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No movie is without sin. We exist mostly just to remind you of that.
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EWW The Avengers
EWW The Avengers2 месяца назад
Everything Wrong With The Wizard of Oz
Everything Wrong With The Wizard of Oz6 месяцев назад
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Fun With Audio - Strings8 месяцев назад
SinWeek - A CinemaSins Fan Event
SinWeek - A CinemaSins Fan Event8 месяцев назад
Everything Wrong With It (1990) Part 1
Everything Wrong With It (1990) Part 19 месяцев назад
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Everything Wrong With The Dark Crystal9 месяцев назад
Everything Wrong With Gone In 60 Seconds
Everything Wrong With Gone In 60 Seconds10 месяцев назад



  • Chinese production house took part in making this movie. That's why it's shitty.

  • can we start sinning movies for ALWAYS having a British/Irish/Scottish accent? Yes always some chinese pop up...

  • "In 17 minutes or less" the video is almost 19 minutes long >_>

  • 3:00 what the movie would be bad if they had a no mater

  • Oh the good old days where "racism" was not racism at all, movies were cringy but entertaining and society weren't a bunch of offended pussys. Movies like rush hour, tuxedo, shanghai noon and most of late 90s early 2000s would probably get demolished nowadays

  • You are not the first to do sinception, ever heard of Th3 Birdman +1 sin

  • I hate the princess

  • EVERYTHING is WRONG with EVERY 'fast n furious'!!!

  • I know why Kevin is able to do all of these things: he’s spent his *entire year* dreaming about this. He had so much fun torturing them last year, he’s spent every free moment since thinking up different ways to hurt people, making prototype contraptions in his room, learning about how much harm a human body can take without dying. Maybe it was all theoretical, just something interesting to think about. He can’t hurt his family without getting caught after all. when he saw the guys there in New York, that must have felt like fate! Finally someone he can use to test out all his new ideas...

  • Ok but at 4:24 Hayden has a filet of spit between his lips when he's talking and I can never unsee this.

  • Why is this a video?

  • - The Witch Hunters ( Jeremy Renner ) - The Brothers Grimm ( Matt Damon )

  • Cars 4 Cal Revenge

  • - The Witch Hunters ( Jeremy Renner ) - The Brothers Grimm ( Matt Damon )

  • - The Witch Hunters ( Jeremy Renner ) - The Brothers Grimm ( Matt Damon )

  • - The Witch Hunters ( Jeremy Renner ) - The Brothers Grimm ( Matt Damon )

  • - The Witch Hunters ( Jeremy Renner ) - The Brothers Grimm ( Matt Damon )

  • - The Witch Hunters ( Jeremy Renner ) - The Brothers Grimm ( Matt Damon )

  • 6:10 😂😂😂😂😂 that sigh killed me

  • - The Witch Hunters ( Jeremy Renner ) - The Brothers Grimm ( Matt Damon )

  • - The Witch Hunters ( Jeremy Renner ) - The Brothers Grimm ( Matt Damon )

  • - The Witch Hunters ( Jeremy Renner ) - The Brothers Grimm ( Matt Damon )

  • - The Witch Hunters ( Jeremy Renner ) - The Brothers Grimm ( Matt Damon )

  • Some of this guy's lines makes me think he hasn't seen the original show, or else he would know why there is so much martial arts in avatar.

  • Really? No goonies reference with the dagger on a cliff as a key? You’re better than that.

  • This film: a remake of the other movie CS: thats illegal

  • U made me dislike this video

  • Pefer blond hair

  • Its like a live action anime. I hate it.

  • I know this is going to sound oxymoronic, but C4 is a stable explosive. Soldiers would cook with it when they didn't have any other fuel.

  • This movie deserves negative sins

  • The first video on this channel with an American male protagonist.

  • 13:42 BITCH NAWH

  • The thing that changed was their relationship.

  • Merida was willing to follow tradition but her mother realized the old ways should probably be changed and everyone agrees with the speech. No one seeing Eleanor is just a plot hole, relax on your unfair criticizing.

  • When Black Widow tell Cap "I didn't want you to be alone" she doesn't acknowledge Sam being next to him

  • This director had the easiest job in the world he had a great script and plot to go off of and just had it make that good in live action but screwed the it up so bad I’m laughing

  • 12:47 "You got a hair trigger aimed at your chest... ...what do you do?"

  • I think having the mussel guy stand in front of the one competing was for comedy

  • Sooooo... this movie was only considered "mildly" racist in 1998, but it's actually "offensive and extremely insensitive" racist in 2020. I wonder if it will ever be selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry for being culturally relevant...

  • Welll Magneto's power is more than just controlling metal

  • Ya know, the burgens are ogres. Check you facts whichever studio made that movie. The trolls are fairy's, well, modern ones. Their happy and sunshiny, when in reality they were massive tricksters. I think they got confused with the names when making this.

  • The mask-putting-on scene was partly to show Roman was going from weird-crazy psychopath to seriously-murderous psychopath, and partly to make to comic nerds cream their pants. Now pardon me while I go change my pants.

  • Best title “Everything Spoilers!! Wrong Duh.. With Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs in 12 minutes or less”

  • Do ford v Ferrari

  • the pizza planet truck is in every Pixar movie so take that up with the studio if you can't handle it

  • Seventeen thousand more GIG-JOULES?!!?!?!?!?!!?😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • This movie was hella confusing as a kid when I didnt understand that the dog wasnt actually a super hero

  • There’s a Difference between a glitch and a malfunction.

  • I just realized the sheep thing has to do with the government conspiracy (illuminati) thing🤣

  • I remember there being an online petition the summer The Emoji Movie was released that was literally made to prevent the release of it (before the movie came out anyway, of course)... ...did I sign it? Hell yeah, I did. Alas, this turd bomb came out anyway, so it all went down for naught.

  • Ikkkk this is old but you missed something go to 2:13 and look at the person sweeping all the way to the right he’s not even sweeping the ground he’s sweeping air

  • 10:40 thats kobe sir

  • In the book the by L.Frank Baum the 4 of them see oz in an individually different form Dorthy Sees him as the head from the movie .The scarecrow sees oz as a cloud of smoke. The tinman sees him as a beautiful girl and the lion sees him as a half bear half tiger animal . There is also a spell on the wicked witches hat that she has to say to summon the winged monkeys and the emerald city being emerald is only an illusion because of glasses they are required to wear. Another difference is that the tin man the scare crow the lion and all received brain heart and courage made from potions by oz.The reason why the scarecrow gets a diploma the lion a medal and the tinman a clock to look like a heart is because there was not the technology to make special effects to have them receive those things in the the movie the same way the characters did in the book.

  • If you were intentionally idiotic then it might be funny. You sin things that don't need sinned, and ignore the real Bullshit. You are such an insufferable idiot asshole.

  • I actually like this movie. :(

  • ''Long for the title of a movie, but short for a letter'' = WIN!

  • MAKE RUSH HOUR 2 CINEMASINS ALSO Epstein didn't kill himself & America is on fire

  • those are are man-eating Birds! The tree is an easter egg to Godzilla vs King Kong!

  • Good video but I disliked it anyway

  • Also isn't it a rule in the real life version of Jumanji you have to land on the final space? In reality they should have gone through 20 turns just to get the exact number they needed, really snake eyes... So based on how long they took between rolls, this movie should be 30 hours.

  • The whole movie is an entire sin for it being made.I hate this movie with every bone in my body

  • This video is 17:33 minutes too long

  • Hello

  • A sin from a professional circus performer, in the zendaya/zack rope scene song thing theres a double star wrap done to the right and than she spins down the same way she wrapped, she would be a sticky patch on the dirt is all Im saying

  • Rock Candy, LOL!!

  • 2:45 Are you fucking kidding me?

  • The reason Bond didn't kill Blofeld is because if he did then Madeleine would leave him, so he basically chose sex over killing him.

  • Its a forest not jungle


  • Another sin I could count is that when Mike and Sulley were roaring at each other Randall clearly noticed and didn’t go over and say “hey Mike I think you should stop before one of you gets hurt” or something

  • do sonic the hedgehog next

  • The assassin was closing his eyes because at point blank range and the element of surprise he knew he was going to kill the man and blood was going to go everywhere including on his face. When blood gets in the eyes it burn really bad.

  • I'm just excited that you mentioned Splash Mountain

  • 11:55 Randy is technically wearing clothes and he can’t make them invisible and he needs to hide them. And 4:05 I don’t think they’re shocked more scared

  • The bloodpack were shitty if you really think about it, shitty fighters, shitty weapons shitty everything. They were supposed to be badasses. I did love getting high af and watching this movie back in the day though.

  • He is annoying sometimes

  • Space is big, really really big love your references

  • This movie had such a great premise🤦‍♀️

  • At this point. This guy just hates movies

  • tbh I hate when companies look at a successful franchise/series/show and think they'll get free money and support by just crappily making a movie with it. They almost always never put any effort into the actual film because they can only daydream about how much money they'll get with shitty work.

  • So we gonna get one for the bumblebee movie? Jus saying

  • i want to watch that

  • Me and my sister watched it cinema .... When Ray kissed Kylo I looked at my sister to see her reaction, but see was sleeping xD i had to tell her the ending xD

  • 4 minutes or less.. *Video is more than 5 minutes* seems legit

  • 0:12 So it's just a coincidence that I'm cumming RN, right?

  • no sin for Thanos's ship coming thru time? I mean...what was that? I get it had to happen for the climax, but...what WAS that?!

  • Is she deaf or just mute?

  • Not racism it's sexism.

  • i finished this movie in 3 minutes just because i was skipping through all the terrible scenes laughing my ass off

  • what is next in this shitty saga?. a car with a ROCKET installed in the back and another former wwe fighter will fight vin diesel... OH WAIT... SHIT! it is gonna happen. at least the fight would be difficult because one is invisible and the other is like a bald-superman

  • There is one terrible sin in the Sequels, that is that J.J. did not direct all three films. R. J. ruined the entire sequel project. Also, Cinemasins earns a sin in this review, because in Episode 2 and Episode 3 there was no "knock out the reactor" type of scenario. Episode 2 the Clone Wars started and Episode 3 we know the bad guys won. Also, the same for Empire i.e. Episode 5.

    • Prequels >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sequels

  • I disagree. Stick is next level martial artist. She wouldn’t be able to beat him.

  • Batman kills here. I mean he killed Joker

  • I’ve never liked Catwoman, and now I don’t like her even more

  • I remember watching this movie in theater with my family. Best movie i've ever watched in a theater, even though it was so loud i couldn't hear it at the same time.

  • Edward Scissorhands with Danny DeVito. Both directed by Tim Burton.

  • Penguin inspires Mike Tyson, but Andy Garcia inspires Penguin. Andy Garcia bit his estranged boss' ear in The Godfather Part III.

  • ok so where did the scenes that were not in the movie come from da hell