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Welcome to the official Saturday Night Live channel on RU-tv! Here you will find your favorite sketches, behind the scenes clips and web exclusives, featuring all your favorite hosts and cast members. Check out more SNL at


Ladies Room - SNL
Ladies Room - SNL9 дней назад
Jail Cell Cold Open - SNL
Jail Cell Cold Open - SNL9 дней назад
Royal Baby Video - SNL
Royal Baby Video - SNL9 дней назад
The Actress - SNL
The Actress - SNL9 дней назад
BTS: Mic Drop (Live) - SNL
BTS: Mic Drop (Live) - SNL9 дней назад
BTS: Boy with Luv (Live) - SNL
BTS: Boy with Luv (Live) - SNL9 дней назад
Hobby Song - SNL
Hobby Song - SNL9 дней назад
Dorm Room Posters - SNL
Dorm Room Posters - SNL9 дней назад
Fashion Coward - SNL
Fashion Coward - SNL9 дней назад
Joe Biden Cold Open - SNL
Joe Biden Cold Open - SNL15 дней назад
New Video Game - SNL
New Video Game - SNL15 дней назад
Theresa May - SNL
Theresa May - SNL15 дней назад
Exam - SNL
Exam - SNL16 дней назад
Bachelorette Party - SNL
Bachelorette Party - SNL16 дней назад
Graphics Department - SNL
Graphics Department - SNL16 дней назад
Nephew Pageant - SNL
Nephew Pageant - SNL16 дней назад
Sara Bareilles: Fire (Live) - SNL
Sara Bareilles: Fire (Live) - SNL16 дней назад
Kit Harington Monologue - SNL
Kit Harington Monologue - SNL16 дней назад
New HBO Shows - SNL
New HBO Shows - SNL16 дней назад
The Duel - SNL
The Duel - SNL22 дня назад
Louise's Birthday - SNL
Louise's Birthday - SNL22 дня назад
Test Prep - SNL
Test Prep - SNL23 дня назад
Mueller Report Cold Open - SNL
Mueller Report Cold Open - SNL23 дня назад
Electric Shoes - SNL
Electric Shoes - SNL23 дня назад
Cheques - SNL
Cheques - SNL23 дня назад
Kremlin Meeting - SNL
Kremlin Meeting - SNL23 дня назад
Future Self - SNL
Future Self - SNL23 дня назад
Network Meeting - SNL
Network Meeting - SNL23 дня назад
Sandra Oh Monologue - SNL
Sandra Oh Monologue - SNL23 дня назад
Discover Card - SNL
Discover Card - SNL23 дня назад
Bronx Beat: Zach Braff - SNL
Bronx Beat: Zach Braff - SNL25 дней назад
Bronx Beat: Brian Williams - SNL
Bronx Beat: Brian Williams - SNL25 дней назад
Magic Show - SNL
Magic Show - SNLМесяц назад
Supportive Friend - SNL
Supportive Friend - SNLМесяц назад
Gold Diggers - SNL
Gold Diggers - SNLМесяц назад
Soccer Broadcast - SNL
Soccer Broadcast - SNLМесяц назад
Can I Play That? - SNL
Can I Play That? - SNLМесяц назад
PowerPoint - SNL
PowerPoint - SNLМесяц назад
The Impossible Hulk - SNL
The Impossible Hulk - SNLМесяц назад
Bok Bok - SNL
Bok Bok - SNLМесяц назад
Idris Elba Monologue - SNL
Idris Elba Monologue - SNLМесяц назад
Idris Elba's SNL Video Diary
Idris Elba's SNL Video DiaryМесяц назад
Bodega Bathroom - SNL
Bodega Bathroom - SNLМесяц назад
Chad Horror Movie - SNL
Chad Horror Movie - SNLМесяц назад
To Have and Have Not - SNL
To Have and Have Not - SNLМесяц назад
What's That Name - SNL
What's That Name - SNLМесяц назад
Legal Shark Tank - SNL
Legal Shark Tank - SNLМесяц назад
Cha Cha Slide - SNL
Cha Cha Slide - SNLМесяц назад
Toilet Death Ejector - SNL
Toilet Death Ejector - SNLМесяц назад
The French Chef - SNL
The French Chef - SNLМесяц назад
Chippendales Audition - SNL
Chippendales Audition - SNLМесяц назад
More Cowbell - SNL
More Cowbell - SNLМесяц назад
Extreme Baking Championship - SNL
Extreme Baking Championship - SNL2 месяца назад
Family Feud: Oscar Nominees - SNL
Family Feud: Oscar Nominees - SNL2 месяца назад
Roach-Ex - SNL
Roach-Ex - SNL2 месяца назад