5 Foods You're Eating Wrong

Опубликовано: 16 мар 2019
5 foods you're eating wrong.
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5 Foods You're Eating Wrong


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  • Oh yeah for all the dumb*sses saying why don’t you just get boneless it doesn’t taste the same 🙄

  • Can somebody tell me what a Toblerone bar is

    • Low-mid quality chocolate

  • You people?! 🤨

  • I eat the chicken differently I first break the part where there is only one "chicken" and then I break the other two chickens and then i eat i like my way better cuz i can eat it with a fork and spoon

    • Actually that's what I wanted to say but I don't know how to say it soooooo thanks

    • I eat my chicken all most the same but I leave one bone and but the hole thing in my mouth then pull

  • I use the cupcake one all the time but you don’t need a knife! Just grab the bottom off !

  • The pineapple one didn't work bc the pineapples need to be compelty ripe to be able to pull them apart. Also, who else already used the strawberry hack?🍓🍍

  • just rip the cupcake! i use that all the time

  • The pineapples need to be really ripe to able to use that technique

  • Is it just me or did they delete some of the comments🤔

  • yesss, metal straws!!♥️ save the turtles🐢

  • The lady with the glasses (Faith)is just so negative for all of them except the toblerone one I think she just likes toblerones

    • And tori thinks everything is either extra or useless

  • 6:03 because your big boi

  • That pineapple is rotten

  • Love you guys for using metal straws😘🙊🤣

  • My sister allways does the cup cake one

  • Well the chicken one doesn’t make it a chicken nugget because chicken nuggets are a mix of meat from all over the chicken and a boneless wing is just wing meat with no bones

  • Pineapple xkin was green thats why they couldn't do it .

  • I have always eaten cupcakes by sandwiching them... anyone else?

    • Nicole Rogers I know it’s so extra with the knife it doesn’t need to be perfect haha

    • I do! Except you don’t need a knife. Just rip the bottom off!

    • Yup bro we invented this years ago 😂

  • Why does Austin thing everything he eats is satisfing 😑

    • Maybe because he finds em satisfying.

  • The girl with that jacket is a buzzkill. Why is she so negative about things ?

    • Kelly Ball are you talking about Faith the girl with the glasses

    • Kelly Ball are you talking about tori? Bc I agree plus she’s a boneless wing Stan lmao

    • Kelly Ball who? There is 3 girls chose one!

  • Hey i just wanted to let everyone know. That the pineapple trick DOES work. But it has to be fully ripened. As you can see from the clip they watch the pineapple is fully yellow inside and out...and on the tester pineapples they are still green on the outside. This green color means they are not technically fully ripened. And will not pull apart. MUST BE FULLY RIPENED.... lol ty, just wanted that put out there

  • am i the only one that has been doing the cupcake hack my entire life.

  • Actually you can I eat the leaves because they are very healthy for you

  • 5:14 no! that’s not how you hand a knife over!

  • I eat a whole stawberry just taking of the leaves

    • Zirko Hrastic I eat the whole strawberry including the leaves.

  • we have all have different techniques

  • There's no such thing as eating something right... Those are just ways of eating!

  • What kind of mutant strawberry has a pit?

  • Boneless Pizza

  • i like the Last one And cupcake

  • The fact that I’ve been doing that chicken technique for years ...😂 especially for hot wings... You can do the drummy part too

  • A chicken wing is defined as “wing meat of the chicken” So what makes a boneless wing a chicken wing and not a nugget is that it is wing meat. So my argument is bone in people r to stubborn to change ways boneless tastes better and is easier to eat

  • Toblerone = Kaz Kaan

  • 6:07 XD I died for some reason 💀😂 I was laughing at it for 2 minutes straight

  • “Like just F*cking eat it” 😂

  • They bring in the metal straw...... SAVE THE TURTLES😆😆😆🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢


  • Pizza with pineapple ?

    • Lutfi Fauzirohman u asked

    • @J.A.L whats wrong with u ?

    • Lutfi Fauzirohman go to hell

  • 5;42 just take two cupcakes and make a double stuffed cupcake sandwich.

  • I just realized that the TRIANGLE shaped chocolate thing is called Toblerone😒 Idc if that spelling is wrong

  • The pineapple must be super ripe

  • i believe there isn't any wrong or right way to eat foods, like someone from the youtuber video eats the cheese strings in the "wrong way." I just get a bit agitated when someone says the right way, i don't know why but yeah. So, what do we learn kids? We learned that you can any foods in anyway possible. (i did learn from these videos, but most of these are hacks or just another way to eat something.)

  • 5:34 he’s cute🤤😍


  • I do the straw strawberry one and it really doesn't take that long and u can just shove the whole thing down

  • The Toblerone thing just really works with a big one

  • The pineapple one doesn’t work 🍍

    • I think it has to be really ripe for it to work

  • 5:00 I DO!!!!

  • The cupcake one is how my friends and I eat it like....so we eat it correctly!

  • Strawberrys are veggies

    • Really but they have seeds so doesnt that make it a fruit😫😫😫

    • Strawberries are fruit their seeds are on the outside

    • Strawberries are a fruit not a veggie

    • *Strawberries

    • Your idiotic

  • I just eat the chicken bone am I eating chicken wrong

    • Wait... you eat the bone???

  • I agree they are just glorified chicken nuggets, but dammit you let me enjoy my sauced chicken nuggets.

  • Some of them were way to danty when they needed to try harder or where to strong when they needed to be danty

  • Why not just rip off the leaves on the strawberry 😂

  • I knew the cupcake one

  • 5:00 *"But who's gonna do that at a party?"* Me: *"This gal right here, mate!"*

  • Jokes on you. I have never eaten a pineapple the wrong or right way because i have never eaten a REAL pineapple. (Real then I mean not like canned and juices i mean like a uncut one.)

  • 🤣 I love Tori.

  • I do the cupcake sandwich all the time except I don’t need a plate just tear the bottom off

  • I like the "just fxxking eat it" chick lol

  • Ive done the chicken wing one for awhile

  • Messy free my butt

  • I knew the cupcake one for like 3 years already

  • Just get boneless

  • Well, i just put the chocolate into my mouth and bite it off.

  • You can also just tear off the bottom part of the cupcake~ could be messier, but it’s nice at parties to not need a knife.

  • So many dirty minds in the comment section. Maybe this should be included in the next Dirty Minds episode.

  • #metalstraws save the turtles

    • Or don't throw it by the sea easy peasy I guess 😐

  • In Word = N Word

  • These are not things to eat wrong there just hacks dumb people


    • @Went of I gues ikr

    • Yvette Maldonado right omg I think that girl in the light brown jacket was surprised by the fact that they gave her a metal straw

  • 8:04 i played that like 5 times

  • I do the chicken wing one and the cupcake one all the time

  • Shut the frog door I’m dead 😂😭💀😂

  • 8:39 “What’s the difference, it’s all gonna go in you’re mouth. That what she said🤗👌

    • 8:08 “i just stuff it into my mouth” 😏

    • 4:26 “This one had bigger bones than the other guy.”

    • 1:37 “I’m already sticky.” 😏

  • Your actually weird if your not making a cupcake sandwich whenever you get one 💯

    • I that I wasn't weird until now

    • @Caleb Davis lol I'll put it on my to-do list how's that

    • @President of Paperclips I'm really gonna need you to go to your grocery store and buy a cupcake just to try this

    • I guess I'm weird 🤷‍♀️

    • Caleb Davis i eat the thing before eating the cream 🤩

  • 3:16 put it on slow motion Thank me later

  • I recommend putting it on slow motion for the entire time. It's hilarious 😂

  • The toblerone one we always knew about

  • How the hell do you eat something wrong?

    • exactly, there is nothing right or wrong about eating it is just eating.

  • 5:01 “whos gonna do that at a party” ummm.. excuse me I do it all the time 😒

    • I mean I'm sure it's a better method, but I've never once seen anyone do this in my life

  • Dude, hate it when they people say you've been eating it WRONG. How TF DO YOU EAT WRONG, you eat however you want, everyone eats differently. These "eating the right way" Title needs to change to "new found ways to eat (insert food)"

    • exactly, I eat things "normally," or how people usually eat things and found new ways to eat foods. There's nothing wrong or right about eating, it is just eating things in a new way

  • So extra but I do all of them

  • The pineapple trick is useless to me 'cause I hate pineapple.

  • Tori looks like my cousin

  • Tori was the only one who succeeded the pineapple

  • Tori’s new quote “just fuppinn eat it”

  • Is it wrong, or just another wrong way of eating food.

  • I already ate my chicken like that anyway cuz I hated the bones

  • Nothing is wrong, only different

  • 6:57 really this just a waste of my time Me:😂😂

  • i don’t even eat cupcakes the first way; i lick off the icing first and then i the cake part. who else does this?

    • me

    • I don't, in my opinion the cake is only good when eaten with frosting and the frosting is only good when eaten with cake. If it has a lot of frosting, I do the sandwich method, if it has a little bit of frosting, I eat half of the bottom of the cupcake and then eat it normally (this evens out the cake to frosting ratio)

  • Bruh if we still doing it wrong orang right, we still gonna eat it...


  • Tried the cupcake one, works pretty well

  • Where my plain cupcake bois at? NO FROSTING ON CUPCAKES!

  • I like when I read the comments and only a bit have likes on them

  • For me i think we have our own ways to eat food like we can eat it in anyway but not literally

    • again, third comment, there's no wrong or right way to eat foods you can eat it however you want

  • It's a special type of pineapple in the original video. I've seen this before on Good Mythical Morning trying to recreate satisfying videos