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Happy National Bosses Day!
Happy National Bosses Day!День назад
Jimmy Eat World - Love Never
Jimmy Eat World - Love Never6 дней назад
Black Pumas - Colors
Black Pumas - Colors10 дней назад
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Yehya Reviews Joker
Yehya Reviews Joker15 дней назад
Trump Going Crazy Over Gatorgate
Trump Going Crazy Over Gatorgate15 дней назад
Newscasters Shocked it's October
Newscasters Shocked it's October16 дней назад
Commercial for SAP with Guillermo
Commercial for SAP with Guillermo16 дней назад
Gary Clark Jr. - Pearl Cadillac
Gary Clark Jr. - Pearl Cadillac21 день назад
Do You Look Like Guillermo?
Do You Look Like Guillermo?21 день назад
Trump Lashes Out at Whistleblower
Trump Lashes Out at Whistleblower21 день назад
Gary Clark Jr. - When I'm Gone
Gary Clark Jr. - When I'm Gone21 день назад
When It Ukraines It Pours
When It Ukraines It Pours22 дня назад
James Blake - Are You In Love?
James Blake - Are You In Love?22 дня назад
Maren Morris - GIRL
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Maren Morris - The Bones
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Tinder for Kids!
Tinder for Kids!28 дней назад


  • I ❤️ Jen

  • She's lovely

  • Man, I enjoyed that interview! Pretty funny 🤣

  • Jimmy you're full of caca

  • I'm not sure how you could not like this woman!

  • Barney could do it in 52 seconds.

  • Fred Willard for President 2020!!

  • How about that time US bombed Serbia over albanian muslims? I don't hold a grudge over anybody, personally, but maybe, just maybe, America should stop playing the big armed brother, you guys arent right all the time. Look who you voted for ffs.

  • neither do we...

  • I can tell your corporate tool way you don't even post Tulsi gabbard's face coward

  • I feel Jennifer Ainston is tired of talking about FRIENDS. But she is so iconic. More than her character Rachel.

  • “Enough with the silliness” But they’re fond of the silliness, Jimmy ;-;

  • Did anyone else read the entire letter? Trump is definitely insane!

  • She looks so good

  • Call you later? Is he gonna beg for more dirt on biden?

  • Indonesia durian is best durian in the world

  • I’m turkish and even though I’m not a fan of our president, I think he is doing the right thing by attacking. Turks and the real kurds are brothers. I’ve had many kurdish friends and they’re just like us turks. There is no difference. These people on our border are supporting a terrorist organization. The turkish army only attacks those groups. They have flags and pictures of their organizations and their terrorist leader all over their territory. I promise you no innocent people are being killed. Killing innocent people especially women and children is prohibited in Islam and against our turkish morals and values. I condemn the killing of any innocent human being. Trump is literally trying to protect the terrorists. Their are multiple camera teams in that territory filming and you can see what’s going on. You can see their flags. Their is literally no difference between this “kurdish” terrorist organization and Isis. Stop protecting them. And trump needs to stop taking all the credit for wiping out isis. He didn’t even do all of it + he didn’t take out 100% of them, as he claims

  • Tom another one who will fall for the metoo trap.. not worth it Tom

  • Something shady going on here though, at the top you’ll notice the letter is dated the 9th- not today like they’re suggesting

  • I would rather have Guierllmo as President than the orange moron

  • Damn shes hot

  • 1k comment

  • Did someone noticed the coke lines on top of Chandler's phone lol

  • Did she take that picture with a nokia 5110 though? TF at the pixel noise lol

  • ♡ love her

  • Why does the bottom half of her face look like a man now >.>

  • Imagine giving someone sh*t emoji pillows in 1950 on a talk show 😂

  • The BBC read this out on last night's late news. I don't know how the newsreader kept a straight face. If this was the final draft, I would give money to see the original drafts as I bet they were ten times worse.

  • Now she has like 10M followers on instagram

  • His voice sounds so close to Jimmy's that this looks like a ventriloquist act.

  • What kind of person is Kimmel who enjoys bringing Phoenix down by showing a clip from behind the scenes? Who does that? That's a clear sign of a weak person.

  • I get why people may not like the Democrats. I have no idea why any sane person thinks Trump is good for this country.

  • I love Dave Matthews!

  • You people must get rid of this clown asap. He is about to enter the self destruct zone.

  • How the heck he hasn't been yanked out of the oval office yet is beyond me.

  • Did she use a toaster to take that photo ? cmon dude..........

  • Don't be a tough guy!! Dumb frump

  • Wow this guy who’s job is to act, looked surprised must be genuine. We are the Lamb people

  • When trailer trash votes, you’ll get this...

  • She looks old now Finally..

  • Bojack horseman live action looks promising.

  • At least he gave Erdogan something to laugh about and jerk off on before he sent his troops after US allies.

  • Lol they did her dirty in that thumbnail...

  • Jimmy Kimmel sucks balls...

  • The freak kissing KGB ass is calling someone else a communist? That's a good one. 😆

  • I really love her, I think it's great that she joins Instagram. But let's be real here, people: She joined Insta for promoting her new show

  • heartless imbecile... that could be anyone in this administration....

  • she could post the same picture forever and still get more followers

  • Nervous

  • You are so funny Jimmy.....I wish instead of sending that infantile ineffectual letter to erdogan trump went to turkey himself just to show how serious he is, I mean sending pence didn't work so trump has to go there himself and take an extended vacation there, we in America would understand if we never heard from trump again knowing he is in turkey being the forever and great diplomat we know him not to be. turkey and russia can take turns sharing in trump's massive wisdom in all things, but he has to go there to prove it. I for one would get behind trump dropping off the face of the earth and soon I hope.

  • Jimmy Kimmel acts just like the people the Joker movie criticizes.

  • 1000 years from now they will look at trump as one of the biggest geniuses off modern history...... Or not🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Who's watching this from the nz🤣

  • I never liked Reachel but i love Jennifer..she is so damn gorgeous

  • Jimmy doesn't understand Joker is a film made against sjw's like him.

  • Imagine giving someone sh*t emoji pillows in 1950 on a talk show 😂

  • Australia never gets to see the full show and I can't watch the full show on the website cause "it's blocked in your country" type message comes up. I want to be able to have a good laugh every day watching Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen and Seth without having to resort to RU-tv or other streaming websites that can cut out on you at any second

    • On the official "Go.com®" website? Also, what do you mean “cut out on you”? 🤔

  • Well say what you want but at least G. Bush Jr. had a since of humor to go with his goofy ways. I may not have liked him as a President or a elected official of any type but I would hang out and have a beer with the guy any day and listen to his humor and phrases that sometimes make no sense at all.

  • So no one gonna talk about the cocaine on the phone in the photo

  • You absolutely suck.

  • How many of these John Krasinski masterpieces have I not seen?!

  • Democrats are retarded!

  • Seriously America.... How does it manages to stay in no:1 spot in economy military and in every other aspects

  • Turkey's response: The letter was trashed. Turkey's military started operations, against to terrorists at Syria. The US troops had to quickly withdraw from the region.

  • Wtf were those dancing questions? Wtf

  • 00:49 you're welcome.

  • I don’t think it was cool that they showed that clip. He was really uncomfortable from that

  • Trump 2020 MAGA 🇺🇸 🦅

  • Dumb Donald doesn´t seem to know what "communism" means, or he wouldn´t call the Dems communists.

  • How does a photo of people who played 6 fictional characters provoke so much emotion...

  • OMG . It's the only show which I can watch again and again without getting bored.

  • Boobies!!!!!!

  • That's what happens when you put a little boy of privilege with no life experience in the position that a grown man has to do

  • not Jimmy giving her Android emojis smh

  • yo jeff laugh is worse than joker's although they are similar lmao. jeff is humble as a mumble

  • she almost said "google" haha

  • She is one for the rare of hollywood that hasn t lost it to her fame and career.

  • Trump and his supporters are a disease

  • I love Guillermo so much

  • She doesn't age omg!!!

  • Peeping Tom is her boss!

  • 👋🏽🤵🏽

  • Jimmy doesn’t let her finish any storied or even sentences 😒🤦🏻‍♀️

  • I am a fellow new zealish

  • and as usual Australia doesn't get this movie until hella later...26 of December...pfft. I will see it tho :P Taika is awesomeness.

  • Id still smash

  • Can't get him out office fast enough

  • Smoking hot literally..(I'll light you up) Smoking a cig!

  • Trump loves Muslim Leaders around the world like Erdogan, MBS etc, but his followers think he hates Muslims. Trump is a businessman who love people when they gave him business.

  • Lol. That letter isn’t for the President of Turkey - if for YOU dummy. It’s another one of Trumps propaganda tricks. He hopes the American public will see it and say “ oh, see, Trump wrote a strong letter ...” etc. He has such low regard and contempt for the American people.

  • She already broke the Guinness record for the loveliest person aging at the slowest pace.

  • Elijah Cummings died at 68. RIP Elijah.

  • Even God needs it

  • Knock..knock.. Jimmy

  • I love her she is my favorite. She is my idol.❤❤❤❤

  • Jimmy Kimmel is 💯 Italian in his ways. This is how the product of politician Italian talk produce... kimmel

    • Maaz Kalim if you are for republicans you are garbage

    • Seriously? Better keep check on your Conservative politicos.

  • Hey Jimmy get your ass over to Syria then

  • Another day, another meltdown.

  • Are we going to talk about the coke on the phone?

  • Poor guy, just released a movie and is already being threatened by the "woke" media.