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Hello Internet! I'm Matpat and welcome to GAME THEORY! Do you ever wonder what secrets could be hiding in your favorite games? So do we! From piecing together the complete FNAF timeline to figuring out if Toadette is REALLY a young Princess Peach, we cover it all! If you want to take a deep dive into the world of nerdy theories, join the Game Theorist's community today!
But hey, it's just a bunch of theories. Game Theories! Thanks for watching.
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  • Yknow. I'm sure in the future the so called "good ol days" will be before this mayhem. Really. This is... shocking. I cant imagine what the next generation will face. We can only hope that RU-tv as a social media platform will stay intact. Once you really think about it, theres no telling what might become of RU-tv in the coming years. It could even be wiped from the face of the internet, for all we know. Talk about dark times we live in.

  • Force slow doesn’t make you slow, it just makes the game move slower

  • Gotta be honest I’m not too into gaming, animators do way more work and get way less recognition.

  • 10:30 hold up, was that a cut? Didn’t they say it would be uncensored completely


  • Shoutout coolpig

  • We're in the endgame now

  • Hylians molecular structure maybe more dense.

  • We need a theory for the game: River city girls! Please

  • Well this video will come in hand-y

  • We need a theory for the game: River city girls! Please

  • Actually the world would not be destroyed because the reaction he's talking about is nuclear fusion, which results in small atoms breaking like helium, which releases energy but not like a nuclear blast that current nuclear plants can cause. Sorry for the complicated explanation.

  • Lol I play all the time and have beaten everyone I know who plays, but it’s cause I play a Homebrew gamemode

  • Obviously, there's the normal physical stuff, and then the abnormal interaction with reality itself. The abnormal stuff may never totally make sense, because it might not be real, but people expect some sort of scientific explanation of how the force interacts with midi-chlorians anyway. The force is just relationships and physics itself, and what Star Wars does with it is just a guess about what adepts might be or have been able to do with a symbiotic, focused, and basic connection to reality itself, or "being in the zone".

  • Bruh 23 is not an important number in Islam.

  • Jesus Christ this’d make me so nervous!!!

  • Why does music man is UCN have the fnaf 1 jumpscare sound

  • Is it weird that I have come back here to write an essay for my english class

  • This channel teaches me more things than school

  • She dodges questions the way Neo dodges bullets in the Matrix

  • I just have one thing to say that is not Michael Afton that is his brother

  • It's all about control, you don't control if the rules are concrete, so it's not in her interest to give concrete rules, so she dodges all the questions and talks straight to the audience and makes it sound like they are really trying without ever giving numbers, straight answers, and anything that confirms our safety, of jobs for creators, and privacy for users.

  • Minecraft cactus as a table, btw

  • That is scary tho.

  • It matters on the user

  • That was uncomfortable to watch from the both of them

  • ok so Matpat first: the Kaaba has no gold in it second: the reason it is dark is because of the human sins over the years, it is said that it absorbs the sins of people and become darker. third: the reason why it is sacred is that in the Coran, it was created by someone who was one of the prophets in the religion and the one who opened the source of water close to the Kaaba that is called maa zamzam

  • Yikes... she legit barely answered anything at all.

  • It is my personal opinion that every jedi has a unique force power accessible only to them

  • Press start 2p

  • I can only imagine how hard it would be to run RU-tv in a way that makes everyone happy. As such a huge company expectations are very high from every direction. They have to satisfy advertisers with making sure content is ad-friendly, you have to satisfy creators by allowing them to create the content they want without having everything demonetized, and now COPPA has demands about not targeting children with advertising.

  • 10:38 real life is whacky matpat

  • One question about The ancient builders how did they get the dragon heads

  • Cell membrane

  • Is it just me who doesn’t associate an ad with a video whatsoever, like it’s just an ad, I don’t associate ads with tv shows either

  • It be either ribosomes or vacoles

  • Mattpatt: wait will this hurt me Me: yes it is a bullet Mattpatt(flicks bullet) Me: how is this possible

  • Jevle

  • But neutrons are made of quarks as well!

  • 😭😩😭🥺😢🥺

  • I'm so deleted;-;

  • These were simpler times on RU-tv

  • Ash is being cloned as his ten year old self but with all his memories

  • I know it doesnt mean a lot but I'm with you a hundred percent. I wish government control would listen to the people and realize when they are screwing up. I can post anything towards the ftc it wont allow me to. I speak for all viewers when i say we back our favorite channels and creators. Y'all have helped me and several others in our darkest hours helping fight both depression and anxiety and it just sucks that our virtual home and being invaded by laws that shouldn't exist due to the fact, as was stated, youtube was complying. I'm furious but theres only so much we can do. As said before I back you man Game Theorists must live on!!!!

  • This video isn’t coppa compliant. The colors are bright...

  • Thank you! This is a great interview!

  • Circus baby

  • How can it be summer if hes at school

  • At $42000 a video, the government might be able to pay off all it’s debt in months. Temptations.


  • I really... I mean REALLY dislike Susan

  • the pigs would have to evolve to stay alive because just like humans the pigs had to protect themselves and to use the sword they would need to stand on 2 legs to use less energy

  • We had a magnitude 10 earthquake

  • ** theorist slurping nosie**

  • we got A guy on the inside... On to phase 2 😈😎

  • If Time warp is able to warp time cant diagla warp power from the Big Bang and blow the universe to pieces

  • I know you're done with the Five Nights at Freddy's game theories but please just do the theory it means a lot and I actually want this to be cleared and yeah so if you need my friend to a lot of research work into this and we want to see you do it

  • Game Theory I know you're done with the FNAF but what if purple guy is not the phone guy because in the night before phone call you get I always wanted was in those empty heads of there's William knows what's inside the heads Henry does not so what is Henry is actually phone guy make please make a theory about it please I really appreciate if you could actually help me on this Theory cuz me and my friends came up with the Theory

  • In 2027 FTC: We are taking down the COPPA law on RU-tv. Me: Don't do that! Don't give me hope.

  • watch out petscop

  • This I gonna be dumb but can you do a theory on herobrine

  • Lenon

  • Ribosomes

  • Okay, I might just be over reacting but I've never seen anyone use this before If you recall, when you win a night in FNaF4, you get a digital clock that flashes multiple numbers before flashing 6:00. Has.. Anyone used those numbers? For anything? I know I might just be overreacting but still the numbers are, in order 63:78, 08:28, 40:00, 31:89, 75:48, 13:43, 47:73, 03:20, 09:68, 06:04, 06:09, 06:05 06:09, and finally 06:00 That flashes an awkwardly long time before 6 and it always confused me, like i said, it's probably just random, but.. Idk, maybe? ~N

  • It is tsar bomba the 10000 there is already something like that and Moab is pretty small comparing to nuclear bombs

  • Gamer discrimination is my favorite

  • My mom wears queen Elizabeth socks

  • I feel like matpat is in constant control-attack mode and feeling smug which I love, but I think he weighed too much in his head like “how do I appear ready to fight, but not being impolite?” Which is great, but I think he focused more on that than the actual talk where he let her get away with some things. I think he just needs experience in which he will balance out the voices in his head.

  • Yall can move to ponhub you know

  • Honestly I do not like this decision because it is a REALLy dumb decision and in a few years or possibly months flamingo will have a few billion subs

  • What’s with the Obama pyramid lol

  • matpat, pls do a theory on vacation simulator

  • Cell Wall

  • Welp, thats it, everyones moving to Twitch or mixer, congradulations RU-tv, you screwed yourself

  • Maybe some of the drowneds were gods because some have tridents! The others are priests

  • imagine if all of your thoughts were blown away by scott saying how this was all fake like william has schizophrenia and Schizophrenia is a mental illness characterized by abnormal behavior, disorganized speech, and being out of touch with reality. Other symptoms may include false beliefs, unclear or confused thinking, hearing voices that do not exist, reduced social engagement and emotional expression, and lack of motivation. i said to much i feel like a boomer now ; -;

  • Mat:We automatically whip that tool out Me, drinking gingerale: *COMMENCE NOSE GINGERALE*

  • I know we’re here in 2019 but Purple Guy dies as in the mini game when he goes into the spring trap suit he’s dead in the trailer you can see spring trap violently thrashing vibrating it’s purple guy dying

  • this isnt pornhub..

  • Cytoplasm Golgiaperatis Cell wall Cloraphil Cloraplast Lysosome Plasma membrane Phosphate lipid bilayer Nuciolius Smooth Er Rough Er Ribasoms

  • scott: i am inevitable *snapity snaps fingers* 200 more fnaf games appear matpat: you fool UNO REVERSE CARD

  • Bro.... Your bravery will be one of the few things I'll remember about RU-tv.

  • MatPat, COPPA has a right to exist. To Prevent Kids from their Identity being sold to companies or just protection. You are allowed to mark your video not for kids.

  • Lol I’m watching these in 2019

  • The moral of the story is that to make sure to convince your parents to not move to Japan I have kids to feed over the summer over the summer

  • Hey Matpat I don't think you will ever see this but could you take a look at the Bendy books?

  • I’ve always thought an elder guardian’s eye was a nose until 8:04

  • Remember when Matt covered science and not story?

  • This is sad I like these videos

  • 33:58 Yeah and that reason is because you killed any competition you had by 2009 (and Blip in 2015) making you the only game in town. Granted, a lot of the competition died because a big media company bought them and didn't know what to do with them (sony bought grouper and closed it down shortly after, maker bought blip and closed it down, vessel was bought by I think virizon and they closed it down, vidme remained independent but poor management caused them to fall on their sword, vanillo was a similar story I think, etc.), but that doesn't change the fact that you basically became a monopoly and have put thousands of creators in an abusive relationship.

  • MatPat : We feel left out Susan: but like... I gave you stickers???

  • 9:53 Phineas and Ferb anyone?

  • Susan: You can ask any question you want. MatPat: *I'm about to end this girls whole career* Susan: *I'm about to end your whole career* MatPat: *Surprised Pikachu face*

  • She looks like she really just wants to cry the whole time 😂😂

  • greninja was my favorite cuz he was the hero in the show x and y

  • When you get the gas bill: 9:53

  • Everyone: orange guy Me: 1:43 of the following video

    • Nvm he’s a little more orange.

  • "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened" -Dr. Suess