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For 16 incredible, eventful and sometimes life-changing seasons, Ellen has been making audiences laugh all over the world with her signature brand of humor and her powerful message of kindness. There's nobody better at making you laugh and brightening your day. You never know what funny can do!


Get Schooled
Get Schooled6 дней назад
Dogs Gone Wild
Dogs Gone Wild7 дней назад
Ellen in Melissa McCarthy's Ear
Ellen in Melissa McCarthy's Ear9 дней назад
Average Andy at the U.S. Open
Average Andy at the U.S. Open12 дней назад
A Sneak Peek at Season 17
A Sneak Peek at Season 1712 дней назад
BROCKHAMPTON Performs 'Sugar'
BROCKHAMPTON Performs 'Sugar'12 дней назад
Dog Days of Summer
Dog Days of Summer19 дней назад
Byte-Sized21 день назад
Happy Women’s Equality Day!
Happy Women’s Equality Day!26 дней назад
Slip Up
Slip Up27 дней назад
Copy Cat Kids
Copy Cat Kids28 дней назад
For Your Amusement
For Your AmusementМесяц назад
Mini-Me, Myself, and I
Mini-Me, Myself, and IМесяц назад


  • We clapped until she cried at TIFF for the premiere. I think it was a 3-4 minute standing ovation. Oscar winner for sure.

  • Was she edited into it?

  • Grrat

  • Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa????😐 but I was like lol at the end 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Hoe you have me WEAK

  • wow she seems to be in such a better place. congrats

  • Looking good

  • i just love the way she treats her producers and ppl that work for her, ellen jus loves to have fun lol 💕

  • Love how she is guarded and still pleasant.

  • Can't wait for January!

  • So so so so great for my heart ♥️♥️ you inspire me so much 🙏🙏

  • Cookies!!! Lol that was so cute

  • it really is like looking in the ocean omg on point

  • So random!!! Wow he’s got a microphone on and everything. Totally not staged and rehearsed a thousand times. People are dumb

  • Propogation. N is

  • Katy's arms be looking like Jonathan Joestar

  • So comments gets disabled?

  • 1:30 omg it’s a monster lol

  • Kelly and Andy need to go to a haunted house together

  • 3:20 😶

  • Ellen you are simply a life saver and I heart 💓💓 you so much for that's 😘😘

  • That was painful to watch, they shouldn't have invited her if they don't respect her. And what was the audience constantly laughing for? Cringy!

  • She’s so tiny and cute!! Love her. Though her voice sounds different to me..🤔

  • Katy Perry needs Jason Bolden as a stylist!!!! ASAP!!!

  • So I’m a huge ellen fan, and I have been applying for years! I have a lot of connections and friendships with celebrities that have been on the show, and I don’t know if it’d be rude to ask and see if they can get me the hookup.

  • Ellen did you see my messages

  • Cutest entrance.

  • Wedding 🙂??

  • I'm starting to become a fan of hers. Rock it.

  • I just love Renée, man! Genuine person and great actress! I really hope she's gonna win big for this!

  • "But I don't wanna wear the puffy shirt!" She wore the puffy shirt.

  • I’m DEAD WHO THAT DUDE wit the yellow shirt?? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Claim your “here before the Area 51 raid” reward 👇

  • I love Emma! hahaha

  • 4:20

  • She can sexually assault a man and it's ok. 2 times she has done it

  • Good bts

  • Taylor wsd the first to attack katy but kat always stayed respectful besides the victim taylor bullying katy with her supermodel friends. Thanks kim for exposing the snake. Katy won my respect when she didnt attack snake


  • That hat though... 😍😍😍

  • A little

  • I love Ellen!! She is so funny! And Nicki is a genuinely nice girl.she funny too

  • *who else is black watching this*

  • -sticks tongue out-

  • *it needs cheese*

  • She is awesome.

  • Asaalam Alaikum! Alhamdulillah! You have given rights to girls and women. Love from uk/Bangladesh. 🇬🇧🇧🇩🇵🇰🇮🇳

  • Ellen your good deeds are just making me fall in love with you💙 God bless you

  • Is that 40% income tax? Or final tax on winnings?

  • Bro my teacher was on this show. Like for a highschool thing a long time ago.

  • "No Im good " Thats my boy Brad for sure

  • Dang dudes got moves

  • You're laughable.

  • Renee IS Judy ! You have to see this movie to believe it. The Oscar buzz is real.

  • Stanislavski would be really happy

  • I can't lie I'd do brad for nothing😍😍😍😍

  • Katy bury

  • Dax is 1.2M of these views.

  • If Clairo and Billie Eilish collab that would be just amazeballs

  • So funny 😍😘


  • This is priceless! It does not get funnier than this.

  • I feel you.

  • shes so happy. she deserves it.

  • Who Cares


  • I love Simon omg he’s the the Gordon Ramsey of singing 😛

  • I love Ellen ❤️

  • cookies UWU


  • i.

  • Tell it Katy "It's a *WEAVE* "

  • I just don't think there is any chesmstry between Ellen and Katy.

  • Future POTUS ?

  • American view on friendship is so kindergarden nowadays. Wait, any kind of relationship actually. I liked it better before. Chandler/Joe team forever. All the love from France 🇫🇷 💖

  • She’s so classy and gorgeous! Cannot wait to watch the movie.

  • Love you

  • 2:20 obvious nudge

  • That clown left faster than my dad

  • Never trust a scorpio , they never forgive . I promise.

  • So yeah I’m gonna say my mother’s been working all day so I’m gonna do for you for now that I am everything you eat you for you I’ll give you head and giving him posted or something maybe with a gray if you do that so easy as I do for you before I get done with everything

  • I wouldn’t want my daughter growing up and acting like her 😂

  • She just seems like such a sweet person omg I want to hug her

  • Love this PAB President

  • Gut❤Ellen😘😘😘👍❤

  • JLO superbowl 20/20!

  • Still does not beat Paradise hotel Sweden. Such television gold

  • Now I’m sure Ellen gives the best-most personalize gifts

  • 0:56 all you need is the bolwin

  • looks like a school music group

  • "Baby friendly? Brown. So, nothing really shows. You don't want white interior with a baby, no." - Ellen 2018

  • How do you surprise him when he knows he already won it?! Joke

  • Who is she?

  • Vapid vacuous celebrity Katy

    • wendyknoxleet If anything, she is one of the realest, humble and most down to earth celebrities I’ve ever seen. But fine, you do you.

  • What is she wearing for god sakes 😑😶

  • Ellen seemed scaredin the beginning

  • Isn't The Fued A Record Label Gimmick?

  • What a beautiful voice

  • is the thumbnail actually even from the show lol

  • So who's audience is laughing 🤔