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THE SHINING (1980) Explained
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POOKA! (2018) Explained
POOKA! (2018) Explained11 месяцев назад


  • The message of this movie screams boomer energy

  • Can you review "the feed" an amazon original series

  • Man you were going off on the main dude. Made me almost feel bad for him lol.

  • So what do you guys think about the alien at the end of Prometheus? Do you think there’s a possible way it was super smart and flew a croissant ship out of LV 223 and went somewhere? Could it be the one that crashed on LV426 And used it’s pointy head to break out of the engineer flight suit? Does it evolve to be the queen and lay the eggs? I know that’s a longshot but I’m just throwing things out there.

  • Christianity came from Judaism because Jesus was a jew. Gnosticism came from Judaism

  • As far as David not having the injury in his chin, it’s pretty obvious David transferred/merged his memory/self into Walter’s body and is now living in Walter’s body along with Walters codes and everything he needs.

  • Just my opinion they could have picked a better evil creature in the movie to sacrifice them then just boring undead torture family. There were some pretty badass creatures in the cubes. But its still a good horror movie. Really different

  • The black goo in Covenant is prob the same or a slight variation. It only causes mutations when there is a little bit administered. Holloway only had a little bit and and as we saw in the extra features, it turned him pretty much into a Xeno. When there is a lot of black goo administered like when he dropped the bombs or when the engineer at the beginning of Prometheus drank it, it kills/destroys you. It’s too much.

  • What other movies are good, i can't find anything worth watching.

  • The only horrifying thing about this video is how you pronounce James Wan.

  • The true story is still kinda scary

  • if you want the ending explained, jump 16:23...the rest of the video is just the summary of the movie.

  • thanks, i didnt understand anything at the end of this film

  • Can you do the movie frailty my girlfriend hasn't seen it see won't watch it and i like how you explain movies

  • People often live in their home while it's still being shown. Just FYI. Doesn't fix any of the other stupid decisions in the rest of this movie. But ya know.

  • I just need to say this . I lobe you're shirt

  • We need a spiritual sequel called Wombs.

  • When are you posting Pan's Labyrinth?

  • i have the same shirt as you ha

  • This fucked up not the movie but dudes life and how it parallel with mine

  • I watched this a while back and have been waiting for your video lol Thought it was a bit shit tbh(not ur video, the movie!)

  • Why do you start so optimistically about a stupid movie? Your optimism made me watch this piece of vomit. So in the future for pointless movies do give spoiler alerts.

  • Did Jimmy take a bump before recording?

  • Yeah when a creature is shot and doesn’t flinch you know you fucked up.

  • I think they took a new born baby and taught it the right values and send it back to earth to correct the wrongs humans have been doing. That child was Jesus and we crucified him. So they decided to destroy earth.

  • Are you zach anners brother?

  • Is the town or school called brightburn? Cause it was on the gym shirts at school

  • I was getting heated when he kept saying CLAIRE lmaoo

  • 12:00 Are they the Scooby squad?

  • I like that they have Dakota Johnson, Zazie Beats (shortlisted for Catwoman) and Armie Hammer (fan-favourite for Batman) in the same movie. Dakota Johnson was my Catwoman before they announced Zoe Kravitz.

  • I think that maybe when Russel died, his vessel was possessed by an Angel instead. But I watch a lot of Supernatural :D

  • Do my favorite horror movie "Mirrors" for me. Love you and your channel. Huge fan. Hugs 🥰

  • Had to cover the screen for some scenes. The crawling insects (that they can’t shake off & might be totally in their mind) gives me the worst of creeps.

  • Are there any other Eggers films covered by FoundFlix? Never heard of him and I really enjoy the research heavy films he makes

  • Not "god" it's a demon. There are no such things as gods. But there are demons.

  • Why do you call him “El” and not “Le”?

  • This movie sucked I’m sorry

  • Why didn't they just go through that part of grass the dog went

  • What if 2 people just knock once again and again? Would that wake here for eternity?

  • is it just me or this is like the same as the SCP Containment Breach.

  • Anons are evil and are real but can't be seen. Gnost know they are praising evil entities they don't care.

  • Wounds was incredibly boring to me. Some interesting body horror but the plot was kinda lacking. Probably because it was focusing on how empty this guy was and that part was more sad than anything else. And everyone around him just seems there but not really caring. The idea and explanation is more interesting than the actual movie

  • i agree with you. ready or not< you're next. one of the problems i have with the movie is a stupid final girl. she could have picked up guns when they were dropped.... instead she ignored them and just ran.... to paraphrase oscar wilde, once could be called misfortune, two just looks like carelessness. and when she didn't think to get the kid's gun after she climbed out of that pit, i grew to hate the movie.

  • Is that Zazie Bets? 😍

  • You should do 'The Hole in the Ground'

  • Hate to do this but, we are 2x single cells, otherwise we would still be floating in the ocean lol... Hate being that person, friends did too until finding out its my autism..

  • Paella!! My favorite dish!!

  • In this film his eye is smaller than the other one and in the show his eye is... nevermind

  • why just cover the mirror and break it?? or paint it and put it under the earth??

  • Moral : have a goal in ure life

    • More like: *Never let other people define what your life should be like, because they will never stop once they've started.*

  • I would like a spin off show telling us more about bughuul, where he’s from why he takes children etc.......

  • noodle go mailed 4 times lmao

  • did they add a lot of these rules? like the 7 day one... or the "you have to know their face" you just needed to know the name in the manga.. and they "you have to place in it how they die.. in the manga if you didnt put a cause they just had a heart attack

  • Hi! Would you explain Harvest Lake please?

  • review daniel isnt real sooooo sickkkkkkkk!!!1!!11

  • Who can say no to a barbecue.Lovely snip-snap wit.

  • Do MAY (200) please :)

  • These videos are more like cliff notes than they are explanations lol

  • Only Found Flix could make this piece of sh*t sound remotely interested

  • I have a phobia of cockroaches (thanks Dark Crystal), so I'm gonna have do a hard NOPE on this one. :)

  • You should explain Under the Shadow. It’s a really good movie by the same director.

  • Can you do The uninvited 2009 movie?

  • The pookah fucking scene was hilarious

  • Hole In The Ground ending explained please? One of the best horror movies I've seen all year.

  • Holy crap what a dumb movie. Glad I missed even hearing about it.

  • You can also check out 'the forest' . That'b sick

  • I would love to see what happens after the events in the movie, like how the fuck do you just ghost 6 college students from different countries and no one notices

  • HOW IS THIS ENTIRE COMMENT SECTION SO TOXIC! The replies are literally a war ground, calm tf down

  • I am a lad, I can't comment for some reason on mine!! However I want to send you a big thank you for doing this movie, being born 1980 this movie made me kak my pants, not just watching it but for months after!! Nobody ever knows this if you ask them so, big bonus as I can now send my friends an family here to watch 😀

    • Think being young and watching horror is so much better for fear than an adult. Unless horrors not as Scarry I dunno.. Freddy Kruger made me terrified if the attic hatch was left open for example, even kids film little monsters was scary an was a kids film lol.. Think CGI has made things less scary. Thanks again for this lol

  • How about 'paranormal activity' . Has a nice story behind it ,6 different movies and alatta fun some gore

  • If you x out of the video about 6x or so and open it immediately after it eventually just skips the ad.

  • While this is not as good, the tension they built up reminded me of One Missed Call and it's original Japanese incarnation, Phone.

  • An allegory for white nationalism: a listless white man with no purpose takes up - takes in - those ideas. The confederate flag in the background made it too on the nose though.

  • This is full metal alchemist

  • I had no clue Simon Pegg was apart of that movie

  • We know you hate Republicans relax

  • he got stab right. why did he just go home didnt even get medical treatment.

  • Love the ParaNorman shirt

  • Ewww that eye ball close up is so disgusting. Censor pls reeeee

  • Ever seen TOMMY KNOCKERS...explain tht😊 u DNT know nun bout tht 😁😊😊😎

  • Please do an ending explained on Thirteen Ghosts! Really love that movie and want to know more backstory about it

  • My favorite Rian Johnson movie is the one where he uses a rope for autoerotic asphyxiation and accidentally over does it and doesn't wake up.

  • Aeons?? Final fantasy X anybody?

  • From about 1:35 - what are you talking about? That's a sincere question: can a critic of The Last Jedi explain what the fuss is about? What are all these things it did that were *so* different than what you would have expected? His instalment was certainly the most bespoke of them, but that's relatively speaking. In what way was he "obsessed" with doing the opposite of what we expected?

    • 8:58 Also, you can't murder someone "by accident". The portrayal in the movie (at that point) was that she accidentally caused his inevitable death, which is not murder.

  • Looks like its has good body horror. Reminds me of Lovecraft more than anything. Would have like to see a bit of aftermath. Like him transforming a bit more. Showing more of a transformation with his girlfriend or the guy who got stabbed in the face. Solid looking film, definitely gonna try to watch asap.

  • Can you do an ending explained for invaders from mars?

  • This movie was super freaky

  • I kind of wish he didnt die in the end of the movie

  • welcome to joes apartment........funky towel.....towels got the funk

  • I love cats too

  • Just watched it. What a fucked up movie. Gonna check out Midsommar tomorrow.

  • So .... is her name Carrie or Claire?

  • It's weird. I've seen "mother earth's" butthole on the internet.

  • that pentagram was the good version, devil worship its the other way, silly film makers

  • Ur silky smooth hair are very distracting ,😁😁😁

  • Film’s shit

  • This movie is a metaphor for repressed homosexuality. Somewhat not so subtle after you read the screenwriters thoughts on it.

    • What? Even that explanation of the movie sucked. Whole thing is just a waste of time.

  • I love spooky and psycho, but gross is another story, I'm almost through it, but grossed out 15:22 just from what I think might come . . .

  • My life: Wake up. Go to my drug dealer. Smoke a blunt. Go to sleep.

    • Lol.

    • Are you a trust fund kid? or how to you afford the travel expenses and to purchase said blunt everyday?

  • 13:26 bottom right theres a hyrdroflask, now using that what if the entity is the overlord of vsco girls