8 Putties You Won't Be Able to Put Down

Опубликовано: 26 май 2019
We love putty as much as we love spicy challenges! Here we recap some of the best putties we sell!
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Turns out there's lots of crazy putties in the world! Some of our favorites include gold putty, magnetic putty, and glow in the dark putty!
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  • We finally combined all of our putties into one giant putty at the end of the video! What did you guys think? You can find even more putty here: bit.ly/2wlFaSo

  • You don't Crumple.mold.shred Food......

  • “More than enough to share with your friends” ME:bish my friends can back off

  • Does the smell last forever?

  • 8:40 ORANGE!!!!!!!!!

  • It's actually really pretty. I like that color with that luster.

  • "And it never dries out" Me:even if you put it in liquid nitrogen

  • Cross promo Cross promo Cross promo Cross promo Cross promo .w.

  • So ectoplasm putty is just glow is just the glow in the dark putty?

  • L

  • you guys need to make edible putty!!!

  • Make one putty which don’t stick to nothing like couch,rugs ok because my mom is mad when it sticks somewhere

  • This is how many cross promos there were ||||

  • 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • 7:25 *Cross Promo intensifies*

  • at the 1:51 the wiggles have came to vat19

  • Please make it in bigger tins

  • What does cross promo mean

  • EHH

  • One question, how are the Ectoplasm putty and Glow in the dark putty different?

  • what if you guys put a scene where you get a sun burn and said ouch then play with the putty

  • I’m ordering the gold putty my precious one.

  • No one: Really no one: Vat19: cross promo

  • wut dose cross promo mean

  • 9:20 were the put all the putty together) That will cost 1 like thank you

    • Slumpedhenry_yt lol u got only one like and its not from me 😂😂😂

  • They need to make a pudy of that scent when your parents are washing the dishes Manually

  • Those two ads were the longest 10 seconds of my life

  • Vat19 can you give me the ice cream,bubble gum putty



  • You should mix all of the heat one

  • They should make the tin glow in the dark

  • Love u so much

  • That's $19. 19. Can I get one that's nothing. Can I get one of your food please please please I want Central Street

  • I have the color changing putty

  • U wide ideas

  • I love playing with putty in a bowl of fun

  • The pizza smells like puke

  • Don’t eat the pizza putty

  • O have blu/rple

  • 8:28 I have that

  • Do not say you can eat, kids will understand that it’s edible

  • I mean, the Scentsory Putties?

  • What f you eat the 1st putties, does it taste good and taste like them?

  • Vat 19 is the best bc they make u want to buy it so bad

  • I have ADHD, and I always use Aarons putty XD I don't know why I'm saying this..

  • Damn Americans are ugly. Rubbish products too, just like chump change.

  • 4:25 I got a ad but I thought it was a ad😂

  • Kan ai godt et tu cresmes

  • I just watched a 11 minute ad.

  • What dose cross promo stand for

  • I have the sunburst putty

  • *Combine Them*

  • If you mixed uv phantom putty will it turn purple or somthing🤔🤗

  • Umm i think i am hood cuz some one just has a lik in one of the putty

  • 0:44 Cross promo 1:47 Crossssss prroommoooooooo 3:56 Cross promo 6:09 Cross promo 7:25 Cross promo Cross promo Cross promo Cross promo Cross promo Cross promo Cross promo 8:49 Cross promo

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  • 2089 anyone?


  • i realy want one but i think my mom wont let me.. and where far. Philippines:bacolod

  • Me: *sips tea* Vat 19: "pizza" Me: *SPITS TEA*

  • I want all of them can l heve it please

  • 7:24 CRoSs proMo X 9

  • 1:30 *be careful with my birthstone eric*

  • **blurple** **yellorange**

  • 7:24 xD

  • I like it

  • I has a glow putty No! THEY be stealing my putty

  • Song name pls

  • Cross promo 1970 ‘s

  • Notice they didn’t use chocolate for the first segment

  • Ectoplasm puddly looks like a booger

  • 1:48 Me and the boys

  • I love putty

  • Where do you guys make the toys

  • Dos joy have a girlfriend and it he doesn't come with me

  • This how many cross promo's in this video | | | | V V

  • Dude my is super sticky I cant play with it

    • @Manda Panda The Miraculous Fan ok

    • dang itz gacha poof I am not too sure :/ but if you wanna risk it then you can try to put it in the freezer but if it doesn’t work don’t blame me and np

    • @Manda Panda The Miraculous Fan thank you wow then what do I do?

    • dang itz gacha poof it might be too hot so it would melt

  • i have no adds because i have an app that blocks all adds

  • When you drop the tea there is no going back for the carpet

  • I want it! FOR FREE

  • Does Vat19 supply to South Africa.

  • Rip that pizza

  • Bounce it Rip it Pull it Twist it Bop it Wait....

  • Gum ball is not a food nether is chocolate

  • C R O S S P R O M O ! !

  • There all CRAZY ARONS thinking putty not your. They are all the same texture just different colors.

  • Me: *eats it* I was tempted

  • i should buy the gold putty for my wedding

  • lol jk


  • 11:00 Hi I'm Donald trump

  • Why is by the glow in the dark Putty no CROSS PROMO?

  • can i have some

  • So Eric didn't quit?? ;-;

  • I wish #4 was a real show

  • you should sell the mixture of all your putties

  • I Like the choco putty From the firt🍫🍫🍫🍫

  • Freind:where's my putty? Me with putty dripping from my mouth:idk

  • dose it stick to cloth