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  • Commit to Tenn St. next!

  • Donovan iz actually being more childish than Rudy. It was an unprecedented situation and he apologised for everything. They keep deflecting the questions about beef talking about "I just wanna win", but I really think D Mitchell is the problem rn.

  • Washington Whiteys. Just to show the left how silly they are about getting offended about everything. Getting rid of Aunt Jemima and Uncle Bens, just ridiculous,

  • I hope kawhi wins another chip this year 💪🔥

  • Supply and demand dude .. get over it

  • Jay Will is a hater wow

  • Fed on tilt.

  • Man Conor's persona is an act but khabib is about it

  • Rudy Goburt

  • He didn't test positive until AFTER the interview where he touched all the mics, by then he'd already passed it on to Mitchell - He didn't catch flak for being the first NBA player w/ COVID19. He caught flak for treating it like a joke and unknowingly passing it onto his teammate BECAUSE he didn't take it seriously. Those are two totally different scenarios.

  • Inject this content into my veins

  • No but taking away part of history like statues and such is bad cause it show what we went through to get where we are and to remind people what happen so it dont again.

  • Lebron is still the best NBA player in the world. No other player in the league has his ability to turn the worst teams into championship contenders. Enough is enough. Khawi is a middle class KD.

  • Celtics is just good in papers no action hearing from last 3 years Celtics but they never show up this year they are out in round 2 Raptors is coming out of east they are so deeeepppp they will eat Celtics alive if they end up playing

  • I think it's wrong to be bullied and black mailed by corporate sponsors. It clearly sends the wrong message.

  • Dame lillard on the lakers Awesome

  • Pierce coming in with another terrible take lmao

  • Hope they're all beef

  • Colin Kaepernick has ZERO interest in signing with a team. His career as an activist would be over, and he has far more money to make as an activist than he does as a second or third string quarterback.

  • Detroit LIONS 🦁 NEED Antonio brown big time

  • Only watched for badlandschugs

  • Why would the warriors have to prove something they already done? That doesn’t make any sense.. even if they dont win anytime soon.. the only one that has to prove something is KD

  • Jordan himself said they had no answer for Hakeem. So the man himself acknowledged the Rockets had a chance vs the Bulls. That holds more weight I think than Jordan fanboys on here or a media head Jordan worshipper like Stephen A. The man himself said he was glad they didn’t face the Rockets in the finals. Now let the fanboys start listing Jordan’s resume or telling us how he “would” have won 8 in a row lol.

  • Clippers overrated and full of bandwagon fans

  • Cam should just replace Steven A


  • I would stay my whole career for that super max contract money lol

  • The cuts to the players and fans make this so much better CHANCE THE RAPPER IS SMILING

  • Listen to this devil...he still don't see what's happening. We are letting you have your schools and let you swim or sink but we are done with you. I pray we leave them all the way alone but the Tom's gonna still shuffle.

  • its so sick that Raptors is not even mentioned last year CHAMPS this year were on a roll before covid beat lakers in LA almost beat clippers if it weren't for back to back went on a 15-0 run and espn act like we Gona be out first round well we will surprise everyone just like last year....wait and watch

  • I disagree but good debate

  • Oh my God looks like a totally healthy human being who had covid ya are crazy man its the common cold bill Gates trying vaccinate people 2020 officially the craziest year so far of my life

  • This disrespectful af

  • I’m a huge patriots fan and I have no clue who this man is lol.

  • Respect to young man for not talking about it & just doing it.

  • Damian lillard to lakers would be great for them to win a championship

  • That man looks like he ate 75 hot-dogs

  • Glizzy gladiator

  • Unless they're the raptors...

  • HBCU need their Shine in 🇺🇸

  • They don't know if he is totally healed

  • I disagree straight up

  • 80/90s centers would be so proud

  • Draymond wouldn't have gotten that contract if he didn't run Durant out of town. He knew what he was doing. Warrior fans are suckers

  • Where's Matt Stonie?

  • The NBA is paying COVID-19 testing of everyone there and ordinary people can't get tested. Does anyone find a problem with this

  • it wasnt backlash for being the first athlete who tested positive for covid... it was backlash for treating the incredibly serious situation of the pandemic with such a cavalier and rude attitude. He's since then apologized and I know the man means well, but let's be real with the reason as to WHY he faced so much backlash....

  • Super Cam will Start an Bill Will probably Have a great Plan For Both of them

  • The OP

  • Who filmed it it was shaking

  • Ha. Think about it like this. If you replace prime Durant with prime T-Mac, the Thunder would have multiple titles. It’s T-Mac. No doubt. He knows it too. He’s just being cool about it.

  • Damian lillard to lakers is Awesome fit to the La lakers

  • Imagine these two duos were healthy and on fire Harden and Wwestbrook Kawhi and George

  • The Washington Liberals

  • 😂😂😂😂well deserved!

  • Prisoner of the moment? Isn't every Brady SB been decided by one score?

  • On this day Craig ehlo became famous for something he didn't do

  • It is Mike Tyson. Mike understood the longer the fight went, the longer it took him to get his money, and the more chance of something weird happening. So he tried to end every fight in the first 20 seconds, as every fighter should.

  • The 76ers is up next...

  • Damian lillard to the LA LAKERS is a Awesome idea

  • Fr the noise

  • I cannot believe there is going to be a second bubble in Chicago. If I was any of those players whom have nothing to win, I would tell the NBA Organization to kiss my A$$! I cannot believe the NBA Organization would put this many people at risk for the almighty dollar! It just goes to show everyone how corrupt the NBA Organization is!

  • The Washington Irrelevants. Has the most to do with the actual football team.

  • Cam just might make the coach love him 😂😂

  • My sleeper pick to lead the league in receiving this season is...drum roll please...No One ! There isn't going to be season. I'm not saying there can't be, or shouldn't be (beyond my "pay grade" to know that); there just "won't be". The reason being is the way other sports leagues have tried for months to get back to play; and issue, after issue, after issue keeps popping up. From unions unrealistically wanting 100% guarantees their members won't get ill, to players "foolishly" believing fans would rather listen to them opine on twitter than play ball; everything has been one, big cluster-@#%& ! And yeah, I know....the NHL, MLB, and NBA are all "scheduled" to begin play sometime in July. But I'll believe it when I see it. And in the mean time, the NFLPA has already started whining about...well, working. As they voted unanimously to play "0" pre-season games a couple days ago. Listen, if they don't want play then I say, don't play. It's that simple. But if you're the NFLPA, don't go to the media with self righteous B.S. about trying to protect your players when team's have already enacted every and any protocol to protect "all" employees. You see, the real game the NFLPA is playing is a money game. Their trying to drum up a bogus claim that NFL teams do not have proper protocols in place to protect them, because those protocols do not include a "100%" guarantee. Fact is, there never is (or will be) a 100% guarantee of anything; especially during a pandemic. These guys cannot socially distance and play football at the same time. However, instead of doing 1 of the following 2 things...1) Agreeing to play and accepting the fact there will be "some" risk like every other person who is currently working away from their own home; 2) Refusing to play, and thus forgoing their pay and living off from the paycheck protection plan / unemployment insurance like every other person who is currently "not" working...the NFLPA is attempting to play a got-ya game with the league by pretending they want to play (work / perform their job), but just can't, because their work environment is a risk (again, only due to the fact that it's impossible to be given a 100% guarantee on "anything"). Therefore, they will claim that it's only fair the season be cancelled "and" they be paid all or significant portion of their yearly salary. I find this completely "rich"; and shows how little regard pro athletes have for the plight of everyday people.

  • Lukas euro highlights were insane. I could tell he was crazy good before the draft

  • These young one dont know any better..

  • So done with ESPN

  • Well let's cancel the NBA permanently.

  • it's funny how much sympathy players get. How many people in this country have been going to work everyday just to keep food on the table despite all the dangers of this virus? Now Mike Trout doesn't want to get paid millions to play a sport because his wife is pregnant and suddenly everyone is concerned.

  • Arians is thrilled no doubt. Need that o-line to protect Brady but reality is that Tom Brady will be involved in many shootouts with that suspect Bucs defence. Not sure he can run a high octane offence at that age and weak arm.

  • POV: ur here from tik tok😎

  • Washington Warriors. Problem solved.

  • When 1980's Tennis style meets 2010's!

  • That Bell doesn't mean shiz here 😆

  • Who gives AF as long as he get the job done my man CAM sometime you have to go to appeared in time when you Zone everybody out & Get to a period where They have no choice but to give you that respect respect is not given but it’s earned , it looks like a situation where you have to earn that even though your Your record shows that Good luck

  • Felgers said this about all sports athletes, not just Cam. He wasn't saying it because Cam is black.

  • Look I'm a Caucasian. You know a white guy. I'm here to say that I request that the Carolina Panthers change their logo. I'm offended by the fact of Panthers. The name refers to a black radical group.

  • Haven't we learned in the last couple months that they're all overpaid???

  • Stephen A fell for it

  • He has a Job as a Black Lives Matter Commander in Chicago. Oops 😬 they don’t care that much about Black Lives so they don’t have a Chicago Chapter

  • Pop = Belicek... both rode one player their whole careers which covered up for their mediocrity in coaching. Pop will never be relevant again in the NBA.

  • today on wokecenter we witch hunt the Washington redskins.


  • Lebron need to pick him up

  • So are all the blacks going to chill with all their racial slurs? They got a slur for every race just like every other race does but all the other races are being asked not to use theirs but the black community seems to think its ok to use these terms even the slur they hate the most.... Totally hypocritical I think that would help matters a lot.... We all also need to take time to realize what could have been without all this history everyone wants to erase... EVERYTHING would be different...

  • Crawfrod is a great fighter no doubt about that, thats why i really want him to fight canelo at 154 or ggg at 160..why? because his big and if he really want to prove something, he must fight the best fighter available..if pacquiao dont want u, then fight canelo or GGG..though thats at the middle weight but that will makes you a legend for sure if you beat those guys....Lets make it happen, CRAWFORD VS CANELO LETS GO! that will be a mega fight for sure

  • So does the that mean the Yankees and the Indians should run out and change their names cause it offends someone. The name forty niners is offensive too but nobody is complaining about it.

  • This man can play every legend because he looks like all of them literally

  • Perk hates his family. He keeps saying how long he's been around them loool

  • Max need to be drug tested immediately

  • When did Kendrick Perkins become the go to analyst on ESPN? They really don’t have better options?😂😂

  • This is one of white America's nightmares

  • The bucks wouldn't win a title if every other team had 4 players instead of 5

  • Stonie was not hungry he only took small bites

  • W

  • USA Sports media has no credibility. STICK TO ONLY US SPORTS 🤦‍♂️ they never seem to talk about cricket

  • Max Kellerman just shut up. You truly make me sick.

  • Shows you how much wearing a mask helps. Keep wearing your masks everyone.

  • Duncan retired. That's why they stink. Never did anything before or after him. Pop made his reputation on one player just like Belicek, who will also be exposed this year now that Brady is gone. They got lucky on Kawhi being handed to them by Indy but everyone else they've drafted in the past since Ginobili has pretty much stunk and Pop hasn't been able to develop anyone. That's on him.