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Wrapping The Raptors’ Season
Wrapping The Raptors’ Season7 дней назад


  • Lucas Raymond played much of last year with mono. He's put on muscle over the summer. He's going to be a stud.

    • Buffalo is taking the goalie

  • Fun fact: the kid who threw his jersey onto the ice during that buffalo game is in my English class

  • Who is Canadian here

  • If you're going to review that, they should have reviewed the one back in the canucks series- the one where it was playing on the scoreboard in the arena. Every call like this should be at least checked. It should be a penalty, otherwise what's to stop a team from just chucking it into the stands when they're tired in their zone?

  • Deliberate Intent To Injure, throw the book at him.

  • This dude is so arrogant and dumb.. Am a ronaldo fan but messi has better stats

  • HELL YEAH SOMEONE ACTUALLY IS SMART AND PICKS DALLAS,most idiots picked the Lightning off of stats,dispisting we took Tampa into ot,BOTH TIMES,and won,says something.I know some of y'all are gonna say,meeeeehhhh it's only ot,against the Lightning,HELL YEAH THATS GOOD!!!HAHA GO STARS

  • Person: you can’t feel a sentence. Steve: a skate to the eyelid

  • Bad take. The players will police it. Kucherov would get taken out if he tries this again

  • Part of the stupidity that occurs when you grope the conference champ cup before you win the Stanley. LOL!!!

  • Tampons are such bitches....

  • That shows the seriousness of the NHL to have a fair and safe game. Maroon should have been kicked out of the game to start plus a 5 minutes and the league should suspend him for 3 games minimum. Maroon showed a flagrant lack of judgement of sportsmanship and of any brain activity.

  • He never lied

  • Let's go stsrs we are winning 1-0 let's go

  • Whoever designed those ugly ass Tampa uniforms should be fired.

  • Poor Toronto and New Jersey, seems like every goal was on them

  • The Isles beat Tampa down their tired and frustrated. Look what that fool Maroon did in game one. Stars sweep.

  • The one time I smiled at a guy getting teeth knocked out was when he shot a puck into our bench during beer league. Don’t ruin a good time and competitive sport with this behavior.

  • I'm British. We don't have hockey. This is really bizarre.

  • Vegas gets a video like this but Dallas doesn’t?!

  • “Ease up goodell” 😂😂😂

  • And he damn eeeeewell should of. CANADA SAYS BORDERS CLOSED

  • 1:19 sensationell

  • He must’ve been aiming for Benn’s eyes lmao

  • I would say it should be similar to icing. Just you can’t change and face off in your end. But I honestly think that icing consecutively should be a minor penalty. And so should sending the puck out of play. Also if it’s an intentional sending then yes. But something like this where it’s not obvious. But then again that’s putting too much into the officials hands too

  • Can’t believe this was the islanders offense

  • Now we know why Tavares left

  • I am a hardcore Dallas fan so obviously Dallas

  • Pat maroon the wannabe goon. Who hold you tight and doesn’t fight

  • Why are people so willing to give Ryan Reeves a pass but not Stanley Cup Champion Tom Wilson? Reeves has been lucky that he hasn't been suspended. And most of the time he hasn't been suspended because he didn't have a history of suspensions. Thats the third time I've heard that argument for Reeves now. At what point do you finally have to say, whoops. Maybe we should have suspended him earlier.

  • Good stuff, Wood fought hard and Jamie’s obviously a fighter. That’s good stuff.

  • Absolutely had no intention of shooting the puck. What a stupid move. Always going to end up being useless.

  • I think the solution to the delay of game is to treat it like an icing in that the team responsible is not allowed to make a change and must have the face off in their own zone

  • Новая команда крыс..подлый поступок

  • Well, that was a seriously bone headed thing to do.

  • lol

  • bum maroon the big loser hes already so sure he gonna win the cup again he has his haircut ready for the interviews

  • GooooooooooD Job

  • Awesome job!

  • Piece of SH!T!

  • haha dummy

  • Fkn clown

  • Even though I’m a lightning fan, what Pat did was unacceptable, frustrated or not, or even a lame excuse like giving it to the ref, it’s unacceptable, disrespectful and just awful.

  • Pat Maroon went from my favorite player, a hometown st louis guy to idk what with this.. True colors shine when the chips are down I guess

  • Goal of the decade. I don’t care what you think.

  • Too bad the refs once again show the world that they do not know how to do their job. Fire them and use robots. At least robots won’t screw up every game.

  • I wanna watch this video all day

  • It doesn´t matter if they touch the trophy or not. Whatever curse its supposed to be, the "Finnish curse" is much more stronger. Tampa doesn´t have any finnish player on their roster so their chances of winning are way better than Dallas´s.

  • See its supposed to be if someone shoots the pucks over the glass it is but he was chopping puck so one how goes over u don’t think should be but then agin changing the rules will add more controversy so would it be worth it ? Cause if u change that rule might as well change all off then cause a lot of hockey rules are in question right now

  • Such sore losers. Gross. Go Stars!

  • Post Sundin, leafs can't get passed the first round.

  • where is he now in 2020

  • lmao asking about baby japanese noises

  • Maroon is a plug

  • Lightning players are real dirty hope Dallas lights them up

  • Maroon the most overrated sort of tough guy in the league.

  • He’s got his cup, no need for that behavior

  • Announcer clearly displeased that Dallas won.

  • It hurts that the Hawks are on the other side of quite a few of the hat picks.

  • I am not sure how others think, but for years I just dont get those obsessions for the "Canadian Teams". If I am a Canuck fan, why would I care about how the Senators are doing? How come the media would think the whole country would be pround if the Flames win the Cup? Just my personal opinion though...

  • Maroon is just a coat rider. Jumps from team to team. He’s a toxic teammate, no actual skill. Just rides the success of other teams. Examples: played with Anaheim when they weren’t a joke. Played with Edmonton, with McDavid playing like the generational talent he is. Went to St. Louis and they won a cup; which he happened to be on the team, and I guess was a hometown hero? Now plays for Tampa.

  • Steve, I think you really need to do a Mike Milbury Special for this Trade Tree series. We all know how those trades paid off in 2-3 years time, but it would be interesting to see how they evolve in longer terms.

  • Anyone else wish he was still playing?

  • I hate this

  • What a dumbass.

  • Dallas stars 3D wall art

  • Habs defense hung Roy out to dry.

  • Dan Shulman is so Toronto blue Jays Byeist ,,,it’s like he cries when they lose.. tied of listening to his crappy blue jay comintating he sucks

  • What a dumb ass!

  • Fat Moron

  • Perry was in front of net for every Dallas goal , screening ! Corey 2CUP Perry

  • And when I said I simply didn’t like him ppl told me I was just “SALTY” for game 7 loss😐

  • Look if it injured somebody he'd be suspended for the series

  • Hate Pat Moron.

  • Maybe if Reaves would have been worried about playing hockey rather than playing politics and “social justice,” he wouldn’t have sucked for the entirety of the playoffs

  • That’s BS that totally could have hurt somebody

  • Eee

  • He should be suspended. It was fully intentional!

  • He should be suspended. Clearly was intentional!

  • Bruh