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Hello Internet! I'm MatPat and welcome to GAME THEORY! Do you ever wonder what secrets could be hiding in your favorite games? So do we! From piecing together the complete FNAF timeline to figuring out if Toadette is REALLY a young Princess Peach, we cover it all! If you want to take a deep dive into the world of nerdy theories, join the Game Theorist's community today!
But hey, it's just a bunch of theories. Game Theories! Thanks for watching.
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I'm building a BETTER Youtube.4 месяца назад
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  • I am ALWAYS so sad that Legends 3 was not done. They had the plans and EVERYTHING!

  • When I looked at the stitchwraith I thought it was ennard's brother/Sister

  • :matzot *talks bout people hating him* me: *gets rpg* IMA BOUT TO END DES BOIS LIVES

  • Hey MatPat if you haven’t covered this already then here you go. A conversation was found in the source code this was it “Stay the course. I will. Focus on my voice. I will. Don't let anyone lead you astray. I won't. Have you selected one? I have.”

  • They’re Goddesses they’re supposed to be sexy, so allow it.

  • This is literally the worst theory channel of all this guy just hides critical information to convince you. On the game they say that the fungus suferred a mutation on her brain and thats why shes imune. That mean they would get how she mutates the fungus on her brain and try to replicate. The Game Theory does nothing but lie to you

  • Mr hippo

  • Hey. Mat pat I know you have probably gone a lot deeper into this when trying to find secrets on Scott’s newest teaser for security breach but I turned up the vibrancy and found a half of a circular design on the door that was hidden before. It’s not much but I hope it helps. I don’t know if it actually means anything just seemed out of place.

  • You just made my life even more miserable.

  • Attack of the furries

  • C’mon MatPat it’s time

  • Can you do more of the "Minecraft Lore" series plz

  • MATPAT: Ain't nooobody seeing this video Video: #9 on Trending for Gaming

  • Ladies and gentlemen and household appliances do you know Matt pat that gonna be an meme now

  • Hey Matpat or Austin I got a game that I just heard about. It's called You Left Me. The story is shrouded in mystery but theres a deeper lore inside it. Solve it for me. I think it's a worthy challenge for you.

  • Mat: its impossible! Without a frontal lobe you have no capacity for fear 😎 Scott: but, those were nightmares leading up to the bite. Not after. Mat: 👁👄👁 wut? Scott: I also never said he was the 87' victim Mat: there's an 83' victim?!?

  • I love how this series goes from a little robot boy fighting an evil scientist, to all of humanity going extinct.

  • IT Just a game!

  • mega man is the most forgoten? *cries in pikmin*

  • This made me want to replay Legends and then rant about Capcom not making the third and concluding game in that series...

  • you can talk the susie the undertale

  • Enter the gungeon time travel lmaooo

  • Doc was playing the long game..

  • viva la dirt league: WALK

  • Hello and welcome to game hypothesis

  • do this with super mario maker 2

  • Man, this is so cool. Excellent video!! Subscribe to this channel is a must!

  • Shoulda looked into programs instead of robotics, Dr. Light. Then you'd actually win.

  • Haha bdsm reference

  • Well he got what he deserves

  • Does no one else feel like Delilah’s name seem like her name was inspired by GraWolfQuinn’s Deliah from Springtrap and Deliah. I’m just like “SCOTT IS THIS INSPIRED BOI-” Edit: Okay it _is_ probably a coincidence but I just figured I’d throw this out there.

  • I hate it that Walt Disney is the villain.

  • I tight MegaMan legends was part of the alternate timeline that Megaman battle network was in.

  • Here’s a theory:William afton killed the children so they could feel the same pain his son did but that’s just a theory a game theory me: dabbing in real life lol

  • I kinda thought that mushrooms couldn't get pregnant, guess this video confirms that thought. Thanks TGT

  • 10:20 no its the Chineses virus

  • Game Theory: The GOD OF HOSES! Here to end us all with terrible aim!

  • Did MatPat get all achievements and 112%? If not, you missed some inches there! 1:23

  • What if the drowned and the vex are just amphibious zombies

  • I think last I checked I saw that Petscop had 25 videos.

  • Me:ahhhh that is a very scary beggining BRUH

  • you fool mine craft is flat! cus if you keep digging down you go into nothing

  • There probably standing on their legs because fungus adapt quickly so they do and they copied humans

  • Let's just leave mossbag to do all HK lore analyses.

  • Kirby says poyo (tanks) lol

  • "Ain't nobody seeing this video." >1.1 million views >#9 on trending. K

    • Let's also not forget the theory that the creation of Zero is what destroyed the civilization that Wily and Light belonged to which is why X was found in ruins.

  • Theory: Golden Freddy Has 2 Spirits, Cassidy and michael (From the books, Not afton)

  • "ain't nobody seein' this one" *video proceeds to get 85k likes and 1,000,000 views in a day*

  • 0:19 song?

  • What happens when you use all of the puppets? Are they all replaced?

  • So this mean that Megaman make a huge mistake when he didn´t killed Willy at the end of Megaman 7?

  • 10% is left handed Me: This is a govermment racial try

  • "WILY ALWAYS WINS!" -Dr Wily 2018

  • Ur 100% wrong. Sans is NOT Gaster. Hes Sanana Sanana the skenana

  • i think Megaman needs more love. series is good.

  • My theory is the the ancient humans made the ender dragon and/Or worshipped


  • More like mega disaster

  • 2:28 wait til he hears about Beowulf

  • I love the music

  • Flapjack

  • Matpat: *says nobody will see the video because the algorithm will not reccomend it * RU-tv: *reccomends the video *

  • Hahahahaha I ducked 😂😂

  • Or... She faked her own death.

  • The young kid name is Chris afton

  • relly

  • When he sayed puppet with nothing inside... I was all lefty with the puppet inside.

  • Just be glad this carnage isn't the case with the Mega Man Battle Network timeline.

  • For years now, I thought that it was sad how Wily wins in the end. I blame Keiji Inafune for ruining Mega Man's reputation as a hero. Also, it's sad how Mega Man games way more often than not are really good but little to know pays attention to them. It's like the series is cursed. Good job game theory.

  • the burning cross isn't anti god, actually it is a symbol of preying to god to rid the world of "evil"

  • 9:59 i see you shadow freddy

  • Matt should of invited Eddie Vr

  • 10:20 Wait a minute...

  • Congrats on 9 on trending for gaming MatPat. Love your videos :)

  • "A franchise no one cares about, least of all, Capcom themselves." *Cries in Dark Stalkers*

  • They live in a socio-capitalist society where food and drink are free but you can pay more for specialty drinks. There are no transportation costs in game.

  • You can’t pull the gravity card when steve has universal level strength

  • Hey Matpat, A RU-tvr by the name of Twitch already covered this. You’re a little late buddy.

  • Doesn't the legends timeline take place in ANOTHER universe? Isn't the only remaining part of the virus model W? Which was defeated by model zx and company. Also in the other alternate timeline battlenetwork and starforce timelines megaman and friends do win. I mean for 30yrs of a franchise you could've gone deaper, this seams too abridged and shallow.

  • You know what scares me? This whole series was based in the year 2020. A virus ended it all. We are currently in 2020. A virus is also going on here, killing hundreds of thousands. Well, crap.

  • A virus that kills millions of people across the world and makes every thing chaotic... Where have i seen this before?

  • Robot Masters: Yup Reploids: What?? Carbons: Who? Humans: How did we get clapped by 1 dude in the span of 3000 years -_-

  • At least it shows that if Light pursued Networks like Takashi Hikari did in Battle Network, the world would have been MUCH MORE Peaceful.

  • i think fnaf 4 is what is in the box

    • or just Fnaf the as a whole

  • When is the new hi I’m Mary Mary vid

  • Is it just me or has he been making a lot of virus theories lately?

  • Bendy

  • I know the whole theory...

  • Lol dantdm got "beware of the man who speaks in hands..." and didnt even notice as he was reading his chat lol And he also got: -sans with the refrigerator -wrong number dude -and i think alphys pizza call And also, if you try to reset your undertale and keep your name, the characters will act as if they know you, but dont know why.

  • Based on what I've seen of humanity, good!

  • Virus? Where have I herd that before...

  • If they do cargo cult,why do they attack you? becouse we are desendent of those people

  • Remember when the story seemed kind of simple. Kids got murdered and now the anamtronics are haunted

  • i just like the peepachu

  • 5:55 fun fact: If you increase the speed by 666% it will sound EXACTLY like the entry 17, and in Undertale you must have 66 of fun to find gaster in the secret room of waterfall

  • Did you know that micheal afton uses those disks to not look purple by willaim.

  • Porple giuy

  • Wow I never put the ending like that.. its makes sense now! 😲😃

  • No love for the EXE timeline, huh? Oof.

  • 666k subs