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First Cow | Official Trailer HD | A24
First Cow | Official Trailer HD | A248 месяцев назад
Saint Maud | Official Trailer HD | A24
Saint Maud | Official Trailer HD | A249 месяцев назад
Waves | Official Trailer HD | A24
Waves | Official Trailer HD | A2411 месяцев назад
Evil Grandmas of 2019 | A24
Evil Grandmas of 2019 | A242 года назад


  • Mariel baybe

  • I finally watched it and it was very relatable to when i was in middle school. I’m a senior in high school now. Made me tear up when Elsie Fisher was talking to her dad over the fire where she was burning “her hopes and dreams”. She is such a good actor! I read she’s actually outgoing in real life so it’s really impressive that she could act so socially inept! Wow! Great job Bo!

  • A24 is not just about cinematic, they spend a lot of time with the background soundtrack unlike any other studio.

  • I can say 1word about this movie SHITTTT 💩6.8 imdb 😭😭......award 😨😨 i d lost my 90 minutesss😔 / Boşuna zaman kaybı rezil saçma boktan bir film. Sinirimi nasıl ifade edebilirim bilemedim 😤😤

  • Feels more like ketamine

  • Beautiful movie with a terrible end. It literally spoiled my evening... crazy ending

  • Definition of BADASS. Now I cant walk.

  • ok boomer

  • This like a white version of get out

  • this is a interesting battle royal game i might check it out

  • looks like dark souls with dev patel

  • Song please😑!!!

  • Love how this movie focuses on a black American family without having to go through the gang or drug life plot. It focuses on a real relationship between a father and son, and how it affects the other child. My fav movie ever.

  • I'm legit pissed off right now. What a piece of shit movie. If this comment even prevents one person from having to watch it then ive done something good

  • am I the one who thinks that the girl in this movie looks like charlie from hereditary without a make up on her?... and as a teen?

  • position Nadia Lynda Leigh In my home

  • At 1:00 they have the illuminati symbol. This movie uses a psychological technique called anchoring/conditioning to subconsciously associate fear to (a specific class of) people. (I'm Black & Asian btw, no dog in this fight) The weird thing is that if Hollywood was subdued to the military-industrial complex we'd normally expected, it would be dishing out anti-Chinese movies by now. This is different. This is not how things were supposed to work in the US.. Something fishy is happening in the US

  • ఆ ఆi love u girl

  • Glad midsommar allihopa. hah hahahah HAHAAaaaHA

  • Idk if I should watch this to see if it’s really that scary I mean the bird part just looked corny to me

  • Even before it started being scary that little girl creeped me out xD

  • Why is this in black and white? Unique.

  • I could not bear to die like Christian did.

  • You know, I'm always blown away by "I haven't lied in two years", but "You're going to have SO much unspecial sex in your life" JUST might beat it.

  • did they take the scene @1:56 off Netflix??

  • White borders. I see what they did there. 😄

  • Dope ass movie

  • literally balled my eyes out all night its a masterpiece <3


  • Why does this feel like it looks like something by Tarantino

  • I remember watching the directors cut in theaters, and had the audacity to buy food. They had this fancy service where they would bring it to you while the movie was playing and I ordered pepperoni pizza and that came through during the scene where the elders killed themselves. LMAOOO

  • Old nick dont want Jack get haircut bcoz he afraid the scissors can use to attack him but there's a knife in the kitchen

  • fooking masterpiece!!

  • You fucked up when you gave a machine free will to think independently.

  • I didn’t remember this in teenbeach

  • "wow happy birthday" 😂😂

  • Milk/chocolate/79 ounces

  • Why Riley Keough lookes like Alicia Vilkander in the thumbnail?

  • Bill Murray and Ann Perkins

  • What's the song that starts at 1:21 ?

  • It looks too bright, clean and digital, not as natural and stunning as lost in translation. The same with Richard Linklaters latest stuff.. boyhood looked great, before midnight and everybody wants some looked too clean and sharp and digital

  • mustach

  • wife feed him fish tusk live in dog house with dirty pool to drink and swim

  • human walrus

  • So an Indian/gypsy man plays a hero inspired by the Arthurian mythos? Great, so can Black Panther for example be played by Travis Fimmel next? Also good job on the whole "unintentionally making white people look bad by antagonizing them (Midsommar) or excluding them from their own mythology/history (this)". Now, i did like this trailer, because i don't like "regular" movies and like weird ones (and still like A24), but Travis Fimmel should really have played this role, but ohh well

  • Funny how at least I think almost no one knows who bo burnham is in the comments

  • Is that skin head tom holland?

  • New York is nothing compared to Chicago in crime wise

  • hahaha I love reading these comments!! :D

  • Very good movie very twisted and mind bending 💯💯💯🤙

  • A24 is prolly my new favorite ig you’d call it (movie makers idfk).

  • This film is everything to me

  • Really good movie, emotional, real, and just plain refreshing. This is art.

  • New York was better then. Now its just a playground for the super rich.

  • the movie released on august not december

  • Bill Murray is the king.

  • how far the disney girls fallen.

  • Is this a true story,? I faintly remember a news report years ago about a woman that had been imprisoned by a guy,?

  • Escape New York 2020. Diblasio and Cuomo epic failure initiated.

  • at first I was like "omg what has she been in....?" *cuts to breastfeeding scene* "aaaaah of course!"

  • Oh my god, he got so old

  • The trailer was amazing compared to how slow and boring the movie is lol

  • this movie suck'd

  • This movie changed my whole life it wanted me to go to the 90s

  • I'm never opening car windows since this came out


  • Cant believe this is an A24 movie

  • 0:48 i love it

  • I saw the movie and I was disappointed. It wasn't as disturbing as it was advertised to be. I thought the Exorcist and the Exorcism Of Emily Rose was much better

  • One of the worst movies i watched.

  • Robert went from twilight to twilight zone

  • That's two and half hours of my life I will never get back!

  • Imagine a horror movie directed by Robert Eggers, Ari Aster and Jordan Peele. Just. Imagine.

  • I rlly wanna watch this movie and just by the trailer I know I’m going to cry. The kids just want to have fun and are doing the best they can and don’t even realize that the mother Isint ok and neither are their living conditions 😭 they just see their mom as someone who lets them do whatever they want and have fun which is why they love her but don’t even know what she’s doing Isint ok. They have such a big imagination and are so innocent 😭 I got all that from this trailer :(

  • In romania, summer at 9pm is getting dark. And autumn at 7-8 pm, and in winter at 4-5 pm. For me will be so fucking creepy to be sun all day and all night:)))) i will never sleep. Wtf. And i prefer the night. I like to stay in darkness, so would be a nightmareeee to stay with the sun up so longgggggg. Ps: is 3am and is so fucking dark and cold:)). I hope they will make another movie entitled Mabon:))) cause tommorow will be 21 September

  • Idk why this had such poor reviews it was epic

  • It’s not scary just really really weird

  • This happened to me rip grandma i love you 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • This is a movie? I thought it was a TV series 😞

  • Where or how can I watch this film? Thanks