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Apple Watch Series 5 hands-on
Apple Watch Series 5 hands-on9 дней назад
Apple iPhone 11 hands-on
Apple iPhone 11 hands-on9 дней назад
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Google Pixel 4 tease: what it means
Google Pixel 4 tease: what it means3 месяца назад
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You've been training AI for free3 месяца назад
Apple WWDC 2019 keynote in 13 minutes
Apple WWDC 2019 keynote in 13 minutes3 месяца назад
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Why Apple needs iPad apps on the Mac3 месяца назад
How trade wars hurt gadget makers
How trade wars hurt gadget makers4 месяца назад
Google I/O 2019 event in 13 minutes
Google I/O 2019 event in 13 minutes4 месяца назад
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F8 2019 keynote in 12 minutes4 месяца назад
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Why everything is a subscription4 месяца назад
The dark side of crowdfunding
The dark side of crowdfunding5 месяцев назад
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A gadget maker’s worst nightmare...5 месяцев назад
iPad Air 2019 review: happy medium
iPad Air 2019 review: happy medium5 месяцев назад
Tesla Model Y event in 3 minutes
Tesla Model Y event in 3 minutes6 месяцев назад
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Android Q hands-on6 месяцев назад
This could change Facebook forever
This could change Facebook forever6 месяцев назад


  • What kind of clear iPhone 11 case is that?

  • ever heard about huawei??? and note10 was significantly better in almost every photo.

  • I don’t have one, and I’ve already smashed it’s glass face. Seriously though, can the “always on” feature be turned off without turning off the watch? I don’t want the face always lit up, until I look at it.

  • All the photos shown I see the pixel winning most.

  • first, have money.

  • So always-on is new feature in 2019.? Unbelievable ...

  • iPhone 7 Plus... bye bye 😸

  • should i get the red or lavender one? idk which to choose😬

  • I have an Apple Watch series 3 right now, should I upgrade?

  • Is it worthy to upgrade from the S10e to the iPhone 11 or should I stick with my Samsung? 🤔

  • There’s literally no need to get this if you already have a Series 4. Just upgrade to watchOS 6 and you’re good to go

  • Great job verge

  • Forgot about the upgrade from 16gb to 32gb of local storage.

  • All they have to do to fix it is change all of the backing material to a carbon fiber frame.

  • Keeping my Series 4, but will probably get a series 6 next year


  • No offense to the new phone but it looks a bit weird at the camera

  • For what it is I still think the pixel 3 is the most praiseworthy from them all

  • Upgrading from the 6 to 11

  • come on man other than brightness I think note 10 provide more details to the zome images

  • Nah... I'm going to get the 8, it's a bit cheaper now.

  • Nawwwwwtch that's so 2018 I argue the Sony Xperia 1 is still better if you can go Android

    • As I thought, no review of video against the Sony Xperia 1. Which is superior! Check the specs, if you need the best vid a phone can offer, it's still #1.

  • My SKX is a *real* watch that's always on, too, and doesn't need to be upgraded for another 20 years. I think I'll stick to classic horology.

  • I'll be an apple watch immediately when it gets really independent from the iphone. Also good to see Siri recognising Mastodon's music! Cool.

  • Always suspected juggalos had infiltrated The Verge ... 3:04

  • I keep watching this videos and try to figure out why I need one. Still haven't seen one that proved me that I do :)

  • Did anyone else hear why this is the beat smart watch? Cause I didn't hear anything cause he already said minor update and it's just got a compass and always on display which other companies already have. And you can reply to messages on galaxy watches so idk wtf hes talking about

  • How does Dieter Bohn manage to look 30 and 50 at the same time?

  • Would iPhone 11 pull the sales in 2019 Comment below

  • Wait why is this on the yiay playlist?

  • 4:52 Hey thats San Francisco! ...later confirmed with BART 😝

  • Nice Apple is sponsoring reviews yikes

  • am I the only one watching it in 2019 on a s8+ ?

  • Apple Watch is what scrawny tech geeks wear lol... AirPods get u more clout

  • iphone 11 or 11 pro (camera) which one?

  • I had the iPhone SE for 3 1/2 years and bought now a iPhone XR because its got cheaper in price after the Release of the new iPhones 😂

  • "No other" smart watch has color always on display? Samsung has and has that feature couple years now. Don't talk about tech if u don't know what's actually out there and available.

    • Don't talk about tech if u don't know what's actually out there and available. dude, chill

  • You can turn off the always on screen, have you check the battery life?

  • All good and all, but you're comparing last year's smartphones to this year's iPhone.

  • Imagine to charge ur iphone and apple watch everyday. Its a fkn nightmare. Oh wait...its an usual day.

  • I think that Nilay is wrong about telephoto is better than ultrawide andI agree with Deiter

  • 2019 and ya'll really buying 720p phone. How brainwashed are you idiots?

  • Can you run benchmarks to see specifications on memory ram please

  • Watch the pixel or android make a better camera in a year or even months lol

  • Needs sleep tracking and other metrics like Fitbit or the Oura ring before I get it.

  • Not worth upgrading from the X or XS. Too expensive for too little differnece

  • Idk who this reviewer is but he is great! Very informative but doesn’t make me want to fall asleep immediately. Great video!

  • I use to have the Gen1  watch and it was a good watch, just really slow. Then I made the upgrade to the series4 and honestly I do not see a reason to upgrade until probably next year when the Gen6 comes out.

  • buys iPhone 11 pro , doesn't buy a case and drops it the first day

  • I’m upgrading my Series 1 for a Series 5! I can’t wait!🙏🔥 I was already gonna buy an Series 4 but I decided to wait for the Series 5 to come out.

  • so this is on the yiay playlist somehow

  • Apple Watch 6 - Sleep Tracking finally

  • This isn't YIAY

  • Once the apple watch can last 3-5 days with one charger come talk to me until then I'm sticking with my galaxy watch

  • They brought back bezel control, YES

  • basically the only smart watch

  • I’m on iOS 13 on a XR and I’ve had a better experience than any other OS version with 1 crashes once every couple of days (by crash I mean a app will crash)

  • @jackfilms really wants to buy this

  • who cares about 3 cameras

  • Series 5 is better because...its better! Honestly; this video did not offer any compelling arguments as to why this particular smartwatch is better than its predecessor. Dieter summarised the video perfectly by saying that it's a very minor update. I like your enthusiasm for the brand and product, but please don't lead consumers into thinking that it's ok to pay 400 dollars for something that essentially did not change at all. A reviewer should take a critical stance between company and consumer and not let their enthusiasm/love for the brand cloud their judgement. You are a reviewer, not a sales rep! I do like the ability to buy the watch in different casings. I really love the cinematography and overall vibe of the video!

  • I'm waiting out for the Samsung Galaxy watch active 2

  • Verge in 2018: pixel 3 has the best camera Android fanboys: woah Google is the best.... Verge in 2019: iPhone has the best camera now Same Android fanboys: I always knew that Verge is an Apple based channel....

  • Really great and informative video. Thank you. 😊 👍

  • who need kompas

  • Ios 13 releases today

  • amizing video guys

  • So does it support 5G?

  • Becca just seems a bag of fun.

  • Bait and Switch LOL!

  • Apple is a terrible corporation

  • Wait, this isn't YIAY.

  • Actually that's a good question... I believe that this smartwatch isn't compatible with Android phones?.. though I'd like to get one now that you reviewed it.🤩

  • Great review

  • Finally....I have been looking for a watch with compass capability all my life....lmao

  • I thought the pixel was as good if not better in most of the photos. I know that the iPhone destroys it when it comes to videos though. The pixel 4 should take better photos than this for sure.

  • They should just called it. iPhone 11 iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 11 Max

  • If you buy a 720p phone for $700 in 2019, then congrats, you played yourself

  • A watch that doesn’t last a full day... almost totally pointless

  • 800$ for a 720p phone in 2019...

  • Sad that you didn't mention Samsung galaxy watch active 2. Pretty Partial video!

  • I really want a Apple Watch but the base price is 499$ here and is just to much

  • no sleep tracking by apple?

  • there is so much joy right now in me right now, I made huge btc profit from kloviaclinks com

  • 6:54 what is that watch? Looks good...

  • Upgrading from an 8+ and no watch, to an 11PM & Apple Watch 5 in a month or two!

  • If I have a 10s should I upgrade? I wanted to get the 11 because it’s cheaper a month than I pay now

  • Will older models (iPhone XR, XS) get updated with the “new” Smart HD adjustments? Assuming this is an iOS level computational photography tweak to reap the benefits Nilay explained with the iP11.

  • I really wanted to buy it but I’m still waiting for third party support for watch faces, a bit larger battery and most importantly sleep tracking.

  • I think you underestimate the powah of the galaxy watch

  • Which one would you buy now: iPhone XS or iPhone 11?

  • The guy in the video reminds me the Beagle Boys....just imagine it with the black mask ...😂

  • im going from the se to the 11 ahahahaaaa

  • Great review 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Does S-Pay only use NFC or does it also have MST like the Galaxy phones do?

  • The idea of putting phone inside a computer to power it and act like a mouse pad at the same time was a pretty neat idea actually

  • I’m upgrading. Been wanting that always-on screen for a while. Besides the obvious reasons, this will be great while you’re riding your bike or swimming and can’t turn your wrist. I’d like to see apple implement more workout features that you can find on a Garmin. Following planned workouts, metronome, lap pace, etc.

  • Who else came here from the yiay playlist