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Sunday Service Choir - Excellent (Audio)
Sunday Service Choir - Excellent (Audio)5 месяцев назад
Sunday Service Choir - Rain (Audio)
Sunday Service Choir - Rain (Audio)5 месяцев назад
Sunday Service Choir - Weak (Audio)
Sunday Service Choir - Weak (Audio)5 месяцев назад
Sunday Service Choir - Sunshine (Audio)
Sunday Service Choir - Sunshine (Audio)5 месяцев назад
Sunday Service Choir - Paradise (Audio)
Sunday Service Choir - Paradise (Audio)5 месяцев назад
Kanye West - Follow God
Kanye West - Follow God6 месяцев назад
Kanye West - Fade (Explicit)
Kanye West - Fade (Explicit)3 года назад
Kanye West - Famous
Kanye West - Famous3 года назад
No Church In The Wild
No Church In The Wild8 лет назад
Kanye West - POWER
Kanye West - POWER9 лет назад
Kanye West - Coldest Winter
Kanye West - Coldest Winter10 лет назад
Kanye West - Love Lockdown
Kanye West - Love Lockdown10 лет назад
Kanye West - Good Morning
Kanye West - Good Morning10 лет назад
Kanye West - Stronger
Kanye West - Stronger11 лет назад
Kanye West - Homecoming
Kanye West - Homecoming11 лет назад
Kanye West - Heartless
Kanye West - Heartless11 лет назад
Two Words
Two Words11 лет назад


  • When rap was actually evolving

  • What i really like about this video is it pictures how one man who has everything can have nothing and that even in the top the world is still ugly. I really wish people can watch this even if they themselves don't like Kanye West as a person.

  • I guess Kim k got yo kids until they 18 ......Turn out they ain’t his💀💀💀

  • My girl ain’t no hobbit

  • Amazin and based

  • Someone play this song when there’s riots!!!!

  • ye 2024 #sane #Coka cola #Germany

  • (NO OFFENSE) Looks to me that Kanye drugged them and forced them as part of his video

  • This was Rihanna first appearance after the Chris Brown incident

  • Twin cities riots had brought me here my hometown is in peril

  • Ótima melodia Delmiro Pereira Sampaio?

  • Kanye West + jay z = Justin Bieber +Michele jackson = Cristiano + messi = Michele jordan + lebron james

  • Bro is he promoting Sherps tho?

  • Bom dia Delmiro Pereira Sampaio!

  • Can we really talk about how kanye was pushing that maybach.


  • My ear : power My hand : stronger My down : harder


  • George Floyd

  • Comment 'George Floyd' to record your support for the People of USA against Police Brutality

  • i really can't imagine Paul McCartney actually being on this

  • #blacklivesmatter ✊✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

  • kanye just wants to watch the jetsons on boomerang

  • i deadass thought there was something wrong with my phone watching this

  • I was waiting for this day, he's come on! Let's go Brasil! 🔥🔥🔥 Bora Brasil, falta a gente.

  • Nadie puede encontrar la.musica nadie : 0:10

  • Break the conditioning

  • wowwza I wished that there was an audio version that had the sparkely sound effect at the start there from 0:19 - 0:37 Roarr!

  • Method Man, Redman, and Ludacris brought me here

  • Why. The Fuck. Can’t I stop listening to this?

  • 🖤

  • R.I.P to ALL victims of racist police

  • very scary 😕 and it’s becoming reality

  • Seeing footage of the protests so close to the White House the other day, hearing about king baby cowering in the basement, and the chorus just shot in my head. Forgot that this was the video. “No sins as long as there’s permission.” What an amazing line that speaks to the commonality of both anarchy and fascism.

  • ru-tv.org/tv/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-3VZb5JsDsxw.html

  • This whole album is what the world needs right now. God bless you Kanye, You sir are annointed and are a voice of truth crying out in the distance..

  • This video came out about 8 years too early for America

  • Jesus is KING!

  • She is so fine love this Chicago style house music

  • I can’t believe this is almost a decade old...

  • Nobody song

  • 2020 Brasil rj 🎶🎵🎼👊🏼

  • here from tik tok, I thought peaches was the one singing "flashy lights" part

  • Who’s watching this after seeing what’s happening in Minneapolis?

  • só o básico

  • Art imitates life. Life imitates arr


  • lol it looks like gta sa

  • Never question Jay and Kanye, you moved different when you know what’s coming


  • Their are six points on a Star of David ✡️..... five points out of the six represents the god head, 4 god most high 1 deity most high, and the sixth point is creation. 5 becomes a total 1 the 4 lives in the nucleus(jah), neutron(the youth yeshua Ben Joseph), proton(ox Ben David selassie I), electron(Holy Spirit)prana image salvation. Deity1 hair pores likeness Shiloh who is like god prince of host Moses nature 9 ether. 1 added on top of 6 equals 7 which means complete.

  • Give Your Life To Christ He'll Give You Paradise 🙏🏾❤


  • 0:55 Mr trump? What the heck are you doing here?

  • Vengo de nadie jsudyxtvf5




  • LIKE si t'aime GTA IV ❤ #nikobellic #gta

  • Common really making a solid contribution on this one.

  • I listen to this song not because of Kanye, But because of daft punk being in it.

  • Today i would have graduated but i'm here watching this as a replacement.

  • he cute

  • mega based

  • Esta es la canción de nadie 😳👌👌👌

  • Polifemo: Quien chota sos vos?? Ulises: 0:10

  • R.I.P. Kobe🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️❤️

  • I come back to this song im I'm still confused about the ending bit

  • #Alllivesmatter

  • inb4 media calls kanye a white supremacist and biden says he aint black for voting trump.

  • Cuando encuentro la musica del meme que vi esta mañana 1:04

  • *MJ would be proud*

  • Wake up mr. West

  • Nadie puede escuchar la canción de nadie NADIE:😎 NADIE: 😎 0:11

  • They always put it in songs and videos. How is it that this song is so prevalent today. Wicked .... no church in the BABYLON

  • Nadie me puede dar un golpe. NADIE: me salió malardo:(

  • This the best shit

  • they really censored ''white''

  • Hey is this based enterprises? I'm going to need 5 cubic yards of based delivered pronto

  • Based

  • Profecy

  • 👑💯💯💯💯

  • Dude became so based all of a sudden

  • This song brings me peace

  • Nobody: Me:I steel on know wut de voodoo ladie sed

  • Vegas on acid And I’ve realised that I’ve arrived

  • whyd he have all the fucking BOPS like wow

  • Riot fuk 12

  • You worry about the wrong things coming from me I suffer from insomnia I can’t sleep at night

  • This song is ELITE

  • How did he get kidnapped by her she hot aswell look how she just tortured KAYNE I feel bad man

  • I can’t explain anymore how KAYNE is just simply a genius everything he does is art

  • based black man. sad ya ain't runnin' 2020, king.

  • I seek this one in present day ❤️♥️👍✌🏼✌🏼

  • back here after he uploaded again on yt lmao

  • Based Kanye. Thank you for choosing the right side of the fight

  • saint s row 3 :v

  • The greatest song of all time.

  • Finally the song made it to the streets

  • Kanyes looking cute today