$4 Burrito Vs. $32 Burrito

Опубликовано: 14 июл 2019
“The weight is similar to a large snake!”
For those of you wondering where to find @lowkey_burritos from our first episode, follow him here to find out where he'll be: bit.ly/2K30vqh
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  • Billie Eilish is shook

  • Idky but for the first time I honestly wish all businesses well xx

  • yeh

  • i'll have lengua

  • I love this show because they listen to the fans

  • that 32 dollar burrito is a steal probs like 5 burritos in 1 split that with 5 guys only 6 bucks

  • The production value keeps getting higher on these

  • I got so happy when they went to Fresno but they really missed out on the least expensive burrito there is this burrito joint called Alfonzos in Selma and they have the best burritos ever if your ever around there u should try it the Chile Verde is the best

  • Rare footage of Adam smiling

  • My fat ass would eat the entire anaconda burrito no problem

  • I go to Freebirds for my burritos. My favorite has a spinach tortilla filled with Spanish rice, black beans, refried beans, chicken, tomatoes, grilled onions and peppers, shredded cheese, queso and diablo sauce.

  • If only I lived in lA

  • I felt like the food is getting cheaper and cheaper?

  • He really just realized that

  • Wombo -Patrick Lol

  • Literally the worse thing to watch when you’re hungry

  • I bet the burrito at 0:25 is a Japanese d***


  • My Malaysian ass only realized that Steven's wearing a Kuala Lumpur T-shirt only 3 minutes after it was first shown. I need one of those, dude, where'd you get it?

  • 3 Shaquilles......Americans really will measure with anything but the metric system.

  • I know that's a lot of work to make tortillas by hand for a taquería, pero no mames, la tortilla de verdad se extiende con rodillo, cómo abuelita

  • Ah there your problem you have it on M for mini when you should have it on W for *WUMBO*

  • How have i never seen this one

  • you lot should do NIGERIAN FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • 11:53 if you look at that asian BTS wannabe guy, you will see his spat some of his saliva on the burrito and still eats it like nothing happened 13:13 i felt bad for the guy with the most perfect beard i have ever seen to be eating for the same part which that dirty swine spat on

    • i know that he actually didn't spit on it, it was actually cheese, i just wanted to make it sound like he did it cuz it looked liked he spat on it

  • Adam is the most boring person on this show.

  • In this video all the food is acc worth the price

  • Steven you wear Kuala Lumpur t shirt

  • Super glad you guys got to help out the last family by putting them on your show. I hope nothing but the best for them, and for your guys’ channel✌🏾

  • I'm rlly glad there's not a super fancy version of a burrito

  • Should have done burrito bandito!!!

  • I'm happy Steve said my name

  • We need a brownie worth it

  • Los Angeles burrito culture is deficient San Diego and San Francisco burrito cultures are superior

  • lowkey I want that cheese crust

  • Steven wore "kuala lumpur" tshirt!!! Im proud malaysian!!

  • All comments are talking about Adam getting food in this season

  • “I brought you a crazy watermelon” best part of the video and also I’m craving burritos

  • ...why am I watching this-I hate burritos

  • I live in Fresno ! :D

  • The cheapest Worth it I watched

  • This video is making me so hungry!

  • When buzzfags run out of ideas.

  • So wombo is a real word 😲😲 patrick was right all along

  • For anybody who was wondering why Steven wore that black Kuala Lumpur tshirt is because he was born in Malaysia!

  • You should have gone to Chile Pepper in Yuma, Arizona

  • Should do Hot Chicken... I would like to see how Nashville Hot Chicken stacks up against some other parts of the country...

  • the last one is not a burrito , it's a B-U-RRIIIIIIIIIII-TO-OH !

  • Visuals are good in this video

  • Goddammit

  • Agreed SONORA HAS THE BEST TORTILLAS I'm from there and am totally going to check this place out

  • Come to Oregon we have some dank food

  • We came here for the Chimichanga but were told we had to try this burrito. DuRiNg An EpIsOdE rAtInG bUrRiToS

    • Hahahahahahah

  • Adam is my favorite. Sorry guys just had to say it.

  • 2:00 looks like taco bell

  • Andrew fuckin loves that orange and white shirt 😂😂


  • No... SO.. I was kinda disappointed when they didn't get like get a 300 dollar burrito at a really famous restaurant or something like that, they were all just regular-ass burritos and I also feel like the first place they ate at was not even a burrito (they were small).

  • I'm loving the focus on immigrants in this episode!!!!

  • I LOVE this show. And this duo is magic.

  • Please do a whole season in New York not just Manhattan but Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, and Brooklyn .... PLEASE AND THANK YOU

  • That KUALA LUMPUR tshirt looks cool!!

  • please go to a Jewish bagel shop and order tons of stuff :)))

  • *sees thumbnail and knows what a burrito looks like even when blurred* *shocked to see the end burrito*



  • 5:04 is the most precious moment in the worth is series

  • I’m fing triggered

  • He pandosae wrong

  • Bro chiltepin is all over Mexico

  • can u tag these by seasons .. like u used to?????

  • These guys are carrying buzzfeed into the 2020

  • beans and rice in a burrito is sacrilegious

  • “i brought my protractor set”

  • I hope Adam realizes he has his own fan club

    • @Alexandria Long I don't think but he has fans...as well as Air conditioners I guess

    • And? He still has his own fan club..? xD

    • Actually he is a senior producer as well as key member in founding of Tasty series soo

  • I honestly feels that the camera lady doesn’t have the chemistry with them... Anyone else? 😂

  • I'm from fresno and you need to remember when you buy the burrito you get all the works on the side not just the burrito big plus!

  • That tortilla on the 4 dollar chimichanga was burnt IF ITS BLACK SEND IT BACK!

  • What happened to the season worth it playlist?

  • i stay across the street from the taco shop in fresno