Batwoman | First Look Trailer | The CW

Опубликовано: 16 май 2019
Batwoman is coming Sundays this fall to The CW! Stream free next day only on The CW App.
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Batwoman | First Look Trailer | The CW


  • all men superheroes sucks. womyn is the best.

  • The hero no one wanted and no one needed

  • Pennyworth was received very well by fans and it got cancelled Batwoman was received like a piece of shite by fans but they'll keep it going I understand that politics control a lot of things But when you want to make money you have to think about your audience more than about your political ideologies

  • Male Appropriation Woman, can’t wait (;

  • "I'm not going to let a man take credit for a woman's work." Proceeds to break into his place and stealing his stuff and identity.... Wyman, am I right guys.

  • Just stopping by to add a thumbs down. Waaaaahman.

  • Batwoman's great and all but I'm personally waiting for Catman

  • now there's a new meaning to the word batCAVE.

  • Lets just actually see a few episodes before crucifying this by being nothing more than blinkered, shallow-minded and presumptuous, you could be right but you could also be very wrong.

  • She's putting the whole city in jeopardy!

  • Just cancel it already and save your low rated network further embarrassment.

  • too bad she's not into guys.She's good looking.But I think overall batwoman will be fantastic.Perhaps like superman cameo in supergirl maybe a cameo of batman?

  • Batman: It's not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me. Batwoman: *I AM WHAAAAMAN*

  • What a load of codswallop! Not only does this tripe go against Catwomans lore, it also looks like contrived nonsense! "Get woke, go broke!" 👻

  • oh so woke its unintentionally hilarious

  • How does this video have that like/dislike ratio? Is CW using a clickfarm?

  • I don't care if it's a woman, I don't care if it's feminist... But I care if dialogs seems to be written by a 14 y/o and if it looks so cheap that event fanfictions are better...

  • So when's the transgender batthing coming out? 🤣

  • Is that a joke?

  • Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  • When did Batwoman ever have psychological problems🤔🤷‍♂️?

  • This is going to crash so bad!

  • They deleted some of my comments ... assholes

  • it seems lots of comment here too stupid to distinguish that she is a LGBT woman and that is a lesbian movie

  • My only thing with this is, what you do good at on the show you do good but the whole male bashing to get points with women/girls isn’t necessary because most of your viewers are male. This only ensures that your male viewership will go down every week if that trend continues. Women all over the world stop watching TV shows when they don’t feel included in it, so think about what happens if you continuously bash a demographic that’s totally on board for a show like this but you continue to take pot shots at them? Hey but don’t mind me I’m yelling from the nose bleeds seat..

  • Hhhhh...🤦‍♂️

  • 85% of the audience for Batman is men. Why would you make a Batman product that insults and is negative towards 85% of your potential audience? Let's make Barbie a bearded 40-year-old man and have him spend the whole show insulting women for being dishonest and weak. This is just outright stupid and they deserve to fail.

  • As of today 15.09.19: 84% of votes are dislikes 🤣😂

  • Hey batman the animated series is one of the best hero SERIES! Warner: let's do... Bruce wayne when he was young and the villain before and make exaltly like smallville! GOTHAM Warner: hey... Let's make series with ROBIN and the beginning is the death of Joker! His name is... Fan: Can we have a batman series on live action? Warner: oh a batWOMAN series who have nothing with batman in the comics because we are SALTY. Do u want batman with all of his villain like Joker?M.freeze?Bane?Harley quiin?pinguin?the riddler?two face?deathstroke?deadshot?black mask? Like in the animated series? Maybe when you are dead.

  • feminism bullshit everywhere

  • What the Hell? She's not black? She's a white supremacist. She's probably also homophobic.

  • This looks so bad I'm weirdly excited to see it.

  • I demand Catman! I demand a Catman movie, series, and netflix special. Wrrraaaaggghhhhh and also no feminist can ever own a cat again WWRRRRAAAAAUUUUUGGGGHHHHHHHHHH. See how stupid I sound. Look in the mirror feminists, that is you

  • Thats wack

  • 5 dislikes to every 1 like .... it doesn't look THAT good ... someones playing with the stats !

  • 88k Up ... 438k Down ..... BULLSHIT ... they are hiding dislikes !

  • This is getting personal..

  • Well, it seems more than 500K people are misogynists? Am I right feminists??? Or this really sucks

  • I gave it a like.

  • LOL ..... OMG this is SO CRINGE ! .... this has cancelled written ALL OVER IT !

  • Came for the stunning and the brave!

  • Wtf !!!

  • i think i didn't understood clearly is she a woman ? like a woman batman

  • Batwahmen! Get outta here with this shite!

  • There's no chance in hell that THIS woman is going to watch this feminazi, man-hating identity politics crap. I'm even a huge DC fan: a very intelligent and discerning FEMALE one, thank you VERRRY much!

  • They should’ve picked a cute lesbian then maybe guys would watch

  • please :(

  • Roll the Credits ....

  • what's next CatMan ... oopppssss .... i'm sorry i mean SojaMan or SJW-Man, This is ridiculous.

  • So she's a woman?

  • Do you bleed? Cause you will bleed when the time of the month is here.

  • *The LBGTQ friendly edition : D*

  • Can we talk about how Ruby Rose can't act at all?

  • The cringe is strong with this

  • Um, there is a batgirl, so why wld they make her into a lesbian and call herself “batwoman”?! 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • @sothea gayagaya I think there is no point in looking for logic here. Strong woman just must be gay, lol.

    • Sam Lowry okay, but it doesnt make sense why bother to use “woman” as gender specification when she’s leaning towards more of lgtb+. Why not call herself “batlisbo” if the showrunners really want to make a shout out for lgbt?!🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Because LGBT is the new str8.

  • Batgirl isn’t a girl...ruby rose is gender-fluid. So the show is titled incorrectly. It’s bat-gender-fluid...Ruby is not a lesbian either... the alphabet community is upset that Ruby is not cast correctly as a lesbian batgirl. Ruby is possibly a male? I’m not sure which Bat version this cw show is about.

  • I hope its a joke and not gonna actually happen

  • Just standard newage checklist: woman - check, Gay - check, take man's work and pretend to do it better but suck at every aspect - check. Next on our show - how to hate haters and find sexist under every stone. Just gay-feminist-propaganda trash, that spits on your childhood and raises a new kind of broken generation. Awesome work, Keep it up!

  • This trash won't make it past season 1 Lol

  • “So I have this thing with roles” This looks to me like the moving industry re in forcing ideas they want us as a society to embrace. I’m thinking of roles as in male/female and how some people what to be labeled gender neutral fluid or whatever that crap is. Right now, trans men competing in fighting sports are seriously hurting women physically. It is because of my love for humanity as a whole that I cannot look away as this occurs... "Over the weekend the controversy is sure to flair up again after Fox (a male rans fighter), presumably, sent her opponent, Tammika Brents, to hospital to receive treatment for a “concussion”, “broken orbital bone”, and get “7 staples in her head”, following their fight which lasted 3 minutes at Capital City Cage Wars." 👉🏼