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  • Nobody Wants My Bread

  • Bucks have an ENORMOUS size advantage over us. But the difference is they can hit threes that the Lakers and Sixers bigs really can't. Middleton, Antetokounmpo, Ilyasova, and B. Lopez are all 6'8 through 7'0 with range.

  • Truly Admirable...Well done everyone involved 👍

  • I wish new yorker have an election for knicks ownership to turn this around 😢

  • Giannis is Old Skool basketball bringing the pain in the paint

  • Bad coaching, rest of team shooting 50%

  • wake up balmer you need a good defensive bigman or you won't compete for a chip.

  • PG & Kawhi was on that load management you love to see it 😂😂

  • Come on man. Back to back MVP

  • Mr. Potatoe head is an idiot.

  • Stephen A “then he dropped 33 me Giannis averages just under 33 in way less minutes

  • CM the God holding his own. In other words, Stephen A.smith has no chance.

  • I want lebron to get another ring before retirement but I also want gianiss to get a ring

  • PG13 dislike 🤣🤣🤣

  • The best scorer I'd go and say is Curry, he revolutionized the 2010s and took the game downtown. When we think of 3s we think of Curry, not Harden, tf.

  • Now I know why the Laker fans (Bronsexuals) were cheering for the Celtics. Look at this comment section, they’ll cheer for anyone that’s a threat against their queen. Even if it’s LeFraud’s teammates

  • Paul pierce always talking BS, jokic said its on him not the coach, still Paul pierce thinks jokic blames the coach, I don't know why he still got this job, he needs to be fired asap

  • 3:14 bruh she called him michael jeffrey

  • Why j Kidd leave a great situation in la to a horrible situation in nyc

  • Kawhere

  • Yeah... we're talking like they never play together in team USA (Spoiler alert : Kobe, Wade, Lebron and Melo were cooking in that redeem team).

  • What a good night. Clippers got blown out, while lakers blew out a team.

  • The Freak is a beast but I thought he would be DOMINATING more

  • Ok is denniss talking about players or money

  • Max staying on code... never totally hurt a man for disrespecting a black man

  • The Knicks need 2 things 1. What the Knicks need is a new owner of the Knicks and new front office . 2. The Knicks need a European coach to instill in them the nature of winners . Once that happens, she can be the most popular team in the NBA Knicks have one of the biggest tv deals in the NBA. More Knicks views equal more money .

  • wasnt the first point showed a travel

  • Paul P....has no clue

  • Poor Spike Lee, his Knicks, and Arsenal Football club are both in a hot mess..

  • keep sleeping on Clemson 👀

  • Just a thought but maybe....just maybe...the Clippers aren't THAT good.

  • Third best player on the team? How about Danny Green?

  • But were those darker players QBs Stephen A. Stop being so dense.

  • Arriba las chivas! chingue asu madre el que diga que no.

  • Jay Williams sucks.. Can't stand him. Never have. He's only slightly better than Ryan Hollins.

  • Lawrence Frank, Mike Winger, Trent Redden, Jerry West, Steve Ballmer, they're all scheming. Plotting the next ninja moves before the deadline. Know the weaknesses now. Dissect every little flaw. Then correct them by Feb.

  • Still gotta pay em for the two years left on his contract.

  • Watch. The Lakers trade Kuzma for JR Smith, Tristan Thomson, Kevin Love, and a ham sandwich.

  • LeBron is done warming up.

  • Sheesh Giannis was busting that A today!

  • The biggest non story is covering lebron every day

  • I won’t be mad one bit if lebron loses mvp and the nba finals to Giannis 🤧

  • combined 30 points against the bucks pg 13 and kawhi lol

  • I guess the best team might not be in the west. The Bucks are straight balling this year. And Gannis has took his game to another level can’t wait for the matchup against the Lakers. It’s like they a Collision coarse

  • Who knew NBA championships are won in November and December? Maybe in January, February, March, April, and May too? I wasn't aware of this. Exactly a year ago, the Bucks were #1. Where did they finish again?

    • Hold that L tonight 😂😂

    • Giannis is the best player in the league you'll just have to get over it.

    • So salty.

  • LAKERS 👑🏆

    • @Gang Member not only did the lippers take a L tonight, you just got one for that profile name 👎

    • Loyal 2 God too bad lakers did show up against the clippers.

    • Yes sweetie 💜💛

  • I've NEVER liked Sherman when he played with Seattle and don't like his him now and I'm a diehard 49ers fan

  • Why does Stephen A have such a hard on for Rodgers ? He is good ,but hes not that great,come on now.Oh and by the way GO RAVENS we are winning the SB in the year of 2019.

  • If he was Black, Asian or Hispanic this wouldn’t even be news. There’s being sensitive to racism, then there’s plain sensitivity

  • Code blue The bronsexuals are comming like cockraches

  • Mark Jackson is somebody I think would have success with the knicks and by success I’m not meaning a winning record this year

  • Race for MVP is gonna be so close if Giannis, LeBron and Luka keep playing and winning the way they are. Sheesh

    • What about harden lol. He's carrying his team putting up the bes numbers and has Russell westbrook on his team having the worst season of his career.

    • Agreed. It's funny that people think kawhi is even close to being better than these three.

  • 1:34 "Bannn..ER ER Yeh Et" ?? even the players were embarrassed and couldn't stop fidgeting.

  • here before that tony preston clown starts spamming the comments

  • An underlying streak of jealousy and insecurity is usually what triggers dumb comments like those, particularly about people and athletes of a different color by those who feel inadequate in some part of their lives. This should be no surprise.

  • Fizdale is a horrible coach. Players dont know their roles and fizdale doesnt give consistent minutes to his players. Dont know why people think he can coach, must be the glasses.

  • Second guy sound like hes from the sixties.

  • I was wondering why I wasn’t hearing the most annoying voice in the world interrupting everything. Oh, molly isn’t here.

  • B2B MVP

  • Flippers fans AKA ex warriors fans left the chat 😂😂😂😂

    • Bronsexuals were once Cleveland & Heat fans too. If LeRoid were to join the Clippers next year, you all would be Clipper fans

    • Here we go again, hyoed for having the best record...

  • Even the best coach needs players to be successful

  • He is mvp.

  • I remember George saying that he wanted Tyson several times when the possibility was real. He explained that anyone who comes at him (George) he would knock him out, that those type fighters were tailor-made for George. I believe George would have withstood Tyson's early onslaught and then knocked him out. Remember the shots he took from Holyfield and remained on his feet ? George is being very generous to Tyson as the older, wiser man.

  • Racists always hide themselves and use codes and deception, even the KKK hid their faces.. but we're supposed to trust your intentions lol

  • Carmelo would be a starting SF as a Lakers

  • First

  • 🐐

  • Get Iggy pls

  • So how many coaches and gm’s are the knicks still paying right now?

  • It all comes down to coaching. There is no discipline on that team. Garrett doesn't hold anyone accountable every time they lose a game. It's like and army without a leader, it takes a leader to win a fight.

  • What??'t even compare the 2 or put them in any space together

  • Not gonna lie, Stephen A. look cool with that cowboy hat 😂

  • 🖕🏾the Clippers. Laker Nation all day, everyday and for life. Thank you and happy birthday Giannis

    • Don’t worry, Giannis will go beat up LeFraud on the Lakers.

    • TheChronicDocumentary DreGame agreed🤝 🖕🏾the clippers

  • He’s not a HOF Qb, if it wasn’t for those 2 rings he would never even be in a HOF conversation.

  • Respect!!!

  • Richard Sherman the apologist.

  • That dance at the beginning was nasty

  • Caruso better have HOF putback boss

  • 300 plus pound linemen are 2 heavy to out run faster guys , not unknown in football

  • Look at the pictures when the Ravens are in black. Then look at a picture of Josh Allen in a white jersey. Watch for Belichick to change the Pat's jerseys to brown. Which is easier to see the ball? It was stupid of him to state the fact in today's climate.

  • 1:36 Teddy is absolutely spot on here


  • 🙋🏾‍♀️At least we had T.O. one REAL BLK King during this interview! Lol to stand up for another one of our Kings Kaepernick. Steven is a lost & confused boy in a face mask!.. ! Lol!

  • le bron a fake friend with a big ego

  • Paul is stupid meeen

  • Eli deserves to be in the HOF he denied the black empire twice.

  • Tex Johnson joins Stephen A.

  • Why is this woman the lead sportscaster here? who is she anyway? The two guys have to keep correcting her, "Tre Young is going to be a player," no, "he's already a player." She should learn the game and the players game, it's obvious some in the HR dept likes her, and GAVE her the job OVER more knowledgeable and qualified. ESPN at one time had some excellent and professional sports reporter, now it's just all fluff.

  • Did they hire Floyd Mayweather's sister?

  • *Simmons' stats are all down from last year *Embiid's stats are all down from last year *Sixers lose Butler and Reddick Stephen A. "I'm still picking the Sixers"

  • These fake analysts are wrong. We like who they brought in. Fizdale is the reason Kristaps wanted out. He didn't commit to Frank early and that's why they lost hím. Kristaps didn't even talk to the coach just went right to the front office. Fizdale is a good assistant, but not ready to lead young men at this level. Like how the team is constructed. We didn't like DSJ Lebrons guy and you all can see how ineffective he is at this point. Trading Kristaps and getting nothing back was destructive. This coach lack of vision is why he's gone. Still no leader appointed and he obviously don't know team chemistry. Starting Morris, RJ and Randle together? Morris is a strong bench guy not the Starter. RJ is okay but dosen't shoot well enough or have the intangibles to start. We like Randle only with Knox, Dot, Mitchell, and Frank. That was your top recruit and someone we wanted, but Fizdale was clueless.

  • Tua enters draft, falls to the Patriots, rehabs, takes over the reins, Patriots win another 6 Super Bowls. Calling it now

  • Paul Pierce is arguably the dumbest commentator on this show.

  • Where molly

  • What I love about this season is that Jerry Jones (and his son) as a GM is being exposed. All offseason there was talk about the Cowboys having a Super Bowl roster!? Can we really say that now!? Are the Cowboys that talented, and we already knew Jason Garrett was mediocrity personified. So, do we know if anyone on the Cowboys roster is any good? Supposedly they are but the decision to keep Garrett has muddied the waters and we are no longer, so sure about how good Cowboys PLAYERS are!

  • Fake News is getting dumber by the day.

  • I dont boo eagles I boo dolphins giants packers cowboys and PATRIOTS

  • Jalen Rose undervover?


  • Man j kidd ain't going there. 😂😂😂