A dangerous opening | Ivanchuk vs Negi | Greek Team Championship 2010

Опубликовано: 26 янв 2021
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  • After ne4 black resigned?

  • Ivanchuk should have played the Tata Steel Masters

  • Great lesson! The best players never to achieve the champion crown in chess: Ivanchuk, Shirov, Keres, Korchnoi.

    • @Nigel Houdini Bronstein was co champ, because of the 12-12 tie, he could not take the crown.

    • Rubinstein & Bronstein also.

  • I love the bird sound in the background.

  • Planet Chucky is indeed a wild and mysterious place

  • A great game

  • e5! what a move followed with Ndxb5! In the Esipenko game, it was Ncxb5! But equally devastating!

  • Great find from the past!

  • Thank you. It's refreshing to see some lesser known players (at least by me).

  • So crushing from Ivanchuck - a relentless pressure, growing tension, it must have been suffocating for Negi

  • Wow! What a move e5..after you put it on the board I still did not see the whole point initially

  • Pronunciation of Scheveningen is Sheveningen. Since Daniel the Great even pronounces Esipenko correctly which is really amazing I dare to hint about the pronunciation of the village's name.

    • @PowerPlayChess Thanks and sorry. Your pronunciation was closer to the Dutch than my first proposal. Dinner plus CHF bonus is granted.

    • @Ulrich Ulrich I get my advice on Dutch from my Dutch friends and I was surprised to be schooled by someone who was not a native speaker. I look forward to dinner in Zürich!

    • @PowerPlayChess Yes and no: Zürich. Next time you are there I would be happy to invite you to dinner in one of our top locations plus a consulting fee. But I was wrong with my pronunciation suggestion because Scheveningen is in the Netherlands and Wikipedia says S-cheveningen with the "ch" pronounced similarly as in Loch Ness.

    • Are you from Germany?

  • This variation doesn't seem as complicated or as difficult to learn than other lines in the Sicilian. Really amazed Carlsen and his team didn't have a proper look into it, the whole Bxe3-Qh4-Qe7 looks like (dubious) OTB inspiration from the Champion.

  • As Mr. King likes to say, "If you play the Sicilian, you are always on the edge of disaster!"

    • Fake news! Haha

    • A quote from Black's king? :)

    • I don’t recall saying that! I am far more positive about the Sicilian!

  • Carlsen’s research team failed him this time. 😂😂

    • @SuperJoop you are new to chess.

    • Carlsen's opening play is dubious, he depends on his middle game strength and end game mastery to win games. He would never have survived against elite opposition the 70's and 80's without revamping his repertoire. Imagine playing his lines against Geller, Polugayevsky, Fischer, Kasparov. He would have been eaten alive.

  • Chucky the master of chess,what a player!

    • He's really an artist rather than an athlete - the final position is so aesthetically pleasing!

  • I guess PhD is an honorable reason to put chess aside .

  • I usually castle queenside against najdorf, I have to try out this blitzed out g4 after.

  • Daniel, I am hoping for a Najdorf win with Black soon. As a Najdorf player (and you had a big part in it) this is depressing seeing my favorite opening crushed lately. I need some uplifting in my life. Let's hope we will get to see one in this tournament before it ends and you get to cover it... All the best. Great video - as always.

  • Every world champion's worst nightmare

  • Isn't the title wrong? Since the game was played a decade+ ago.

    • @PowerPlayChess I will treasure this response as a beautiful chess memory in the history of my existence! You are my favorite chess commentator! I wish I hear you combined with Maurice Ashley during a big game like the old days!

    • Indeed! Fixed.

  • Happy Republic Day 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Great video ❤

  • video heading wrong?

    • @Chris Edwards King's Gambit would be wild in slow chess in 2021. But who knows. Maybe there's a chance to see a Vienna Game with new opening ideas?

    • @PowerPlayChess Thanks. Really interesting game . I wonder if Carlsen knew it. Regardless, Wijk has been really entertaining with all these super sharp sicilian poison pawn and Keres attack variant. All we need now is a King's Gambit.

    • Fixed!

    • It's well known that Vassilous Ivantsoukos is a Greek player. 😁