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What I use to animate:
- 22 HD Cintiq drawing tablet (Any graphics tablet will do to be honestly. Just gotta know how to use it. Used a 15 dollar one when I first began)
- Adobe Animate CC
- A computer (duh)
- Adobe premiere (To memefy it and sync audio cuz adobe animate is sometimes weird)
-Adobe Audition (To record)
Business Email:


Living on my Own
Living on my Own6 дней назад
Help (Official Music Video)
Help (Official Music Video)Месяц назад
Fame is Lame
Fame is Lame3 месяца назад
I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months
I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months5 месяцев назад
Just Be Yourself
Just Be Yourself9 месяцев назад
My 'like a taxi but not' Experiences
My 'like a taxi but not' Experiences11 месяцев назад
Video games changed my life man
Video games changed my life man11 месяцев назад
VidCon Was Fun
VidCon Was FunГод назад
My Crazy Imagination
My Crazy ImaginationГод назад
Camping Unprepared
Camping UnpreparedГод назад
I Was A Weird Kid
I Was A Weird Kid2 года назад
Let Me Tell You About Billy
Let Me Tell You About Billy2 года назад
Talking To Crazy People
Talking To Crazy People2 года назад
Rip Offs
Rip Offs2 года назад
Music Is Awesome
Music Is Awesome2 года назад
The Bagel Guy Card
The Bagel Guy Card2 года назад
In Lazy People's Defense
In Lazy People's Defense2 года назад
I Just Wanted Food
I Just Wanted Food2 года назад
Stupid Things I Do
Stupid Things I Do2 года назад
I suck at chess
I suck at chess2 года назад
James is a good butt friend
James is a good butt friend2 года назад
Peer Pressure
Peer Pressure2 года назад
The Day I Got Arrested
The Day I Got Arrested2 года назад
The day I almost freaking died
The day I almost freaking died2 года назад
Had to be there moments suck
Had to be there moments suck3 года назад
Running for Class President
Running for Class President3 года назад
Man Broke Into My Backyard
Man Broke Into My Backyard3 года назад
Someone Attacked My Car
Someone Attacked My Car3 года назад
HOW TO GYM GOOD3 года назад


  • You dumb basball bat chicken child summary butterfly orange

  • Uh something else yt? You didn't wear clothes this whole episode

  • So basically you made iron man

  • Hispanic markiplier, im sorry

  • Dude you inspired me to make animations..thanks man keep working

  • So did you every think he could be in a galaxy with no red light waves so he looked blue because the blue and red didn’t mix and make the pinky purple

  • _when school teaches you everything you need to know but how to live being an adult_ "WHAT A WASTE OF MY CHILDHOOD" *educations important kids*

  • Billy from IT

  • I remember hearing about this in a town next to mine if it's the same story, and yes I also live in AZ!!

  • I don’t 1:58

  • No one: Absolutely no one: Tchalla: DUsT ANd BloOd


  • Bro I remember that his name was Roderick or something

  • Did Adam just Snatch floof

  • ... That rice is uncooked... But oh well do what u guys want

  • Am 7 =_=

  • We all like when he sumons his persona

  • You stiiting down in front of your broken table is the most relatable mood I have ever seen.

  • Adam is going insane

  • Super importante, That’s important in Mexican 😂

  • This a joke right

  • Im good at chess

  • Weed is legal in la

  • im a child and I do that but I call it role play

  • Future me's shopping list: Cereal Milk Tons of fruits (figure it out at the store darnit!) Burritos Coffee

  • The best story ever

  • Yaaaassssss adam siiinnnnnnnnggggggg booooiiiii

  • Prrrrr. Payaso de mierda

  • 0:30 LOL 😆 I do that to my brother all the time, but he is growing smarter and knows how to actually turn the controller on

  • I know this boy who likes a girl who I know and he has told her but she dosent think she has to date him... :P

  • 1:55 my true form

  • Yep, I did the same thing when I was younger. Only I would daydream about aliens because aliens are cooler XD

  • I came here because I thought this was a cover for the Beatles song Help

  • Wasnt that son-

  • Origami is great to do in class if your bored. That is how I was able to last in class

  • Please rap more

  • YoU nAive LiTtle BAgLe bItE

  • Or just make a dirt house like a minecraft noob

  • Valkyrie isn’t Thor’s girlfriend she’s a lesbian

  • Why didn’t you drink DANIMALS

  • Post more

  • I love flipnote

  • Thurnis is such a mood

  • why cAN'T YOU SAY THE RU-tvR i'll assume it was mark but still

  • I heard the knock and paused the video.

  • The 4.5k dislikes we’re watching at 3am

  • I want to play pokemon cards

  • I HATE ESSAYS and school besides lunch and science

  • SO i'm actually having the same surgery. I have to get braces AGAIN because my orthodontist wanted to wait until i fully grew to see how my lower jaw progressed (i have a forward displacement of my lower jaw). Then flash forward 9 years and now i have graduated from college and we finally starting this process. So braces for 18-24 months and then I BE WIRED SHUT AND LOOKING LIKE A BUS HIT ME BUT I'LL BE A SKINNY LEGEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also the doctor said I'd only be in the hospital for 1 night!?!?!?!?!

  • Adam what is your discod

  • Those horns tho

  • Hey adam is it true the you and james are dating or is it just fanfic

  • Hi

  • NANI!?

  • You should make a new bagel man card and sell it as merch.

  • Your blah blah teacher is just like my math teacher and now I don’t understand anything in math class

  • you allyays need your choki milk

  • Did u take any pictures

  • My bully was named lol

  • That's sooo good

  • So wait, if his teeth were stuck together, and he talked with his teeth shut... *sans*

  • So Adam! You broke my sister.... congrats. My sister and I were just in my room watching youtube while playing pokemon. And I clicked this video because I have seen it already and I thought my sister would like to see too. When you were talking about the tomato soup, my sister started crying with laughter. She couldn't breath! Because she was laughing so hard. And tears all over her face. I was just sitting there watching this happen. She ended up curled up in a ball laughing so hard. By the way! Sorry you had go go through that. Had to go through something similar although it was only for 3 days and not two months. But I get the desperation! Great video! My sister is still dying as I type this. I think you have a new fan now!

  • “Dad I got an A+” “Its because of that damn phone!”

  • At the beginning: Me thinking it's an ad (Not saying it's bad)

  • Hey this song is inspirational I love it.congrats on the song🥳🤩

  • I loved Perfect Dark on the nintindo 64💙

  • Shitting on people who pure pressure, yeah that’s good and I applaud that, but like don’t shit on people who smoke weed it’s not your place to call people dumb asses just because of the fact that they smoke weed


  • Just had a thought, you should do a video/animation with *TheOdd1sOut*

  • Princess looks a lot like theoddonesout hmmmmmm

  • Don’t worry, you’re not the only one with the imagination of an anime. *goes to my room* My imagination:“WE MEET AGAIN”

  • Awe man i would have jumped at the chance to get high at that age

  • "if i dont i dont care i dont have an underwear" oh no nvm it goes ill pull down ur underwear lmao

  • And you read scott pilgr- YOUR AMAZING

  • I adore this. Its amazing and its soooo cool to see how much youve grown

  • A kid sucker punched me in 6th grade he tried to do it again in 7th grade I had weight room so I was able to pick him up and throw him into the trash can felt good

  • 5:23 after Taco Bell

  • Honestly, I was weird as well, I would imagine me or my friends as sisters get kidnapped, but then we master our way out XD

  • Im scared of heights, butterflys, and MONKEY BARS

  • ...and then he started to cause violence

  • when when have to much macdongle breakfast meal

  • I just shat my pants at the jumpscare...

  • F billy

  • to be honest i would except my doom so fast too ;--;

  • Rip chicken

  • i just love your videos and for Christmas im going to get your merch so ya love you

  • 2:05... Black board?

  • My favorite part was at 1:54

  • 1:15 the best part of the vid LOL

  • The toilet destroyer

  • *pleasure's mine DADDY*

  • Shopping list 1) F*ck you 2) don't die

  • I've never been diagnosed with ADHD but I a ack like it But I do have social anxiety Oof

  • Hey Adam, how is your day going

  • Dont be negative about your self be positive

  • Bro he got me in the intro


  • Let me studios vid on dress cod you were a girl in that vid lol

  • Forget CHOCY MILK try BANANA MILK it's really good you should really try it

  • Fun fact there has never been a killer whale that atacked someone