7 Gifts That Make Being at School Better • White Elephant Show #19

Опубликовано: 23 янв 2020
We unwrap our favorite gifts that help make your school day a little more fun! And if you use them at the wrong time, you might find out if they make detention more fun too...
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  • Everybody says it's poop but it was originally chocolate Ice cream

  • Pulls out ak47

  • Kyle is the new favorite vat19 member after eric

  • 7:50 when my brother walks in


  • my names devin

  • I think the sick note was the better one

  • Kyle is great😂

  • Noooo they blanked Kyle on his joke I feel terrible

  • gooP hehe

  • This is Kyle (hello darkness smile friends)

  • That wasn't the pen.....(silence)..... hahahahahahhahahaahha

  • V b

  • New girl gets first golden ticket Kelsey: I have been faced with a challenge

  • All the guys steal man. The girls? TOTALLY INNOCENT! God Guys!?

  • Mario keychain

  • yea screw devin hes mean so devin GO AWAY

  • Kyle is the kinda kid from highschool that bully other kids but with manner. Kyle: I'm sorry, but you are ugly. If you allow me I can pour water in your shoes and then laugh.

  • come on 2:17

  • Kyle is definitely Batman.

  • www.amazon.com/dp/B014S24GUK/?tag=lucky711420-20

  • Kyle reminds me of Eeyore.....oooooooh bother!

  • You guys should make a podcast of the video audios or something so people can listen to it and still kind of get it, I would defiantly listen to it

  • “If you get that teacher who is also a coach” Coach Garza, Texas History teacher I’m LOOKING AT YOU

  • Kyle seems he was in jail I don’t know why I guess he doesn’t say much

  • I've got the history teacher who happens to be a football coach. Lol

  • Why is the room dark

  • All these gifts are amazing.

  • I W A N T TH. EM.!!!!

  • 6:17 how did he know about my 4th period teacher

  • now this is one way to advertise

  • christine is really cute. she has a little cute awkwardness to her XD

  • In school, last period is my english class where me and my friends make weapons to bother the teacher like a homemade eraser slingshot. I also have a pencil sharpener, I put it on the floor stepped on it and took the razor out. I use it to cut the eraser into triangle to launch it at my teacher

  • Give me a stress ball

  • If I get in trouble for bringing a basket ball hoop to school I BLAME U VAT19! XD

  • Kyle sees catapult and thinks: let’s put a booger in it

  • why is kyle my spirit animal?

  • you should make a giant booger catapult !!!

  • i have exact same pacman machine😯


  • My name is devin

  • Should’ve called them Clayons

  • Danny is always getting stuff that goes to his children I feel like

  • Vat19 : gifts that make schoÒl better Me: *thats debatable*

  • do more hidden in plain site

  • With the amount of times people get stolen from and go back to the table to open a new gift(especially Kelsey), I'm kind of amazed nobody's gotten both bonus gifts yet.

  • Things that make school better... 1. Wax pens 2. Puff bars 3.lunch 4. PE 5. Alcohol


  • 👁 👁 👅

  • Vat 19.om

  • I have the small space invaders


  • It's not funny without Eric;-;

  • You mean packed man 😂

  • Christine, You have the coolest name EVER!

  • when danny said: "school can be stressful, there are standardised tests, getting friend zoned...” i felt that

  • That poop pen was the worst gift out of all of them. You could say that poop pen was pretty crappy!!!😆😆😆

  • 5:08 that emotionless or a boo-ger

  • I have the same exact mini arcade

  • vat19 is the only exception for watching ads