10 vs 1: Rating Girls By Looks & Personality

Опубликовано: 16 июн 2019
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  • dora was really pretty

  • He’s the cuter Ed Sheeran

  • Isn’t that the bag an girl Erin

  • sophia is so gorgeous


  • The girl he chose is super hot.

  • The 8th girl 10 every single day

  • The one before the last one was the most beautiful one wtf dude

  • Awww the first black girl was Igbo Nigerian girl 🇳🇬

  • No matter how bad u control in this condition the dude below takes the whole decision

  • It’s scumper jumper!!!

  • The personality interview is going the same order as the looks one. What's the point of not looking at the persons then?

  • I would not be able to handle that kind of stress, as I am actively trying to combat misogyny wherever I see it. Also I have severe social anxiety so yeah, bad.

  • I wish he chose Dora she was so cute

  • Nobody- Andrew- later virgins

  • what a white knight oh my godddd 😂😂😂

  • So your “type” is not black women. That’s okay, but don’t try to hide it, and no need to make it so awkward when you say they aren’t your “type”

  • "How would you describe the color green to a blind person?" "I wouldn't, I feel like that's not important" "...It is important..." That's the worst conversation I've seen so far. How can a human being have such low social skills as to lead a conversation to such an awkward state?

  • Once he rated the black girls I was like nahhh like me read these comments.

  • Who the hell would choose as a first question “how would you describe green to a colorblind person?”!?!?😂

  • blablabla,, THE LOOKS, lol..

  • Wait, Andrew was on another "cut" blind dating episode and he was Very attracted to the Latina girl. I Don't believe he dislikes "black" girls. I think he has a prefence on "style". If there was other black girls with different style and different build, he would've gone after them. Like Megan Markle. Lol did not mean cause of his red hair. So let's not make this a racist thing. Let's not over analyze. I mean, let's honestly pretend we are dudes and pick based on how Many dudes would choose based on looks.

  • Guy: goes for handshake Me: that's not vegan

  • he knew he gave the 8.5 looks girl a high score for the personality too so it didn't matter or offend her

  • i swear everyone says they prefer personality but when it comes to it looks takes the top seat

  • Man the beat fire tho!!!!! NO CAP🔥🔥

  • I fell in love with Dora

  • Bro Irene was beautiful can’t believe he only gave her a 7.5!

  • Feels bad about rating girls Also girls rate you as soon as they see you

  • imagine being Dora :(

  • Y'all gotta admit, Sophia is pretty AF.

  • How to make people feel bad about themselves....

  • I think this guy is kinda not truthful about what he says, why would you want to be on a show where you rate women by numbers if you really thought it was insulting to women.

  • To everyone saying this guy doesn't like black girls. It has nothing to do with them being black. The one on the left is overweight and odd proportions and the one on the right looks pretty masculine. Jubilee just didn't give him any good choices for black girls, that's not his fault.

  • I would give them all one's 😂

  • Honestly girl on the far right is my type, looks and personality.

  • "I like to travel alone." "Great, because I am not choosing you."

  • Rate this guy’s personality a 3

  • Let’s be honest guys we don’t give two fucks about personality

  • I’d totally bang the skinhead

  • I feel like the one he chose would look completely different with all her adds ons removed.

  • She was on her phone at the end, that's a no for me dawg. That was introduce and get to know each other time. Edit: nrm just saw he handed his phone to her

  • I feel anger with this boy

  • This guy was being honest to what he likes and not faking it so I appreciate that. And to judge him over an 8 mint video ain’t gonna be fair; anyways I hope they end up together because they so cute together !

  • Anyone ever thought that when he talks about the girls with earbuds on, they could have the sound off? Idk

  • I love “Reckless Love”!!!!!

  • Sis really said he cared about personality instead of looks but instead picks the one with looks 💀

  • I’d give all of them at least a 6. Imo

  • How was the middle tall asian girl only 7.5?

  • This video is frickin’ awesome.

  • 0:33 you mean ed sheeran? XD

  • Racist BTW

  • I think sophie or sophia I dont which one but I think shes the one I like she really pretty smart and just a great personallity

  • LMFAOOOO so everything was similar to mine LMFAO

  • I need that short hair girl mannn

  • Oh man this is evil😂

  • he is freaking hot

  • Where are GAY characters? I see White, Black, Asian, why is everyone straight?

  • Why is his teeth like this though? \ \/ /

  • "I like personality more" proceeds to pick the girl rated highest on looks

    • Well, he did look like he fell in love at first sight. In his defense, maybe he thought he would lose the chance to meet the girl had he not picked her.

    • He also gave her a high personality rating she had the best average