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What I use to animate:
- 22 HD Cintiq drawing tablet (Any graphics tablet will do to be honestly. Just gotta know how to use it. Used a 15 dollar one when I first began)
- Adobe Animate CC
- A computer (duh)
- Adobe premiere (To memefy it and sync audio cuz adobe animate is sometimes weird)
-Adobe Audition (To record)
Business Email:


Fame is Lame
Fame is LameМесяц назад
I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months
I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months3 месяца назад
Just Be Yourself
Just Be Yourself6 месяцев назад
My 'like a taxi but not' Experiences
My 'like a taxi but not' Experiences8 месяцев назад
Video games changed my life man
Video games changed my life man9 месяцев назад
The Scariest Dream I Ever Had
The Scariest Dream I Ever Had10 месяцев назад
VidCon Was Fun
VidCon Was FunГод назад
My Crazy Imagination
My Crazy ImaginationГод назад
Camping Unprepared
Camping UnpreparedГод назад
I Was A Weird Kid
I Was A Weird KidГод назад
Talking To Crazy People
Talking To Crazy People2 года назад
Rip Offs
Rip Offs2 года назад
Music Is Awesome
Music Is Awesome2 года назад
The Bagel Guy Card
The Bagel Guy Card2 года назад
In Lazy People's Defense
In Lazy People's Defense2 года назад
I Just Wanted Food
I Just Wanted Food2 года назад
Stupid Things I Do
Stupid Things I Do2 года назад
I suck at chess
I suck at chess2 года назад
James is a good butt friend
James is a good butt friend2 года назад
Peer Pressure
Peer Pressure2 года назад
The Day I Got Arrested
The Day I Got Arrested2 года назад
The day I almost freaking died
The day I almost freaking died2 года назад
Had to be there moments suck
Had to be there moments suck2 года назад
Running for Class President
Running for Class President2 года назад
Man Broke Into My Backyard
Man Broke Into My Backyard3 года назад
Someone Attacked My Car
Someone Attacked My Car3 года назад
HOW TO GYM GOOD3 года назад


  • Who the fuck disliked this

  • Well now we know somethingelseyt doesn't like pants

  • Couple of months old buts it’s still a great song

  • I am a weird kid no seriously I'm 7

  • I love how he said "Markipeachel" and not markiplier

  • this is why i read. althou yes i also do that

  • Thanks for the night mare that I’m gonna have now

  • did you call markipilar daddy ?

  • 2.*69*

  • Adam your the best dude


  • Oh my gosh i love this song PLUS IT WAS PUT ON YT ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!

  • 3:15 valkyrie is lesbian

  • Who else does this: Sees somebody comment something cool and checks his YT channel

  • Oh Not *tHIs* tIme MuThEr fuRiKER

  • Heck yeah all might

  • 4:39 *pat pat*

  • I got gravity falls vibs by to intro 😂 i miss that show 😞

  • #1 song


  • Me: sings the whole lyrics Mom: woah ur good! Me:thx mom!

  • why dont ya just double tap mama and boom over she killed herself like if ya agree

  • WAIT, pokemon?

  • brain dead

  • Kfc means K ill F ucking C hicken

  • 12:24 “like that smash button”

  • Cool song man

  • *n🅰️ni..?*

  • i'm getting crookedstar vibes

  • Me too! I had imaginery friend too I have so many imaginery like Shadow the Stickman, Sans, Papyrus, Mario and Luigi running at the road when I'm in the car and at school. Here's a lesson if you're lonely, play with your imaginery friend.

  • i found it


  • Also it was your friends idea

  • Me as a child xD I did the same thing don’t worry xD

  • I was a weird kid" Well I'm weird kid too! When I'm at school... I used to act the hilarious animation on RU-tv. I'd run, I'd scream and I'd talk to my self! And my friend was like far away from me and they tell me to stop. At home, I did the behaviour too! They think I'm crazy! But... no! I'm just acting kay!? Then I ask why what is it tell me? they said nothing. Then they wispered at eachother and tell them I'm weird and don't be friends with me! Heartbroken!!! 😥😥😬😬😬😵😭😭

  • Adem : thou shall not pass Graglor : what’s that Adem: what Graglor : * shoots adem ......with a arrow and takes princess * Graglor: you’re to slow * plays sonic music

  • Xd stepmamas

  • Adam you have taught me to be myself and believe. I became a youtuber to Express my feelings. That does not help because I have one video and I suck at RU-tv but that does not stop me. Your right. I wish I could meet you one of these days.

  • Well they should shut their little mouth up it doesn't matter who you are be to be yourself, you a positive man and I like how you are telling other people to be theirself thank you.

  • Боже, твой голос это что то прекрасное (*/▽\*)

  • I love how much you’re art style has changed it’s gotten so amazingly beautiful

  • Firs time watching something else yt... James told meh about u (the odd 1s out)

  • The title: Video game changed my life man. All gamer: Yeah! Me: Same here.

  • 4:13 Me:Mama!gimme a hug Mama:oh,ok

  • Akuma dose die a thousand deaths adam pulls down a thousand underwear’s

  • My fear is death XD ( And moths )

  • 1:25 ye I gotta turn you off...never talk trash about me again

  • 2.69m soobs *nice*

  • I Hate dolls too lol

  • I had a dream that I fell of a mountain

  • This scared me. Holy moly the chills down my spine..... :-(

  • Very handsome man lol

  • 0:02 just looked at it and laid down on the floor and said ieeifhdjeodicjxksodidudkdkodod

  • The jumpscare got me

  • 5:28 is just perfect

  • Bagels and chocolate milk is that his favourite food and drink?

  • Why don't you ever talk about Rebecca from let me explain studios?(if you ever do a Q and A) oh and also are you guys still friends?

  • Jameson and adam

  • Adam: find the crasiest thing you can think of- Me: your mom Adam: and multiply it by «6» Me: wait WHAT?!?! T-that meens.... You!!!!!

  • Was this posted on April 1?

  • 2:37 Me: a game called MAMA SITA COOPITA

  • easter eggs because i know james is the blue t shirt guy because i know james love blue

  • Seen sausage party

  • I wonder if he had an award for most boring teacher

  • My sister looooves bananas

  • Shoulda called this "Billy diss track"

  • I had a night mare a girl covered in black tar crawled out of the toilet it was more horrifying then you would think


  • One: HOW THE FUK did he remember all this Two: THIS should be a movie its cool its scary and it seems like it would be a good movie

  • PICKLE RICK!!!!!

  • Why this girl yeet him

  • bilbo dildo

  • This song tho... It’s a masterpiece I bet if he was competing with those bullies, Adam’d go to the hall of fame - A fifth grader (what did you think I was? XD)

  • Civil war scene captain America catches thanos hand

  • Me reading this comic😫😂🤢🤮☠️👻

  • SomethingElseYT = Like Odd1sOut = Comment *ONLY* comment if u are voting for Odd1sOut , Ty

  • 9:01 “When she captures a victim, she turns into said victims mom.” Why did that sound weird for me?

  • My man went full on bakugo on him

  • Weenie hut JUNIOR xD

  • I like nightmares

  • I came here from the peridot self esteem video

  • Awesome!! 🤗

  • I am afraid of heights too.

  • I’m in 3th grab

  • legit 1:24 happens to me all the damn time aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • i love your song im something else

  • ooooooh so that's where I heard the title of ur song

  • 4:12 I was watching this on TV And both of my little sibling's were right next to me and I didnt know that the Jumpscare Was coming up they both started screaming at the same time and the same pitch🤣🤣(I got sued after that)

  • So it’s markiplier

  • U should play vegeta from dragon ball

  • 8:48 - 8:58 You're welcome, @SomeThingElseYT

  • i basicly did that but i fought a dragon instead of a fat guy with the only armor that fits

  • just realized there would be two suns in the plane scene.

  • I like dragon Ball z and my hero acdamea

  • Pues yo ni sabía de tu existencia xD, me alegro por tu éxito y tal lastima que eso generé soledad

  • im pretty sure meaning "weird kid" means normal kid and normal kid means weird kid

  • Buy his merch bich

  • But you are white LOL (because your animated skin is white get it)

  • Something else YT: Enables spit bars

  • Adam I've right class before