Agust D '대취타' MV

Опубликовано: 22 май 2020
Agust D '대취타' MV
Agust D - 'D-2' Download

Director: Yong Seok Choi (Lumpens)
Assistant Director: Jihye Yoon (Lumpens)
2nd AD: Soeyoung Park, Jongeun Lee
Producer: Emma Sungeun Kim (GE Production)
Production manager: Min Sung Kim
Assistant Producer: Ju Young An
Assistant Production Manager: Ji Hoon Han
Director of Photography: Hyunwoo Nam (GDW)
Focus Puller: Sangwoo Yun
2nd AC: Eunki Kim
3rd AC: Kyuwon Seo
DIT: Yesom Park
Gaffer: Kyeong Seok Kim
1st: Jooil Kim, Myung Hoon Park, Kwon Jang
2nd: Young Woong Cho, Sungho Kim, Junhee Sung
3rd: Hanbin Seol, Beong Gwan Lee, Yong Ju Lee, Dae Hyeon Yu
4th: Yoon Ho So, Chang Hwan Son
Jimmy Jib Operator: Youngjung Kim
Jimmy Jib Assistant: Hyun in Kim
Generator: Jin Chan Heo, Jongho Kim
Crane: Daesik Seo, Heang Sun Myung
Art Director: Jinsil park, Bona Kim (MuE)
Assistant Art Team: Yeri Kang, Seonghee Park
Art team Manager: Ilho Heo
Sfx: Just
Sfx Supervisor: Kyoungsoo Park, Changsuk Kim
Sfx Technician: Taehun Kim, Hyun Ahn
Stunt Director: Yoon Heon Jung
Stunt Team: Gyeong Seop Noh, Wonjong Song
Costume Designer: Kyeongmi Kim
Costume Designer Team Leader: Soo Hyun Nam
Costume Designer Team: Haeun Kim, Siyeon Kim, Nahyun Kim
Head of Department, Extra Hair&Makeup: Sun Park
Key Extra Makeup Artist: Jooil Kim
Key Extra Hair Stylist: Hyun Jin Jung
Extra Hair&Makeup Artist: Doye Park, Cho Eun Kim, Chul Yeon Kim, Ji Seon Yun
Special Cast: Taegwan Nam, Jooho Jeong
Location support: MBC DaeJanggeum Park
Team manager: Jong Keun Park
Visual Creative: Nu Kim, Lee Sun Kyoung, Kim Ga Eun, Lee Hye Ri
Performance Directing: Son Sung Deuk, Lee Ga Hun, Lee Byung Eun, Hyewon Park
Artist Management: Kim Shin Gyu, Ahn jong Hun, Lee Seung Byeong

Big Hit Entertainment. Rights are reserved selectively in the video. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. Manufactured by Big Hit Entertainment, Seoul, Korea.
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  • "...because your number is up" - not really related to this track but to his mixtape in general and all hate he got for it based on manipulative lies, spread on if you care : AgustD is truth.

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  • People keep saying that only jk and jin r in the MV... I mean how can y'all ignore Bang PDnim?

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  • It's been 2 weeks still I can't rap along with him, whever I try to rap along him I became breathless. Yoongi/Suga/Agust D is a KING

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  • Okay I love them but I've accepted that everything basically gives me Mo Dao Zu Shi vibes.

  • Lil meow meow turned into A tiger But will turn into cat off screen again When he sees camera he turns into tiger Otherwise he is always A cute lil meow meow

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  • My friend (non kpop) : agust d is better than your bts duh.. Me : *laughing inside lol

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