Опубликовано: 26 окт 2020
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  • Hi

  • My friend has the Christmas hats

  • This is great watch Among Us reaction video by Dimi God here on You Tube it's hilarious 😂 and no clickbait

  • The thumbnail might be clickbait but the video is epic

  • * - *

  • *-*

  • ._

  • all of them work

  • Christmas is soon xoxo

  • Love the vids keep it up 😎😀😁

  • The fact that I know almost all of these secrets concerns me-

  • How do you spot is good but the security camera on Pollis is better

  • * secrets * *7M people watch it* * no longer a secret *

  • I played even before it was popular

  • 9 days and its gonna show!

  • I’ve known that I know that if you press the arrow you are we join the lobby I’ve known them for like 15 days

  • I went into elec and come out fine how?

  • What the fack:o

  • I did that task in the reactor in the wall when im crew mate..I dont usually get that task

  • Yo homes smell you later

  • where did u install the game from???

  • Where is the secret map? The 串燒串one? This is so clickbait, and you always use the same clip, the among us characters dancing.

  • Stop growing faster than MrBeast

  • I used number 4 and it doesn't work

  • The secret map ahhahaha

  • Just a quick tip for people who didn't know this before: When sabotaging as an impostor most of us just stand still and if anyone around us see the sabotage just after we stood still they would surely vote you off or have a sus on you. what you can actually do is pretend to do a task nearby (ex-you're in storage , you can pretend to do the wires. Never do the garbage task cause I hope you know why) and then sabotage while standing there so no one will have a sus one you! If you never knew this tip before or if you just liked the tip, please give my comment a like cause that will make me feel very happy and will make my day :)

  • How about the crewmates poster in MIRA HQ kinda by 02, supposedly you can catch a imposter by finding them in the picture.

  • all work

  • Bro how many ads u have on this vid damn

  • I tried them and they didn't even work

  • People skeld is better. developers makes new map. people that use other maps. omg The new map is not bad

  • How can you say no one knows about these things but you know them

  • Did you know that when you go into weapons you shoot and that's the weapons gun the huge sing with that you said that was a telescope it wasn't a telescope it was a gun for weapons

  • The arrow next to the text box one I already know

  • Clickbait

  • lol i already know all this stuff

  • how do u change the date on iphone

  • The first one is not a new map its in april for April fools its a prank

  • 2:58 that funny drake

  • For some reason my game was beta when I downloaded the app first time

  • Title: *SECRET MAP!* Me: tHerE iS nO nEw MaP!

  • Yellow killed BUT YELLOW GOT KILLED

  • Number 13 i tried it actually works

  • I already knew about the admin thing ;-;

  • I know all of this

  • Just show us the map U dont know the map name i know already airship

  • Hi

  • T5G: then come and check out number sev-- ad: HO HO HO mE: iTs NoT eVeN cHrIsTmAs

  • Ll

  • F

  • April 1st April Fools

  • Tbh ppl who played a couple years ago know that it was called space mafia

  • All imposters always go to the eletrical


  • Ah yes the card swiping dance 😌💅

  • what about the bts logo on the garbage chute thingy

  • GW nomer 15 pak nomer 14 lagi maen FF nih pak gw harus apain nih make chet auto aim dan auto headshot

  • its not working in my phone

  • I tried the Christmas and it didn’t work

  • The “weird telescoping thing” on Polus that you talked about is actually the cannons for the weapons task, and they are visual

  • This only works oN COMPUTER cause I’m on ipad 0 of the, work

  • Guys you now minie crewmates the minie crewmates not good crewmates are now who was imposter cause when the imposter vent the minnie crewmates late to go in vented

  • Good video but why is it click bait!?

  • I'm using a phone

  • In the skeld in electrical there is a hiding spot there you can be covered in wires

  • i don't need to like i escaped electrical alone but is sill did lol XD (ref. to start)

  • Cool

  • At paulus I think I know what that satellite thing it's for weapons cuz we need to weapons lasers come out of the oscilloscope

  • If you are going to tell us that the admin table has feature X, then demonstrate feature X. Don't show us you running around the map.

  • I knew all of theese

  • I did the Christmas hack it did not work

  • Number 13 didn't workkkkkkkk

  • On the fifth one I was lil peep

  • I knew about the April 1 obe

  • wow

  • April 1st: map flipped. Me: Bruh i have birthday when da map is flipped lol...

  • Actually you have to buy the Christmas hats, it’s not like Halloween, also it only appears on the 2018 version

  • RED VELVET awoooooo

  • I knew all but the last one and the pc impostor things..

  • Do u know how to change the date and time in among us, mine is not Android I tried to do it in settings do you know

  • Si I was with the person who created amping us maps and he had super cool new ones coming out in aprail

  • I rolled from my bed after u said how u get it tho tell T5G sent ya

  • 3:35 then how tf do you know about it

  • among us is cracked in my pc so when i play it , it looks like im playing spacewar at the steam. just to add.

  • u clickbait

  • Oh cheeze i kinda remember that the map flipped in april 1 sorry for the other commet on your other vid i guess thanks for the help tho

  • I know the secret that we will only press arrow

  • how are you playing on the computer

  • omg this video make my life wwwaayyy easier thanks

  • I tried the christmas hat trick and it didn't work for me :(

  • How do I switch my date and time?


  • Omg the last secret was real I went to the toilet in among us and saw the crewmate starring at me so scary

  • Am I the only one who watches among us videos but not playing it...hahahah

  • Indo siniiii

  • You no I got among us error

  • None worked expect 13

  • But also you can hide the body under the admin table

  • The big telescope looking thing is actually the gun in polus

  • It works but we cant get the Christmas hat free we have to buy it