ALL WHEEL DRIVE Camaro? (and 14 other BADASS Cars!)

Опубликовано: 18 июл 2019
We finally made it to the UK for Doorslammers 2019 - IT WAS AWESOME! Santa Pod Raceway takes the traditional drag racing culture and nearly creates a holiday out of it! Celebrating some of Europe’s most incredible builds, amazing culture, and some of the most positively impactful people we’ve ever met was only a small part of what we took away from our first time at Santa Pod Raceway. We are VERY excited to bring you so much more!
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  • Life goal complete... to feature on the 1320Video channel after following it for so long is amazing! 🤩 It was great to meet you Kyle and we look forward to having you back again next year!!

    • thank you for letting 1320 use your footage, without we would have never seen these awesome cars. you, sir are a true hero

    • Thanks for the content Subbed Cheers mate!!

    • I was gutted seeing this cant believe ive never been there didnt think the cars were this good here didnt espect to see anything over 500 hp tbh

    • Mk1Kieran good job dude !!! Uk for the win

    • It was very good of you and the others to help Kyle by allowing him to use your footage.Subbed to your channel a while back and you're doing a cracking job.Thanks for all you do to show UK drag racing.100x👍

  • VTG build some ten years ago 4x4 Vette c3 ;)

  • So when did a 9.7 become not that fast?

  • lol cool cars.

  • Little Fiat does 10's and he said its not really fast!! lol Awesome video!!

  • The GTR has some major handling issues, dudes gonna kill himself one of these days

  • 15:44 First time we’ve seen gas ⛽️ masks 🎭 . Alcohol and nitro fumes damage your lungs . 🐝smart wear the gear ⚙️. Metal in the eye 👁 sucks

  • Oh my Lord sick

  • As an American in to very fast cars I was very impressed what UK has done way to go guys

  • Its a good thing that Diesel S10 was there to offset those damn wind generators!!! Keep Rocking it out!!!

  • i need to get a camaro like that

  • Wind turbines at the track how European the douches

  • Wow, I want to make my 4th Gen Fbody All wheel drive 😁👍🏼

  • A v8 Evo that's still awd... Awd Camaro??? Holy Fxxking Shit!!!!!

  • Niice :).. Shame about some utter twat robbing you :/

  • Long story short. You wanna go! Invest in turbo!

  • The GTR at place 9 from germany now has around 3000hp ,achieved 3 days ago 😅

  • Buddy of mine got drugged and robbed when visiting Germany. He Woke up in a hallway in a random hotel. phone, wallet, jacket, IDs, passport all stollen. Shit bags everywhere

  • what a dick chav to who ever stole the gear

  • Great to see you in the UK, hopefully you will get over here for more in the future.

  • Love the escort c20let

  • followed all!!! love 1320 and i think so does everyone else

  • Thanks some blood boiling builds wish i could get chance build somthing more than pos dually or family im about drop gear ratio past 4.56 so it can drift more than gravel i can just skip 1st 2nd gear

  • Damnn all wheel drive camaro is insane

  • Think you got enough ads on this video damn

  • Show the camaro first !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love having 3 spare fucking motors

  • you need more than 13 hands for shift at those rpms lol

  • Thank you Ken Block for inspiring AWD drag cars with the Hoonistang!

  • When you ls swap the smallest car in forza

  • We have a gas station in our town which used to be called Fast Gas. It had a mascot on the sign named Freddie Fast.

  • Who's here for the O'Reilly Auto Parts commercial...Oh Oh Oh, OH ReeReeeee!!!!

  • That little car at #14 looks like all four wheels come off the ground at launch!! That's insane!!! The only thing tyingit to the ground is the wheelie bar rollers!! WOW!!

  • 14:29. When you have to say "one of a kind" because you F@#$ed the hell out of the first 100 times you butchered the word unique.

  • its not faster than a rwd camaro

  • Hey, I used to have a 1980 Ford Fiesta with the same body style buy mine was Black with black and orange inside, and I took the Ford Exp Wheels and put the on the Fiesta. I loved that car but that was when I was sixteen lol

  • What kind of shifter is that on the camaro, it was shifting itself? I've never seen anything like that (not too huge into cars). Really neat.

  • Is this speed by km or mbh

  • Your car was broken into? I woudnt go back

  • Anyone else See the Viper Run a 5.6 at 246mph, like god damn!!!!! it was when he was showing the 1966 volvo amazon at 8:22