10 TV And Movie Mistakes You Won't Believe You Missed | Find The Flaws

Опубликовано: 11 май 2019
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10 TV And Movie Mistakes You Won't Believe You Missed | Find The Flaws


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    • The table The computer The coffe cup

    • The table turns white and the react sign switches to elders react

    • There is a blue jar changed to green jar, elders react on computer and the Starbucks cup.

    • REACT love you guys so much. Thanks for making me smile all the time❤️

    • Behind Tori green jar is missing

  • 1:29 it is elders react

  • Tori's laptop says elders react Labib's table is white In Alberto's clip in the blue jar there is something

  • Tori’s laptop has elders react

  • Labibs table is white 0:54 Toris laptop sticker thing says elders react 2:56 0:16 the Starbucks cup is there then isnt

  • I like how they noticed a hand on the veloceraptor but didnt point out that the SPOON FELL OFF THAT HANGER IN THAT SAME KITCHEN SCENE BY ITSELF

  • Your favorite avenger is dead

  • starbucks cup next to smiley went missing tori’s laptop has the elders react sticker table switches between black and white

  • 3:07 the blue bottle turned green

  • starbucks cup switching, toris laptop saying elders react, black and white table switch?

  • On Tori's laptops there's an Elders React Plate

  • There was a Starbucks cup on the shelf by the smiley face thing on the beginning and then there wasn’t the table change from black to white and tori’s computer had the elders react sticker

  • Ted 😍

  • There was a Starbucks cup on the shelf by the smiley face thing on the beginning and then there wasn’t, the table changed from black to white, and Tori’s computer had the elders react sticker thing on her computer

  • The Starbucks cupThe table was changing colors and there was an elders react sign

  • 1:29 Tori’s laptop says Elders react, the table was white and then it became black, 0:16 the Starbucks was on the shelf and then it was gone. ✌︎

  • Tori's computer had the tag called elders react, the table kept changing from black to white, and at the beginning there was a starbucks cup

  • 1:37 computer says elders react

  • Starbucks near that b.m.o

  • 2:48 React logo on computer changes to Elders React.

  • The table was going black and white and the Starbucks cup vanished for a sec and the logo on th mac book was changing to elder react

  • and the table was switching black and white

  • the Starbucks on the shelf in the beginning moved and was gone later on

  • the table was going black and white. the elders react thing and the react thing kept switching. the white case kept disappearing

  • Obi wans outfit changed too!

  • Tori’s computer said elders act for like half of the video

  • Tori’s computer says elders react also the table changes from black to white and in the beginning there is a Starbucks cup on the shelf

  • Tori's computer said elders react

  • The mistakes were that Tori’s computer said elders react also the white table and uhh the jar? honestly ima win

  • The mistakes were that Tori’s computer said elders react also the white table and the jar! Hope I win !💕

  • the titanic also has a mistake you guys should probably check it out I liked my own comment because noyone will like it

  • The table the jar and the computer said elders on one I hope I win

  • They have Alfredo

  • Jar, white table, and it said elders

  • lol tori’s computer tag thing is from elders react very funny

  • It said elders react

  • first person had a coffe cup in background; tori had elders react sticker; table changed from black to white

  • I'm surprised none of the Step Up movies were mentioned. I know of at least two scenes where a jacket magically disappears and reappears on a dancer.

  • Under jar

  • Jar

  • White table

  • Tori had a Elder react sticker, the first person had a coffee cup in the background and the table changed colour from black or white

  • Said elders

  • On the girls laptop it says elders

  • You put elders on one of the computers, the table turned from black to white, the starbucks coffee

  • Is different

  • The magnet on the back of the computer

  • Tori has elder react plate on back of the laptop

  • At 3:01 the girl had an Elders react plate

  • One troy's computer has the elders thing

  • On the back of one of the computer it said elders react The table turned from black to white The coffe (Starbucks)

  • Elders React

  • 2:54 elders react laptop

  • It says elders react

  • Table turns to black from white. Elders react lol Coffee

  • 1. Toris computer said elders react 2. White table 3. Coffee cup

  • Elders react on the computer black to white table then a Starbucks cup

  • 9:15 a other mistake

  • Table,Starbucks cup,the react sine on the computer

  • Starbucks cup Elders react on laptop White table