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Rich Rebuilds shows you how to rebuild Cars like the Tesla Model S
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  • this is pretty much how i would go about building an electric car, except that i'd injure myself a bunch and give up halfway through

  • Congrats on the brand deal!!

  • Well, now they all are sold online ...

  • This is just like a diehard chevy or ford guy. It's just brand loyalty, and honestly this is a pretty awesome setup.

  • Your eyes are ok you just needed a beer!

  • An electric rat rod... thats a sin.

  • That is awesome.

  • 3:28 Barry Weis of the TV series, "Storage Wars" walks into frame in the background with a friend. Cool shot you didn't even know you caught.

  • What’s weight of the motor without gear and inverter?

  • It's all too heavy for the motors power output. 60mph might come in 3 days though

  • You can get new wheel cylinders. S-10s, Impala/Caprice, or maybe even Silverado parts might work. If it's the same size, it'll work.

  • Hi Rich figure out how to enable regen or is your controller compatible ?

  • It should be Tesla offering this kind of stuff for no extra worries. When people travel farther away, they usually carry more stuff, so a battery trailer that carries more stuff and increases the range is a useful thing many people will want/need to buy.

  • Why not move the back brakes to front? Are those different?

  • Stumbling over the curb and everything else going to the eye exam was hilarious... I literally LOL'd several times including the actual eye exam... LMAO

  • Lol

  • Call scarebird convert to disk

  • The coupler between motor and transmission input shaft is hard enough to get right many people use a jaw coupling to deal with any misalignment.

  • Your videos scare the hell out of me and I love it.

  • WOW very Cool

  • Okay, I "literally" screamed out loud over the eye exam!! Too funny!!

  • I keep coming back to watch the first 4 minutes!

  • I hate car upper hornes

  • Teslas drive like shit and the company is a scam.

  • Jesus Christ - EBAY!!

  • You and your car 1:1

  • Bmw rack and pinion systems are ace, if you can't find an E30 manual rack, you can run a power rack and pinion system from a later BMW without fluid and a little grease and vented I/0 or with fluid and a loop plate to recirculate the fluid. I imagine the latter would last forever.

  • I'm pretty sure, You just achieved the "BIGGEST AUTOMOTIVE HACK" on, "RU-tv" Award! Congrats!!!! I guess.....

  • I am trading in my real Audi RS5 V8 for a Tesla P90DL. Sad and happy at the same time! And now this? HEY AUDI GET A CLUE!!!!

  • Why does this car give you so much problems? Did you buy it salvage under the sea?

  • Bruh they for eyes exam got me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I would've blown a head gasket. Gone on the news. Raise hell and all.

  • Go go Clark's Corvair!!! I own a '66 Corvair.

  • I have no interest in cars and tesla. But I saw video about this channel on vice and subscribed instantly because what you do really inspires! This is just great! People like you actually keeps this world from falling apart! Thanks!

  • I highly suggest you add a Guibo to your coupler some how. They are typically used on german vehicles on the output shaft of transmissions to drive lines.

  • Absolutely fucking lost it 13:30

  • I'm about to do this for my dad and have a quick question for anyone reading. Around me there are almost no codes for garages other than protecting with a gfci plug or breaker. I'm doing the same hookup to an outdoor mount right by the garage door. Given there's an overhang where I'm mounting it.. does it NEED to be on a gfci breaker? If so, what do you do with the neutral on the charger side if you're using both the tesla terminals for two legs of 120? Not getting inspected, I just don't want to kill anybody.

  • I am no expert - but wouldn't it be easier to get disc brakes for the front off something more readily available?

  • People who snitch drove those? Sammy the bull owned one?

  • If half his subs buy one..

  • 1 t shirt for over $18 hehe

  • The brakes not working is this car's last ditch effort to kill you for sinning against the petrol gods by taking you down with it, which is all you deserve.

  • Shoutout Playboi Cart!! 🤟🏽 16 workin!!

  • Cool trailer, I'd love to do something like that but this guy has mad skillz that go beyond the average geek Well played.

  • Did you go to Desktop Metal??

  • What a Chad

  • Plot twist at the authorized Tesla repair body shop. There's a guy from the movie US that looks exactly like Rich Rebuilds.

  • That intro was to many repeat of the tired old Porsche that confused you with the Tesla logo and car.. Also it simply wasn't satisfying..

  • Need to convert to disc... It is way easier than trying to find or fan parts and ensures good stoping

  • Since these brakes seem like a hassle, why not upgrade to discs? You could probably get most of the hardware from a junkyard to negate costs too. Just wondering if theres a reason?


  • put some shoes on you need to set a better example. IF this is your quality of work why the hell would I let you work on my car ???

  • Rich reminds me of yahoo serious ,young Einstein .

  • What have you done with the Shop Garage? No news, no videos nothing from it? Was it an April Foools or wt?

  • I was you I do brakes disk in the front more braking power is just my opinion

  • that little bike motor is not gonna move that heavy iron car u probably fucked up the gear ratio too

  • "welding"

  • Change the hole front parts to something more common and available

  • Thought that was your new chick. Your daughter - lol

  • Just crack that motor open time for new lamination and coating but electric motors do run submerged in water it's the ESC that will malfunction dealing with water this after 40 year's of experience will All electric motors from the nicad day's but that entire electrical system needs to be replaced but I also seen ESC,s submerged in water for 20 minutes dried out and worked perfectly 😉

  • I lost it when he tripped on the curb. Subbed.

  • Dam Super Cool to see you brother I been working Solo on all my electric vechicles in the last 30 year's now it's finally a channel showing electronic technicians working on Electric cars the Future has arrived🤓

  • Just ls swap it

  • This shadetree is building a death trap electric rust rod that nobody with good sense would ever ride in to safe stranded mans life.. Lolz

  • You are so funny!😄

  • Rich, how about teslification of a proper chopped, slammed '49 merc?

  • Rich I hate to say it, but it makes your rat rod look like a pile of rat droppings!

  • Rich, what are you doing bud? I know you’re trying to be funny and such but as the now owner of garage that works on other people’s cars it doesn’t inspire confidence in the way you have carried on with this build. This was an opportunity for you to be an EV East style garage and your kinda blowing it.

  • Rich why did you wash the electrical wires???

  • This is very nice 👍, now all it needs is a cherry 🍒 paint 🎨 job

  • Smells like a scam or misleading conduct at best

  • Ric If you had never had a tesla and knew not much about them and were going to buy a used one (cheap like you) What would you buy?

  • Rich, it looks like you are working in reverse. The old brake master-cylinder in on the car at the end, while your are working on the motor to see if it spins? Keep up the good work. Rich if ain't broken, you can't fix it ! I always say ! Be blessed

  • Are we getting an update to this video?

  • VW electric must be crappy like crappy are petrol car. Price and low quality vw made in many brand the same

  • The skillshare plug got me LOLing hard. 🤣

  • Who else skips through the video to seee the actual progress?

  • WOW you use the whole word 'merchandise'. You are literally literate. I really hate the use of the word 'Merch'. That's sort of lazy and you prove you are not by all the excellent videos. Literally.

  • Put a sticker on it that says this little light of mine im going to let it shine just to make people mad lol

  • Im an Iron worker and this hard to watch.

  • you guys' banter is fkn classic

  • Rich, did you receive the custom headrests we sent you. Please confirm receipt. Thx

  • ACTUALLY, I think that you might as well go ahead and do a full disc conversion! Might as well since you are doing everything else .

  • You nasty bro.... Rats don't just show up

  • Working with contractors in Massachusetts is a nightmare!

  • i love u man but i would appreciate if u told us what instruments r u using in this rebuild, at least the brand. At least once.

  • btw why thus model x is still called model x and doesnt have a proper westworld name?

  • Yo I live In Methuen shoutout To u man

  • When I was a broke college student, I had a '64 Corvair, and couldn't afford brakes. One day, the pads were so worn that the wheel cylinder ran out of play and just popped off the ends. I coasted through an empty intersection and from then stopped with the gearshift until I could get them done.

  • and u stillnot syre if u should try stand up? Man u crazy. Have a Moscow Mule and go to open mike already. u r a natural

  • Welcome to the world of hotrod building. You either have it in you or you don't.

  • Rich is going to die in the next video driving that thing 😢

  • Elon Musk has built the most reputable, technologically advanced automotive companies ever ! What he has done in the past 20 years towers over what all other automotive companies have done over the past century and I can assure that with many issues I’ve had with any automotive manufacturer, not one has given me the customer support I get from Tesla. Please keep in mind how absolutely incredible these vehicles are how far they have come and what they are doing. And for every 10,000 extremely happy customers...there 1 entitled person that thinks the world wants to hear about his scratches rim on his USED car. I won’t leave a referral code.

  • I got a 23 T bucket kit car sitting in my back yard, wish i never bought it

  • You are a hero man!

  • use skillshare to learn welding :D

  • This is like spousal abuse. Tesla must know everyone who buys one has an emotional attachment to them so the feel free to jerk you around knowing how in love folks are with their machine and that you will take a mile of their crap. Typical dysfunctional relationship.

  • The interior is looking good! 👍

  • Richie , You should have Whiplash Protection on those seats ,..I witnessed a rear ender of a 1965 plymouth ..., where the driver's neck was like a Slinky over the seat back his head, Upside down, was starring at the rear seat .......He was dead ....

  • 4:47 gave me a flashback with my 1969 chevelle drum brakes all over and i have to replace those leaking cilinders....Hey Great video....keep the good work !