10 Movie Mistakes You Won't Believe You Missed #2 | Find The Flaws

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10 Movie Mistakes You Won't Believe You Missed #2 | Find The Flaws


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    • Founde Easter eggs

    • I actually saw them all

    • 7:26 water bottle right shelf

    • 11:48 Nov on top of screen

    • REACT hey if u guys decide to do mistakes but tv show in friends season 2 episode 8 at monica's interview there is a mockolate on the table but the next second it in her hand and then the next on the table again hope u read this ❤️

  • Watching back while quarantine 😅

  • 7:21 look at the wall at the right side

  • I am obsessed with Brittneys hair

  • This is so fun lol

  • The Narnia one isn't a flaw! Her sword went through the chainmail but only grazed his arm, pinning the chainmail to the ground. You can see his arm moving inside the sleeve but the chainmail is pinned. Which makes sense because when he gets up he's still using his arm, so it wasn't hurt that bad. You could call it a flaw that Peter screams at getting a scratch but his only a kid.

  • 7:25 the water 7:35 the water has gone

  • I seen every mistake

  • In spider man the bodel CAN color changed

  • 0:28 is that 6ix9ine Girlfriend ? (this is a joke)

  • OK so when it broke but you guys didn’t say it change colors to blue the top stayed in in the middle is perfectly fine damaged nuisance He only shot like three or four words that end your squash or through the webs and then tons of work even more webs out of his room

  • The mic, toms hat, 1995 and 2004

  • The guy wearing a suit

  • 69 gril

  • Hi everyone in the comments trying to find the mistakes

  • brittanys hair said: YOURE MAD, IM BACK, BIG MAD HE MAD SHE MAD BIG SAD

  • 11:51 anyone else noticed the mic on top of the 6ix 9ine girl???

  • Tom and Maddison are my favorite

  • Lol

  • The jars are switched around

  • Your flee actery fweet

  • F

  • Am I the only one that noticed Tom had his hat backward then he had it forward and then backward again

  • That girl looking like tekashi 69 no cap 😂😂😂😂

  • 10:32

  • 7:25

  • 11:47

  • At The Titanic part There is a flower But in The next scene there is someone standing There ;-;

  • On the Spider-Man scene the knife was kicked into the air. But if you see the whole thing, you will see that at the end he wasn’t holding the knife it was the gun that he used to shoot uncle Ben. Also it’s hard to see something for a split second. Keep up the great content :)

  • 4:12 the sword had blood and then the next shot the blood was gone

  • Why does Britney look like 69 but a grill

  • on the right the second movie had like a tissue going up then down fast

  • i know this com ent is like 9 month after the this video got published but the knife in the spider scene got kicked up into the wood celling and in the next shot you see his pistol

  • Green jar

  • The jar in the back round changed from blue to green

  • In pulp fiction his wrist watch on his left hand switches to his right hand

  • There was a mistake in the video it's in 11:16 the microphone.

  • She look like 6 9 bro

  • I GOT IT!!!!!!

  • 0.43 when 6ix9ine is asked who was apart of this

  • I've got a movie "Great War" slot of scenes ar mirrored or flipped, us on items appearing backwards, right handed people suddenly left handed and vice cersa

  • In the Spider-Man one, the can of Coca-Cola disappears from Tobey McGuire’s hand in that same frame.

  • 0:29 Man At first sight I was like damn is that 6ix9ine and then I was like oh

  • it has been 1jear and i have to the hat and the mic

  • 6:30 water bottle

  • "AHHHH sorry this is ny favorite movie of all time" Who asked?

  • Also, in bad boys they started off facing the crowds feet, then its showing them reaching for the knife in the middle of the floor

  • In that spider man scene the lamp becomes a completely different color also

  • The mic kept on coming in

  • I

  • At 11:00 minutes the mic came into the shot

  • 7:22 there is a bottle of water in the side of the Tetris 10:32 the guys hat changed 11:29 there is a microphone

  • My favorite reactor is Tom

  • At 6:28 the lamp was green not blue u all goofed up

  • neee

  • John wick 9:26 Pm

  • The bottom right one is blue and one is green

  • Tekashi 69 is here, that’s dope

  • 12:02 look at the spidermans face he has a criminal or somethingele mask but i these old and New movies of Spiderman je has a full mask

  • The movies that you showed them where easy to spot.

  • And in my point of view the circles are moving like all the time kind of and tell me if I got all three and yes I did say 5 Easter eggs

  • There was a circle next to the pot

  • There was a arrow pointing up

  • Wait the jars changed in the back round it was green and blue than blue and green


  • There’s 2 mistakes in Titanic the one that u’s showed and in one scene where the ship is sinking it shows an external shot and in the distance you can see a city in the background but the actual ship was in the middle of the ocean. Btw this was fixed when the blu-ray version was released

  • 5:55 5:57

  • Thw last Samaria what bout the cowboy

  • These are hidden well

  • so behind the the video square wall decore is literally changing as im watching it NOW WHERES MY MERCH!!!!!!!!

  • I found 5 or 6 mistakes

  • 11:47 Is no one gonna talk about the mic

  • 1:33 the 8 turning to 10 and skipping 9

  • Anu

  • John wick goes from 8:00 to 10:00

  • There was another one in spider man no Dr Pepper spilled

  • 11:00 you got the boom mic in the shot. thats a video mistake

  • Bruh why is the screen so small. Make it the opposite, so the people we are looking at should be small and the screen of the scene should be big

  • The one Easter Egg I spotted at the 5:36 mark is that the host says the movie is from 1983 but the title card says 1995 so that’s one if I spot others I’ll throw em down in the comments as well.

  • The mic