ASTRAL CHAIN Gameplay Pt. 1 - Nintendo Treehouse: Live | E3 2019

Опубликовано: 11 июн 2019
Get to know the ins and outs of combat and investigation in ASTRAL CHAIN, a brand-new action game from PlatinumGames! And stay tuned for more coverage of the game from E3 2019.
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  • this reminds me of Chaos Legion alot

  • Wow this gameplay is a lot smoother than the final product

  • Looks like god eater in the future :)

  • We want Astral Chain 2 please a second sequel this game is hella dope we love it

  • Games used to have strong lead character design. Noticed that now that every game lets you change every aspect of your character design, it's impossible to make this association anymore. This lead could easily be a Destiny character.

  • Does it run at 60fps?

  • Os dejo link por si quereis ver directito de astral chain♡

  • Stando powah

  • Games graphics look amazing especially the bike chase part damn I need a switch

  • No vendaís el juego , menudo vicio. Por favor no se lo merece, es perfecto cual está.

  • Is there an option to turn off the damage numbers, for more immersion?

  • Mmmm Where have I seen this before?

  • Game looks great, love the art style. Well everything looks fantastic! Oh man I wish Kamyia somehow ressurect Devil May Cry. Dont get me wrong guys I played every DMC game and 1st one still holds the crown for best in series. Yes gameplay is better in sequels but Dante`s personality and attitude are UNTOUCHABLE in 1st DMC. Also level design, art style, bosses, soundtrack is trough the roof. And it was dark, gritty sometimes morbid with little bit of horror elements. DMC 3 was OK but after that the series became Michaels Bay Batman & Robin, total joke! Did Capcom even bother to read the tweet of Hideki that he wants to remake DMC??? :(

  • Am I the only one seeing the NS suffer a little with this game?

  • Kono dio da!


  • 😂😂 surprised he made a black character but that’s lit

  • All I'm seeing is a potential smash player

  • FF7 cit?

  • Imagine how abusive the Police in the US would be with hardware like this. :P

  • "It may be a bit surprising to start an action game with a shooting sequence" No, not really.

  • Nintendo is just on a whole other level!

  • NieR Automata is a action game that started with a shooting sequence....

  • *Is That the Voice Actor of Chris Redfield?*

  • I enjoyed the Interview and Gameplay Video .

  • Love the semi-cellshaded look.

  • I was excited for this game until I saw how much you don’t play and how long it is between anything exciting. Meh gonna pass now . Looks super boring

    • More boring if you're just button mashing the entire game. I love the pace it has

  • I never Digitally Download Switch Games, but I had to buy a Switch Voucher so I get this Day One (Pre-ordering Games takes at least a Week to come in)

  • グロッタじゃない方は全然やってないんですよ。

  • Less than two weeks till the game drops.

  • This would make a great anime

  • So far no walking sequences, that's good

  • “...gate opening in Central City.” You mean Central City? From Sonic Adventure?

  • so you can have a forced stand?

  • サイコーだぜ!

  • must be masterpiece

  • kind of a nier automata intro

  • platinum games at it again with a big action game... too bad the original devil may cry creator was fired and now made platinum... but at same time so happy for him, bayonetta would never became real... he done so much for the game world. he like the new metal gear kojima but action games are his thing

  • Looks cool and all, but I'm kinda getting tired of these anime-looking games Nintendo is putting out lately.

  • All here are talking about JoJo, like, really? No one played Chaos Legion?

  • 30fps in 2019. This is UNACCEPTABLE.

  • Anyone excited about this? 😍 it looks good.

  • The opening sequence remind me the one from Nier Automata 😁

  • To be honest this game is just a mix of Nier Automata, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Detroit Become Human but it looks like an amazing game

    • I respect your opinion. And I freaking believe ya.

  • Really excited for this game

  • Could this be another successor of Nier Automata?

  • This game is visually so impressive for the Switch, it just looks incredible!

  • Very minor complaint and doesn’t affect the game at all, really, other than visually - but I kinda wish the main character had more facial expressions other than >:(

  • Is this game coming to the ps4

    • @Ant Hill Don't believe what you read or see on the internet. NINTENDO publishes Astral Chain.

    • @Nodto Modley ok thanks cuzo

    • I Google it too, in fact I went straight to Platinum's own website and it says the system it's for is the Switch. In fact, the copyrights is under both Nintendo and Platinum.

    • @Nodto Modley I looked on Google it's coming out for ps4

  • The game looks really awesome, but the aliasing is so horrible. Maybe even a deal-breaker for me.

  • Am I crazy or does the art style resemble Gantz ?

    • Just think about this game as Appleseed meets Akira meets Ghost in the Shell.

  • This game looks great im ready for it hahaha

  • No special edition in the US?

  • full metal alchemist vibes but future instead of past. Fighting chimeras tag team style like ed an al working for the military while the world under attack, being in neron like being a state alchemist, red matter like the philosopher stone they collect

  • Finally got round to checking out gameplay for this and I knew it was going to be interesting, but I'm now rather hyped for it. I think a pre-order might even be in order!

  • Really cool there is a character creation, can't wait to get it


  • Detroit x JoJo’s bizzare x shooter Well I’m shipping my wallet to Nintendo

  • 26:24 Ouyeah