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Rich Rebuilds shows you how to have a good time by occasionally rebuilding cool cars and other general shenanigans.
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I built a $2,000 electric car
I built a $2,000 electric car8 дней назад
How we Designed my Tesla Cyberquad
How we Designed my Tesla Cyberquad2 месяца назад
Finding Power Source for my Cyberquad
Finding Power Source for my Cyberquad3 месяца назад
Rebuilding My Dream Supercar In 3 Days!
Rebuilding My Dream Supercar In 3 Days!6 месяцев назад
Why Your Tesla is Falling Apart
Why Your Tesla is Falling Apart7 месяцев назад
My Million Dollar Project
My Million Dollar Project8 месяцев назад
My electric rat is driving me insane!
My electric rat is driving me insane!8 месяцев назад
My electric rat rod wiring Hell
My electric rat rod wiring Hell9 месяцев назад
Rats Killed My Tesla
Rats Killed My Tesla11 месяцев назад
DIY Tesla Battery Trailer
DIY Tesla Battery TrailerГод назад


  • RESTORE THE Z06!!!

  • @9:55 Not worried that plastic bits would circulate in the system and might clog it?

  • Where i can buy this electric engine? in Bulgaria ? :D

  • Please convert into electric Honda city zx

  • Are we going to say nothing about that pink green and orange disgusting monstrosity?

  • The fact that a car with only that much damage is no longer viable to repair or salvage is just plain disgusting the amount of waste is unacceptable.

  • Tesla is such a waste of money... Can’t even charge it without stealing someone’s electricity or getting stranded. My first time in a Tesla got stranded. Sure their fast but they don’t go far and who the hell has 2+ hours to sit around and wait to charge it. I can’t think of any reason why people like them. Forced induction is way more fun than a silent electric motor.

  • this is great! keep it up

  • Dan and Rich a better love story than twilight.

  • whats the range on this bad boy?

  • Has tesla said why they are turning off this feature after a curtain time.

  • people say Tesla is like Apple, and this is pretty true also in that it's more difficult than ICE cars to rebuild and trick out to your desire But Rich doesn't seem to care about that, he's doing it anyway.

  • You great work brotha, always look forward to your videos...

  • Haha

  • Dude you should restore your vette and do the Lingenfelter package on it. It’s only right....

  • "New-tella" is actually correct. :)

  • Awesome episode! I learned so much even though thought I knew things already.

  • I will give you 2350.00

  • Are you going to make oven kits so people can mod their car for Uber eats and grub hub

  • With the uncertainty of supercharging, I'd go with a Zero motorcycle. They plug in anywhere and it is easy to modify the charge system.

  • Make the entire roof solar maybe? Flexible so it sticks great!

  • Everything that revolves around owning, running and maintaining electric vehicles is going to have to improve massively.

  • *And to think I was gonna purchase 2 of these iTRASH Vehicles 5-months ago!!!* *Now, I don't care if it was FREE.......I DON'T WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH TESLA.....THEY SO REMIND ME OF APPLE......TOTAL GREEDY, TOTAL UNTRUSTWORTHY, TOTAL CRAP!!!!!*

  • The shit u got him does jot worth 50bux 😂what a wripoff

  • So basically you pay money for a car you'll never own.

  • This video was actually very informative and had legit advice... which was very strange for a Rich Rebuilds video, but a nice change of pace compared to his normal videos. :) Kidding aside, great video, the clips of how the car looks when it's bad are helpful, and a good cause sponsor!

  • Tesla: Disables supercharging Me: Disables the WHOLE Tesla company

  • Real talk I learned a TON from watching this video and the one before about what to prepare for with a used Model X. Thanks Rich!

  • Awwww your teslas have to heat up just to do one or two runs. How cute. If only someone made a Porsche that could actually repeatedly do the things they claim it could.

  • Beautiful car

  • k

  • Ok hear me out give your tesla an external power chord like the Eva's in Evangelion

  • Rip out the motherboard and put a raspberry pi 4 in it. Will take a while to do (programming cus. Firmware)but will be all worth it.

  • Okay wait but why?

  • You can get 400hp pretty easily from a 305, 500 with a small blower. Plenty for a 2000 lb. hot rod.

  • Wait why would it have a noise gen??

  • This mans sounds like twomad if twomad wasn’t thiccums

  • Where did you get the 3000kw motor and the big li battery and controller? How much did all that cost??

  • I've long wanted to make an electric mini bike with an old school (swap meet)Taco style frame. I could then pass it off as a mobility device and use it at the grocery store, swap meet, mall, etc...But all I know about electricity is that AC/DC is a great band.

  • YUCK build a real car

  • "Your Pornhub account is up for renewal", LMAO!

  • Ok, I'm poor as dollar store soup, but, just for educational purposes, how much would it cost me to electrify an old, non emissions era, RWD car like a 240Z? How about something with more room for batteries and stuff, like an old Caddy?

  • A relic? I drive a 92 Silverado with 230k and a rod knock. I also have a 63 Valiant with ventilated floors. My uncle drives a 29 Model A. THOSE are relics.

  • Just to think I almost bought a Tesla

  • You are a funny and talented guy. And your daughters are great actresses.

  • Lets pretend we never saw that one email

  • Interesting. Big Brother isn't just the government, it's businesses too. I'd never buy something that the manufacturer can still control, used or not.

  • Those kids are great! Reactions are priceless!

  • 6:12 WTF?