9 Candies That Aren't What They Seem

Опубликовано: 24 май 2019
This means they're also the perfect candies to pull pranks with!
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At Vat19, we've collected a large amount of candy over the years. This video shows nine of our top spicy candies that might not look spicy from the outside!
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  • Can you think of any good pranks that these candies would be perfect for? See some of our own pranks here: bit.ly/2X3W3wE

  • Did any one's mouth start watering while watching this 😁

  • I just realized 5/12 is really bad 4:38

  • I'm ready to mix that with nerd and give it to my friend :))))

  • The toe of Satan candy is not as hot as Cole Sprouse


  • @8:14 Will Forte?

  • Vat19 which state are you in

  • Yeah but aren’t they still nerds?

  • did anyone just realise they just watched nine ads in a row

  • When I think takis are the hottest thing in the world

  • Why is there um.... a lot of guy fieri parodies?

  • Not gonna lie i feel sorry for that dad😂

  • More guy fiery. Please.

  • Worlds largest con omen bear

  • I didn't even Finish half of the jalapeno gummy pepper for me it was instant spice burn.

  • Who the hell cut satens toe off

  • The fiddle of gold and the soul are a reference to the devil went down to Georgia.

  • I’m a noob

  • I won't prank anyone cause that sounds rude

  • I love it!

  • The One was supposed to be when

  • What happens on the Carolina reaper pebbles get burnt the question is for burning questions

  • Ahhhhh that’s hot that’s hot

  • That Guy Fieri impersonation killed me 😂

  • 10:12 captain america before the serum

  • 1:30 didnt know satan was that polite!

  • Those insane motherfuckers..

  • I do 20

  • The devil went down to Georgia

  • The last one took way too long...

  • Why were there apples 🍏, lemons 🍋, and Cherry 🍒 with the gummy chilli 🌶

  • 🌶❤

  • who elses toung is burning after the vid l \/

  • 0:20 what we came for

  • Do challenge or someone takes all of the fire dust at once

  • Don't worry it has a bottle opener

  • #SavageJon

  • Man, I miss Eric :(

  • 2:02 did anyone else notice that he left the fiddle there?

  • man forks.

  • Next product: armpit of Satan, da most foul smellin thing on da earf

  • Why is it all spicey

  • 2:45 three guys don't have hats on

  • No one: Not a single soul: No one who ever lived ever: Eric: wHaTs Up ItS gUy FiReY!!! hA Ha

  • Guy fiery 🤣🤣 lol

  • 7:54 that's the same glass cup we have!

  • Satan:suck my toe

  • who else got the fiddle made of gold joke

  • r/Humblebrag

  • Are you guys going to make green Tabasco Jelly Bellies

  • Lol

  • -savage-

  • To be honest, I want that putty.

  • *I WAtchEd ads FoR 15 mIn* Y'all stupid or something these are product. What did you expect? How to eat them?

  • Carolina Repper is the hottest pepper!

  • Grind the Toe Of Satan into tiny rocks, give it to your friends and tell that it is pop rocks

  • ~~~hi~~~

  • you should make a giant cinnamon gummy bear

  • 10:04 me when I die in fortnite