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No movie is without sin. We exist mostly just to remind you of that.
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SinWeek - A CinemaSins Fan Event
SinWeek - A CinemaSins Fan Event13 дней назад
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Everything Wrong With Paddington 23 месяца назад
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  • This movie is bad but roshi is like 150 years older than granpa gohan roshi is 350


  • If you play tabletop rpgs this movie kicks ass. But if you don't, yeah you'd miss like 70% of what's going on.

  • You forgot at 12:57 Kevin perfectly hit marf’s head THREE times in a row. Not even the best football quarterback could be able to do that

  • There are too many things wrong with Disney and history...I get it it's for wittle children. But uh, I don't think children are so innocent anymore. I know 12 year olds who get pregnant! And not by rape..

  • It took 25 views of this video before understanding the racist fox joke

  • 0:00 Nothing (video ends)

  • Hater

  • Most removed sins lol

  • Celine Dion

  • I love this movie. This video just made me love it more.

  • This Luke guy looks cool

  • This guy is a fucking.idiot

  • Maybe it's Called Texopolis but there's no words is a thing to show how everyone always just uses emojis now

  • Just gonna point out a few inaccuracies: Only 1/3 of Americans were pro-revolution at the outset of the war, the role of loyalists is downplayed HUGELY. The man Gibson's character is based on WAS a slave owner, whose slaves fled to fight for the British. They discuss taking Ohio, even though several years earlier a Royal Proclamation had prevented any further land grabs to the West (including Ohio) in an attempt to placate angry Native Americans. That church burning scene is BS, the British weren't exactly the SS.

  • 2:11 That would jack up his blood pressure. It's absolutely possible to OD on that stuff. Too much of it absolutely will screw you up (like anything that jacks up blood pressure). 4:18 So that dastardly "rogue apostrophe" isn't a new phenomenon. 6:40 More like a "bone organ." Wait, what?

  • Dont see why superman would need a wrench at all.

  • 0:56 says DIRECTED BY TOM HOLLAND.........................hmmmmmm

  • Cinimasins should do everything wrong with Empire Records

  • Oh ya fix a hole in Rue’s chest with burn cream🤦🏼‍♀️ ok buddy

  • The comment "the C.I.A. is no place for a woman" is not racist, it is sexist.

  • *Please Do Strange Magic, There Are Some Sins In It*

  • You clearly weren't paying attention for most of this movie

  • 0 sins ok

  • is gudda

  • literally pickin fly shit outta pepper man

  • Do some black films please. I love this channel

  • The video was sixteen minutes

  • Dude, pretty much everything u said has an actual meaning to why.

  • Thank you, Cinemasins. You just f*cked up my favorite childhood movie. *slow-clap*

  • There must be an error it should be empty

  • pretty good movie right guys?

  • “Ive seen this movie too.... it’s called Age of Ultron”

  • lol watch top chef bitch

  • 6:19 Two words: *French Fry*

  • I like the comment about him looking like a combo of snake and soldier. That's exactly what I thought when I saw it. Lol

  • Is there any way that a thing that cleary exists can "technically" not exist?

  • The first fight scene is with George St. Pierre... one of the best MMA fighters in the world... I get Cap is a super hero but I’m sure GSP still would’ve put up a fight better than the typical “bad guys in movies”

  • To be fair, when I was a kid my mom had me write my name on EVERYTHING

  • They have a sequel. Sherlock Gnomes. The name, is Sherlock Gnomes. GODDAMNIT

  • The gi joe movies are my guilty pleasures

  • The narration in these videos are hilarious. Keep it up.

  • Hancock is a goddamn masterpiece.

  • You see the timer at 5:57

  • Watch CinemaSins video on "Get Out", take notice of all the sin removal throughout, then immediately watch this. Weirdos

  • Sometimes this guy gives sins for basically no reason, and other times he makes a really good point. No hating😅

  • Not enough sins for this movie.

  • Spiderman far from home?

  • Shank's name and intro are both totally Borderlands. Also, Ralph's clone-manifestations are kind of a lot like Smith 2.0. 1:22 *Fun Fact:* Both football and baseball were invented by Freemasons. 19:32 Was that meant to be a reference to Mr. Creosote?

  • Waaaiiiit so did they both die or did they like swim to Atlantis or some shit???

  • You guys should Sin the Zathura movie with Josh Hutcherson and Christian Stewart. I'm also pretty sure Andy Dufrane plays the dad.

  • Woman was left traumatized after her friend was sucked into a board game and terrorized by bats. Twenty-six years later, she still conveniently lives in the same neighborhood where such things happened. Normally when something bad happens to someone, they tend to move as far away as possible, but she decided to stay ridiculously close to her nightmare.

  • 4:30 don’t know but I think that’s a PS4

  • Wahawahawaha

  • Wahawahawaha

  • Wahawahawaha

  • The ceo is bingeing with babbash on steroids

  • The ending tho! 😂

  • I remember going to the cinema for its midnight premiere in Bangkok. Fell asleep after about 30 minutes and my then girlfriend told me later that I snored constantly throughout the rest of the film. A truly awful movie in every way.

  • Cleanest pool ever! I died when I heard that Lol 4:02

  • 9:42 you forget "Tim Burton put Johnny Depp and his wife in a sexual scene cliche" tho

    • 12:27 well I comment to early, add "Tim Burton make Johnny Depp kill his wife cliche"

  • Space Ham from Pluto would have been a better movie.

  • Are we just supposed to assume there’s been a glitch in these games for years, And nobody noticed?! WHAT

  • man i cant wait for the birdman video of this

  • Coincidentally, I'm watching Continuum on Netflix, starring the actor who plays Scarlett.

  • 😂😂😂😂😂omg you're brilliant

  • @1:35 And what is wrong with announceposition? If you read the book, you would know that they would put advertisements so people would want to leave earth. Sure, would you have to read the book to know this? Yes. But is it a sinable thing? NO

  • 2:58 women aren’t a race they’re a gender. god the lack of brain cells

  • So Indiana Jones is a rip-off of National Treasure? The circle is now complete!

  • The Washington Senators moved in 1972 and became the Texas Rangers. We see RFK stadium in baseball configuration, when there is no baseball team in Washington, so why is the stadium set up for baseball. They're maintaining it for baseball, we see the grounds people working on it. It should be set up for football for the Redskins.

  • 1:27 Is using physical newspapers really a sin? I'm sure real books will not go extinct for years to come and I'm sure it will be the same for physical newspapers. Such nitpicking is pointless and annoying. -_-

  • Shut up please

  • I'm mad it did well enough that it made Sony feel comfortable enough to not Sell Spider-Man back to Marvel.

  • you should do a everthing wrong with trai to busan


  • 🤣

  • How would you design the movie then?

  • 7:36 Is this MarioKark?

  • The story for this film is so lame I can't believe how many people like it. After sifting through lots of reviews the only reason it's a beloved film is just the staging and cinematography in the fight scenes?

  • Due to the color of the tar on the baby, the tar pits the sloths are in look more like mud pots. Though since mud pots can run at 200 degrees Fahrenheit, they would still be dead. :p

  • 16:34 min / 15:00 min

  • Every second of this movie should get a sin

  • Next is everything wrong with rift. Then VR

  • Nothing about billy snapping the staff in half? Now he can’t pass the power to someone else!!!

  • I mean, I haven’t seen the cartoon, so don’t hate me when I say this, but why do they have futuristic tech? How did Cobra get it? And if they both had it, why not give it to the rest of the government? And keep in mind, i’m saying this while paused with discount Scarlett Johansson on screen. Speaking of which, HURRY TF UP AND DO ENDGAME!

  • Bloody hell. The baba-puns

  • Darth Vader stoped Hans blaster shot in The Empire Strikes Back so...

  • This movie I think works as unintentional comedy.

  • Wow, it’s blank

  • My childhood film, I remember when I saw my dad watching the and then I started having a obsession for tornadoes for 6 years and learnt every about. And play my first tornado game Tornado Jockey

  • Such an stupid video

  • Movies in timer on 11:49 look behind Colette and linguini there is the first villain from the first Incredibles movie

  • The guy who played the dad kinda has wonky acting.

  • The dancing mop thing deserved an extra 20 least 20

  • I've been watching your videos for about a month now, and I can't stop. For some reason, your voice reminds me of Hunter Thompson. Specifically, the Johnny Depp version in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Ha! Well done.

  • You sound different. And a little lost narrating.

  • PLEEEEEASE do a sin video over Scary Stories to Tell In the Dark!!!! Just watched it last weekend and that’d go great on this channel.

  • Pretty cool that they put a reference to Cyborg Justice in this movie. 9:53 Technically, the "original" Contra was the arcade version. Also, the Konami Code works in other games, most notably Life Force. A variation of it also works in the NES version of Gyruss but with the "B" and the "A" reversed.

  • All these diehard Tarantino fans need to realize this isn’t that deep

  • Hey can the next video he on Jordan Peele's Us