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fashion, thrifting, and other misadventures of a 20-something college graduate clinging to her glory days when she won the best dressed senior superlative. all served with a spicy side of dry humor.
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tips for working / studying from home
tips for working / studying from home2 месяца назад
oops! i moved to NYC!
oops! i moved to NYC!4 месяца назад
my most worn clothing of 2019 ♡
my most worn clothing of 2019 ♡4 месяца назад
preparing to make 2020 my b*tch
preparing to make 2020 my b*tch5 месяцев назад
my last weekend in LA...
my last weekend in LA...7 месяцев назад
fall thrifted outfits of the week 🍂
fall thrifted outfits of the week 🍂8 месяцев назад
my first time at vidcon!
my first time at vidcon!8 месяцев назад
what i wish i'd known about college...
what i wish i'd known about college...9 месяцев назад
taking myself on a date ♡
taking myself on a date ♡10 месяцев назад
how to style thrifted clothes
how to style thrifted clothes10 месяцев назад
our first road trip together...
our first road trip together...11 месяцев назад
how i do my hair
how i do my hairГод назад


  • dude i thought the uneven buttoned sweater was a style thing and ima do it now

  • Does paper by 53 still exist

  • Ashley on her neutral ass filas *i like that they have a pop of color*

  • WAIT.... the typing font is the same as Shane Dawsons creepy vids :0

  • I thought this was new and freaked out

  • I am very very late but there was a case of candy poisoning, I cant remember if ot was in LA though but it was like in 1950 or idk but very old

  • I think you'd love Please Like Me, it's an australian sitcom following the life of a newly out gay guy and his friends, it feels a lot like New Girl at times, just darker in humor and a little more rural lol I'm guessing a lot of people have rec'd it, but Normal People is such a beautiful show!!! And in terms of stand up, you might like Hannah Gadsby... I'm not sure, like her comedy is almost not comedy but I love all the specials you mentioned, so you might like her stuff too? Dunno

  • show us ur journal ashleyyyyy

    • showwww us SHOW US

  • omg the end of this video, you're such a fucking goon ashley

    • love your cords outfit. curious- whats your take on pleather

    • by that i mean, i love u

  • Looking literally badass

  • When my mom buys my clothes and I don't like any of the clothes but stil wears it: 👁👄👁 already failing

  • I fell in love with your earrings and I immediately bought them, ha. I'm not one to impulse buy!

  • What does jerking off mean-

  • Her: cursing and gets 367,507 likes, Me: cursing and gets 4 likes.

  • *doesnt see avatar the last airbender on the list* "impossible, perhaps the archives are incomplete"

  • I actually love what Ashley did to that room. I wish she could do mine...

  • Why do I love ashley so much she is that friend with never ending energy and relatability and talent

  • I just discovered your channel and usually I don't watch vloggers, but your channel is really inspiring and amazing. So thank you for making videos and being yourself on camera. I really hope you find happiness and peace, if you haven't found it already.

  • very cool vlog episode! thanks for sharing!😄

  • don't be shy brag some more don't be shy brag some more

  • i hope this is usefull even if it's 4 years later i still want a lob

  • Anyone else watching this because Ashley is their favorite RU-tvr and one of their inspirations to start their own channel during quarantine?

  • You look about 3 years younger in this video.

  • Umm great introduction..subscribed!

  • My ultimate goal on the first day of school is to have a better outfit than everyone. I go really bold on the first day. Dress to impress y’know.

  • Ashley: “hi I’m Ashley and I spend an average of 3 hours and 28 minutes a day on my phone” Me: *laughs in phone addiction*

  • Is iMovie better or should I just buy final cut

  • I don't know if you said it in the video or anything but what paints did you use

  • I think the hardest time to be single is after you felt what its like to actually be in love. The shift back to going about your day to day without being in love in hard. Its like "wait no i just discovered this wonderful life changing thing and now i have to go back to not having it?!?!" First real heartbreak is the worst but the most character changing

  • imagine having the problem where you have to take in the waistband of your jeans...


  • Here I am at 29 learning to love being single from a 21 year old who is talking about the fear of aging and being married at 30. I don't know how to feel at this point.

  • "Don't do cannibalism kids".... Aww man, i was about to eat the rich

  • You remind me so much of me. <3

  • That is great video But I was hoping for free editing tool. Can you make a tutorial on a free editing tool for me please? Thanks

  • cant wait to make my way through some of these shows. thank you

  • I want those white boots...where they from :|

  • Very delacroix of you

  • Today I learned that Home Depot is the American version of B and Q ✌️

  • youre such a cutie and pretty and emit high iq energy i wanna be like you when im like 20, even if you may think youre not perfect in my eyes you are ily ash

  • Me, trying to sleep and than starting a bestdressed marathon, heck yeah

  • Well first of all, u should have alot of clothes in ur room ;-;

  • Lol now that you have bangs I can't imagine you without them 😂😂 P.S when I go to the salon I'm just gonna hold up a picture of your new bangs and say 'give me these' lol

  • Ok which plant did she say it was?? I want the same!

  • ru pauls drag race is a great show if you just want to be entertained, there is beautiful fashion and art. but the contestants also talk about their lgbt struggles and can be quite eye opening

  • Super love this girl!💖 Subscribe to my channel guys! Ill sub back! I’m from the Philippines 🇵🇭 💕

  • Hahaha yes

  • We love ya💛

  • Ever since Ashley got bangs I she looks weird without them to me 😂😂

  • Really old and cringe but ugly betty and revenge.

  • thanks for this! Adding all the movies I haven't watch yet to my letterboxd watchlist :) Fun fact: my mother was an extra in Brooklyn :P

  • quarantine has made me realize that I always just buy cheap and easy clothes and nothing that actually makes me feel good wearing it or doesn't express how I really want to feel so I want to restart my whole wardrobe basically has anyone done this/ have any advice for doing so?


  • This just felt like i was choosing clothes for a sims character

  • elena actually looked really fucking good

  • I needed this video in my life, im a Latin girl, and in my country people have a lot of "standards" of what is a worthy woman, and if you sleep with a bunch of men you are slutty, i just ended a relationship 2 months ago, we lived together and this relationship made me feel soooo unworthy, made me feel so much guilt about my sexuality, i felt like i was judged all the time, he even said that he was starting to feel umconfortable about the fact that i have had a lot of sex before him, even tho he had been in orgys and stuff like that.... Its incredible how us women tend to be influenced by this kind of stuff, we let this ruin our self steem, and feel that nobody will ever take us seriously because of our decisions.... Now i feel like im tired of all that shit, i didnt want to end that relationship because i didnt want to have another sex partner since i felt guilty enough....but seriously, men do the same shit and nobody judges them, and i just wanna live my life, i wanna learn to be happy single and if i want to have sex with someone its my fucking life, i want to travel and get to know myself, heal all the shit ive put myself into because of "standards", i wanna convince myself that i am worthy, i am an awesome woman, independant and happy, and love myself so much that i know how to recognize someone that is worthy of myself...

  • I don't think you should judge LA based on the area you were in. LA is huge, and you can't judge the city because of that. Obviously you missed out on a lot the great things LA has. I think that you should have maybe gone to other places, found the more diverse areas, all that. LA is a great place and its unfair to judge it based on the Hollywood side or rich side you were on.

  • Can you reuse the wall paper?

  • BoJack is my spirit animal❣️

  • Need more of this!

  • I always wanted to have that vintage wardrobe and when I finally started to get it it's trendy and now I can't find the clothes anymore. :( I'm still a young bean so I don't online shop and my thrift's.... interesting.... Any tips internet humans?♥️♥️

  • does anyone know how to find thrift outlets near them? i live in Los Angeles and i can't seem to find thrift outlets but it would help me a lot to just buy clothes by the pound!

  • I love you, Ashley! 🥺💖 I have a lot of things on my mind while watching this but right now I just want to say how I adore and love you! 🥺 Sending hugs 🥰

  • Your explore page usually goes off things you save on instagram, so if you want A specific type of thing to show up just save a bunch of similar things.. sorry if that doesn’t make sense haha but I hoped I helped someone 💜

  • plot twist: ashley had covid at the beginning of this video

  • omg your hair I love it !!!

  • who else came back to this video just to laugh at the title

  • ashley: i'll see you with an apartment makeover video in like, a month and a half! also ashley: * one year later * *hEre's the apartment makeover!!*

  • It’s good to see a very independent and resourceful young lady although her mouth need washing out with some strong soap, but I think you did a great job putting the apartment together finally and I hope you have as much fun doing your new one

  • as a virgo i lowkey feel attacked tho

  • Can we finally talk about how weird the song "My Humps" is? You said we will talk about it in a 50 outfits video

  • alot of people started listening to modern loneliness because of this vid

  • us after watching her move to new york and struggle to makeover the entire apartment:

  • ily so muchh!!!

  • brUH what are u NOT good at....

  • (just watched this again and remembered you're my movie soulmate cus the double is my favorite movie of all time and I've never met someone who knew it)

  • I love your vids🙂

  • I've tracked all the clothing that I actually wear and I've concluded that I dress like a bum

  • The worst insecurity I ever had was my body. My face was chubby but even that I was okay with. My height (I’m literally 4’10) is annoying but I was always okay because I could wear heels if I needed height. Certain parts of my face aren’t “perfect” but I grew up okay with it. But my body... I lost my happiness when middle school hit. I was a tomboy as a little kid and even though I was overweight I was confident and liked my body. But when I hit middle school and saw all these pretty girls who were tall and skinny, I hated myself. I’m still fighting it and I still can’t be happy with my weight. I always get told I’m pretty and I look good but the pressure is too much. I’ve lost some weight and I can smile knowing I’m “okay”. I hope I can find the day when I’m comfy or less eating and don’t feel the need to starve myself to be skinny. I can’t wait to be confident with myself.

  • To all the haters: Ashley deserves this and so much more!

  • have you seen The Disaster Artist, Ms Ashley? ♡ it's basically a BTS movie version of how The Room was created omg you'd love it

  • i hear ashley talk abt being a workaholic all the time and im the laziest most unmotivated person ik hearing her talk abt self love and taking time off is great for my productivity :D

  • I highly recommend "Pose", specially now that you've moved to NY. It is such an amazing show exposing the struggles of the LGBTQ community back in the 80s, it brings in actually places, characters from real life movements.

  • She spent 59 dollars on a skirt *i don’t even have 59 dollars*

  • The French love youuuuuu <3

  • I'm just watching this thinking about all the cute outfits I'm gonna wear after this pandemic 😂😢😂

  • i want a vogue that models without makeup to show that makeup isnt necessary to feel beautiful

  • I really love this, I love the idea and the way you executed it was perfect. I love the whole thing, and I adore the way you said the things you liked and the things you were still working on. And that's a great neck/chest!


  • I have only just discovered you (I know I'm late) but feel like I know you already

  • I loved this so much can u do movies too!? 🥺

  • Hey Ashley, I love your channel! But lately, there have been several critical youtube videos about you, and I think that a response to them is something you should think about. Overall, I think you are a very unproblematic youtuber, but there are always things to improve on for everyone! No hate, I of course am still supportive of your content, but I'm also in favor of constructive criticism!! :))

  • Imagine being monetized

  • Just a question, does anyone know what city she lived in, in Maryland?

  • best intro everrr I’ve been having very similar dreams lmao

  • If you guys liked gillian in “love” you should definitely check out her other show “community” which is on Netflix, it’s very funny and amazing

  • She is pro at making brick walls (lol) 🤗🤪

  • Wish you were actually my big sis

  • sis was LITERALLY holding a basket as a bag at 3:57 😂

  • I live your lighting when I take a picture my lighting is the worst