10 DIY Fortnite School Supplies vs Minecraft School Supplies Challenge!

Опубликовано: 26 май 2019
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A Fortnite banana and an Enderman eraser, a Potion of Invisibility and a diamond sword… It’s a Minecraft vs. Fortnite school supplies battle! Find out which game wins and which school supplies are better in our video!
Supplies and tools:
• Foil
• Utility knife
• Pencil
• Foam paper
• Legs and arms of a broken doll
• Acrylic paints
• Hot glue gun
• Black eraser
• Lavender colored eraser
• Purple ballpoint pen
• Cardboard
• White-out
• Potion of Invisibility picture
• Double sided tape
• Cylindrical cardboard container
• Polyethylene foam
• Marker
• Square beads
• Acrylic polish
• Plastic ball
• Glue stick
• Acrylic primer
• Lunch box
• Painter’s tape
• Cardboard box
• Graph paper
• Pencil sharpener
• Styrofoam
• Nail file
• Wire
• Paper holder
• Picture of Minecraft explosive
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  • This is how many times I cringed watching this video 👇

  • So naese

  • Why whip out a boggie bomb and a banana pencil when i can just pull out a Real fuckin Grenade and a M16 Rifle so i can go home.


  • 10:11 Troom Troom: No one warned him that school supplies was dangerous! Also Troom Troom: *Shows kids how to make a Minecraft utility knife * (edit) I predict in 10 months Minecraft and Fortnite players will be in each other’s throats which war paint on there faces and a pig head on a stick....

  • Minecraft

  • no

  • Why i'm watching this video at 3 am

  • F

  • I hate Fortnite

  • Boogie bomb exploded then then they say that it’s a dangerous thing. WHAT ABOUT THE DIAMOND SWORD SHANK

  • Casually brings a knife to the school

  • I forgot marshmello was a fortnite skin so I was confused ;-;

  • Minecraft!

  • these ugly mothefuckas make chinese look funny

  • It doesn't say the exactly the same size

  • minecraft and fortnite is same

  • no mames aquí hacen cosas mas padres que en el español

  • Minecraft us better

  • I like minecraft i download in minecraft in my mobile

  • Я обожаю трум трум и тут нахожу это

  • how to get bullied 101

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  • what the hEck am i watching edit boogie bombs dont do any damage or explode

  • Cool

  • I thought the Ned kit was cool

  • Who needs to even use these so called hacks i mean y do u even need this

  • This is so dumb

  • Marshmellow isn't from fortnite or Minecraft. Get ur facts straight loser.

  • B

  • UM ACHIALLY at 3:14 that is a water bottle, invisibility potions are lavender

  • i hated all of them

  • and taking a water bottle in a test, good luck

  • boogie bombs do not explode and mushrooms do not give u a force field so u should play both games

  • Bruh that skull represents fortnite... dead

  • Mine craft is better than 👎 fornite

  • Who else watches these and dont even do them? Like if you dont do them Comment if you do

  • Brain cell lossless are real

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  • Hello

  • 4:44 do this if you want to be that kid who goes to jail for bringing a box cutter to school

  • Vai a faculo

  • Me brings the sword to school Next day: FBI nocks to the door

  • WTF

  • The poiton had no enchanted effect :O ( when the real one had it)

  • I brought these to school one day and I got bullied because of them. Thanks for that

    • And this video came out after school ended

    • It's summer tho.......