20-Pound Gummy Turkey (An entire GUMMY and CANDY FEAST!)

To celebrate Thanksgiving at Vat19, we prepared an epic Candy Feast featuring a 20-Pound Gummy Turkey, Gravy Bubbles, Chocolate Chip Cookie Stuffing, Gummy Cranberry Sauce, Pumpkin Pie Soda, and much more!
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  • Uhhhhhh, my mouth is watering I WANT GUMMY!!!!!!!!!! And why is everybody talking about diabetes, no candy?

  • After eating this thanks giving your weight will turn to 100 kilo

  • #Karaisachef

  • How they say caramel is so annoying

  • Yeah, but..... I'm not THAT into sweets.....

  • After this I have to see a doctor and how much is my blood sugar

  • Happy thanksgiving bitch

  • Willy Wonka thanksgiving be like:

  • I want these.

  • These people ate 38,224 calories

  • diabetes- it’s free real estate

  • First thing I said when seeing this Diabetes

  • Mmmm diabetes

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="36">0:36</a> I͢ t͢h͢o͢u͢g͢h͢t͢ i͢t͢ w͢a͢s͢ c͢a͢l͢l͢e͢d͢ j͢u͢s͢t͢ m͢a͢rs͢h͢m͢a͢l͢l͢o͢w͢ c͢e͢re͢a͢l͢ n͢o͢t͢ j͢u͢s͢t͢ c͢e͢re͢a͢l͢ m͢a͢rs͢h͢m͢a͢l͢l͢o͢w͢


  • Diabetes is like “ why hello there🙂”

  • Vat19: eat 10 million caloroes Diabetes: am I a joke to you?

  • Want some thicc shit join vat19

  • *pass me the bubble please*

  • All of the vat19 family will be very fat for all of this sugar

  • i like to take every thing that they made and see what is supposed to be in candy form

  • I think it's a crime to make someone hungry

  • Then you make a gummy turkey for sale only on Thanksgiving

  • Wow no mashed potatoes, that triggered me.

  • um that was awsome

  • I’m pretty sure one of them got diabetes

  • *diabeetus*

  • Chicken jello

  • I just wanna know how none of you guys don’t have diabetes like 25,695 calories in a gummy turkey IM AMAZED

  • *Vegetarian has joined the chat* *Diabetes has joined the chat* *VAT19 has joined the chat* *A working digestive system has left the chat*

  • my kinda thanksgiving

  • I did some research and adults need to take atleast 36 grams of sugar to get diabetes so uh i did some calculating and they ate about 10,363 grams of sugar so they might have diabetes

  • What are all we thankful for Everyone at the table: CANDY AND GUMMIES

  • *Diabetes at its finest*

  • It’s so weird seeing Joey with a beard

  • Dang look at Joey's beard

  • Why don’t you guys make a gummy cake of these flavours caramel apple, red velvet,black forest and white chocolate raspberry

  • Getting diabetes. Speedrun (Glitches)

  • Do t be mean my sister has type 1 diabetes

  • How to get diabetes type two 101: (I'm not hating I actually like their vids lol)

  • I combine alll the calorise is 764.549

  • Me: ohh I’ll just go to the website to look! My band account: *am I a fucking joke to you?*

  • whats the song when they make the food?

  • Vat19 what’s your favourite food Oh it’s gummy

  • I showed my mom this video and she said they definitely have diabetes

  • I wish i could eat there

  • Yuh diabetes

  • Jamie working out: dang we getting these muscles! Jamie: eats super high calorie food “Jamie’s muscles have left the chat”

  • their blood is now made of sugar, and their hearts are slowed down by 89%

  • diet has left the chat

  • I got to get this out. car•mull ca•ru•mel

  • I wish i can eat that edible bubbles.

  • Person: I make the best turkey Vat19: Hold my das beer boot

  • The gummy turkey looks so dirty coz the staff room is so messy

  • This makes my teeth hurt

  • How they so skinny?

  • I love turkey and I love gummy so this is awesome yayayayayayayayayayayay

  • Can you make a gummy ice Cream

  • Hey definitely not related to this video but can I come to your house for thanks giving remember “definitely” “not” related to video

  • *No Killing Involved*

  • here’s lies the Vat19 crew’s teeth. Killed by excessive sugar

  • 😋🤗😉😊😘

  • 🍗Turkey, 🤗🍭🍭pie lollipop and etc

  • And also pie lollipop 😉

  • I get diabetes just looking at this

  • Your making me hungry on you Coronavirus quarantine

  • *insulin production has left the chat

  • If you made a giant gummy turkey then you may as well make a mini one

  • When you trynna have diabetes

  • Diabetes: I’m about to end this whole mans career

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="121">2:01</a> did u know Haribo gummies were first made in Germany

  • Do you guys say carmel or ceremel

  • Yuck!!

  • We all want to have there stuff But we forget that they have a website

  • Me: asks my friend about diabetes Them: Sends back the link to this video

  • This video reminds me of Mr beast who ever gets diabetes first wins $10,000

  • Is anyone else mildly annoyed that they played Vivaldi’s “Spring” for the opening shot when “Autumn” would have fit so much better?

  • What about the camera man

  • Danny was close i think he ment Thanksgiving instead of gunmmy

  • That's 10,000 more calories than a gallon of gasoline