7 Gifts That Make Being at School Better • White Elephant Show #19

Опубликовано: 23 янв 2020
We unwrap our favorite gifts that help make your school day a little more fun! And if you use them at the wrong time, you might find out if they make detention more fun too...
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  • R.I.P kyle 2020

  • Is it the first time Chelsie didn't get the bonus gift

  • I want all of theeeeseeeeeeee

  • Title: 7 gifts that make going to school better Covid : HA! JOKES ON YOU

  • Tittle being at school better Life right now being on school

  • Fun fact : I used to have a pac man arcade but a little bigger

  • Wait I’m confused is Christine new or something ? Cause I thought Kara is a new girl

  • Noob

  • enough with the boogers!!!

  • why is it called the white elephant show?

  • Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • His voice is so cute

  • I think he sound like asmr

  • No

  • 5:08 he sounded like siri

  • Jon never gets a bonus gift

  • 2:27 Okay, can we rename this video to "Gifts that make a lot of noise at school"?

  • nothing funnier than a fart sound coming from a serious-looking man.

  • Me: *Reads title* Me: Uhh.. Nothing can make school better because I'm always a teacher's pet and... Uhm, I'm a... A nerd 😫

  • i am devin

  • Ey my name is Devin >:(

  • Hey just here for anyone that reads this, Jesus loves you, he is always by your side and will never leave you. If you are going through something turn to him 💜

  • kyle has drax energy

  • mia khalifa works at vat 19

  • Kyle is like Ice Bear from WBB

  • i actually have a science teacher that is also a coach

  • Danny mentions his daughter being an artist in every one of these XD

  • Was everybody's history teacher their sports coach?

  • Too bad I'm broke

  • Kyle’s voice is calm

  • Kyle is that one friendly giant...

  • Kyle being. Kyle

  • A poop pen???

  • Poop Emoji Pen: exists My classmate: gets expelled for having a poop emoji water bottle

  • I wish I could buy one of your items but it is so much money. I live in South Africa so I have to pay over R100 every time 😭😭😭😔

  • I love vat 19

  • When will they make the black elephant show

  • Kyle doesn't feel emotions

  • My history teacher had a spear in her classroom

  • Hahaha , School...

  • So I have been debating on getting ether the color morphing stress ball, or the regular stress ball. Is the color morphing stress ball more Durable because I would not really like slime on my carpet if it pops. but yeah I just need a little help deciding.

  • Kyle: big man Gift: small gift 🎁

  • omg this is thw only video i’ve seen where kelsey didnt get the bonus gift omg

  • Me: *read title* Also me: Impossible

  • Choosing pile over kyle 😂

  • 7:55 Pen makes farts noise 💨 Kyle = that wasn't the pen

  • Kyle looks like an annoying/boring/weird version of Channing Tatum.

  • kyle: or you could use a booger me: hahahahahahaha vat19: good idea

  • 7:55 Kyle: that wasn’t the pen 🤣

  • Kyle is so content with whatever he is traded for in the stealing round.

  • Interesting parts of the video: Kyle is sad: 2:17 Kelsey doeant get bonus gift: 3:17 Kelsey doesnt get bonus gift again : 4:49 Kyle makes noise with pen and says it wasn't the pen : 7:47

  • u9tt

  • Kara Danny and Jamie are my favorite of the vat19 group

  • Having my friends and my favorite teacher around at school is enough

  • That wasn't the pen XD 😂 😂😂

  • i like how everyone got silent when kyle said "that wasn't the pen."

  • I would've forced my mom to buy some of these *IF* there was school this year

  • Can I buy the note?

  • I have analyzed all the data. I have come to a conclusion. 🙌big✋✋hand👏talkers👌

  • Hi Vat19 you are so cool😎👌👍🏻

  • Kara is so annoying omggggg

  • Kyle can use the poop emoji to prank people like when someone is sitting down and then other people will think that it was the person who was sitting down farting

  • I’ve seen it the pen

  • theres no such thing as the emoji its not POOP it ice cream idiots god why dose everyone think it poop *some people are just IDIOTS SOME TIIMES*


  • Eww a pen that farts I hate farts.when I'm just trying to do something my sister will always farts the whole time and I hate her when ever she farts🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • 0:24

  • I give you stuff every Week

  • Kyle is such a chill guy. Untill you make him angry

  • Kyle looks like Vat19 ordered Chris Pratt from Wish

  • So cool

  • can i have a poop emoji pen and a tiny pacman game and a mario black light tiny japanese food

  • if the pen isnt making any sounds, then you know its silent and deadly.

  • How is the Mario BlockSatisfying it’s just a light

  • 0:35

  • Y'all should make a rule when if you steal a golden ticket then they have to give there gift to the person they stole from

  • why does Christine looks like Mia khalifa😅

  • Nobody: Danny: My daughter is an artist so she’ll like this

  • Awe! Devin is my Male dog's name! Vat19 is calling my dog mean 😆

  • Does anybody ever wonder what would happen if someone gets 2 bonus gifts bye getten stolen by then they already have a bonus gift then they pick another gift and that one also has a bonus gift

  • "yep he has polio" lmaooooo

  • Does anyone just look at the comments but doesn't watch the video 😂🤣

  • kyle is dead in side

  • Poop?

  • You could shoot paper or spit balls...or boogers

  • Danny : or paper balls me: yeah don't forget about paper balls :)

  • famous last words- it wasnt the pen

  • Why did he steal the Pac-Man I wanted him to steal the stress ball

  • We were once learning stitching and I stitched through my jeans pants and wen I find out about it my face went like......... 😑

  • I love kyle he is great boy

  • Kyle is always a mood

  • I love white elephant and I love vat 19 so this series is the only thing I’ll watch right now

  • I can feel myself squeezing the stress ball

  • Was the basket ball hop on vat19, I am looking for my Ome teacher because he loves basket ball and has helped me so much and we have become friends lol😂

  • Kyle is such vibe and mood! "If I had to fart I would just do it myself"😂😂😂😂

  • It was a fart pen

  • Danny is my favorite!

  • Kyle “or a booger” everyone else “. Speechless ”

  • White🐘show!!!!!!!

  • 6:11 my science teacher would love this she’s amazing my history teacher would ban this she would despise it