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  • Hi..Paris..I have not your email id otherwise I would sure send you my mail to you.....

  • it’s 3 am and i just watched the whole thing. wow

  • EMDR would do wonders for anyone with a hard past

  • here’s to the broken ones-all of us full grown adults with insomnia, who sleep with a night light, always fearing sleep but needing those hours of escape from reality the most. sending you my love, Paris.

  • i love you, Paris... with or without the Hilton attached to your name.

  • I love that she did this! I had such a different idea of her (not that she should give two fucks about what anyone thinks) but I’m so happy to see the real side of her! Love her more now

  • I wish I had a Hilton's Neck... effortlessly Loooong

  • How can her mother pretend she never knew?! What kind of people willingly kidnap children in the middle of the night thinking this is not traumatizing, and what kind of parents allow this to happen?

  • 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Her mom looks better then daughter 😁👍🏻🤭

  • I just want to give her a big hug. I love you Paris!

  • Love you 💗 Paris 💖

  • Please watch.Amazing video. Sibscribe please

  • really powerful hope she finds her happy

  • “She is a brilliant person”. Yeah lady that sex tape shows how much

  • Paris made her own money and destiny, while her mom and sister just wanted to inherit money by acting like royalty

  • Didn't realise this would be on YT! Paris ran so Kim K, j* and all those other reality TV stars could walk!

  • Paris you are so beautiful inside and out♥️.

  • I hate her family

  • NYC pic

  • Its funny that nicky seems older

  • Always been a fan of yours and this documentary makes me adore you even more. Stay true to yourself, Paris. Don’t settle for less. 👸🏼💚🌷

  • I pray she can come back to herself again... 💜🙏🏼

  • Lu v u pariss...felt my tears flow while watch this of you. I realize my life tjoughtnw this life docum u have. Luv u paris always. Luv what u do. Luv here in ph. Matilou

  • She is the Original Influencer. 😍

  • Her parents should have sued that school! In actual fact they still should be trying to get it shut down. It's doing everything you wouldn't ever wish on any child!

  • Will always be my most amazing scene Queen..

  • Why is this literally me cooking 😂🤣 I felt the stress she was feeling HAHAHA

  • 1:39:37 me just waiting for an apology.. like damn the fact that she just wants to be loved by her parents TRULY is so sad

  • I’m not crying, you’re crying 😢

  • Made me realise a lot of things about myself

  • I'am truly sorry😢 and I hope you and your fellow survaivers 🤕 get the closur you need 🤗 😎🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴😎 And krav maga helps with stupid ashols!! And I never have seen the movie and I never will. Stay safe out there ❤

  • Heart full of love is one that attracts hate and darkness, Paris is full of love, stay strong Queen and continue to be an inspiration to us all

  • The sister seems like a jealous bully...

  • It broke my heart💔, and it gave me so much strength🤍. I cant even imagine what she and other people went through. I hope this movement will stop this insanity. And I wish all the best to every survivor. Paris is and will always be an Icon for her soul and not just her Brand. 💖much love

  • Your cooking so missy just throwing everything in the pan making miss in the kitchen 😆 but I am so surprised with the results it’s Looking delicious

  • Wow!!!!!!!!! That Paris didn't reply when her mom told her she would have been there quick says so much. She doesn't trust them but I don't blame her. That attachment with your primary caregivers is gone. I think that bond broke when her parents allowed those 2 kidnap her.

  • Paris tell the true u are a Transgender bonestruktur in the Face dont lie 😊tell the true

  • Mom is insane in the membrane

  • While thinking the Alex dude is cool he suddenly showed his true colors ewww disgusting douche bag

  • Paris, let me just say that I am so sorry. I am so sorry this happened to you, I am so sorry you have to deal with your family’s indignance toward you and your trauma, and I am also sincerely sorry that I, at one point, judged you to be an air headed rich girl. I was wrong. I wish you all the best and I hope that your days to come are brighter.

  • I'm here because of io👀👀👀

  • You’ll never know what’s behind beauty and riches!!

  • Very moving. Instantly told my 7-year-old boy to tell me if he is abused in any way...and to believe that I, as his father I will believe him no matter what. Such a great documentary. Thank you for opening-up that part of your life.

  • You only see this in movies. My question is are you going to be your authentic self after this, miss strong lady? 🇿🇦🇿🇦🎀

  • 16:13

  • So if Marshmello is available for about $100K a show and hardwell and tiesto is about 150 to 200K. How is she making 1 Million per Show? Like HOW? Are per sets not pre recorded?

  • this is really deep ,it was tough for her i am lucky i never knew the social media side of her and starting by knowing her real self of her

  • this made me cry, i always had a huge respect for Paris as she is one of the greatest business woman out there, but this documentary is heartbroken in a way. I can feel the loneliness.🤍

  • Always Loved Paris from day 1 but this has gained even more respect. Amazing lady beautiful inside and out ❤

  • I’m so sorry you went through all that trauma and the rest of the ladies wish I could hug you’s ❤️

  • got mad respect for paris after watching this..

  • she really deserves a loving and caring boyfriend who she can trust!

  • The og , still better than the kardashians

  • It's a great(sad) documentary but the lines "That's my most normal thing in the world, to be late" really got me. 😅


  • Did anyone else get the sense they were hinting at abuse from her father? Nothing overtly said but some very interesting editing in a few parts.

  • Aww I have so much respect for her... I want to be her friend now❤️ Lots of love 💕

  • Horrible family of greedy Zionist loving scumbags

  • She didn’t get beaten at that camp . Bullshit . Jumped down an entire flight of stairs bullshit

  • Wait so i just seen kims insta story or sc story and she's with París even plugged in París doc on yt and all i thought was of course the leach kim will try to associate herself with París once again at paris time but of course kim wants a piece of paris cake. Kim's a follower a loser.

  • Wait... I thought it was a city in France.

  • There is only one word for this documentary WOW...she is such a powerful person & she’s just gained my respect so much more now, I admit yes I did used to think she was a bit of an air head and someone who just wants to be famous because of mummy & daddy’s money but wow she has changed everything about that is so many ways! Well done Paris, you really had me in tears watching this..and I hope that one day you so settle down and you get to find that perfect husband and have lots of babies cause I honestly think you would be one amazing mother! Well done again Paris sending hugs for the U.K. 💜💜💜💜💜

  • Wow, just wow! So much respect for her now!

  • I thought her bf was kicked out at 8 seconds in this video you see him. Can someone explain???

  • Who needs Kim Kardashian? Paris Hilton in her own league

  • Paris I really hope you're reading the comments because they are packed with positivity and care for you. Also I really wish you one person, at least ONE person that will love, appreciate and care for you. Someone that is worth your time.

  • Who also just wants to get to her and get her out of there

  • I find it a bit hard swallow that the Mum would have been there in a second if she'd known what was happening, especially since her parents orchestrated their own daughter's kidnapping.

  • No lo sé Rick , parece falso .

  • We need her out of her toxic life

  • if she really is playing a character then she is playing it well

  • 10 years in exile

  • Waiting for ‘Directed By Shane Dawson’ 😂

  • Cant blame the guys who have a relationship with her, they will be emasculated. They will be insecure of her success, shes always busy. If you date you should date with purpose. Dating a successful girl is not for everyone

  • Rothschild family... I hope they don’t addicted to adrenochrome.

  • So perfect offizielle Dokumentation.Thanks Paris we love you...

  • I want a reality show

  • i lovvveeee her "thats hot"

  • Paris is so misunderstood.