5 KG. MONSTER SANDWICH - Brazilian Food Tour in Curitiba, Brazil!

Опубликовано: 26 май 2019
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CURITIBA, BRAZIL - Curitiba is located in the Paraná state of southern Brazil. It’s a pleasant city, and they known especially for meat. In this video we go on a Brazilian food tour of Curitiba, explore some of the iconic meat dishes of the city, and eat a 5 kilo family sandwich! #Brazil #BrazilianFood #hugefood
Mercearia Fantinato - Carne de onça (Jaguar meat), known as jaguar meat, yet of course not jaguar at all, this steak tartare (raw minced beef) got its name because of the raw meat breath you’ll have after you eat it. It’s mixed table-side, and it’s delicious.
Price - 53.99 BRL ($13.54)
Costelão do Gaúcho - One of the things that Curitiba is known for, and all of southern Brazil, is meat - and especially the beef ribs are among the prized cut. Costelão do Gaúcho is an amazing restaurant that specializes in beef ribs. The owner is a master, treating each rack of ribs with respect and roasting and smoking them with precision. I loved his table saw method of cutting the ribs. The ribs were outstanding, as was the entire meal with all the side salads and dishes.
4 Beans Coffee Co. - We stopped in for a quick coffee, but that turned into a coffee roasting session, which was fantastic.
Lanchonete da Lombada - Here we go, the mega 5 kg. Lombada sandwich. Lombada means speedbump in Portuguese, because it was formerly a street food stall right in front of the speedbump. It was just insane, huge bun, layers of meat, hot dogs, massive quantities of squeeze cheese. It’s not a food challenge, but a very popular local family meal in Curitiba, Brazil. Total price - 50 BRL ($12.45)
Tio Dog (Uncle Dog) - Probably one of the most iconic of all the Brazilian fast food in Curitiba is TIo Dog, specialising in a number of different sandwiches and hot dogs. We got The Philadelphia, a bun filled with hot dogs, a variety of unknown sauces, and little crunchy chip fries. It’s one of those late night impulse foods - not something I’d eat on a daily basis.
Curitiba was fun, and it was a Brazilian food tour of meat!
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  • gilerme rafaela is legend ❤from oz

  • Curitiba é uma cidade incrível, assim como todo o interior do Paraná. Difícil achar carne melhor do que nessa região/sul do Brasil. Vc entra numa churrascaria de vila e é sempre surpreendido. Aqui em Sp, tem local que cobra 3x mais e não entrega a mesma coisa. Só o lanche de 5kg de azia que não me deu apetite. Obs: 18:55 sacanagem essa mostarda fake aí. 😂😂😂

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  • 23:59 quase 00:00 já jantei e deu fome Mano eu que moro no Brasil nunca comi essa comida kkkkk

  • Brazil is the most dangerous place in the world.

  • That saw is more like a band saw. :-)

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  • Mark. Really eating Jaguar? It really is not cool. If you were to hunt it would be different but fomenting/encouraging the comercialization of animals in danger of extinction is quite stupid.

    • Its not real jaguar meat, its just beef. The name ia because when you eat it raw you get the bad jaguar breath. He explained it in the video.

  • Tio Dog is very close to my house HAHA

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  • I live 500m from Carivaldo, the 5kg sandwich and i went there twice only. hahahaha too much food, but it is really good! Fantinato and Costelão do Gaucho was really good choices as well! Classic food! Thanks for show our city to the world!

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  • Maybe I'm wrong but I think most Americans grow up eating whatever their moms cook which is probably 20-30 different things. I think most of us have a very limited view of food (at least I do) and it's sad really that we don't try new things more often. I know I have a taste in food that many find strange. I can't eat fat on my meat, I think it's gross. Texture plays a huge part in what I can eat. Some of the soups you eat that have a real mucus like texture just turn me off. Not many of the foods you try I look at and think.. "That looks good". The 5 kilo sandwich looked good & the hot dog sandwich looked good also. As A side note I went to Phoenix, AZ. and ate at Little Miss BBQ that you visited in one of your videos (where I saw it) and the food was AMAZING!

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  • ru-tv.org/tv/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-1xPTYcDDozA.html

  • We Brazilians love making giant versions of our snacks, 1kg Coxinhas, 5kg Sandwiches, 50cm pizzas ... basically I love to eat a lot! 🤣🤞

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  • Cant believe you were here in Curitiba and I lost the opportunity to meet you, Mark! Must say: Fantinato is amazing, but thats not the REAL carne de onça. This dish got famous a few years ago and now everyplace has its own recipe, but in the past (70s, 80s) it was only minced meat, cebolinha, Salt and olive oil. And please tell me that you had ROLLMOPS!!!

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  • Hello Mark, I commented there on the 'Rio 4 fun' and as a resident of Curitiba I make an important observation that this "jaguar meat" you ate is not the real one. The original will not make brandy or any spice. In the original recipe goes only the meat seasoned with onion, parsley, chives and served over a black bread. Only! And a curiosity that this dish is considered cultural patrimony of the city. Pissed me off see that, served to you a disturbef version where they added a lot of crap. And please, do not put butter on the bread, but it's not your fault ... I pointed out to Guilherme the numerous places where to eat a "real jaguar meat" and other delicacies of the city and typical dishes of the region. But very nice to see the South of Brazil being presented. Come back often! And if you need a guide, I am at your disposal!

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  • Hi Mark! I'm not sure if you know that, but I'll write it here for the sake of the viewers as well: "Costelão do Gaúcho" means Gaúcho's Ribs, and a "gaúcho" is someone born in the to the extreme south of Brazil: Rio Grande do Sul. For the sake of simplicity to explain it, we're a bit of a mix between the feel and garbs of cowboys on the outside with the chilly winters and somewhat reserved colors and culture of Europe (compared to other Brazilians that is, I personally think we are still very warm people). That cultural difference is mostly because contrary to other states the majority of people born here descends from Europeans, mostly Germans and Italians, so we look a bit different too. But we are very serious when it comes to food, eating is a very important time of the day for families in Brazil as you might have discovered hahaha! The gaúcho traditional clothing, the "pilcha", is considered formal clothing in Brazil. The method of cooking you call "Brazilian Barbecue" originates here as well. If at all possible, do consider coming to one of our traditional clubs (CTG - Clube de Tradições Gaúchas "Club of Gaucho's Traditions") to have some of our old style barbecues made exactly as it was centuries ago, and enjoy some of our music and dances performed as well. Lucky you, it's getting chilly here, and it's the best season for visiting the hills to enjoy the vales and treat yourself to some warm food. Do try a colonial style breakfast as well if you can! Our wines are very good too. Oh and we really *love* rock and roll so turn on the radio hahahaha. Wishing you a wonderful time.

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