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The Joe Rogan Experience podcast


JRE MMA Show #92 with Angela Hill
JRE MMA Show #92 with Angela Hill3 месяца назад
JRE MMA Show #91 with Radio Rahim
JRE MMA Show #91 with Radio Rahim3 месяца назад
JRE MMA Show #90 with Rashad Evans
JRE MMA Show #90 with Rashad Evans3 месяца назад
Joe Rogan Experience #1424 - Tom Papa
Joe Rogan Experience #1424 - Tom Papa3 месяца назад
JRE MMA Show #88 with Frankie Edgar
JRE MMA Show #88 with Frankie Edgar4 месяца назад
JRE MMA Show #87 with Kamaru Usman
JRE MMA Show #87 with Kamaru Usman4 месяца назад
JRE MMA Show #86 with Josh Thomson
JRE MMA Show #86 with Josh Thomson4 месяца назад
JRE - 10 Years in Review
JRE - 10 Years in Review5 месяцев назад
JRE MMA Show #85 with Max Holloway
JRE MMA Show #85 with Max Holloway5 месяцев назад
Joe Rogan Experience #1402 - Boyan Slat
Joe Rogan Experience #1402 - Boyan Slat5 месяцев назад


  • He’s such a funny dude man 😂😂

  • Andy Stumpf looks like if Jocko Willink got a hold of Colby Covington

  • Haven't watched the whole video yet. Why is this being ratio'd so severely?

  • What was the blip at 2:1:46

  • "someone told me to say hello when i was young and ive been saying it my whole life" HAHAHAHA

  • "Downers make me wired", sayeth Jake the Snake, and I go, "Holy fuck, that's what happens to me!!"

  • Regarding names... Elon Musk = Lone Skum?

  • 1:06:55

  • How Joe didn't slap him I don't know

  • Bring him back

  • How are people afraid of 13? Did they turn 12 years old and freak out when they realized the next step Is 13?

  • if you didnt know joe was watching another screen youd think joes just excitingly waiting for trevor to have his next outburst

  • Love Jordan! I thought a woman won the season Jordan was on? Did he do another season after that?

  • His voice sound achy

  • Wot a prat

  • If your controlled at work pier jamie gunna be a smack head

  • Ohhh we using big words thru out this podcast

  • People say I talk about some weird stuff, some FAR out stuff.

  • You can't talk about shoot'n an arrow when ur so fuck'n rich. Get it?

  • 56:30

  • If my friend ever tries to resort to talking about the alphabet as a conversational piece... its time to ghost his ass!

  • sorry Joe you look like John Travolta with those shades

  • this is so good cos rojen is dum dum

  • Im a white guy with dreads and from my experience most people dont give a crap about "cultural appropriation" . I've had more black woman and men compliment my dreads and tell me how good they look on me. I've actually never had anyone give me crap for them. I know those crazy people exist but it seema to be a very small percentage of the population. Its likely collage students because of all the sjw, feminist' and communist propaganda problem we have in public schools. I am waiting for the day someone gives me crap though. I love educating people.

  • Another podcast with tech make it happen please Joe

  • I kind of think Elon Musk has a rare form of autism that makes him smarter than the average human

  • What a pos hypocrite is that Shermer guy, a skeptic who believes in Jesus Christ yet dares to demand proof or at least evidence for their (much more likely) beliefs 35:30 ish wtf? Did he really say that? No solid proof the guy ever existed who walked on water raised the dead (himself included) and turned water into (great) wine If I told him that my next door neighbor does the same things all the time, he would not believe me without evidence, or better yet proof, like a bottle of his great water-wine What a sell out mor(m)on Here's a link to a Wikipedia page that he, and every Christian should follow and read about the religions that believed in the same general narrative as the Christ story en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jesus_in_comparative_mythology#General_comparisons @@UCzQUP1qoWDoEbmsQxvdjxgQ​ Joe, click that link and research what is said about the gospels there, and then invite him again to debate his (baseless) beliefs by an atheist like Richard Dawkins, I think Dawkins would love to tear Shermer a new one where Shermer can creep in to hide from the truth, Jesus Christ is a made up figure, nothing more

  • 1:42:25 If people can say with confidence, Trump should not have become president (they can and should), then I can say with confidence, Will Smith should not have become Genie from Aladdin

  • cunts that dont eat meat end up with arse cancer lol

  • Scumbag Joe probably had to run everything by his Republican operatives.

  • ru-tv.org/tv/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-vrCNpDigVxA.html

  • tumbnail = Jim Carrey

  • Get Jeremy clarkson on

  • This video comes on every damn time I finish another video wtf?! Stupid algorithms

  • joe you need to get axl rose on your show

  • "No other country in the world has anything remotely like the public land we have" 😂

  • 584 ru-tv.org/tv/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE--K7XJGk8lyQ.html is military same as national guard? President Trump says he's mobilizing the U.S. military to end 'riots and lawlessness' President Trump, declaring himself a "president of law and order," threatens to deploy the military to cities where, he says, governors and local officials have "failed to take necessary action" to end civil unrest. there isnt clarity who is national guard is that military? if military is different than national guard in California they already called for National Gurad without president help Also in LA times they said president says governors failing but it sound that National guard s failing and not governors and actually governors not managing military president does sounds liek governor manage national guard which is who is failing but they failing how they arrest brutally looters? or they do not allow ciecful protest cause there nee dot be a limit hw many people and how far away from each other they need to stay cause of the virus I could not breath through my nose in the morning actually i haves kind of a flam maybe caus ei eat honey every day sugar does this even i only have a maybe 3 spoons maybe more actually cause it goes in my tea when i lay down i have flam in my nose and when i left the head up it is not in my nose cause of the gravity there is no law preventing police brutal arrests fo non violent crimes they arrest peopel butally like this when peopel even try to commit suicides and they treat them horribly what are the rules and what military going to do sniper people on the street ? we play video games now, lot of peopel have guns military and police loot too

  • Rip stobe the hobo

  • First of all "comedian" in America must mean a very different thing than it does here in the UK, NOBODY Joe has ever had on his podcast has ever been remotely close to UK comedian status... then we get to the fact this dude has Jesus in his name. Folk called Jesus are all psycopaths or weirdos and I feel bad for them as it's their crazy parents fault, I mean what sort of personality complex or downright insane thought train must one have to even name their kids "Jesus" Thats worse than naming your kid Adolf or Lucifer, at least that would just make your parents look like evil cunts, to name you Jesus implies your parents think they are God. Nutters! and its clearly took its toll on him too, I can tell this dude has issues tbh.

  • This guy wrote a polemic book to make money, i think we can all agree on that.

  • Finally a JRE I want to listen to. 14k dislikes because people are triggered at Biden being the democratic candidate. Grow up and realize where we are in this country beyond even the Floyd riots.

  • Joe is like a soccer mom who smokes weed trapped in a jujitsu master's body.

  • Wow! I'm just in awe of how smart yet surprisingly humble Elon Musk is.

  • You cant understand why people do the things they do, until you know the choices they had to choose from.

  • I think Joe grew strings and sold them to alt right. He's turning into a trumppet!

  • Joe get Cathy O’Brien on!!!!!! Alex knows her

  • Why are you not talking about what's going on right now??

  • Wow. ❤❤❤ Absolutely Stunning... Jessimae doesn't look to bad either lol ;)

  • shes hot

  • Bring a professional Gamer or Streamer on the show

  • Pretty soon we will be doing this same very podcast but on spotify baby!!!!!!!@@@@ they where like joe you have rules you have to abide by or your not gonna be on Facebook or RU-tv... joe whispered under his breath ....spotify!!!!!!!@@

  • Paedophiles leading AI systems was half right. Chad's vs Pedos in politics was around 5:00-5:30.

  • old and new dawn of the dead´re good. yea 28 days later and shaun of the dead´re great :). planet terror´s fun too. also black sheep, evil dead 1-3 and rec, the og spanish version. i think we´re all zombie sheep just following the stream maniplulated by the few..

  • Actually, most racist not vote for Trump, the far left is by far the most racist group of people I have ever seen, against literally every group. Just look at how they talk about and treat a black person who doesnt agree with them. The amount of slurs I saw was disgusting

  • ATTN World: If Elon Musk is scared of something, you better damn well listen up.

  • He broke down investing pretty damn good actually.

  • Dr. Jordan Peterson now has 2.73 million subscribers and I am one of them! I wish him and his family health and strength! Thank you for being out there and spreading your wisdom.

  • Humans are funny! Quite charming at times.But the playing ignorant of basic facts is just....stop!

  • He might be me tho! 🤓🤝😎❤️👽🧙‍♂️🤖. We got this! Lol!

  • 1:35:56

  • My boys been podcasting since 8 years ago

  • "Him, her, or zer..." No, Joe. Just don't.

  • I LOVE these. Thank you for your podcasts. Fantastic. ( I look forward to hearing about how the Dave Chappel's farm visit went )

  • @ Matthew Goldsby Yes throw diaz in there with all the guys mentioned in the comment below. Maybe the metabunk guy and Gary busey too.

  • ok but did anyone else notice how joe calls elon a “business magnet” in the description? elon’s dream has finally come true...

  • Thank you for sharing. You have no idea how much you have helped me. I am one person.

  • Is that Tracy Morgan in whiteface?

  • Alex forgets Jamie’s name when he looks over at him ‘not existing’ 😂 3:30:46

  • from 1:33 ish, showing that he is a true human being who truly cares.

  • I started urban farming here in Toronto Canada 4 seasons ago. Our plan has been to rehabilitate our city's backyards into growing spaces. We now have 1/2 acre of private growing spaces, feeding over 50 homes a week through our farmshare program. What Joel is talking about works! we are sold out of our vegetables, for the whole season! I love his answer to 10x scaling questions Joe asked, equip those who need to know and have them build on their own community. I'm in the mission of growing more farmers in our City of Toronto.

  • tim dillon has a great voice for radio

  • “Reality will be scary” Welcome to the future..

  • Typical Rogan totally skirts the real border issue! Everything this dude said, elaborates the need for a physical wall at the border. And Joe has spent the last decade calling for open borders. Now he wants to bail on Cali. Because the leftist ideals he preaches have brought Cali to it's current shithole state. Smfh.

  • I want to hear Alex Jones view on this..

  • Almost time for another Theo Von podcast

  • 29:50 worth the wait

  • Daddddddddy

  • I wish joe would learn a bit of chemistry and pharmacology and a bit of anatomy. Surely there is some condensed guide on this kind of thing that explains the molecules, receptors, and joe is a body-oriented guy, so if you could relate everything to the body, he could probably get a better understanding of it, just like when I can relate aspects of chemistry to things like plant nutrition because I'm mostly a horticulturist. I mean..I got so into learning about plant fertilizer that i was like, "damn i need to take chemistry." And this did serve me very well in a particular lab.

  • In China the country rules the company, in the us the company rules the country

  • it wasnt about baking a cake it was about decorating it.

  • Who's here after spacex, we need him back on

  • George st Pierre is my favorite fighter to watch, absolute beast, not cocky, wrestling is outstanding, fights entertainingly to me, and can punch like a stud

  • pappas beat tony hawk

  • “Reality will be scary” Welcome to the future

  • This is the type of guy that you can drop off at the end of the world 8 years later you run into him and the train New York City like what the fuc how did you make it here it's like dude I walked like that guy from Mad Max as the world got worse and worse he always seemed to show up with his little bulshit helicopter

  • Joe is like the voice of reason for America.

  • Why countdown if u then include it. So annoying

  • “ It’s the future of our technology even if it’s the past of our time” That sentence gives me chills Idk why😂

  • Thanks JR Dope podcast and interview Big ups to Dale Jr

  • Elon “ yea “ musk

  • Time for another podcast with Michael Wood Jr.

  • This is more relevant than ever. Benjamin was bang on the money. Although Joe gets a little salty due to the differences between UK and US and late on thinks hes being patronised when its a typical english middle class liberal worrying about over helpful explanations. Sargon has grown plenty since this. Worth having him back...especially after Last of Us 2 comes out!! Lol

  • I'm goin on a rant man

  • What fight did this dude watch 🤔

  • I hope he comes on again I feel like it was cut off short although he probably has things to do. Plus, I looked up the last thing RDJ said about a dude named Bran Farren and my god is he a fucking wizard just look at his google page!

  • 2:04:25, NDT tries to play Richard Feynman in answering the why question. Sorry dude, you are not Feynman.

  • Jordan Jonas ladies and gentlemen! What a wonderful human being to be able to share the planet with.

  • she never explained what it is meant by going "bushy"

  • Hi Dennis I am so incredibly excited for your conference! I will be looking into that ( I probably missed it). My dream is to work with individuals suffering from PTSD, anxiety, depression, addictions, and inner fears such as death and abandonment using a treatment model centered around healing through psilocybin. I would like to help guide people through their transcendent experience and then later work with them to integrate the ideas, lessons, and events that occured. I am currently in school to get my BA in psychology and my MA in art therapy. Additionally, I am considering pursuing minors in art and ethnobotany. Thank you do much for how thoughtful you are. You've changed my life.

  • why do americans say ERBS? how is the H silent?