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The Rise And Fall Of GameStop
The Rise And Fall Of GameStop13 дней назад
The Big Business Of Fighter Jets
The Big Business Of Fighter Jets26 дней назад
How Much Is Kamala Harris Worth?
How Much Is Kamala Harris Worth?28 дней назад
Why Car Colors Are So Boring
Why Car Colors Are So BoringМесяц назад
The Rise And Fall Of Pier 1
The Rise And Fall Of Pier 1Месяц назад
Why Is Kodak Making Pharmaceuticals?
Why Is Kodak Making Pharmaceuticals?2 месяца назад
The Rise And Fall Of Hertz
The Rise And Fall Of Hertz2 месяца назад
Can The U.S. Afford Reparations?
Can The U.S. Afford Reparations?2 месяца назад
How Tyson Broke The Meat Supply Chain
How Tyson Broke The Meat Supply Chain2 месяца назад


  • its actually true if you get glucose number wrong it will affect you the number i test on glucose meter and on sensor there 30 numbers difference which can be sometimes dangerous

  • Mercedes luxury?no! It’s for utility!


  • Costco is shopping pioneer. I have been member for almost 3 decades and never have a second impulse to leave it. As long as they have $1.50 hot dog and lowest price gas and my annual membership fee always paid.

  • Wow, can that former bartender poser dude memorize Scripts!


  • My Volvo saved my a$$ when a car was bearing down 100+MPH on the lane I was changing to. It pulled me back to the lane I was going on originally to avoid an accident.

  • *'I Should Have Worn A Mask,' Chris Christie Writes In Op-ed -* Mitch McConnell hasn't been visiting the White House since early August because he doesn't agree with the COVID safety practices-measures.

  • Detroit Become human IRL

  • donald duck

  • Crisis situation who will undertake?? (Covid, financial)

  • why would anyone base a startup in Communist California anymore? Old Gavin Newsome is literally dictating how loud you sing at your family Xmas dinner

  • MSM doesn't serve the people and their activism is for 7 year olds.

  • Stadia LOL

  • According to him, Trump's victory appears in Parashat Vayra in chapter nineteen, in verses 1, 9, 11, 12, 15, 17, 19, and so on. The words that emerge from these verses are: Trump will rise and win Trump will rise and win (second time in next verse) Donald Trump will win / Trump will defeat Go Biden Trump will defeat Biden Trump will win and become president of the United States Trump will win and be President of the United States (second time in next verse) Doland Trump will defeat Go Biden and become president Trump is the winner. He will be president

  • Scamdemic.

  • All those millions are from China and other Communist block countries. See Bobulinski's statements!

  • Hmmmm.... stores avoid high crime areas? What a mystery.... maybe if blm burns down some more buildings some companies will build most stores in ghettoes.

  • GTA players already know this...


  • Oh idk. Lets say, maybe because they give you $2.57 for a game trade in that was 59.99 2 days prior

  • Current v8s are burning oil new off the line Why Ford?

  • There have been many lies surrounding the recent Corona Virus outbreak in the US But this latest one really takes the cake! Right now, it is all over the news… And believing it puts you in lethal danger, Read the full story here You have to see what we are really going through here on this planet. You need to pay very close attention.... Be safe and the Almighty cover you all.


  • this guy is a scam

  • Why would a university pay up to $190k for a speech? Sadly, and I'm not saying this of Joe specifically, book deals and speaking fees are an easy way of hiding a bribes, pay-offs, and kick-backs. "Do this favor for me and I promise I'll buy 200,000 copies of your book."

  • Trump is Amazing.

  • Us died very badly in road by hand war

  • also, I really want to know what they do with all these counterfeit products bc i’ll be damned if they end up in landfills.

  • Let me guess, they say Biden....

  • Where are the GMC's? These numbers are wack I see more Toyota's on the road

  • How to stop counterfeit drugs: MAKE PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION AFFORDABLE 🤯

  • Media is fake

  • Tbh no its 0 worl after a bit you just get used to it

  • Why would someone pay to have this man speak

  • i bet the government can hack via power outlet. any pc in the whole world.

  • She keeps repeating the same questions hoping he will change his answer 😭😂

  • This murderous Administration is going to destroy the USA economy. For the Democrats to fix, jack up taxes, and then hand the USA back to the Republicans. Feed the public lies by Putin's Little Sissy and the Admin., that the U.S. economy is doing fantastic (B.S.!).

  • The heritage foundation, of course they don’t want to do away with the electoral college. The Republicans have an advantage with it. Unfortunately for the Republican party, Texas, Arizona and N Carolina are turning towards blue. Once that change occurs, the Rs will want to do away with the system. If Texas completes the turn, no Republican, in their current form, will win the White House. Before any hate responses, I’m not suggesting I am either D-R-I, just observation. 🤠

  • Trump 2020!! Biased media spreading lies but Dems are helpless! This moderator is such a POS

  • N covid-19 is 10 times worse than the flu

  • I believe this pandemic is gonna last longer than the spanish flu

  • Appears the CEO of NBC had his/her teenage daughter do the narration.

  • Well there are some dumb cheap shoppers.

  • US is my dream

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  • GM also shafted its Australian workers at Holden. GM will never be looked at favourably in Australia again.

  • probably because they make 500 million more revenue than the next leading organisation (NFL) and they have a soft cap with less players on a team. Players are able to take a much larger portion of the pie and earn more because rich teams will take the taxes that come with going over the cap. NFL has a hard cap and has to split a small portion of the pie between more than double the amount of players. Its basic maths really. NFL players get a smaller % of revenue and pay 53 players....NBA pays what? 15? 16?. The average salary is going to be way higher. This is purely a numbers game, nothing more. Both leagues are famous and well known around the world.

  • because the empire resembles nazis and the communist party of china. The CP can’t have a movie where the rebels overthrow the evil empire...

  • He has 1mil subs

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  • Check Pelosi and Mnuchin's brokerage account SEC!

  • This is why politicians don’t know squat! Ask business owners why, not politicians or people who speculate and automatically assume is racism

  • Now we all know CCP is the one behind his millions.

  • space is fake

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  • 2:20 Hudson Hornet

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  • Many Americans side with Trump in rejecting socialism. Despite its increasing popularity among younger Americans and Democrats, socialism remains broadly disliked, especially by Republicans and seniors.

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  • Biden laptop connected to Money Laundering per FBI - Biden is Corrupt!!!!! He should be in Jail NOT running for President!!!!


  • Because they are garbage.

  • Why is the same information repeated multiple times throughout the video?

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