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HI SISTERS! I'm James Charles, a 20 year old kid with a few blending brushes. Subscribe to my channel and join the sisterhood for all things makeup, entertainment, music, and more!
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Doing Addison Rae's Makeup!
Doing Addison Rae's Makeup!8 дней назад
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Doing Charli D'Amelio's Makeup!18 дней назад
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Reacting To Tik Toks About MeМесяц назад
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Transforming myself into Dua Lipa!2 месяца назад
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Strangers On Omegle Pick My Makeup!2 месяца назад
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Extreme Rainbow Drag Transformation5 месяцев назад
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I Got Invited To The Met Gala
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Doing Makeup On My Arm
Doing Makeup On My ArmГод назад
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Singing My Makeup Routine
Singing My Makeup RoutineГод назад
My House Tour!
My House Tour!Год назад
Sisters Apparel Lookbook
Sisters Apparel LookbookГод назад
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Doing Liza Koshy's MakeupГод назад
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Brother & Sister: ASMR
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EMPTY HOUSE TOUR 2018!Год назад


  • hello and hello i like makeuppppppp

  • Fun right? 😀😂😂😂

  • am a subscribr

  • this entire video is james eating his words when he said something wouldnt work and then looking perfect

  • your the new puppy cause u follow the ball

  • I love Addison :)


  • You should react to the Tiktok that Lucas and Marcus did about you, it was hilarious 😂

  • I love your intro

  • I love your dreams have a good day

  • James: "grab the blench" Emma: " that's Miranda sings"

  • I love love you

  • I love you

  • Actually I feel like his mom's foundation matched his skin tone

  • You look like charli d melio

  • Is Grayson and him together

  • Why do you look so uncomfortable lol.

  • James cut a bit of Addison's eyebrow.

  • She kinda looks like Selena Gomez

  • I feel like if james was still a boy and was ripped he would be kinda cute anyone else?

  • He said the C word **GASP**

  • I love you so much you truly are much I was watching TickTock but I am I’m also watching you doing Charlie’s make up I love you so much it’s so beautiful Charlie and you too James Charles I love how you do Charlie’s make up it’s so pretty please please see my comment please I love you so much Charlie and James Charles I TikTok because I don’t have a cow


  • His brow looking like a worm lol

  • Free!!! Mom: im sorry but I’m not gonna do homework

  • I love his two different color eyes, so beautiful! James you’re so good and beautiful! 😍

  • Can you do Avanis makeup pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee👉🏽👈🏽🥺😙

  • 5:33 jefree star

  • Damn she's cute Addison too

  • Where did the puppy come from omg

  • shes so beautiful omg she has the sweetest soul ever!!!

  • Charli is so adorable she’s like so quite and a lil nervous 😂

  • "My thoughts have lead up to a scary place" I felt that

  • Sowas gehört ins Gefängnis

  • NASILSIN 😂😂😂😂

  • James: Back to school makeup tutorial *casual me getting hyped up* My School: *nO*

  • Honestly when James was saying he wasn’t in the Illuminati it seemed like he was doing really bad acting. It’s probably not but like that was weird ??

  • dont be shy put summore DONT BE SHY PUT SUMMORE

  • Don't care about there bad comments I love your videos and keep it coming.💖

  • Anyone here in 2020??

  • I love how this video is basically my life....... A complete Joke and failure

  • i love this video

  • You should do a video with the Norris Nuts

  • his nose turned into a damn exclamation point

  • JAMES you should do a video for a Beginners make up bag! Pleaseeee Im really wanting to get into make up and I need a professional (you) point of view on what to buy first.

  • Hi everyone I hope everyone feels happy right now. Go to my youtubeCHANNEL facts about kyile jenner or if she's back with Travis Scot.

  • Hi everyone I hope everyone feels happy right now. Go to my youtubeCHANNEL facts about kyile jenner or if she's back with Travis Scot.

  • Demon


  • JAMES you should do a video for a Beginners make up bag! Pleaseeee Im really wanting to get into make up and I need a professional (you) point of view on what to buy first.

  • He was working on his eyebrows or went off camera I started reading comments I looked up and dang that eyeshadow!

  • how rude is that! hate comments suck

  • Feona

  • omg u should do billie eillish's makeup and do like a green themed look

  • she's literally the sweetest and most genuine and it shows

  • were is jason


  • please do madison beer's makeup!!!

  • Smurf

  • Anyone noticed that in this video his eyes are blue?


  • your already look beutiful

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  • Jaims charles are you gone get merid

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  • You are aware the word Resigned =means= Traitor ??? RIGHT? I see all these people use it Like its some great time word.

  • Reading the comments 😂

  • James should do letting a fan pick my makeup

  • Wait wich hype house roblox hype house? Idk sorry pls don’t laugh :( Edit : I’m new to the channel

  • I love Rosa she the beat

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  • 20:48 what was that lol

  • I came here to remind myself that i have no talent

  • Still Kenzie’s looks better

  • 13:30 she looks stunning omg

  • Adam has the funnest personality lmaoo i think my face broke down from smiling through out this whole video😂 love all your videos btw!❤️❤️

  • Hi

  • James: “one of these things is not like the other.....” Me: “LIKE A RAINBOW WITH ALL OF THE COLORS.........I PROMISE THAT YOU’LL NEVER FIND ANOTHER LIKE ME!”

  • Who are you people and what have u become

  • the way james doesn't really seemed to know what to do when its not his turn to sing gets to me

  • Me:what happened to my key that was the lowest of keys. James:i dont know Me: that sounded low key. James : i am the lowest of keys

  • You should do your makeup with clares kids makeup

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  • Is it a rescue

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  • اكو عرب

  • Does anyone else think that the sound effect at 2:06 sounds like Luigi's mansion? I can't get it out of my head.

  • James: hi sisters! Me: the poor brothers

  • There r brother also

  • I screamed at my whole name for you and why is that Crayola doing that that Creole is ridiculous I hate that gorilla I'm sorry Crayola but you're not my type James I agree with you

  • Omg look at his eyes

  • I see positive comments[who looking for hate comments]

  • How could people hate on you! Ur amazing.

  • Wtf did I just looked at

  • sister maddie

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