Are These Jedi or Scientologists?

Опубликовано: 20 май 2019
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Danger, secrets, and something called "happiness" (?) is abound in enemy territory.

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Ally Beardsley
Raphael Chestang
Nitya Vidyasagar
Siobhan Thompson
Brennan Lee Mulligan
Katie Marovitch
Grant O'Brien
Lou Wilson
Mike Trapp
Director - Ryan Anthony Martin
Writer - Zac Oyama
Producer - Matt Murray
Production Coordinator - Shelby Murphy
Director of Photography - Cooper James
Production Designer - Ryan Brett Puckett
Makeup Department Head - Alex Perrone
Sound Mixer - Bo Sundberg of Botown Sound
VFX Supervisor - TJ Gonzalez
Editor - Brad Schulz


  • This is a star wars comedic parody OBVIOUSLY.

  • It is kinda obvious that they are evil, right?

  • I can't afford to pay for dropout

  • i hate you and i am unsubcribing and disliking all your vids!!!!!

  • What happened to troopers why does it look so bad why am i not laughing

  • M-M-Miss Piggy?

  • As long as I get to use the Force and have a lightsaber I'm game

  • Self-promo much

  • lol that fourth wall break was great

  • I was waiting for the funny part. I'm still waiting. And goddammit, I'm going to sit here until it fucking comes.

  • _maybe if it didn’t feel like I was selling my soul to the the Siberian mafia, I would sign up for your shitty service._

  • Do u ever notice how some channels get worse as they get more budget? It's like bring back the cute low budget skits you did about the six coworkers you have at your job.

  • CH used to be funny. Now it has clearly turned into a Family Guy - South Park mockery with actual people playing the roles.

  • This content isn’t going to get me to pay for dropout. You must think we are all stoned enough to do that.

  • Well, it wouldn’t be a video about Scientology if there weren’t people asking you for money...

  • Dont waist my time, no ending = dislike. I have nothing against paywall or commercials but don t trick me into watching video with a paid ending.

  • i have dropout but im too lazy to leave youtube :/

  • haha goddamn these dropout transitions are great

  • Thanks CH. I’ve unsubscribed. You’ve made it clear this channel is only a running advertisement for DropOut. Good luck in your future endeavors.

  • Already dropped a like for katie in the thumbnail

  • I kind of want to dislike the video just because of that ending, lol.

  • Beam me up scotty

  • RU-tv: how many shitty punchlines do you want? Users: yes

  • Oh it’s a troopers thing

  • Or are those Jedi just communists.

  • 2:23 me on shrooms 🤣

  • I miss troopers so much

  • either these people are cannibals or crazy or both

  • scientologists should drink bleach.

  • College humor is the place where they pay attention to the actors race/gender diversity but joking with retarded people LOL.

  • When you are so poor that you put puppets instead of cgi.

  • I just unsubscribed so hard my finger hurts.

  • More budget doesn't means more quality

    • I started watching college humor again and was surprised that the cast is decent and are making some decently funny content, but then they started this dropout crap and I don’t think they’ve shown anything that is absolutely deserving of us giving $$

  • welp time to unsub

  • That ending was like when blizzard said "don't you have phones?"

  • Is katie always the same character?

  • Nice plug. No really, very clean.

  • Content on RU-tv has started sucking since dropout started

  • *....Is it all religion cults at the end of the day?*

  • I keep forgetting these are just fun commercials

  • Joining dropout gives immediate access to level 6 come my friends

  • Unsubscribe now

  • Just because you have higher production quality that doesn't mean your videos are actually any better or funnier.

    • are you sure? I always think something is better or/and funnier if I need to pay. ;)

  • I dont even watch the video yet i already laugh because of the thumbnail lol

  • Give money you want ,finger i give

  • does anyone actually subscribe here

  • Breaking the fourth wall is tight! Subscribe to Dropout; it's super easy barely an inconvenience!

  • These ending transitions be well smooth

  • I like CH but who tf thought a Star Wars parody was good enough to sell a whole service? After Spaceballs, Blue Harvest, and Robot Chicken among a thousand others?? This was barely good enough for a skit or MAYBE MAYBE MAYBE a recurring 5 minute show with some other layer but this is just sad man. What is this even about rn? It's like a college freshmans first video project except you guys are at least decent actors but the writing is FLAT.

  • DropOut is obviously the worst mistake Collegehumor has made. It will be their downfall.

  • I think, CollegeHumor, that it’s time we went our separate ways. Sure we had some laughs and shared some good times, but recently I feel us drifting farther and farther apart. Ultimately we just want different things in life... you want me to spend hours watching your subpar content, I want short, high quality sketches... you want to take my money, I want to keep my money. I guess what I’m trying to say is: it’s not me, it’s you.

  • this is ridiculous your channel is named COLLEGE humor but yet you don't make thing for young adults any more you make funny videos now for money cause if you still made them for college people then you wouldn't make us pay to watch your stuff cause you know we can't afford also the quality of your writing has also gone down since you started drop out you do more game show style of videos then funny script and i liked the old college humor better when y'all actually did what your name implied

  • Katies one eye's on cocaine other isnt Thats good

  • Holy shit... Everytime a channel tries to separate from RU-tv and do its own services the channel dies. Ive seen this twice now.

  • 3:33 ....... This is tottaly haunted

  • That little dude is basically Yoda meets Miss Piggy. It’s nightmare fuel.

  • I think this was really good. keep at it.

  • its a shame i waste all my money on drugs

  • Please stop wasting your time and effort on this garbage. I could really use some more of the real CollegeHumor, or even some more game shows.

  • Hate it