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We will continue to stand up for equality and work to break down barriers for athletes* all over the world. We will do and invest more to uphold longstanding commitment in supporting the Black community and partnering with world-class organizations dedicated to ensuring racial equality, social justice, and greater access to education.
Black Lives Matter
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  • Pretty average


  • Promoting immmigration is the best way to destroy the diversity you pretend to support. I won't buy anything from you again, even if I have to wear toilet paper instead.

  • What are you trying to suggest with this advert NIKE??? That we should reform our religion? that we should change it? So offensive advert, can't even believe it.

  • NO MORE NIKES FOR ME OR MY FAMILY, HORRIBLE ADVERT. Don't use Islaam or the women of Islaam to push your agenda! ISLAMOPHOBICS!

  • One marathon a month is good. A marathon every Sunday is too stressful on the body and will get you injured which is not something you want as a runner.

  • Honestly.... I'm only buying Adidas fron now on

  • #JusticeForUyghurs, here’s a petition -

  • Boycott Nike!!!!

  • If you’re Muslim and mad in this comment section then don’t buy Nike products if you’re so offended. Won’t stop them from continuing to be the largest sportswear company of all time

  • Disgusting Nike what do you stand for?

  • Why can you guys (Nike) accept everyone and any religion besides Islam. And Use MY PEOPLE, MY PEOPLE as slaves😔 to do YOUR job for YOU, im so disappointed at you guys that you can’t imagine.

  • Anti- islam

  • You can try and change the muslim faith but Allah will perfect his faith even if the dis believers where to hate it

  • Why the Muslim women became gay? And the others became normal things

  • Get woke go broke

  • #Boycottnike

  • 0:29 😡😡 So disrespectful

  • That's a shame on u promoting it on the basis of religion...that's disgusting "You can't change us" "You can't change us" "You can't change us"... "Bcs Our Almighty is with us" [Mark the words...]

  • 0:27 this is a little inappropriate

  • Nike don't apologize to Muslims because in Islam that clothing is not allowed anyway. Muslims created and their culture that ninja outfit not Islam most Muslims shouldn't be in western world as they teach corrupt fabricated Islam.

  • #boycottnike

  • Nice, still using childs for your stuff nike?

  • Classic White Washing . #NeverNike

  • Nunca más nike.

  • nike is a joke. all of this is a marketing strategy but i won't ever buy from nike again after this. so whoever does the marketing needs to get fired asap yall mfs need to cancel nike quick before they do this with other religions

  • This add comes to show that people will get offended over everything-from a Muslim

  • Wtf why are people disliking this video? I'm lost, what's happening between Nike and Islam?

  • Lo de dejar de explotar niños en vuestros talleres ya si eso más adelante.

  • hamdolillah

  • الحمد لله

  • 47 million views and only 6K comments? Something's fishy

  • sorry, Nike. it's time to say goodbye.

  • Love it!! is it available in Italian stores?

  • To all my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters boycott Nike They too along with the media don’t have respect for Muslim women Don’t buy their products!

  • Never buying bike again. Talk about equality but at the same time you have kids making your shoes in sweat shops

  • *Every offended muslim people, look at **0:10** !!* Do you think it is about change a black tennis woman in a black tennis woman ? Do you think that at 0:03, it is about change a black woman in a white woman ?! 1:13 change a male soccer player in a female soccer player ? Let me tell you it is not. You just totally missed the point. *The two parts are not against each other. They are jointed.* The image separated in two part is not about to change left in right, or right in left either. All the message is about to be together all around the world through sport. So at 0:28, it a about to fight together for tolerance. It actually mean a same fight, together. That's it.

  • I'm confused? so muslims are upset with nike, because the burqa is shown next to pride flag ? Can anyone explain how that's bad or disrespectful?

    • forcefully trying to promote Independent Muslims towards LGBT activist ,it doesn't even make sense,is not this against the freedom of Identity for muslims?! THIS IS VIOLATION FOR THE RIGHTS OF MORE THAN 2 BILLION IN THE WORLD!!

    • if we don't fit the sport we'll change the sport.. there is a thing called brainwashing

  • Hijab Matters!!!........Offensive on another level, Goodbye Racist Nike!

  • Women in hijab-"cultural oppression we must change" 10 million people in concentration camps-"re education camps bonus cheap labours"

  • Ill never wear nike again because of this

  • I am a Muslim and I'm never buying any Nike products again.


    • Islamophobic ad😡😡😡

  • Nike ad : you can’t stop us Muslims : yes we can

  • Send the liberals a pair each Nancy Pelosi high tops because it's time to run them all out of America

  • me after seeing the video imma head out to addidas

  • Nike supports/uses forced labour of uighyurs in concentration camps who whilst they're in detention get : raped, tortured , electrocuted , beaten, forcibly sterilised, have their children away, live in extremely unhygenics conditions, sleep deprived, brainwashed ,have their nails pulled out and beaten into signing false documents amongst a few. We need to stand up for them and stop this injustice .#BoycottNike

  • Nike tryna pretend they don't use Uyghur labor. Astagfirullah

  • All the muslims customers are now going to Adidas 🙈

  • never buying Nike again; curse upon those behind approving this ad


  • Pretty well-done commercial, all politics aside. That transition from a figure skater to Cristiano Ronaldo was amazing.

  • I know you came here for this 0:29

  • Nike's " ultra engineered " sports changing technology Skateboarding - ( don't fit change operation ) - Skateboarding Good luck with new engineering staff . Now you are against Islam ( primary target ) , Christianity ( coincidence ) , Jew and most of world religions

  • Whether you love or hate nike, we all gotta agree this video was extremely well edited.

  • #boykottnike

  • Imperious 🥇🏆🥇

  • Everything is good but the niqab part is disgusting. For those who say there is no hidden msg in this, What if the LGBT scateborder transitioned to a girl wearing niqab?

  • Forcefully trying to promote Independent Muslims towards LGBT activist ,it doesn't even make sense,is not this against the freedom of Identity for muslims?! THIS IS VIOLATION FOR THE RIGHTS OF MORE THAN 2 BILLION IN THE WORLD!!