it has a 15% on rotten tomatos and steve carrell is in it

  • This was hilarious, I was laughing the whole time 😭

  • Wouldn’t raisin water just be *grape juice?*

  • On behalf of the uk, I apologise for this guy I also apologise for when we taxed the shit out of you 300 years ago

  • this is def some new wave experimental cinema i love it

  • Life this if snail jellyfish

  • Me: *reads Danny's shirt* Me: I'm too close

  • Yaaaaaaa betch periodt THIS IS IT!

  • Bro devan is so chill while Collins is like if 5 hour energy was a person.

  • nobody: not even danny: wish: *chicken helmet*

  • if danny reviewed sharkboy and lavagirl, that would be sick

  • I have the theory that this is a prequel

  • Netflix: "are you still whatching" Someone's daughter: 14:41

  • I have not used Wish ever since someone stole $170 from me on there. Never using it again

  • When do I get to see the teens get down low key sus 😂 Jk

  • i actually look to buy teeth on the internet...

  • thanks danny

  • I just love how happy Danny is talking about Mason Ramsey. Its so wholesome. 😂😊

  • Can't believe Honey didn't sponsor this episode especially when Danny gave them 1 sec of free promo...smh 😔

  • i know you this is a comedy channel but maybe also comment about covid, or the antiracist riots? I think this is a very unique time... and maybe all plataforms should adress it... anyway, funny video! wish is werid

  • Maybe the men’s tea guys underwear is just fire, men’s tea makes you able to wear fire🔥🥵

  • Jakkè pail in chigaco!? OMG!!?!?!!