Attack on Titan is Incredible Now.

Опубликовано: 17 июл 2019
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So I finally caught up on Attack on Titan and was absolutely blown away by it, I never thought the series would get this good when looking back when this first aired, but here we are now.
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  • Personally I enjoyed AOT until season 2 but after I got bored

  • I liked season 2 more as well, it was just so intelligent and interesting.

  • Reason I won't read manga until the anime finishes: I want to experience AoT the way it was, is and will be with all the great soundtracks, great voice acting, great animation. I want to keep the same feeling until it ends, because AoT is the best Anime Adaptation Series for me so far, not because of it's original story, but because of all the editing, sound mixing combined

  • AoT won best director at crunchyroll awards 2020!!!!!

  • The one thing I don't get is why do they say "the bees and the jaeger" in the season one opening? Is that what the kids in Japan are calling "it" nowadays? Why they even talking about doing the bees and the jaeger if it's not hentai.

  • 16:44

  • Me on the outside : mhmmm ye totally Me on the inside : not listening to him but listening to the AOT soundtracks in the back round

  • Opening 1 is better than opening 2, especially visually. Also because I really liked that arc haha. But both openings are amazing and it doesn’t matter which one you think is better because they’re both great!

  • That’s what I call A G R E A T V I D E O

  • 18:52 i didnt expect to see my country here (CROATIA)

  • GOAT

  • I just wrapped up S3P2, best show ever! Video was awesome!

  • Dude I'm not even a weeb and this show is like a part of my soul now that's how insanely beautiful this show is. Greatest show of all time.

  • Aot season 1 was my favourite anime for a short while. now with the whole story almost completed, it’s gonna be my number 1 for rest of my life..

  • people are gonna be so shock at season 4 eren that it’s not even a joke..

  • I still binge this when I can't sleep. Definitely the best anime of the last decade

  • After it's finished Attack on TItan will be the fusion of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Code Geass and Fullmetal Alchemist. It's the next classic. How can you ever top it?

  • Is there going to be an anime that will be like attack on titan? I think it's impossible to top it's story. The character development, the plot twist, and etc. Plus all side character feels like the main stars of the fucking show.

  • _cause it's not_ Indeed

  • _cause it's not_ Indeed

  • I just binge watched the entire anime up until season 3, and Oh My God. I didn't previously how hyped you can be for something.

    • @TG 125 It's not that long to wait

    • Read the manga if you want, it only gets better from season 3

    • *The end of season 3

  • 22:04

  • Exellent video. Aot is a masterpiece and currently my favorite series of all time. I subbed!

  • "Attack on Titan" might be one of the few anime's, maybe the only one, which rivals "Naruto". I watched both of them so I should know. Both have great stories, both have great characters, both have lots of history and detail, both have massive fanbases.

  • Stan AoT ❤️

  • Says Eren Jaeger

  • That part from 22:04 to 22:19 looks like a part of an amv. If that was just something that you, Gigguk put together, then holy moly i wanna see a longer version of that, because the song, mixed with the sounds from the god....that was beyond amazing

  • 6:50 I laughed so fucking much OMG!

  • Death note and attack on titans ❤️❤️❤️

  • after giving all the current seasons a 9/10 im so hopeful for the last season, i wasn't blown away by s3p2 but that's because i already knew a lot of the twists the story would take. This last season might be the 10/10 if it is as good as the manga community says.

  • The way he said jeagar is me

  • that ending tho

  • I can't recall anything in my life that I would rank 10/10, but aot is honestly my first ever 10/10 anything. Just pure excellency

  • Me after this video.. . . Jarvis, Play all BGMs of AOT!

  • Evangelion and Attack On Titan are two anime I’d never expect to see a beach episode.

    • Berserk, Claymore, Monster and over900 anime says "hi"

  • *reads chapter 126* You spoke too soon

  • I showed this anime to my 22 year old younger brother, who barely even watched DBZ, and as far as I know, watched no other anime in his life. I showed him the first episode around week ago. We just finished the whole series yesterday. At his urging. If you don't think this anime is a masterpiece, you haven't been paying attention.

  • Your season 1 critiques male perfect sense. Then all of a sudden it just all makes sense

  • Is it bad that I want to name my kid Levi or Eren

  • Season 3>Season2>Season1

    • 4>>>3>2>1

    • @Nir Artov it's all true. The storyline and character writing just grows

    • Season4>>>>>>>>>>>>>season 3 (From what i heard)

  • I personally watched AoT being released in like 2013. Thought it was mediocre. I just rewatched the entire series, and I’m currently starting the manga from where the anime ended. This show is so amazing, and I’m so proud of how it’s changed in such a perfect way, easily top 10 anime for me now when it previously wasn’t even in my top 100.

  • i hate it how you are saying "he put them in this situation..." i know they are fictional charecters but you are saying like he didn't meant all this to happen and that all this is just a simulation

  • It looks like I’ll have to get back into reading, I was incredibly bored with the at the time current arc which was when they were discovering the secrets of the world.

  • Not gonna lie... kinda got sad when you said s4 is confirmed to be the final 😭🤣 cannot wait though


  • The end part of the video where he started playing Zero Eclipse gave me goosebumps....

  • That outro is my fav since the song is played I love the song cause it is played when historia throw the injection xD

  • Attack on titan was the reason I escaped there romance genre 😂😂

  • Two anime that Author/Mangaka did not hesistate to kills a character Shingenki No Kyojin and Kimetsu No Yaiba Both are great series, one toward mature and plot twist story and another toward linear and straight foward story telling, its still great.

  • Shingenki No Kyoin is *OVERRATED* Me : here season 4, watch it you uneducated chimpanzee and after that we can talk

  • at 16:45 whats the title of the music?

  • thank you for make this video

  • SPOILER!!! Season 4: Avengers vs Thanos Eren

  • Ill try to watch s1 again till s3 before s4 gets released sjfjsj

    • @OmegaDe absolutely

    • Ho ho ho ho, get ready to have many "eurika" moments. The series is worth watching several times and it gets better.

  • S4 will be on fire and i can't wait!

  • I'm gonna re-watch before season 4

  • the reason its incredible is the compilation of Erwin screaming. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. OOOH HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. ADVANCE@!!#@$!*@)%!%!%

  • they skipped shit from the manga and I don't like it

  • This is why attack on titan is my favourite anime, by far. It's so good. If manga readers are right it'll get better and idk how

    • @Ana Paula Pedro ❤❤❤

    • OmegaDe I know what you’re referencing 😔

    • Ahahahaha, it gets better by punching your brain out of your head and snipe it with a gun, straight up mind-blowned. 😏👌👌

  • this is the longest video i have watched on youtube